Endomondo National Bike Challenge discussion for Wisconsin
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>> National Bike Challenge 2013 Summary Data in Excel format <<

Andy Nowak Thu Jul 12 12:47:00 2012
I XC ski and walk in the winter, I am thinking it should keep track of those also?
Andy Nowak Thu Jul 12 12:44:00 2012
I am also thinking of getting a Garmin Edge200. I ride 3 different bikes and like the idea of using the same computer. Seems like it is a basics only model, which I think would be my best option. Looking forward to others input.
Gregg Warning Thu Jul 12 11:53:00 2012
Even if there were no challenge, I would still enter all my miles on Endomondo for my own personal record. I've been entering miles from walking and running too. I would enter swimming miles, too, but I have nothing that records how far I swam. :( When you start a fitness training program, this is one of the first things that a fitness trainer will recommend that you do. Log and record all your workouts. I personally like knowing how much riding I am doing for transport and how much is sport and by entering all my miles, I can easily print out a statistical report for any week, month, or year, which shows this information. The little time it takes each day to enter miles will be worth it in the end to help monitor your fitness goals. Every fitness trainer will recommend keeping track of your workouts as a way of helping you to reach your fitness goals. Another thing they recommend that you do is to write down and keep track of EVERYTHING you eat and drink and the time of day that you ate and drank it. When I was in a fitness program at Gold's, this forces you to think about what you are eating and drinking and how much. This may seem like a pain in the ass to do this, but you yourself will become more aware of what you are putting into your mouth every day and whether your nutrition is helping you to reach your goals or is hindering it. If you are not seeing the results you want, having this information written down will enable a fitness trainer to tell you what you are doing wrong and what you should change. . It isn't just what and how much you eat and drink but also when you eat and drink that is important and will have a factor in your results. By entering and keeping track of information like this, this will help you to monitor your progress to see if you are doing all that you can to help reach your fitness goals and what you can perhaps do differently to improve.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jul 12 11:24:00 2012
I use the Edge 800. Plug it into USB, click 'import workout','import from Garmin'... a couple more clicks... totally easy, I've never had a hangup. Your route map will show, your miles will be logged, and if you use a cadence and heartrate monitor, those will be included in the upload also. There will be a little graph at the bottom of your workout; lateral scale will be distance and with the checkboxes you can chose to diplay any or all of: altitude, cadence and heartrate. Don't like the price, but I love the garmin - glad I got it.
david hill Thu Jul 12 10:45:00 2012
Thanks for help. Does anyone use a Garmin to track mileage? Im thinking of getting the Garmin Edge 200, would be cool if I could plug it into my computer and download my info to Endo. Any experiences?
M Wegenka Thu Jul 12 10:17:00 2012
@Paul Bouffleur: Congrats on becoming a new Dad, that's a great Life Changing Event, enjoy every minute of it. I was down on miles last week as my first grandson came to visit for 5 days, I wanted to go riding at 5:00 AM but it was much nicer to entertain him when he awoke early. Our team members will have to pick up this temporary slack (or Charlie L's team might catch us!)
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jul 12 10:17:00 2012
BTW, I saw the doc and he said I could get back on my bike again! Well, he said "easy" rides, nothing aggressive. I will have to think about whether I can participate in the Best Friends ride later this month, as I had planned on riding the century, but all of this dog bite crap has really put me behind and a bit out of shape. I don't know if I will ride tonight, as we have company coming over, but perhaps I will sneak in one of those easy rides before they come!
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jul 12 10:14:00 2012
Interesting, because I know quite a few people whom participated in the challenge last year, that did not want to participate this year because they didn't want to mess around with entering their miles/trips. They JUST want to ride! For me, the android app makes it effortless (just have to keep it charged).
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jul 12 06:23:00 2012
Some folks just want to ride and don't care much for messin' about on a computer. Last year there were a few that commented that entering miles was too complicated. Hence the 'Log Miles' button and the auto commute mile setting. 2 clicks and done. You don't have to use this and if fact don't even need to enter a commute distance. And if you want to enter something other, click 'log other' and you can then make that either sport or transport. Or if you want to manually enter full detail go to the workouts page as M. O'Keefe suggests. There are a wide variety of people in the challenge, but it's also a challenge to make this site user friendly for all, and overall I think they are doing a good job. Now if it would just allow comments on comments strings, a la facebook.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jul 12 06:00:01 2012
I noticed the Badgers jersey too. I thought it looked like someone I know, but I'm not sure because he's usually wearing a Tanners/Fat Tire jersey. (Paul R, is that you?)
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jul 12 00:08:00 2012
Congrats, Paul! Enjoy the little one!
Michael O'Keefe Wed Jul 11 23:27:00 2012
@David H - To add workouts, there is a more complete page that makes it easier to input your workout if you go to http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/. So you could try deleting the campaign/national in the url, then type 'workouts' so you have the url above, hit enter, and it should bring up a calendar with your current workouts. Then you can click on 'new workout'. So I have two bookmarks since there doesn't seem to be an easier way to do this, or at least I haven't found it yet.
charles starnes Wed Jul 11 23:17:00 2012
Hot and dry here in Indiana also as the crops are about done for i think. They calling for rain over the next few day but not looking for much they saying. I get out in the am for my ride when its cooler. Have a great weekend all.
E M Matteson Wed Jul 11 21:58:00 2012
HI all, out this morning with temps in the 70s and lots of other riders.
@ Gregg cool pics of your ride and of the UPS delivery bicycle. We have drought in Missouri as well. They have asked to declare every single county in the state as disaster areas due to bad weather and poor crops etc.
@ Al, I know you can get jerseys on-line. Try searching: cycling jersey, Badgers, & Wisconsin" and you will probably come up with what you want
Keep riding everyone, the less car fumes the better!
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 21:57:00 2012
It sure is nice not having to worry about rain or storms this summer commuting to work. But the farmers are taking a huge loss in their crops this year and we are going to see the effects of this soon with high milk, dairy, and meat prices around here. Hamburger has already taken a big jump and was adverstised on sale for $3.99/ lb this week at Copp's. That is ridiculous for just hambuger, not even ground chuck.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 21:55:00 2012
@ Dave Yeah I rode last night at Cranked. It was a big group.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 21:53:00 2012
It definitely will save you money to ride to Lifest in Oshkosh. They are charging $10 for parking a car.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 21:50:00 2012
@ Jaime They actually ride in their underwear in Milwaukee? Why not go nude like they do in Madison. haha
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 21:46:00 2012
@Al Are you talking about the Badger jersey that the guy in the middle is wearing? I'm not sure where he got that from. Probably UW Madison sells them.
Cam Reece Wed Jul 11 20:40:00 2012
Had a great ride to a local tavern. Cold beer is good.
Al Yard Wed Jul 11 20:39:00 2012
Gregg, nice picture. I want to know where I can get a Wisconsin jersey, though.
Jerry J Wed Jul 11 20:20:00 2012
Jaime. I think the idea is to record extra miles beyond what is necessary as sport miles. That is how I record mine. I ride 6 miles to work, and anywhere from 8 to 20+ on the way home. A typical ride home would be 17 miles. I record 6 as cummuting and 11 as sport.
The idea is to get a more accurate gauge of money saved. (I would not drive 17miles to get home - only six)
Brian J Colon Wed Jul 11 19:39:00 2012
Jaime I am in fact I am working the Beer tents.
Paul Bouffleur Wed Jul 11 18:33:00 2012
Oh no.. my lead on my team is down to under 100 points... Had our first baby on Sunday and he's cutting into my commuting... Somehow, I don't seem to care though!
Jaime Richard Ogas Wed Jul 11 18:23:00 2012
Anyone here going to the Tour De Fat in Milwaukee?
Jaime Richard Ogas Wed Jul 11 18:20:00 2012
I'm with David. I don't see why it's necessary to have a commute distance. I don't always go the same route to and from work. I usually take the Menomonee River Parkway, but will occasionally take the Underwood Creek Parkway to the Hank Aaron Trail. Sometimes I"ll go somewhere else after work like Downtown Milwaukee, or the East Side instead of going directly home
Jaime Richard Ogas Wed Jul 11 18:11:00 2012
Tomorrow is the underwear bike ride in Milwaukee. Here's an opportunity to log 42 miles. 7 for the commute to work. 12 for the ride to Trocadero. 15 for the ride itself and 8 for the ride home.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 17:33:00 2012
The drought is very severe and is very devastating in Wisconsin, especially the Madison area, which has not seen any rain all summer. There is no end in sight to this drought and we are still running a whole month ahead in climate and are in August climate now.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 11 17:32:00 2012
I am the guy on the right, climbing the High Cliff hill in the 100 mile century Backdraft Tour sponsored by the Neenah- Menasha Fire Rescue: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7125/7544751226_dc86e9af80_b.jpg
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jul 11 17:13:00 2012
Thanks, Christine! :)
Al Yard Wed Jul 11 17:07:00 2012
Hot and dry here in the east. Mornings are very pleasant temperatures; hot and sticky in the afternoons. I just keep pedaling in fairly low, comfortable gears. Not a lot of speed up the hills, but it works. Enjoy the rides, everyone.
Christine Salvatore Wed Jul 11 15:13:00 2012
Fingers crossed for great news, Jenny!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jul 11 13:50:00 2012
Dr appt tomorrow morning, hopefully will be back out there making up for lost time! HeHe I was thinking yesterday that if I am allowed to return to work without restrictions, then why can't I ride my bike?!?
charles starnes Wed Jul 11 12:00:00 2012
No rain here in Indiana but we mite get some later in the week. Got out this morning with son and did a 29 mile ride. 10mph wind slowed me down on the way out but a good push on the way back home.
Ian McNamara Wed Jul 11 11:39:00 2012
David, I don't know if you can configure two different commute distances, but you could simply report that each leg is 1/2 of the round trip distance. It would be accurate over the course of a day at least.
M Wegenka Wed Jul 11 11:38:00 2012
@David H: Just enter the total miles and enter as 2 trips
Randy Ivey Wed Jul 11 11:01:00 2012
@Savanni and @Thomas, same issue here in NC. Rain / Thunder storms yesterday and today. But, I did manage a quick 10 miles last night, in between the storms.
david hill Wed Jul 11 10:28:00 2012
does anyone else hate having to adjust the stupid commute mileage each time you enter your numbers! I have two different mileages to and from work. Is there something simple Im missing?
Thomas Timmons Wed Jul 11 09:56:00 2012
@Savanni, I have the same issue. The rain storms are rolling in here in South Florida and I got caught last night on the way home from work. Ordered a new rain jacket this morning from Amazon.com, the stuff in my panniers just had to go into the drier when I got home. I didn't ride today as I could see it rolling in on the radar before I left for work this morning and didn't want to get wet a second day in a row.
Savanni D'Gerinel Wed Jul 11 08:50:00 2012
As much as we need rain here in Texas, it is keeping me off my bike and making me sad.

Oh well. My panniers aren't waterproof, but I'll order the waterproof liners today. And they'll arrive just as the rain stops and we go into drought. ;)

John Tyson Wed Jul 11 07:25:00 2012
@Timothy, Sounds like me when I am skiing moguls, screaming like an eagle, falling like a rock.
John Tyson Wed Jul 11 07:19:00 2012
There's nothing like a cool morning ride with the deer and rabbits and seeing the sun rise to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature.
dameon plagens Wed Jul 11 00:16:00 2012
mm u got good thoughts just drop the 50lbs of sugar and i am in
Martin Malin Tue Jul 10 23:45:00 2012
@Gregg & @Dameon - I like the delivery bikes the way they are - just insulate them, and fill them with Ice Cream!
Dave Bushey Tue Jul 10 22:27:00 2012
@Gregg - aw, you rode with Cranked tonight? I with I'd known, I'd have tried to find you and introduce myself - I was the short, fat guy in the Ommegang jersey if that rings a bell. If you come next week, I'm busting out the hammer and sickle (you'll know it if you see it).
dameon plagens Tue Jul 10 22:13:00 2012
gregg might work better w/ a tadpole and trailer?
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jul 10 22:04:00 2012
Thats the spirit David P!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Tue Jul 10 21:48:00 2012
End July in Brussels and plan to use Villo (http://www.brussels.be/artdet.cfm/4359) to get my miles. Next stop is back home to the UK in time for the Olympic Road Race which passes only 25miles from where we will stay so hope to get over to see the riders stream by. Have got reasonable bike access for 2 weeks in UK so should be able to keep the Freeloader scoreboard ticking over - would not be doing this if NBC did not exist! Then it’s back to Wisconsin.
Gregg Warning Tue Jul 10 21:48:00 2012
These are the UPS delivery bikes that they will be using during the Olympics: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/ups-cycling-deliveries.pdf
Gregg Warning Tue Jul 10 21:38:00 2012
Over 60 riders tonight at Cranked Bike Studio in Neenah.
Timothy M Walsh Tue Jul 10 20:38:00 2012
Back in the saddle today after my crash last week. Flew like Superman, unfortunately didn't land like him. :)
Charlie L Tue Jul 10 20:32:00 2012
@ EM and Gregg, If he volunteered for the London duty I bet he would have trouble being on the wrong side of the road (or whatever it is called in English). lol How would one signal for turns? So many changes. Then when he returns he would probably go the wrong way around the lake to work the first morning!!
Janine Hegeman Tue Jul 10 19:49:00 2012
Smoke has cleared and it is time to ride!
E M Matteson Tue Jul 10 19:15:00 2012
Hi all, out this morning and it was even better than yesterday, 72 degrees when I started. A lot of other people felt the same way, about a dozen riders compared to yesterday's three.
Welcome to all the new riders. Remember you can enter miles from previous rides manually if you have them recorded somewhere.
@ Heather, glad you got the light replaced. Enjoy your night riding!
@ Ann glad to hear signs of life from Omaha.
@ Gregg, you should volunteer to take your bike to London & help out with the deliveries. LOL!!
@ Melissa, sorry to hear about the Michigan tragedy. Our thoughts go out to the family & students. RIDE SAFE EVERYONE.
Kathy Griffey Tue Jul 10 16:45:00 2012
Love this app!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Allison Tue Jul 10 16:41:00 2012
Melissa my prayers are going out for the family and Ray good luck in the challenge
Jacque Burgin Tue Jul 10 16:37:00 2012
Just peeeeedaling in the rain....just peeeeedaling in the rain.....what a glorious feeling with never a complain.......just had to do it...got caught in a most quiet, slow rain the last 3 miles...it was awesome!!!
Jared Brodjeski Tue Jul 10 16:32:00 2012
Just updated the app on my android phone...it looks so cool now!
Ray Pringle Tue Jul 10 15:17:00 2012
Just joined the Challenge, ok lets ride.
Melissa Rost Tue Jul 10 14:55:00 2012
School teacher and a cyclist from Howell, MI struck by a vehicle yesterday and died. Very sad! <http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article;nclick_check=1>. Ride safe everyone.
dameon plagens Tue Jul 10 14:53:00 2012
nbc'ers next mo. burning man will be here in n. nevada. last year almost 54.000 people attended with many, many, many riding bikes. we [sparks nv kiwanis bike program] will provide 6 to 8 hundred of those. Close to where this event will take place is a ranch known to a few as FLY GEYSER . iMPORTANTANCE , Privt. owned seldom even a plane flying over . look it up on web, because soon the crush of this once a year event may invade this seldon disturded gem as sponsors of burning man are trying to purchuse this land . enough of my ev. rage 4 today go out and beat up some pavement- Dameon
Josh Blanchette Tue Jul 10 14:24:00 2012
I have to leave for work at 7:10 every morning, but if I get up at 5:45 I can get 3-5 miles in real fast to get my daily points! Then Saturday mornings are great to do 20+ mile trips! Keep up all the great adventures everyone!
Jacque Burgin Tue Jul 10 13:46:00 2012
@Melinda - hang in there...I know what you mean...I got a bee sting on my lower back and really don't feel like riding, but....remember your personal goals!
Jacque Burgin Tue Jul 10 13:41:00 2012
@ Troy - thanks for the extra points! ha ha, that would be nice! @ Heather and Chuck-thanks for your encouragement as well. Hang in there everyone...we are getting closer! Enjoy the ride!
Melinda Hollis Tue Jul 10 13:26:00 2012
Very frustrated. I can't seem to get out on my bike this week. Urgh!
Gregg Warning Tue Jul 10 13:19:00 2012
While UPS surely will be busy with Olympic logistical support, it must also attend to its normal London deliveries. With increased congestion in the traffic forecast, UPS will be employing alternatives, such as pedal-powered delivery bikes and delivery on foot.
Burklee Green Tue Jul 10 11:59:00 2012
@Ann - I don't know about that "too cool to be gross" line. Ick. Yesterday, it looked like a peregrine had gotten a pigeon, and left some pigeon bits out in front of the State Office Building here in Lincoln. They're as bad as our teenagers about picking up after themselves!
Ann Gentle Tue Jul 10 11:29:00 2012
Riding through downtown Omaha early this morning, I wasn't the only one thinking of breakfast... saw a great big peregrine falcon snacking on a juicy rat... right on the sidewalk, 16th & Howard. It was too cool to be gross.
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jul 10 09:43:00 2012
Yay to Kerry and others starting to cyclommute... that's fantastic!

Stay safe:
1) Ride with lights, front and back (both flashing during the day)
2) Don't sit too close to median line, ride 16"-24" from the line. Otherwise motorist get the impression they can use the full lane to pass... dangerous!
3) Use a backpack, even if not necessary, motorists respect cyclommuters more than recreational riders.
4) The more you ride the same route at the same time the safer it is. You'll find more motorists will watch for and even expect you to be there.

Lastly, ride predictably, for example don't follow the shoulder during right turn lanes... stay in your position in the through lane. From the motorist's perspective it can appear that you are weaving around when sitting in the shoulder.

Put all this together and it means... RIDE LIKE YOU BELONG!
Congratulations to all the new cyclommuters!
Miguel Lopez Tue Jul 10 03:51:00 2012
@ troy; yup but im not doing 500 miles in a week..yet :D im on a single speed cruiser in the valley of the sun.
Troy Wanker Tue Jul 10 02:17:00 2012
@miguel, your miles start back over on sunday. each week it zeroes out, you should have a "monthly total" next to your weekly.
Miguel Lopez Mon Jul 9 23:48:00 2012
odd that my miles are fluctuating. thought i had hit 500 miles on sunday but appears not.
Heather April Mon Jul 9 23:36:00 2012
@Gene, good luck RAAM is awesome!! @Bruce, feel better soon. Leg infections suck. @bruce and EM- I took the light back today and they were really fair at the cycle shop, did an even trade and made sure the second one worked before I left. :)
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jul 9 22:45:00 2012
@ Heather I know what you mean about quality.I strive to buy quality products.If I cant find them I make them or have ppl I know make them.That includes machinery I use in my shop.
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jul 9 22:42:00 2012
was 60 degrees when I went riding early this AM ,,still worked up a sweat but not like the past several days
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jul 9 22:41:00 2012
got an infection in my leg so had to slow down a bit ...Hope to get better soon.
Chuck Allison Mon Jul 9 22:26:00 2012
@ E M he was upset becasue your ride is better than his, along with that you were enjoying yourself at the same time.
Christopher Tunnell Mon Jul 9 22:12:00 2012
@GeneConnor, my hat off to you to Ride Across America!! Keep it up and I wish you good luck, nice weather & great ride conditions.
Charlie L Mon Jul 9 22:02:00 2012
Subaru's don't break down very often and there are lots in Vermont so maybe Wisconsin has a chance?
Ken Heffron Mon Jul 9 22:02:00 2012
I think its going to be a great deer season this fall. Im seeing bucks on every evening ride in the Wausau area....some with sizable racks. I couldn't figure out why this one field always had huge bucks in it until I saw the game farm sign barely visible through the brush.
Gene Connor Mon Jul 9 21:39:00 2012
Hello Everyone! I'm 1/4 of the way across the country in my Ride Across America to benefit Sunrise Day Camp. I'm currently in Pagosa Springs, CO and I leave for Del Norte, CO on Wednesday (which means I'll be climbing Wolf Creek Pass) - do any of you Colorado natives have any words of advice about the climb up 160? You can read about my cross country journey at www.connorsarmy.blogspot.com!
Wally Olson Mon Jul 9 21:35:00 2012
Congratulations WI, we should crack 1 1/2 million miles yet tonight or first thing tomorrow.
Martin Malin Mon Jul 9 19:54:00 2012
@Brandi - I forget to mention - Jeff told me in strict confidence about how he was going to pass you in points, so let's just keep the fact that I told you just between you an I, OK?
Martin Malin Mon Jul 9 19:53:00 2012
@Brandi - That is how your dad passed you up in points. (By the way, nice 100 miler!)
Martin Malin Mon Jul 9 19:49:00 2012
@Bruce - I hope your car gets fixed quickly. (Good wishes from everyone in Wisconsin!)
E M Matteson Mon Jul 9 19:49:00 2012
Hi all, out this morning in balmy 77 degree weather. Such a relief after the 90+ temps. Not many other riders out there. Experienced courtesy as one driver let me into the center of the lane and slowed down so I could make a left turn. Later I had a BLAH moment when I was climbing the steep hill near my home. A driver rolled down his window, letting out both cold and hot air as he said "Try the sidewalk". Like Dave and Chuck I was happy not to be in a cage..
BTW: I found Jeff's Thermos Nissan 2465 18-Ounce Stainless-Steel Hydration Bottle at Target. They also had a similar 16 oz bottle.
Congrats on the commute Kerry!
Chuck Allison Mon Jul 9 19:09:00 2012
I agree with you David I would much rather be on my bike than my car.
Chuck Allison Mon Jul 9 19:06:00 2012
Great Job Kerry keep it up. My wife and me are at three weeks of commuteing to work each day and we love. We are now adding an extra 10 miles to our ride.
Brandi Weiss Encarnacion Mon Jul 9 17:53:00 2012
@Brad -- Thanks so much for making that so clear!! Very much appreciated!
Bob Avery Mon Jul 9 16:46:00 2012
Thanks, Brad!
David Spranger Mon Jul 9 16:40:00 2012
Riding home from work on my bicycle in 90 degree+ sunshine, humidity in 90s, sunscreen melting into my eyes, stinging, I can't help but feel sorry for all those poor people in their metal, glass and plastic cages with whom I share the road.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Mon Jul 9 16:13:00 2012
Bob Avery - You get 20 points for each day you ride and then 1 point per mile in addition to that. 56 points would account for your ride July 1 (20+36 miles = 56) Going off of your workout calander you have 252 miles in July and you rode 6 days, you should have a total of 372 points (20 x 6days + 252). Did you just recently enter in a bunch of rides? Sometimes it takes awhile for the leaderboard to update. If it's been more than a day I would contact Endomondo support.
Bob Avery Mon Jul 9 15:45:00 2012
Anyone have any idea how the points are accumulated?!? I only have 56 pts this month, but about 215 miles logged. Confused.
Bob Avery Mon Jul 9 15:40:00 2012
Great suggestion, Dean. Wish I woulda thought of it Sunday. Tho it wouldn't have helped - going uphill on a corner and out of the saddle when they came out. Fortunately, they didn't get closer than a foot or so.
Bruce Tichenor Mon Jul 9 14:38:00 2012
What a gorgeous VT morning, cruising along the East slope of Mt Mansfield on RT 100 South. It's probably a blessing that my Suby is in the shop as I'm now committed to a 25 mile work commute until it gets fixed. Great way to add 50 miles on days like this to the Vermont total mileage cause.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jul 9 12:53:00 2012
Christine, I am with you! I am SO into withdrawal!
Last winter, I think I had a slower process of reducing my bike riding because of the increase in darkness, colder temps, etc. and so I weaned from it at a slower pace. But, I did find myself riding again in February! Many guys out there were riding all winter long, so they didn't have to go through it.
But I have basically not been on my bike for 2 weeks (except one day, and my doctor quickly told me not to do that again until he said I could). It is literally driving me crazy! I see people riding all the time, even in the extreme heat. I see cars transporting multiple bikes, and I am always wishing that it was me!
I hope that you are feeling better, and that you are riding again very soon (I am also hoping to be back out there soon)!!
Christine Salvatore Mon Jul 9 12:31:00 2012
Between the heat and having some lesions removed from my back, I haven't been riding much. I feel so bad, in so many ways! No one warned me that you got withdrawals from bike riding when you stop! What the heck do you guys do every winter when you can't ride???
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jul 9 11:52:00 2012
All well and good as long as the dog gives you some warning! The one that got me 2 weeks ago did not give me any warning at all. But, I think my schrill scream was the reason that it let go of my leg.
Dean Trout Mon Jul 9 10:30:00 2012
Squirt the dog with your water bottle, while you get one foot unclipped just in case. Happens every now and then on country roads.
Joe Holda Mon Jul 9 09:27:00 2012
I have found whistling at the dog seems to confuse and make them pause enough to let me ride away so far.
kerry olson Mon Jul 9 08:35:00 2012
First commute to work today! 6 miles, felt great!
Rick Nelson Mon Jul 9 06:54:00 2012
i have had a st. bernard come off their property at me. i yelled "BAD DOG" and kept riding and it gave up, but it does seem that "STAY or SIT" might be more effective.
Susan Gray Sun Jul 8 23:00:00 2012
I had a dog come after me today too! I almost hit him as he ran out after me, then he was running next to me barking and growling. I thought for sure he was going to bite my leg! I kept yelling NO to him and was about ready to deploy my pepper spray but then he relented and ran away. I always carry pepper spray but have not had to use it yet!
Deb Moe Sun Jul 8 22:13:00 2012
I got a taste of the wonderful roads in Trempeauleau County on Friday while camping at Perrot State Park. It was wonderful, even in the heat. I had to walk up a few hills - I'm not used to 16% grades but the ride down was a blast!
David Hayes Sun Jul 8 21:18:00 2012
Your first defense against an aggressive dog is to yell -- with as much authority as you can muster -- "STAY!"... "SIT!." These are words that domesticated dogs have heard often and understand. It will usually give even the most aggressive dog pause and allow you to ride off. The next defense is to stop, dismount, and place your bike between the dog and yourself. If you can scrounge an object from the ground (a substantial rock is good), lob it at the dog while continuing your commands. Lacking a good object to throw, brandish a pump or fist. The mutt will shy away, which will let you gain some distance, remount, and continue your ride. If you have repeated encounters with the same animal, do call the county Sheriff and report the incidents. With luck, a deputy will pay a visit to the address and "suggest" that the owner better control his dog.
I've been riding country roads for forty years, and all of the above have worked for me. Good luck, ride safe!
charles starnes Sun Jul 8 20:59:00 2012
@ John about bees stings. Go to drug store and look for a thing that looks like a pen and is called AFTERBITE and will take the pain right out of a sting or bite quick.
Amanda Bronk Sun Jul 8 19:57:00 2012
What would you do? - This morning we were out on a ride from Waupaca through Amherst, Iola, and Scandinavia back to Waupaca and about half way through the ride a large (60lb) dog comes out of a wooded area looking like it may just cross the road to go home and then all of a sudden it flipped out and started running after us.

The property it seemed to "belong" to was in Portage County and I'm just wondering what we should do. Drive over to that home and speak with the home owner, call the Sheriff's office or bring an item of self defense (ie pepper spray or hand gun)?

We don't want to change our route because we love the diversity of the ride but I feel we should do something to protect ourselves.

Ronald Williams Sun Jul 8 18:25:00 2012
Yeah 7 millions miles riden so far !!!
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 8 17:53:00 2012
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." --Albert Einstein
Wayne D. Munoz Sun Jul 8 17:12:00 2012
Did a fun 12 mile bicycle poker ride on the Hoddlebug trail in Homer city Pa. this morning. My poker hand was awful but I met some really nice people and had a great time. Rode another 10 miles after then stoppped at the festival the community was having. Music, crafts, food and good people. Got to love these small communities and the people who make this country great. God bless America!
E M Matteson Sun Jul 8 16:48:00 2012
HI all, out again this morning and it was a little cooler thanks to yesterday's storm. I got a mile from home and realized I forgot my water bottle, so I had to backtrack. Lots of people out riding and several cyclists at the outdoor cafe where we had breakfast.
@ Heather thanks, I keep rolling but have limited the miles a little because of the heat. I am lucky to have a great support team here at home and through the NBC site, and that I have been able to borrow my daughter's bike while mine is waiting for parts.
RE: your headlamp: I hope the store will replace it for an even trade with the receipt. If they do, check the next one before you leave the store. It is frustrating to buy something and find out it doesn't work and even worse when you need it and can't get a replacement right away. I heard that there is a company that will make things on a 3-D printer. You send them a model and picture and measurements of what is broken and they will print you a new one. Somebody supposedly got a stroller part that was cheaper than the factory replacement and the 3-D copy was made from a stronger material. So maybe that is where things are going. But of course that would still involve WAITING>>>>. BTW, congrats on making almost 20 miles!!
Keep rollin' everyone !
John Wasko Sun Jul 8 14:01:00 2012
This is the type of morning I love riding in the Oregon countryside. Sunny and 70. Rode past grass, wheat, oats, and crimson fields. Mint, blue berries, cane berries, corn, and green beans. Cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and deer. Only bad thing, bees. Got stung within the first 5 minutes of the ride. Oh well, the pain went away quick enough.
john henry schweitzer Sun Jul 8 13:59:00 2012
I just started tracking rides with Strava.I was wondering if any one knows how to delete rides I saved,my storage is getting full.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 8 13:52:00 2012
@ Jenny Glad you are healing so you can ride again.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 8 13:43:00 2012
Back to work this week and then vacation again next week. I still have my pop up camper set up on my camp site because why bother folding it up for just 5 days? I'm on vacation more than I work this month. lol I love blowing 3 weeks vacation in 6 weeks, but I'm not getting much commute miles to work. I'm thinking about sleeping all week in the camper and commuting to Oshkosh from Omro every day. but I'd have to get up 1 1/2 hours earlier every morning.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 8 13:41:00 2012
Getting close to 7 million miles Nice!
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 8 13:39:00 2012
Cooler temps are heavenly this weekend, but looks like it will start heating up again by the middle of this week.
Leonard Wright Sun Jul 8 12:40:00 2012
Great ride Heather, you are getting better and better - you will be able to get your 20 mile ride in very soon. Definitely do not want to run out of water in this heat. I typically carry 3 water bottles with me and usually stop at least twice on longer rides to refill them. I am well known at many of the convenience stores with 50 miles of home. (Frequently the c-stores will allow you to fill your bottles with ice from their fountain service machine, I always ask and I also buy something to snack on while I'm there.)
Randy Ivey Sun Jul 8 12:22:00 2012
@Heather April - congrats on the long ride, that is awesome!!!
I know the feeling of running out of water. Did it a few days ago. About 5 miles (25 minutes) from the house and the temps were crazy hot. Nothing between there and home.
Be careful in the heat everyone!!!
Heather April Sun Jul 8 12:10:00 2012
I went out early today and rode 16.5 miles (my longest ride ever). I was trying for 20 but the heat index hit 100 and I ran out of water. I was maxed out. On the way home, I was looking for a store I could buy Gatorade at and I passed a guy out watering a garden. I asked him for water from his garden hose and he actually went and got me a cup of ice water. What a dear. If I am going to be riding that long, I need to get some electrolyte replacement tabs or gels. Great to be back on my bike though!! PS I wore my new Bontrager Jersey for the first time. It's nice!
Ronald Williams Sun Jul 8 12:01:00 2012
I think of what the bikes were like 40 plus years ago.. heavy and not much options as to components but people rode for the fun of it and didn't really care to much about what brand or company made it. As long as the bike was sound and got down the road, the adventure is still the same... Heck my first bike was a Murray 24 inch single speed and to me that was like the best thing... I road everywhere i could on roads, dirt trails, even to school everyday 5 miles one way.. So to have a bike today with all its engineering marvel and technology is cool but the the journey is still the same....Pedal one revolution at a time and get down the road.. Good riding everyone !!!
John Jay Mcnall Sun Jul 8 11:43:00 2012
@jason Yeah and short of higher end components all bikes over 2 grand are about the same.
Jason Yach Sun Jul 8 09:40:00 2012
John, so true. Isn't it true that pretty much all bikes under $2000 are all about the same.
John Jay Mcnall Sun Jul 8 06:15:00 2012
@Heather I think quality left in all things manufactered when society as a whole quit complaing and all our big corporations and now smaller companies went overseas. Sad because I dont think we can get enough people to make a stand to make a true difference. Could be wrong though.
Chuck Allison Sat Jul 7 22:40:00 2012
Great job Jacque on helping your neighbor in her new adventures of cycling. It sounds like she really enjoyed your help. Great Job and I agree with Troy you should get extra points for helping a new cyclist.
Heather April Sat Jul 7 22:39:00 2012
@ Jacque, that is awesome!! @EM, you are a great role model. You never quit! I was planning on a couple of night rides next week, so I checked my new treck head lamp I paid $22 for a couple of weeks ago...broken. Not even used once. I wish I knew why quality items can't be produced anymore. I need to go return it but the shop isn't open until Monday. I hope they don't give me any trouble.
E M Matteson Sat Jul 7 20:13:00 2012
Hi all, out this morning in the 80 degree heat. Over 70 other riders out there! Had breakfast mid-ride, strawberry smoothie, YUM!
At the risk of sounding like an echo chamber: Congrats to Josh on the new bike and to Melinda on the long ride. Also 1000 brownie points to Jacque for bringing in another rider.
Here's crossing my fingers in the hopes that our little thunderstorm & rain will bring a break in the heat! GO BIKE!
Troy Stentz Sat Jul 7 15:44:00 2012
@Jacque-I've personally awarded you 100 bonus points for paying it forward and creating another potential enthusiast. Way to do your part!
Jacque Burgin Sat Jul 7 15:16:00 2012
Logging only 2.68 miles today in not my usual...but I helped my neighbor start biking today. She was excited to do almost 3 miles!! It's a great feeling to 'pay it forward' for others wanting to get healthier by cycling!! GET UP & RIDE!!
Melinda Hollis Sat Jul 7 15:03:00 2012
@Randy. Thanks. I've come along way from the 2 and 3 miles I was logging mid-May.
@Josh. Three words. Padded Bike Shorts. :D
Leonard Wright Sat Jul 7 13:43:00 2012
@ Dean, You're welcome, the Michelins should work just fine - I really believe the secret is having the thorn resistant tubes.
Randy Ivey Sat Jul 7 12:37:00 2012
@Melinda, congrats on your longest road ride...
@ Josh, congrats on your new bike!! I've got an 06 Fuji Roubaix... And I love it...
Randy Ivey Sat Jul 7 12:29:00 2012
@Bruce, I would love to do RAGBRAI one of these years. Sounds like so much fun. I've heard that it has turned into a real PARTY!! for the whole week.
It's on my list of things to do..
I did the CNC (Cycle North Carolina), my states version of Iowa's. It was a lot of fun... I think I'll do it again this year...(1st week of Oct)
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jul 7 12:16:00 2012
Swelling and redness has improved dramatically from yesterday, looking good for me to get back on my bike soon!
Josh Blanchette Sat Jul 7 11:41:00 2012
23 miles nice! I just got my first nice bike which is a 2012 Fuji Cross 3, went 9 miles last night, and another 21 this morning. My butt and wrists are gonna be pretty sore, time to lounge around in the pool!
Melinda Hollis Sat Jul 7 09:39:00 2012
I don't know when, but oh look! I got gold! And I did my longest road ride today at 23 miles. :D
Dean Barnaby Sat Jul 7 02:59:00 2012
@Daly, @Charlie and @E M, thank you for your input. Now just to make a final plunge.
@Leonard, I tried to get Bontrager hardcase tires, but ended up with Michelin Tracker with Bontrager Thorn resistant/self sealing tubes. If the Michelins don't hold up I'll special order the Bontragers. Thank you.
Brad Sippel Sat Jul 7 00:25:00 2012
I joined the platinum club with today's commute.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jul 6 22:11:00 2012
Gregg, you should stop at Milty Wilty for a cool treat!
Bruce C. Oestreich Fri Jul 6 21:51:00 2012
many of you in other parts of the country may not hasve heard of RAGBRAI .Its a trek across Iowa every year taking different routes.My town will be hosting an over night for bikers this year.I know each year there are at least 20 k bikers.A couple years ago when I lived in Dubuque Iowa which is a town of many hills they hosted between 18k and 20k bikes who were thoroughly exhausted.I might try a leg this year but I cant go all the way because I cant breathe farm chemicals etc although hog manure doesnt bother me lol.Any way this RABRAI is a lot of fun.
Bruce C. Oestreich Fri Jul 6 21:48:00 2012
hey Chuck you know what it takes so keep up the good work.Bad habits are hard to break but.....not impossible.always look to the other side!!!!!!
Chuck Allison Fri Jul 6 21:47:00 2012
Just wanted to thank everyone for the comments and support. I will post every few days to let everyone know how I am doing. Again thanks
Laurie Bries Fri Jul 6 21:37:00 2012
Looking forward to an early morning ride tomorow. Choosing a route that runs north/south along the woods = SHADE.
E M Matteson Fri Jul 6 18:51:00 2012
Chuck, the slow and steady approach works better than fast & furious, so you are doing this the right way and we are all cheering for you!
vonn roberts Fri Jul 6 18:17:00 2012
Chuck , keep it. It will provide years of benefit to you and those who care about you.
H. Joan Davies Fri Jul 6 17:48:00 2012
@ Chuck- you go! Decide...commit...succeed. Keep the commitment. You've got all of us behind you!!!!
Kim Skinner Fri Jul 6 17:39:00 2012
111 degrees ... the average temperature reading on my bike computer on my way home from work today! (at 3:30 pm)
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Fri Jul 6 17:08:00 2012
5 days of cold/flu - doh!
Have managed to get out for some very gentle rides in the massive heat and am now looking forward to breaking through the 2000pt barrier in the morning with an early morning ride on the trails with my buddy the Rocket Dog!
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 15:11:00 2012
It's too hot and dry here for camp fires. A little spark will put the whole campground in flames.
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 15:08:00 2012
The campground had no hot water on Thursday. I said that is fine with me. A cold shower will be just fine.
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 15:06:00 2012
Time to leave Mc Donalds and go swimming again. The water is beginning to feel like bath water and not cooling my body much any more.
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 15:02:00 2012
It will be a nice break this weekend from the heat, but it looks like the heat is coming back by the middle of next week. The only thing you can do outdoors this afternoon in Wautoma is swim. The heat is really getting very intense here and there is an excessive heat warning until 10 pm tonight, when the high temps will begin to moderate, so I am enjoying a little break at Mc Donalds. lol. I did get in a little ride around Silver Lake this morning. But before riding back, I jumped in the lake and did some swimming. I got my tri shorts on, so was good transition training for my next triathlon the first weekend in August.
Joe Holda Fri Jul 6 15:02:00 2012
Greg, Way to be using the most of your time! Stay cool
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 15:00:00 2012
It's too hot and dry here for camp fires. A little spark will put the whole campground in flames.
Gregg Warning Fri Jul 6 14:58:00 2012
It will be a nice break this weekend from the heat, but it looks like the heat is coming back by the middle of next week. The only thing you can do outdoors this afternoon in Wautoma is swim. The heat is really getting very intense here and there is an excessive heat warning until 10 pm tonight, so I am enjoying a little break at Mc Donalds. lol. I did get in a little ride around Silver Lake this morning, but before heading back to camp, I jumped in and cooled off in the lake. I got my tri shorts on, so was good transition training for triathlon.
Chuck Allison Fri Jul 6 14:31:00 2012
Thanks Jenny
Chuck Allison Fri Jul 6 14:24:00 2012
Thanks Jacque for the support and I hope you reach your 500 mile goal and then some. Like you I am a beginner/intermediate and I'm really enjoying my new life style. Keep on riding.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jul 6 14:09:00 2012
Chuck, nice job on your weight loss! Keep it going!
Phil Wandrey Fri Jul 6 12:48:00 2012
Toasty 51 miler today to end my vacation! Nothing better about riding in Nebraska than sweating profusely, drinking Chia Fresca and Goo, feeling a little tired...and then, BAM, a fully loaded cattle or hog truck flies by and provides the sweet aroma to wake you back up!
Jacque Burgin Fri Jul 6 12:11:00 2012
@Chuck....yes, it was a great ride this morning for me also!! Good for you on your journey - keep going!! My goal is to document at least 500 miles for this campaign! I'm a little more than half way there!! These rollers are a real kicker but a good challenge for me as a beginner/intermediate rider!! RIDE ON Y'ALL!!
Leonard Wright Fri Jul 6 12:10:00 2012
@ E M, Thank you for being so considerate of my distaste for a certain four letter word. I realize people must have jobs and I do appreciate your sensitivity for my feelings. :-)
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jul 6 12:05:00 2012
Hello Fox Cities riders - looks like we are in for a break from the heat soon. Wanted to let you know we are having the 1st Appleton Community Bike Ride coming up at 10:30 am Saturday July 21 in downtown Appleton (corner of College and Durkee) during the Farmers Market. Hope you can join us - more details at http://www.facebook.com/events/249921835112632/
Chuck Allison Fri Jul 6 11:40:00 2012
Good morning all just finish with a 20 mile rile today and although the temp is 90 with a heat index of 100 I had a good time. I do ament that I wanted to stop a time or two but kept pushing through the negative thoughts. I know the only way for me to lase the weight is to keep at it day in and day out. I started at the weight of 354 pounds there weeks ago and as of today I'm down to 334 pounds. I still have a long ways to go ,but I am taking it one day at a time.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jul 6 11:29:00 2012
We have lots of bats out here, too. The bugs are spotty, I believe they were much thicker a few weeks ago. We still have mosquitos, but not really too bad. Maybe the bats have already gotten their fill!
E M Matteson Fri Jul 6 11:25:00 2012
Hi all, Out this morning at 7 and by the time I got done at 8:45 the temps. were already hovering around 90. Eventuallly they are supposed to reach 109 with a heat index of 115. Its a good day to sit in my basement office and w**k (no offense Leonard).
@ Dean, I use a Garmin edge 800. Not cheap but I love all the features (temp, time, speed, direction, distance, calories, elevation, ascent, descent). I also love the guy on the bike. You can set a speed and it will tell you if you are going faster or slower than that. But beware: all the extras cost extra. You can add a heart monitor, you can buy a more detailed map, etc. One nice feature is that it lasts all day on a single charge and you can recharge it from your computer, so no expensive batteries.
Nyla, didn't you watch the "Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle" movie? They travel through the internet and come out in 3D. Surely bike parts can manage the same feat!
Craig Weinhold Fri Jul 6 10:59:00 2012
Indeed, the best way to beat the heat is to ride early or late. I did 36 miles last night, including about 10 with just the moonlight. Great firefly displays, plenty of deer, one fox and assorted other critters. A bat flew into my torso, but he seemed to fly away fine.

And... virtually no bugs. I passed several marshes where normally I'd get a good coating of gnats, but not this year. It's nice for us, but the bats and swallows must really be suffering.

Yvette Woerishofer Fri Jul 6 10:54:00 2012
Had a fantastic ride with my husband very early this morning. Did 20 miles and watched the sun rise!
Charlie L Fri Jul 6 10:35:00 2012
I like my Garmin 800, was on sale last fall so I made the plunge. It works well. I have replaced the heart sensor twice in the first year. I am disappointed in the mapping features of Garmin when compared to the Endomondo app on my phone. So, when I get lost I often use my phone to pick the best route home. It is amazing that a GPS company is outdone by the free app. Overall, the Garmin is a solid unit that I am pleased with most of the time. I rode all winter with it as well so it seems to handle the weather well.
Martin Malin Fri Jul 6 06:50:00 2012
@Nyla - Perhaps you could get a replacement from either the Time Tunnel or Time Machine?
@Leonard - It seemed a lot more real back then. That might be why I didn't do so well in History classes.
Leonard Wright Fri Jul 6 01:46:00 2012
@ Martin, Thanks for the memories, I haven't thought about Mr. Peabody and Sherman for years. Always enjoyed their adventures with the WABAC machine.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jul 6 01:24:00 2012
Martin, at this point they have not said that any tendons were damaged, but I do believe that the injury was so close to a few tendons that the inflammation is definitely affecting them. Still having trouble with my range of motion in my ankle. I think biking would help it! I guess doc just doesn't want the biking to increase the size of the laceration.
Kevin, you are right I probably would not be riding in the oppressive heat like today. I probably would have ridden yesterday, though, as it did not seem as humid on Wed evening. And, sounds like tomorrow and the weekend are shaping up, so this is a downer for me.
Nyla Greenberg Fri Jul 6 01:06:00 2012
But Martin, Surely theirs would be two-dimensional?
Jared Brodjeski Fri Jul 6 00:22:00 2012
Got out and rode in the evening air. Did 28+ miles and got to enjoy seeing a few deer plus a fawn. I really do love the sun sets these days. I like to think that I'm the only one that gets to see them because I'm the only one that's on my bike that time of day.
Martin Malin Thu Jul 5 23:27:00 2012
@Nyla - Good luck in your quest for parts. You never know unless you try. I can offer one suggestion, but you probably won't like it (No, its not that you should get a new bike - I have a bike from 1982 that I consider family): Try contacting Mr. Peabody & Sherman, (I don't have their number). They might be able to find one with their WABAC machine.
Hello Daly Thu Jul 5 23:11:00 2012
@Dean: I use a Garmin 500 for my rides and I like it because it's small. If you also run, you may want to consider one of the Garmin watches (I have the Garmin 405CX) which works with the heart rate strap, cadence sensor on the bike and foot pod on your running shoes.
Gregg Warning Thu Jul 5 22:28:00 2012
The heat has made me shift gears and I have been spending most of my vacation boating and swimming. The temp soared to 111 degrees this afternoon in the Dells, but felt good in the water. Even the spring fed lake here at Camp Philipp isn't even cold any more. I have never seen the water this warm before and heard those sizzle bugs tonight (Cicada's), which ususally do not come out until August. Does this mean we are going to have cooler September temps in August?
Dave Bushey Thu Jul 5 21:56:00 2012
@Joe - yeah, I spent some quality time with my nice cool floor and water bottle. I will definitely admit that it was an ill-advised decision. But hey, currently ranked 18th in the state in the challenge! Woot!
Joe Holda Thu Jul 5 21:53:00 2012
Welcome Rick, good to see Wisconsin is still growing on endomondo.
Joe Holda Thu Jul 5 21:51:00 2012
@Dave - Nice ride . . ehem . . . I mean insane ride today given the heat! Thats what I love about wisconsinites always up for a great challenge. Hope you were able to veg out this afternoon and soak up some much needed H2O.
Dave Bushey Thu Jul 5 21:33:00 2012
As far as the heat - I took a spin around Lake Winnebago today; it started REALLY heating up at about 11:30 and it got MISERABLE.
Dave Bushey Thu Jul 5 21:32:00 2012
Welcome Rick!
E M Matteson Thu Jul 5 21:25:00 2012
Hi all, out in the heat today (upper 80s) to get my miles in. Back to the regular route with one car cutting it close but otherwise a good ride. Temps reached over 100 later in the day. WHEW!
@ Nyla, I've also got an old bike in the shop at the moment. I told them just to replace the gears with as close as they could come to the orginal. I don't know what you have in your area but down here there is a place called Recycled Cycles: http://www.recycledcycles.net that specializes in fixing up old bikes. Another idea is to type in the exact name and model of your bike, including the year in Google and see what you come up with. GOOD LUCK.
RIDE ON, slowly and carefully in the regular riding direction...
Rick Diermeier Thu Jul 5 20:41:00 2012
Charlie, thanks for suggesting that I join!
Dean Barnaby Thu Jul 5 20:09:00 2012
I'm looking to get a gps unit with heart monitor, cadence, etc. at a reasonable price. Leaning towards a Garmin 500. Any suggestions or what do you use?
Nyla Greenberg Thu Jul 5 20:02:00 2012
Took my much loved, long obsolete Azuki 10 speed (17th birthday gift in 1972 (-:) )for a tune-up this week at superlative Sammy’s Bikes in St. Charles, IL. Amid their dazzling array of beautiful, pricey, high-tech bikes and equipment, delightful Sammy and his team of similarly splendid cycling souls welcome my modest elderly bike with enthusiasm, and treat it with great care and respect. Beloved, newly tuned bike is now rolling along swiftly, smoothly and quietly. Unfortunately, due to an entrenched decades-long preference for pedaling in my highest gear, the smallest gear on the rear cassette is badly worn, and the chain slips in that favorite gear. I can replace the rear cassette and chain, but modern available parts would not match the current gear ratio. I love my bike just as it is, so now I’m on a mission to find matching original replacement parts…..convinced this is not an impossible task in our internet-connected find- Anything- Somewhere world…just wondering if anyone out there knows of a good resource for OLD bicycle parts?
Charlie L Thu Jul 5 19:38:00 2012
Welcome to new challenge rider Rick D supporting our community and Wisconsin too. We have been going back and forth today with Nebraska on the leaderboard.
Julie Kramer Thu Jul 5 19:19:00 2012
This gosh darn heat and humidity is putting a hamper on my biking goals!
Kevin L Mackey Thu Jul 5 16:32:00 2012
@ Jenny I am not sure you want to be riding in this heat anyway. I am dreading the ride home from work but plant to take it slow.
Jeff Wendt Thu Jul 5 15:51:00 2012
II have sung their praises before.. get a couple ‘Thermos Nissan 2465 18-Ounce Stainless-Steel Hydration Bottle’ from amazon. I continue to be amazed at how well these things stand up in the constant 100 degree heat of Austin.

I only had one for a ride the other day and used it with 5 ice cubes. I also took a normal water bottle completely full of ice and I couldn’t stand the normal bottle after 30 or 40 minutes. The thermos was plenty cold two hours later.

Michael on Bicycle Thu Jul 5 15:40:00 2012
Here in Central Florida, completely frozen insulated bottles provide under 30 minutes of cold water! Bummer, cold water for less than half of my cyclommute home...
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jul 5 15:29:00 2012
Getting ready for a hot 98 Deg F ride in Appleton, WI. Oh the simple pleasures of 2 insulated water bottles filled with ice water!
Martin Malin Thu Jul 5 15:02:00 2012
@Jenny - You can't help but be frustrated with the healing process, especially since you want to do something good for yourself. Mend quickly! Did the Doc say if any tendons were affected?
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jul 5 14:29:00 2012
Overall healing up very well. Still quite a hole on my leg just above the ankle, doc does not want me riding my bike yet, so I am NOT happy!
Michael on Bicycle Thu Jul 5 14:07:00 2012
@Heather... got a chance to read some old posts and really like your advocacy posts.

Thanks for letting NBCers know about the next step and attending City Council, Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meetings. Most don't understand that local government wants to improve the situation and just need citizens to come out to discuss concerns and support cycling/pedestrian efforts.
Heather April Thu Jul 5 10:08:00 2012
@ Mike, it's a "HEY, I GOT A REAL JOB" photo. hehe Welcome back!
Randy Bentley Thu Jul 5 09:29:00 2012
Great morning ride. Lots of wildlife and perfect sunrise. And I even got 26 miles in by 6:15!!!!!!!
Jeff Wendt Thu Jul 5 09:18:00 2012
I used to load UPS trucks in WI (Oak Creek). I recall the summer loading was hot and miserable, but not as bad as the long winter of frozen feet in the steel toed boots. I really enjoyed the upgrade to sorter, but I think that job is automated now, isn’t it?
Michael on Bicycle Thu Jul 5 09:10:00 2012
Hi Heather, I like the graduation photo! LOL
Heather April Thu Jul 5 06:52:00 2012
Ho! I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth. I was manning a bike information table at our fireworks celebration. We saw many families on bikes which was pretty awesome! Can you believe this heat in the US? It's going to be 104 Saturday in MD, but down in the 80's next week. Sounds like I can plan to continue to work my way towards Platinum!
E M Matteson Wed Jul 4 22:12:00 2012
@ Bruce the goal is to get out as many days as you can. Once I almost overheated on a ride and had to sit under a bridge to cool off and get rescued by car. Not heat stroke, but closer than I ever care to come to it. So I learned my lesson, now I go slower in the heat and am more careful about drinking and taking a break now and then and not pushing the mileage. This is not a race and it's not about mega miles. It's about being out there and making cyclists visible with good cycling habits. So you are doing it right and can feel proud of what you have accomplished. Please take it easy out there everyone!
Bruce C. Oestreich Wed Jul 4 20:50:00 2012
cant do as many miles as before cause of my lungs but havent missed a day since I joined 18 May.ust have to slow down ans save my energy by going economy.
Gahlord Dewald Wed Jul 4 20:19:00 2012
That's the spirit!
E M Matteson Wed Jul 4 20:09:00 2012
HI all, my husband & I got out on the Katy Trail this morning about 8 and finished just before 11 am. According to my Garmin the temps were in the low 80s when we started and about 98 in the shade & 102 in the sun by the time we finished our ride. This was dusty fun because we met so many other riders including a couple of guys who were just completing a cross Missouri ride. They had started in Kansas City and today they were on their way to trails end in St. Charles. We saw a family of Asian people who just looked soo happy out on their ride, that it made me feel great. Wildlife sightings included an indigo bunting and a large turtle. The turtle was right out on the trail, being carefully guarded by a couple of bikers. Cyclists are just that kind of people!!! We also spotted a couple of guys on recumbents that looked like large spiders crawling along the ground. They were headed in opposite directions. What were the chances they would pass each other on the trail right in front of us? EVERYONE KNOWS THAT A BIKE MAKES EVERY DAY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Keep cool and enjoy!!
Thomas E. Piette Wed Jul 4 18:31:00 2012
I sure miss the tailwinds we had a couple of weeks ago!
Dave Bushey Wed Jul 4 16:16:00 2012
Looking at that pic Gregg posted of me, I should be feeling disappointed someone else has adopted the "Fat Cyclist" handle.
Shelly H Mann Wed Jul 4 15:33:00 2012
Had a rockin Shady Lane 4th of July ride with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club in Colorado Springs today. Great in the shade,but hot in the sun with tempratures approaching 96 degrees. Hooray for the USA!!
Troy Stentz Wed Jul 4 15:00:00 2012
@Gregg-I can't believe UPS is loading trailers by candlelight!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed Jul 4 14:49:00 2012
PS - I think we just caught Gregg at a low moment during our recent long stretch of high heat and humidity here in Wisconsin. He is one of our best cheerleaders in the NBC!
Kevin L Mackey Wed Jul 4 14:46:00 2012
Should have read. MOTOBECANE. Cant type well on this tablet.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed Jul 4 14:45:00 2012
Hi Gahlord and all Vermont residents. Speaking on behalf of all Wisconsin participants, with the possible exception of Gregg ;), "We shall go on to the end. We shall fight on the bike lanes of Milwaukee, we shall fight along Lake Mendota and the Wisconsin River, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength on the trails of the Northwoods, we shall defend our state, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the Elroy-Sparta, we shall fight along the fields and in the streets of the Fox Cities, we shall fight in the hills of the Southwest; we shall never surrender"
Ruth E. Dixon Wed Jul 4 14:13:00 2012
A steamy 50 miler this morning, but I wasn't alone. I saw so many bikes on Hwy A from Neenah to Oshkosh I thought maybe there was an organized ride. Happy 4th everyone!
Steave Scott Wed Jul 4 12:40:00 2012
Thanks to everyone who comiserated! The power is still out at home, and the family fun wagon is still at the garage, which also has no power. (This morning's paper reported that our neighborhood should be back up by Friday, and the garage's on Saturday. The bus drivers are still on strike, too, but at least I don't have to play "bus tag" or smell diesel exhaust - even the hybrid buses smell bad.) Nevertheless, I got on the bike these last three days for my usual 22 mile round trip: mornings have been great, but the afternoon trip home has been VERY sweaty. I've been quite strict with my hydration routine, believe me!
Congratulations to everyone who got prizes!
Sal LaPuma Wed Jul 4 12:17:00 2012
Sometimes you ride the bike. Sometimes the bike rides you. And on very rare occasions, you are one with the bike and it becomes an extension of you. Welcome "rare occasion"!
Gahlord Dewald Wed Jul 4 12:09:00 2012
Greg, that's not the right attitude at all. Sure, many of us in Vermont have been enjoying giving our cheese nemesis a good trouncing in the NBC, but if you give in then it's not as much fun. VT is small, loves outdoor activity and is decently organized to activate riders -- we're competing with each other as much as at the national level. Plus, the center of our ridership is also our largest population center. Many of our riders are 1-5 miles per day commuter/fun riders. But the NBC really rewards that kind of consistency. --- Are there any groups you can tap into in Milwaukee to get involved/activated etc? Look for a good cross section of geeks (logging miles is really the hardest part of this challenge), alt-culture (hippies, bicycle rights, local pride) and fun lovers. Identify a few leaders to form some teams and keep them focused on competing against each other in the monthly leaderboard. You'll get back in the game I'm sure of it. ---Keep at it! From a friend in VT.
Kevin L Mackey Wed Jul 4 10:34:00 2012
12 miles in 48 min on my 1974 Motebane Grand Touring 10 speed. Brought back memories of riding around Seattle and the U of Washington while I was younger. Need to fix the saddle as it kept tilting back and I think the chain needs more lubrication.
Pete Beers Wed Jul 4 10:14:00 2012
Okay! Something happened this morning! I just looked at my total points and they actually DO include the 200 that I earned on Saturday. Someone went out and fixed that. The monthly totaly is off, but that's as it should be. :D Thanks to the folks at National Bike Challenge for figuring this out. :D
Pete Beers Wed Jul 4 10:07:00 2012
Thanks y'all for trying to solve this. It isn't a big deal. It was just a shame to have a big ride not count because of the strom. I know that this challenge is about much more than 1 ride. :D
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 09:19:00 2012
We will never catch up to Vermont. :(
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 09:10:00 2012
I got pics of the Cranked Group ride last night. Check them out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greggmichaelphotography/sets/72157630000522147/ There was a smaller group last night because of the heat and also holiday. Many firework shows are being canceled because of extremely dry conditions and the heat. One spark can easily start grass fires.
Dave Bushey Wed Jul 4 09:08:00 2012
@Gregg - noice. We were out in Wautoma for their "Freedom Fest" last yr the weekend before the 4th; it was fun, but driving out the thermometer in our car just kept ticking higher...higher...higher. It was about 90 here and just shy of 100 out there.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 09:03:00 2012
Early mornings are best times to ride in this heat. But tomorrow is going to be the worst with actual temps where I am camping in Wauotma, WI of 104. Heat indexes will be around 115 and dewpoints over 70 with a heat warning in effect. But Saturday and Sunday look much better with temps in the low 80's. But the cooler air is not going to last with the heat building again by the middle of next week. I drank 64 oz of water at work yesterday and was like hell inside the UPS trailers, but it is even hotter on the twilight shift after the heat of the day builds in the trailers. The trailers have a coating to prevent interior heat, but it still gets hot--hot enough to melt candles and has to be around 120 degrees.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 08:33:00 2012
@ Dave Your pic is now posted on the Cranked facebook page under "Heat Makes Cyclists Insane" haha
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 07:59:00 2012
@ Dave I did get a good shot of you in this pic haha: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8002/7500650462_5f78f395d7_b.jpg
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 07:50:00 2012
My highest speed on the bike ever was in the Green Bay Tri and averaged 21.7 mph. I was in one of the last waves and passed a lot of riders.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 07:43:00 2012
They had wet suit strippers at High Cliff and I didn't know how they do this before, but they put a tarp on the hill and everyone just lays on the tarp on their back and put their legs up and 2 people pull your wet suit off in just seconds. I wondered how they get it off you over your timing chip on your ankle, but most had no problems. Green Bay was my first triathlon and really had fun there and was really shocked when I saw my name as the 2nd place finish in my age group.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 07:35:00 2012
I'd love to do the ride around Winnebago Thursday, but Thursday is going to be the hottest day and I will be in Wautoma. I'm going to get up at the crack of dawn and ride over there I think. But the afternoon is going to be unbearable to bike and I will keep cool swimming in the cold spring fed water in Whitet River Mill Pond. It's like a half mile across the lake and I'm going to swim across the lake to train for my Oshkosh Triathlon at Lake Winneconne Park the first Sunday in August. This is better training temps for swimming than biking. :) I won 2nd place in my age group in Green Bay, so maybe I can win an award in Oshkosh, too, but that will be harder than in Green Bay, which was a shallow man made lake that had no waves. I watched the swim leg at High Cliff because was thinking of maybe doing that one next year. I left the park before the swim finished because we left that day for vacation, too, and an ambulance was coming into the park. I was shocked when I got home from vacation and heard about the drowning because he had a heart attack.
Gregg Warning Wed Jul 4 07:14:00 2012
@Dave Yeah, that was me. I rode my bike to the corner of Park and Bayview and then realized I didn't have my media card in the camera, so I had to bike back home. Then I thought I was going to miss you guys, so I drove to County A and it didn't look like you had got there yet, so went up to Park Ave. and saw you guys coming down Park. haha I have a couple other shots. Maybe you are in those. I had some packing to do last night because we are leaving today to go camping for the weekend in Wautoma. Otherwise, I would have rode and could have surivived the heat. But in Wautoma tomorrow the actual temp is suppose to be 104. Wautoma is always warmer and that's because their soil is more sandy and creates more heat.
Al Yard Tue Jul 3 22:43:00 2012
Kathy, it seems like he should be able to do it from the NBC page, too.
Charlie L Tue Jul 3 22:39:00 2012
@Kathy, With some coaching I wrote up a formal request including sample data and suggestions today for the Challenge team to consider. It included some alternative data rules that would allow rides like Pete's to count towards the "entire period" as a minimum. Even if rides don't count for the monthly drawings they should count for the "entire period". I am optimistic that after some time we will have these rides counted in the challenge. It is already in Endomondo so once they decide how to handle we could see their point total change.
Al Yard Tue Jul 3 22:29:00 2012
@Kathy: Have Pete try going to his profile on the main Endomondo site. Click on "Workouts," and then "Enter New Workout." I think you can put it in there manually, either with or without a route. If you go manually, you can put in the date, distance, time, etc. From what I've read, the workouts put in there will automatically copy over to the National Bike Challenge.
Martin Malin Tue Jul 3 22:19:00 2012
@Charlie - I wouldn't worry about Nebraska just yet. They are just barely ahead of us for July. When we get some better weather, that should take care of it. We are still over 15% ahead of them for the 2+ months, so they have a long way to catch up. And once their corn crop starts coming in later this month, they'll be too busy husking it to ride a bike.
Dave Bushey Tue Jul 3 22:15:00 2012
Welcome Chris!

And one more note - plans are for a ride around Winnebago leaving from Neenah 6:30-7 am on Thursday, should be a fairly relaxed 17-20 mph pace. I'll check in here Thurs night and post the starting point if anyone is interested.

Dave Bushey Tue Jul 3 22:13:00 2012
You missed me - I think I'm the guy in the last photo between the dude with the unzipped jersey and the guy in the hivis jersey - look for the orange shoulder and black helmet. ;)

Also, it's a great ride - Pratter (owner of Cranked) is a superb guy, and after the ride you can have beer and bourbon, if that's how you roll.

Dave Bushey Tue Jul 3 22:12:00 2012
That was you? Cool, though we were disappointed, we thought we were going to be in the paper under "Heat makes people insane"
Ken Heffron Tue Jul 3 22:09:00 2012
Fireworks! Finally found a cooler time of day to ride and am rewarded with fireworks at the end of my ride. Sweet.
Kathy Lewis Tue Jul 3 22:08:00 2012
Pete Beers rode 178 documented and witnessed miles in near 100 degree heat on Saturday, June 30, but was unable to log them that evening due to widespread power outages in the DC area. I and many others on his and other local teams are very disappointed that The Challenge has not to date made it possible for him to get these hard earned miles logged for the Challenge, either for June or July. Please do something about this.
Martin Malin Tue Jul 3 22:06:00 2012
@Al - You will definitely make Platinum. As of July 4th, we will have 9% reach Platinum, and by the end, maybe 21-22% will be there. (One big help to being in the top 10 for a month is to ride every day, even if it is only a little.)
Al Yard Tue Jul 3 21:36:00 2012
Congrats Phil and everyone who made platinum so far. As I struggle to stay in the top 10%---and usually don't by the end of the month--it occurs to me that a lot more than the top 10% are on course to make platinum by the end of this thing. Now I've probably motivated enough people with this so that I have no hope of being in the top 10% by the end of July! God bless, keep rolling, and let's have fun while we're at it!
Gregg Warning Tue Jul 3 21:35:00 2012
Welcome Chris, glad to have you join us.
Gregg Warning Tue Jul 3 21:05:00 2012
I didn't go on the Cranked Bike Studio Group ride tonight because I had packing to do for vacation and it was still 90 degrees at 6 pm. But I did get some nice pics of the group riding on Park Ave. in Neenah tonight. It is about a 28 mile ride:


E M Matteson Tue Jul 3 18:47:00 2012
Hi all, out on a different trail today. Not too crowded on a weekday. It was in the 80s when I managed to ride. Right now its 99 degrees.
@ John, you are indeed lucky!
@ Burklee & Phil, YEAH, GO NEBRASKA! BTW, Burklee, I fogot to tell you that I saw a turkey crossing the road when I was riding on Sunday. However, it was not attacking anyone, just minding its own business.
@ Heather, a thousand brownie points for making good use of your time!!
Keep rolling YA'All & happy 4th of July tomorrow!!
Leonard Wright Tue Jul 3 18:13:00 2012
@ Ray, I didn't even see the typo till you mentioned it - even then I had to reread the comment 3 times before catching it. I think that's called a "Freudian slip". (And yes, I did enjoy my job for over 30 years - I've been retired 17 years now and still remember a lot of very interesting projects that I was involved in.)
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jul 3 16:49:00 2012
Wish I could help! Just wait till I get back on my bike, I will be pedaling to make up for all this lost time.
Charlie L Tue Jul 3 15:28:00 2012
Wisconsin has slipped to third. We can't let that stand for long. Go for a ride this evening. Bound to be relatively cool compared to mid-day.
Burklee Green Tue Jul 3 15:07:00 2012
@Phil - Way to go! I'm in Lincoln, and yeah, it's just gross outside. I must be getting fairly acclimated because I went for a 4 mile jaunt around Near South last evening around 7, and it really wasn't that bad. Go Nebraska!
Chris Semrow Tue Jul 3 15:04:00 2012
Hey, anyone in Northern WiI that can help me out? I'm wondering if there is a trail or bike-friendly road from Tomahawk to Rhinelander? I've done the Tomahawk to Minocqua route; Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Christine Salvatore Tue Jul 3 15:03:00 2012
Welcome, Chris! Join in the fun! Wally, we sure cold use some rain around here. Not even a drop in more than 3 weeks. I feel like I'm in AZ again between the dry and the heat! Thanks, Jim! I'm having more fun than should be legal!
Phil Wandrey Tue Jul 3 14:52:00 2012
Reached Platinum status today, with a very hot and humid 40 miler, here in Omaha, NE. Even early to mid mornings is so sticky, but we ride for our health! Looking to 3,000 points by contest end!
Ralph Martin Woolf Tue Jul 3 14:42:00 2012
Cheshire is not as flat as you think, when you seek out hills like Rough low at utkinton, its a little monkey , come and try it out with me sometime , and i will supply the oxygen after it phew
Heather April Tue Jul 3 13:44:00 2012
@Kate Powlison-Congrats for being on the top of the board! I have good news. While I haven't been cycling, I've been continuing my advocacy. Twenty cyclist of all varieties showed up last night to our city council meeting and helped get a bike lane ordinance passed that has been in discussion since...get this....2005. Yes, we have trouble with grassroots efforts here. But, things are looking up and we continue the fight. We have a group ride planned later in July to show off the first part of a larger bike route plan and we are excited at this small victory. Ride on, friends!
Ray Swanson Tue Jul 3 13:16:00 2012
@Leonard, you clearly miss the job, since you "accidentally" used that 4 letter word in place of the word you meant. It is too coincidental to be considered a typo ;)
Burklee Green Tue Jul 3 13:15:00 2012
@John - That makes you a lucky man, in my opinion.
Burklee Green Tue Jul 3 13:08:00 2012
@Leonard - My humblest and most abject apologies for the use of that word. Had I but known it would cause such anxiety, I would never have mentioned it. Sleep well, dear Leonard, and ride an extra 20 for me. :)
Leonard Wright Tue Jul 3 11:51:00 2012
@ Burklee, I hope you realize this is supposed to be a family oriented site and yet you are using a four letter work that some of us may find offensive - OK, maybe it's only me but do you have to use words like w#%k, it beings back memories that can result in sleepless nights and I know you don't want to be responsible for causing an old man to lose sleep. If you must mention such things, I find "job" to be a much more acceptable wording. :-)
Leonard Wright Tue Jul 3 11:47:00 2012
@ Thomas T, I've heard rumors about a recumbent being in the neighborhood but I haven't even see it yet. He has had it out a few times, I just haven't been around when he's been riding it.
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jul 3 11:38:00 2012
@burkley I am still wanted and needed that much at bhome also
Burklee Green Tue Jul 3 09:35:00 2012
@Bruce & @John - It'd be kinda nice to have the time/ability to just ride and ride, wouldn't it? Work is always getting in the way. I've got a sweetie at home who seems to like me enough to want me around a lot. There are 8-ish hours of volunteering at the Bike Kitchen to be done and chores that never end. And then, there are cats at home to whom I must be a loyal subject. Sometimes it's surprising that I can get out of the house for a ride. It's awfully nice to be wanted, though. :)
Steven Lindemann Tue Jul 3 08:59:00 2012
Glad to hear you're improving Jenny! Hope you're back on the bike soon!! But on the bright side, just think of all the heat exhaustion conditions you're missing!!!! :)
Chris Semrow Tue Jul 3 08:32:00 2012
Hi guys! Brand new here. But not new to biking. Just found this place through Endomondo. Been biking to work with rec rides on the weekends. Nice to see so many folks who enjoy it as much as I do.
Wally Olson Tue Jul 3 08:18:00 2012
All I can say is WOW!! I got just a little wet on the ride this morning. Started out okay then with about 20 miles in and still 6 miles from home the skies just opened up and it poured. Cars were pulling over to the side of the road and motorcycles were hiding under the overpasses. Then there's the crazy guy on his bike just peddling through it. It was another one of those "might as well keep going, I can't get any wetter" mornings. Made it home, grabbed my backpack and continued on to work. Can't wait to see what the rest of the day will bring.
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jul 3 07:55:00 2012
@bruce Yeah it seems like some just keep riding I am stay at home dad and cant even find that much time to ride.
Thomas Timmons Tue Jul 3 07:47:00 2012
@Leonard...I thought that looked like you with Red in those photos on F'book! Great time to ride with kids that want to learn to ride correctly and well. Have you tried Red's new (old) recumbent yet? I'm on mine every day now that I have new/better tires, and loving the commute to work here at Florida Forest Service...
Leonard Wright Tue Jul 3 04:35:00 2012
Thanks to everyone that congratulated me on winning one of the prizes. I received an email from the prize committee yesterday and am looking forward to receiving more information about the Better World Club. I would also like to thank them for offering prizes to the riders in the NBC. Their participation in this program adds a bit of excitement to the challenge.
Leonard Wright Tue Jul 3 04:29:00 2012
Thanks for the complement Paul, I've been having some very enjoyable rides the last few days with one of my friends and his grandkids. Not far, not fast but a lot of fun - feels good just to get out and be able to do some fun, relaxed rides with no pressure (self induced) to keep going and going and going.......
Michael Lemuel Tue Jul 3 00:42:00 2012
Bruce, I'm not riding 24 hours a day. Just any minute I'm not sleeping, eating, or spending with my daughter (since she hasn't figured out pedals yet). I'm about to turn her bike into a fix gear so she's not using the coaster brake as a foot rest.
Paul Jeffries Tue Jul 3 00:26:00 2012
Way to go, Kate Powlison! It's great to see a woman rider at the top of the monthly leader board! Keep up the great work. Here's hoping you stay there for a good long time.
Paul Jeffries Tue Jul 3 00:20:00 2012
I'm within a point (mile) of Lenard Wright! I consider that an honor. Lenard must be doing some slacking. ;-) My temporary "success" must be because we are getting FL like weather up here in WI. At one point on my ride this afternoon, my computer gave me a reading of 101!?! Glad I had lots of water, but the riding was hard.
ryan stachurski Mon Jul 2 23:21:00 2012
Every day.
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jul 2 22:34:00 2012
wow some of these guys sure must ride like the 24 hours of lemans...just keep going and going and???????
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jul 2 22:32:00 2012
went out riding despite my chronic respiratory prob.Didnt go far but it was nice to get out a bit...even if is hot.
E M Matteson Mon Jul 2 22:15:00 2012
@ Nyla, there was a farily large piece of watermelon in our fridge yesterday, which disappeared today after my ride!
E M Matteson Mon Jul 2 21:50:00 2012
HI all, Was out in the actual heat (90+ degrees) about 10 am this morning. Rode on the trail with a lot of other people. At least the trail has a few trees. Good thing it's a relatively flat trail because my daughter's bike was staging a protest: limited shifting only. I believe I have resolved the conflict and will attempt my regular route tomorrow.
@ Steave, wow what bad luck. I believe that if you have three pieces of bad luck you are due for three pieces of good luck, so you are totally entitled to some good luck. Hope your power is back on soon. In the meantime seek out the nearest swimming pool, library, or someplace you can cool down. Chill & roll everyone!
Len (Red 5) Irving Mon Jul 2 21:22:00 2012
@ Pete ~ You uploaded your miles from June 30th, on January 1st? I think you mean July 1st, and they should update. I had mine update for me before, not at the end of the month, but when I didn't put in a 62 miler until the next day.
Pete Beers Mon Jul 2 21:03:00 2012
Just out of curiosity. Due to the power outages in the DC area, I wasn't able to enter my June 30 miles until January 1 in the evening. Totally understand that I missed the prize drawing, that is cool with me. I'm not in this for the prizes. I'm curious if my points will be updated at some point though. I rode 178 miles on Saturday, and it would be a shame for those to not get counted. :D Thanks!
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jul 2 18:37:00 2012
Saw doc today, starting to see some improvement. Will see again Thursday and Maybe get back to riding again.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jul 2 18:36:00 2012
Yay, Nyla!
Troy Stentz Mon Jul 2 18:26:00 2012
@Steave-Keep your great attitude! These trials and tribulations are just evolution's way of weeding out the weak. You are strong along with about 28, 272 others on here (give or take a few thousand that seem to think the only challenge is to simply register for the NBC). I hope your power comes back on soon. A cool home would at least make it easier to relax when you need to take a break from fighting the good fight.
Burklee Green Mon Jul 2 18:07:00 2012
@Steave - That all officially adds up to, in technical terms, a total bummer, Dude. Sorry things are rough right now. It'll get better. Eventually.
John Jay Mcnall Mon Jul 2 18:01:00 2012
@ Steve Scott, that sucks! I hope it quickly gets better and warmer for you!!!
Steave Scott Mon Jul 2 17:37:00 2012
Well, I was hoping to post a nice, "let's begin the third month of the Chalenge on a hapy note," but the elements have ben most uncooperative. First, we had a fearsome storm on friday with 80+mph. winds. My house still has no electricity. Then, after icing down the frezer, etc. My wife's car quit, yesterday. My bike is now the only working vehicle the household can call its own - and the city's bus drivers are on strike as of today. This morning, though on my way to work my rear derailleur decided that I realy needed
yet another high gear, and jamed the chain betwen the casete and the frame - at speed. This ort of thing makes life interesting.
I realy have enjoyed the Chalenge so far, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the second half just as much. It's ben intersting to se that just my ordinary utility cycling routine puts me firmly in the 97th percentile of the participants - in points. Keep pedalling, al!l!
Jim Franzen Mon Jul 2 17:33:00 2012
@Christine, congrats on moving up a notch. My goal was to be second at my place for work which I hit. The first place guy has a huge commute and I don't think I could ever catch him without giving up sleep. he must be single. LOL
Burklee Green Mon Jul 2 16:28:00 2012
@Joan - Platinum prizes are drawn for once, at the end of the Challenge. The Platinum prizes are a bike trip through CA wine country or a White Rim bike trip. Airfare not included. :( If you click Prizes, you can get a list.
H. Joan Davies Mon Jul 2 16:18:00 2012
Maybe a silly question--- but are there prizes for platinum level (other than the satisfaction of making platinum and getting more fit as the summer goes on- which is great in and of itself)? I saw the bronze, silver, and gold winners (congratulations!) but none for platinum. Just curious. Keep riding everyone!
Lloyd Lemons Mon Jul 2 16:13:00 2012
My June cycling mileage was hurt by two out-of-town trips and crazy amounts of rain from a hurricane and a tropical storm. July should be much better. All I have to be concerned about now is 100+ degree days and 80-90% humidity. But I'm ready to roll!
Nyla Greenberg Mon Jul 2 15:37:00 2012
Another day of scorching heat and broiling sunshine turning timid headwinds and familiar, minor inclines into torturous, interminable “Are We THERE Yet?!” tests of will. Surely both 1 and 9 are better suited as initial digits in phone numbers rather than temperatures? I seek inspiration for my continuing, Quixotic “Copper Triangle” quest by reminding myself that Lance Armstrong used to drag bricks behind his bike (uphill of course) to train for mountain riding. On the other hand, Lance Armstrong also speaks almost fondly of pain and suffering as an integral part of his world class level of riding, (Mark Lucas must take a similar view?) whereas I strive to avoid actual physical pain when possible (my particular form of masochism being limited to an occasional perversely satisfying wallow in emotional angst (-;) To everyone out rolling in the relentless heat: Stay safe, hydrated and take frequent, replenishing breaks. (I recommend copious quantities of watermelon and ice cream (-:)
Michael Lemuel Mon Jul 2 14:04:00 2012
Karen, I was notified by e-mail because they needed a shipping address.
Dan Donahue Mon Jul 2 13:23:00 2012
@ "el embajador"-nice research on that cycling monster, Mark L. What a brut, I was sure he had committed a double entry error. Can you imagine cycling 210 miles in the high heat and humidity of the East Coast? Well I guess Christopher W. will have to be happy competing for the number one spot of his home state. Both you guys enjoy the ride.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jul 2 13:01:00 2012
@ Christopher W - Not everyone in the Challenge has access to a GPS. I did a quick check on Mark Lucas and it appears he is a legitimate rider from Connecticut. 10 years ago he was riding 15,000 to 21,000 miles per year. http://articles.courant.com/2002-06-12/news/0206120614_1_enthusiast-cycling-miles
Dan Donahue Mon Jul 2 12:49:00 2012
Hey Christopher W., if you rode 900 miles in 24 hrs you would need to average 37.5 mph for the whole day! The Endomondo police will chase down that guys double entry. They caught one of my teammates, who incorrectly made a double entry of a metric century he had ridden. Why not contact Mark L. to get his side of things, perhaps he's not aware of his apparent double entry mistake. Thanks for keeping them honest. Crank it up for that 900 mi. day-LOL!
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Mon Jul 2 12:12:00 2012
A friend handed me a Bianchi Cromor, i think that's the model name. It needs new paint and over haul of components. Though I'd like to keep most of the original parts. I'm hoping to have her complete by August for my first charity ride in Sept. Follow me on twitter or Instagram (@eghtown) as i put pix of all my efforts to bring this vehicle back to life!
Have a great ride everyone!
Christopher W. Mon Jul 2 12:05:00 2012
Love the current leaders data (Mark Lucas). Can we see your GPS data from Friday's ride? Two 105 mile rides? Anything is possible with a manual entry. I think I'll ride 900 miles today :)
Laurie Bries Mon Jul 2 12:00:01 2012
Hannah, Thanks for the response. Just to be clear, we are talking about the Get Up and Ride Challlenge?
Laurie Bries Mon Jul 2 11:54:01 2012
Thanks Christine. Just to be clear, are we talking about the Get up and Ride Challenge?
Christine Salvatore Mon Jul 2 11:46:00 2012
Despite having fewer points in June than May, I attained my goal by finishing 11th rather than 12th in Lake/Kenosha County Community. Now, to be in the top 10 for July! I'd better get riding.
Christine Salvatore Mon Jul 2 11:22:00 2012
Yay, Nyla! How exciting! I *know* one of the winners! WooHoo!
Randy Ivey Mon Jul 2 11:19:00 2012
Heard all the good things about Gatorskins. So a year ago bought a pair because the brand I was using I couldn't find on sale. Put them on and in the 400 miles I had them on the bike, I had 5-6 flats. So frustrating. Previous brand was getting 5000 miles with maybe a flat... So, took them off and went a different direction. Just wore out the brand I had on the bike... so replaced them this weekend after about 5000 miles.
Mon Jul 2 10:38:00 2012
Check http://www.endomondo.com/campaign/national/winners to see if you are a winner. Excellent progress, more than 6 milion miles at the halfway point. Good luck to everyone in July.
Ronald Williams Mon Jul 2 10:21:00 2012
Gatorskins here too ... So far so good ....500 mile and counting and no flats !!!!
Karen Loewen Mon Jul 2 10:08:00 2012
Does anyone know if we have to actually check the list or will they notify us that we won something? I didn't see my name in a quick glance but if they don't send you notification I'll look closer. :*)
Hannah Daniels Mon Jul 2 10:04:00 2012
@Laurie, Gregg is correct. My team leader looked into this last week and Endomondo confirmed that indoor biking does not count towards the challenge.
David Warren Mon Jul 2 09:59:00 2012
Gatorskins are on all my bikes and have been very pleased with their performance. Not a single flat in 4 years!
Kathy Griffey Mon Jul 2 09:45:00 2012
very interested bike ride on Sat AM in Eagle River. Saw a car parked on side of road and a bike in front of it! I thought the worst! Hear to find out a bird was hit and they were trying to help it! Shortly after that I saw a big black bear and then the biggest buck I ever saw! A great morning for a bike ride! Very interested and exciting!
Thomas Timmons Mon Jul 2 09:37:00 2012
Went to some 'Gatorskin' tires for my Bacchetta Giro commuter bike over the weekend. They seem to roll easier than the cheap tires I had on there before, and are supposed to be a lot more resistant to flats. Hoping that last statement is true as I'm getting really tired of fixing flats on the roadside on the way home from work....
Ronald Williams Mon Jul 2 07:57:00 2012
@ Congrats Leonard on the Membership Win ...Awesome !!!
Ronald Williams Mon Jul 2 07:50:00 2012
@ Michael I noticed 75% of his rides are transport , Maybe he doesnt want anyone to know his work routes . And he probably has those set to private.
Laurie Bries Mon Jul 2 07:48:00 2012
Greg, Oh, I thought indoor biking did count. Are there rules somewhere on this site? I'm still finding my way around. All my miles are road miles. I have to agree with all of you; riding in nature is one of the best parts of biking. As a matter of fact, I am not an "exercise/workout" type of person, but I do enjoy a good ride through the countryside, or even in town. Kind of helps that I live near Devil's Lake.
Brian Kunding Mon Jul 2 04:42:00 2012
Michael, this is probably because you are only seeing the public workouts of this guy.
Michael Lemuel Mon Jul 2 01:27:00 2012
I'm lost!!! I Just put in another 13 miles to beat the #2 guy (for July), but then I looked at his workouts and he hasn't riden since June 26th, and his workouts are sparatic and only a few miles at a time. Is this some weird glitch?
Gregg Warning Mon Jul 2 00:40:00 2012
Hey Nyla, you won a specialized water bottle for the June drawing.
Martin Malin Sun Jul 1 23:33:00 2012
@Jenny - I'm glad I didn't bet you. The guy who was in first added 5 more miles later in the day, and lost 419 positions, and counting. And the guy who was in second with 21 points, doubled his mileage for the day, and lost just over 500 places.
We're all cheering you on in your recovery. May it be quick, speedy, fast, and full. And if you are at the top of the leader board on August 1st @ 12:24 a.m., I will report it right here, and you will be immortalized..
dameon plagens Sun Jul 1 22:56:00 2012
hello fellow nbc 'ers maLady now rides my first bent and after fxin a flat I took her for a spin and remembered why I got all bent up in the first place. Its a bike- e w/ 16" f and 20" rear tyres,, add a 3 speed internal hub, a rans style seat w/cane creek shock and your heart will melt ! So heather remember THE BEST BIKE IS THE ONE You WILL RIDE. Ride safe- Same road, same rules. dameon
Kevin L Mackey Sun Jul 1 22:12:00 2012
Saw 2 fawns on the Fox River trail this afternoon near DePere.
Ken Heffron Sun Jul 1 22:06:00 2012
One of the best parts of biking is the nature I see. Lots of critters big and small. Had a woodchuck gopher thing come right up to me during one of my many water breaks this afternoon. For all the good things my nature rides bring me I am grateful. But I could do without the sudden blast of pungent death air that tells me that the bunch of crows by the side of the road are there for a reason.
Heather April Sun Jul 1 20:59:00 2012
@leonard congrats as well! @travis I think many of us are hoping to win a bike.
Christine Salvatore Sun Jul 1 20:35:00 2012
Just had to print out the page for Lake County IL/Kenosha County WI community: I'm in third place! I doubt that will last, or ever happen again! LOL! Gotta take what you can, when you can! Woo hoo!
Christine Salvatore Sun Jul 1 20:31:00 2012
Jim Franzen, you go! Off bp med and soon to be off diabetes med is a wonderful side effect of riding! You should be very proud of yourself! Keep up the great work!

Jenny, sorry for the set back. Take it slow and easy so you don't lose more time, k? Get back to the joy quicker by taking care now!!

E M Matteson Sun Jul 1 20:23:00 2012
HI all, Out early with a plan to get it about 30+ miles. Only made it to 24 because my front shifter went funky on me. So called home & ended up having breakfast in Kirkwood. Bike is now in the shop for a few days waiting for parts. Will have to try riding my daughter's bike tomorrow.
It is dry here like everywhere else so fireworks have been cancelled by some neighborhoods. Heat is scheduled to continue and there are fire warnings everywhere, only we don't get the cool Smokey the Bear ones like they have in Wisc. & MN.
Congrats to Nyla & Leonard on your prizes. You are both part of my prize for participating in this challenge.
@ Bruce way to overcome a challege!
@ Heather, the water is a great choice in this weather!
Stay hydrated, keep cool everyone, & roll when you can!
travis montross Sun Jul 1 20:20:00 2012
I wish i could win a bike. i have to save all my money for college now...going to college in key west is going to be expensive!
Nyla Greenberg Sun Jul 1 20:05:00 2012
Heather, thanks for the heads-up (-:….it hadn’t yet occurred to me to check. I can always use another water bottle (like to keep a couple partly filled and frozen for hot days). I’m tickled to win anything…and bicycling has been very good to me in that regard. Outside of bike related ventures, my lifetime “winnings” consist of a quarter for creating the funniest Halloween place mat in fourth grade, a set of long-handled barbecue tools in the seventies, and a table decoration from a conference several years ago. Biking has upset my every-¬ other- decade winning average (-; I won a tune up, water bottle and hat at an employee health fair in 2010, and a fine set of tires in last year’s challenge (delight only slightly mitigated by the fact that the splendid 700x28 tires don’t fit the 27 inch wheels on my bike (-;)…I think of them as aspirational tires for the bike in my future)
Congratulations to ever-inspiring Leonard Wright, and all the other winners!…which, when I consider the most enduring and valuable prizes of this challenge, includes EVERYONE participating (-:
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jul 1 20:04:00 2012
JIm, I agree totally about the joy of riding. My one ride yesterday did wonders for my soul, and will hopefully carry me through until I ride again.
Heather April Sun Jul 1 19:44:00 2012
@Nyla, check the challenge prize list yet? ;)
Heather April Sun Jul 1 19:36:00 2012
@gregg, I'll admit the heat is killing me. I really can't ride much. The over 100 heat indexes and high humidity fire my asthma up. I hate that it does but I'm tired of stressing out about it. I had 60 miles less in June than May, as the heat rose. I plan to just do what I can. This fall, I'm buying a road bike and will be able to get lots of miles in then as the heat eases off. I'm also in the process of buying a kayak and gear, so this fall will be especially fun!
Nyla Greenberg Sun Jul 1 19:20:00 2012
Last Year’s challenge didn’t finalize totals for preceding month for several days. I regret the change this year…as there must be a number of people each month unable for various reasons (computer glitch, power outage, vacation out of internet range etc. ) to log all miles by midnight. It seems the previous system was more supportive of cycling efforts and more in line with stated intent of the challenge. There should be at least a brief window of opportunity for late entries, and new riders enthusiastic to discover the Challenge (Welcome Wayne Munoz!) should have the opportunity to get credit for June rides.
Frequently traveled route rendered grueling today by heat, humidity and dropping blood pressure. Familiar winding one mile incline required 3 rest stops! Much better after lengthy replenishing midpoint break. Blessing for return journey is that my unincorporated town occupies a lower elevation than most surrounding destinations, so although roads ripple in any direction (I envision traversing the vastly magnified surface of a potato chip) the net effect is generally downhill toward home (-; Roll on cautiously in record-setting heat!
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 1 19:04:00 2012
Be careful with the heat. About half of the country, 23 states are in triple digits. It did hit 100 in Wisconsin Dells today and dehydration is the most common health issues. It is so dry here that many counties have burning bans--no open fires , camp fires, burning etc. It is also illegal to ignite fireworks in many places throughout the state. There is very little chance of any rain this week The drought is really getting very serious in much of Wisconsin and prayers in church were offered. Governor Walker already has applied for federal aid for the floods in Superior and a loss of 80% of the cherry crop, which bloomed early and froze this spring and there is also quite a loss of most fruit trees and also maple syrup. And now the drought on other crops is realy taking a toll. The crops in much of the state is really looking horrible at this points and the heat is suppose to continue all week. Very dry here, but Wisconsin Dells area looked really bad. It was really busy and crowded in Wisconsin Dells with traffic and people seeking relief in the all the water parks in the area.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 1 18:35:00 2012
@Laurie Yes, it did have an exercise room with bikes, but indoor bicycling does not count for this challenge, but it would have helped burn all the calories I consumed. But at Stand Rock where we went to see a German Shepherd jump across rock ledges, we had to climb lots of stairs and walk up hills, so that burned a lot. :)
Bill Miller Sun Jul 1 18:34:00 2012
Congratulations to anyone who logged any miles in June. Just get out there and do it! I enjoyed every mile I rode.
Pamela Murray Sun Jul 1 17:47:00 2012
I use a cyclometer to track my miles. My battery never dies and I always know my mileage.

It's over 100 degrees here so I only rode 11 miles today. Tomorrow I'll ride at night when it's cooler.

Rod Smith Sun Jul 1 17:26:00 2012
How many of us got short changed because we couldn't log miles from 6/30 before the end of the month because of power outage? I would have 73 more points if I had power last night.
Gahlord Dewald Sun Jul 1 16:18:00 2012
Wayne: location apps that pull in GPS (like Endomondo) drain batteries fast regardless of device--iPhone, Droid whatever. For long rides getting a spare battery case as another commenter suggests or getting a dedicated GPS computer for your bike and then using Endo's upload feature will work better than switching your phone. ...unless you're looking for a good excuse to get a new phone. ;)
Gahlord Dewald Sun Jul 1 16:16:00 2012
Richard: if they have an open team and an open slot (teams max out at ten riders) there's a join button. Otherwise the team leader will have to invite you.
RICHARD STROBEL Sun Jul 1 16:10:00 2012
How do iIjoin an already existing group if I am set up as a single rider?
Jim Franzen Sun Jul 1 15:25:00 2012
451 miles in June for me. I missed one day of bicycle riding. I wish everyone could know the joy I get from riding and experience the feeling for themselves. I love seeing more and more riders, and I don't even get annoyed anymore by people who offer to throw my bike in their trunk and give me a ride home.
Timothy M Walsh Sun Jul 1 14:49:00 2012
I use an external battery pack built into a case for my iPhone. I don't think it is going to survive my first century. Been looking at the 1 on woot today for $20, think I'll pick it up so I have a spare for the ride.
Timothy M Walsh Sun Jul 1 14:43:00 2012
So, I rode 64 miles today, so if my math is correct that should equal 84 points, 64 + 20 bonus points. So why does my point total only equal 75. Timing of the update perhaps?
Wayne D. Munoz Sun Jul 1 11:01:00 2012
Glad I saw this challenge today. I'm currently training for my first century on Aug 11th with the great folks of "Try All by Fire" and what better time to join a challenge like this. I've logged a 72 mile and a 88 mile ride along with my mid week 20 plus rides this month. The only problem is the battery on my phone that I use this great app on doesn't make it as long as I do. I got to check into another source if I continue to do these longer rides. I'm using a droid right now which works great other than the battery issue. Any suggestions? BTW reat job Endomondo, love the job your doing.
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jul 1 10:53:00 2012
Thanks, Gregg.
Funny, Martin! I bet things spread out a bit more as the day goes on! Hey--I think I will take a midnight ride in August just so I can see my name on top of the leaderboard for once! I am all for contributing to the 3 million mile goal, just need to get mended up here first. I am still planning on a long ride at the end of the month, hopefully I will be back in the saddle long before then.
H. Joan Davies Sun Jul 1 09:42:00 2012
@ Burklee G: Welcome to PLATINUM!!! Way to go!
Laurie Bries Sun Jul 1 08:23:00 2012
Hey Greg, Doesn't that luxury hotel have a fitness room with bikes? ;-)
Michael Lemuel Sun Jul 1 07:32:00 2012
I'd like to know who would be interested in a wheel and pedal reader that could be transmitted to your smart phone to verify distance & read cadence. If you had access to this information in conjunction with/ or in replacement of your GPS data what would you want improved or added to the Endomodo application? If you also spin, or setup your bike for stationary use, how could it help you, or what would you need from the application or hardware? I figure the hardware will need to read rear wheels for stationary setup bikes.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 1 06:53:00 2012
I did get a quick ride in yesterday before we had to leave to attend a family reunion at
Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI which is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Neenah. I am only 6 points short of 3,000 points, but plan to exceed that this evening after we get back to Neenah. I was not able to take my bike with me in my mini van because my mother and dad rode with us and with coolers and luggage, there was no room to put the bike in and I don't have a bike carrier. But my mother and dad treated my wife, daughter, and I to a private room and deluxe stay last night at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Baraboo for taking them to Devil's Lake, so I am not lacking any comfort. It is a 5 star luxury hotel that I would have had to work a whole week to pay for myself, so we are enjoying our weekend here. It was very nice to see my older brother from Fox Lake, IL near Chicago who celebrated his 60th birthday on June 29th this year. I don't get to see him and his family much, so it was really nice seeing him yesterday. I have 1 sister, 2 brothers, and my mother and dad will be celebrating 62 years of marriage on August 19, the day that I will be racing in Race the Lake in Fond du Lac, WI, which is a 90 mile bike race around Lake Winnebago and is the largest inland lake in Wisconsin and the race is the largest all citizen timed bike race in the US that travels through 4 different counties. The halfway point is High Cliff State Park with a challenging hill to climb, but I have climbed the hill several times before, so I don't expect to have a heart attack. Our visit in Wisconsin Dells this weekend has been a luxury stay. There is no water park here in the hotel, but a nice indoor pool and hot tub on the 4th floor and a deluxe gourmet complimentary continental breakfast in the Glacier Rock Restaurant. I am going to have to ride a century to burn all the calories I consumed this weekend. We are attending church at 7:30 am at St. John's Lutheran Church in Baraboo and then later this morning, we are taking my mother and dad to see the Witches Gulch on the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River. It is very hot here in the mid 90's, but there is no lack of water with literally billions of gallons of water flowing both naturally and artificially in this water park capital of the world. I think there are more tourists in this little city of 2,000 people right now than in the entire state of Wisconsin. It's nice and cool at the Witch's Gulch because it is like a cave on all the narrow passageways that take you among some interesting and spooky rock formations on the Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River. It's quite an interesting story about the guy who first explored this area and discovered what is now known as the Witch's Gulch.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 1 06:43:00 2012
I did get a quick ride in yesterday before we had to leave to attend a family reunion at
Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Neenah. I am only 6 points short of 3,000 points, but plan to exceed that this evening after we get back to Neenah. I was not able to take my bike with me in my mini van because my mother and dad rode with us and with coolers and luggage, there was no room to put the bike in and I don't have a bike carrier. But my mother and dad treated my wife, daughter, and I to a private room and deluxe stay last night at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Baraboo for taking them to Devil's Lake, so I am not lacking any comfort. It is a 5 star luxury hotel that I would have had to work a whole week to pay for myself, so we are enjoying our weekend here. It was very nice to see my brother from Illinois that I don't get to see very much. There is no water park here in the hotel, but a nice indoor pool and hot tub on the 4th floor and a deluxe gourmet complimentary continental breakfast in the Glacier Rock Restaurant. I am going to have to ride a century to burn all the calories I consumed this weekend. We are attending church at 7:30 am at St. John's Lutheran Church in Baraboo and then later this morning, we are taking my mother and dad to see the Witches Gulch on the Upper Dells. It's nice and cool there like in a cave on all the narrow passageways that take you among some interesting and spooky rock formations on the Upper Dells. It's quite a story about the guy who first explored this area and discovered what is now known as the Witch's Gulch.
Gregg Warning Sun Jul 1 06:05:00 2012
@Jenny Sorry you are on the injured list again. Hope you heal soon. It sounds like you have gone through quite an ordeal that has not been fun.
Martin Malin Sun Jul 1 01:24:00 2012
24 minutes into the new month, Ryan Devine is in the lead with 22 points, followed by Nick Templeton a point behind, and Dan Hinrichs in third with 20. Then 5,755 riders are all tied with zero.
Michael Lemuel Sun Jul 1 01:07:00 2012
Yeah, it's the international lead time. People who have done there workouts hours ago, but they are just now showing up because it was in July their time and we just entered July.
Martin Malin Sun Jul 1 01:06:00 2012
@Nyla - 3,000,000 miles is definitely a good goal! We ended up with 1,357,476 for the first two months, so would need 1,642,524 for July and August. (We averaged 22,254 miles per day, and with the extra day we would need to average 26,492/day, which is 19% more.) If we can do that, it will at least help us look better against Vermont.
Martin Malin Sun Jul 1 01:02:00 2012
It is 12:01 Central, and Ivailo Karamanolev is leading all 28,196 other riders for July.
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 30 23:23:00 2012
Well, maybe it was a premature ride. Now an abscess has formed, had to go to the clinic, and I won't describe what happened after that for those with soft stomachs. Bottom line, wound is packed and I am sidelined again.
Rosetta Chandler Sat Jun 30 22:47:00 2012
How do meet a challenge ? TEAM-Work! Babes where are you?
Ray Swanson Sat Jun 30 22:33:00 2012
I just finished the month with a metric century, plus a little, 63.11 miles when I rolled back into my driveway. I took a couple short breaks to cool off a little, as much as one can cool down when it is 90 degrees in the shade. I did see a lot of other cyclists, but there were places where I had the trail to myself for miles at a time. I did stop and snap a picture of this little fella. He (or maybe she) let me ride by the first time, but must have been camera shy because he ran away after I went back to take a picture. https://sites.google.com/site/btd819423fsavr98ddea5/r_IMG_0267.jpg
Janis Heifner Sat Jun 30 22:33:00 2012
Great morning of mountain biking at Reforestation Camp in Green Bay.
Nice to be in the woods in the shade!
Gahlord Dewald Sat Jun 30 22:09:00 2012
Way to beat a slump Bruce!
Bruce C. Oestreich Sat Jun 30 21:43:00 2012
I didnt feel good this AM .Respiratory probs have plagued me for 40 years.I was sitting feeling Whoa is me,then I thought NO get out and ride ....about 3 hours later than I normally do.It was great biking ... very little wind and I had the best avg yet .It felt great!!!!!
Joanne Pendleton Sat Jun 30 20:47:00 2012
@Emily I'm not even on a mission, just riding cross country for vacation, and I count all my miles as transport because I'm biking to transport myself on vacation, to the store, to the campground, to the city park - even to the shower:) Sounds like commuting to me (well, maybe not the shower part).
Wally Olson Sat Jun 30 20:02:00 2012
Cruel irony. I hardly use my truck these days, but I was not able to get out for a long ride today because I had to replace the starter which took longer than expected due to rust and a stripped bolt.
Wally Olson Sat Jun 30 19:58:00 2012
Jenny, Glad to hear you are back in the saddle. Go get your Platinum.
Andrew Lewis Sat Jun 30 18:59:00 2012
Just hit Gold today!!!!!
travis montross Sat Jun 30 18:34:00 2012
made platinum today!!!
E M Matteson Sat Jun 30 16:21:00 2012
Burklee, congrats and welcome to the platinum club. I feel like we should be issued platinum cards good for a free t-shirt or something.
E M Matteson Sat Jun 30 16:07:00 2012
Hi all, got started before 6am to get more miles today and beat the heat. It was in the 70s already and right now its about 102. I know what you mean about the numbers game, sometimes I get back to my neighborhood and think, if I ride up and down a couple of dead end streets I can add two or three more miles. Then I get to my street and go around in circles a few times to round off that last mile. Its kind of silly but fun!!
Had breakfast at a nice cafe in Kirkwood. I have passed it several times before. There is often a bicycle out in front, so I was trying to figure out whose bike it is. Decided it must belong to someone who works there.
@ Emily, you are on a mission, I would count the miles as commuting, esp. if its your only transportation for the entire trip. How far have you gone? What part of the country are you in now? Are you going east to west, or vice versa? If you come through St. Louis let me know, could offer a meal or shelter or something...
Burklee Green Sat Jun 30 16:04:00 2012
@Travis - Ouch! Good luck on getting platinum today.
@H. Joan - Way to go! I can only dream of a near century.

And speaking of platinum... I MADE PLATINUM TODAY!!!! Platinum before July...gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!!!

Andy Nowak Sat Jun 30 16:04:00 2012
Garmin EDGE 200 GPS? Any opinions or review of the GPS trackers. I ride 3 different bikes and it would be nice to have a total miles on all the bikes on one tracker. I am considering the EDGE200, since reasonable priced and only the basics. I do not feel I will need a lot of unnecessary options. Thanks for any feedback.
Emily Ponti Sat Jun 30 15:52:00 2012
I'm riding my bike across the country to raise money for my cousin with cancer. Should I be logging my miles as commuting or leisure?
Charlie L Sat Jun 30 15:35:00 2012
Richard, Wally described everything correctly. I might add some more things I have noticed. The person you want to send a pep talk to has to have options in their settings to allow pep talks. Also, if you have a smartphone you can send the pep talk from your smartphone to theirs. They will hear the message. It is fun to play with!! If I hear it I am usually surprised when my pocket starts talking to me out in the middle of now where.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat Jun 30 14:58:00 2012
Way to go Jaime!
Chuck Bryan Sat Jun 30 14:36:00 2012
I rode my bike at another Patriot Guard Riders event today; one biker among many others, but theirs are motorcycles. Forget buying a motorcycle for being in that (great) group - I like being the only traditional biker ( no motor on mine.)
Nyla Greenberg Sat Jun 30 13:08:00 2012
Jenny: so glad to hear you are rolling along again! Your dog-delayed Platinum status awaits (-:
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Sat Jun 30 13:06:00 2012
So I participated on Critical Mass (Houston, TX) last night. I wish i had an image of our first take off. The crowd of cyclist covered over 5 city blocks and all the lanes. Any single car must of felt overwhelmed by the sea of cyclist. Hundreds of people were out in great spirits. It was an amazing experience seeing "strength in numbers" at its true form.
Have a great ride everyone!
Jim Franzen Sat Jun 30 12:24:00 2012
I will hit over 125 miles biked this month and 2000 points today once I ride to summerfest. Since the last day in April I have only taken my car to work once and that was because I had a doctor appointment in the middle of the day. Thanks to bike riding I am off my BP medicine and I hope to be off my diabetes medicine in September. GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Sat Jun 30 12:23:00 2012
Glad things are looking up Jenny.
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 30 12:06:00 2012
First ride since the dog bite. Was worried that it would be tough on my ankle. Surprisingly not. Was hard to start and stop, Seems like that leg is my usual lead off leg. Hard to climb hills. But just happy to get back out!
Jaime Richard Ogas Sat Jun 30 12:00:00 2012
The way this challenge is set up, I don't see how anyone could not get anything less than 600 points in any given month. All you have to do is sit on your bike and ride at least around the block to claim 20 points each day. In July I'll try to do just that and get at least 620 points. I'll probably end up with enough miles to claim platinum.
Wally Olson Sat Jun 30 09:37:00 2012
Richard, Your friend has to have the Endomondo App on their smart phone. When they are out riding it will show up on your Endo web page. There will be a "pep talk" option under their info. Click on pep talk and type in a message. Their smart phone will read them the text while they are exercising. Good luck. Hope this helps.
richard wirsbinski Sat Jun 30 09:29:00 2012
K.. thanks guys
Ronald Williams Sat Jun 30 09:25:00 2012
@ travis I will loan you my son's hockey suit if that will help ;)!!!!
Tami McNall Sat Jun 30 09:25:00 2012
yeah it's while they are cycling either on your home home page under where it says the person it out cycling will be the link to peptalk - just clck it and a windo will open that lets you type your message. OR if you look at the workout as it is happening on the map part top left will be a small peptalk link same thing, click it and enter your message.
Ronald Williams Sat Jun 30 09:24:00 2012
@ richard send a pep talk to your friend ...lol!!!! when they are out riding and it has peptalk on there status just click that!!!
richard wirsbinski Sat Jun 30 08:20:00 2012
Could some one please let me know how to send a pep talk to a friend?
richard wirsbinski Sat Jun 30 08:17:00 2012
Could some one please inform me on how to send a pep talk to a friend?
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Sat Jun 30 07:38:00 2012
Jerry Bengtson - I think we can agree that each person has different nutritional requirements. The important thing is to listen to your body - it will tell you what it needs.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Sat Jun 30 07:22:00 2012
Getting caught up in even numbers can be such a head game. I think it's a human foible that we are all suseptible to. On the plus side perhaps thats one of the things that pushes us to go just a little bit further. But regardless; excellent accomplishment Joan!
travis montross Sat Jun 30 01:14:00 2012
@Ronald im thinking full downhill gear now!
Michael Lemuel Sat Jun 30 00:58:00 2012
I'm beginning to think mispronouncing and misspending my name in the media is s conspiracy. LAB just fix their misspelling when the newscaster pronounced it as if French in origin for "the mute" (le-mule). The correct spelling and pronunciation is Lemuel (lem-U-el). Say lemming.. say Emanuel..say Lemuel. A rose by any other name may still be a rose, but if you call it a nose, somebody's going to look at you weird for smelling them. a;)
Ronald Williams Sat Jun 30 00:12:00 2012
Crach pads for Travis !!! :))
Ronald Williams Sat Jun 30 00:12:00 2012
@ John where did this happen so I can avoid the area ....
travis montross Fri Jun 29 23:00:00 2012
to add to my last post i get into alot of crashes too lol
travis montross Fri Jun 29 22:45:00 2012
im going for platinum tommorrow even after a really nasty crash mtn biking today. i was catapulted from my bike and slammed my lower back into a tree it was really violent knocked the wind out of me for a few seconds too. its the worst crash ive been in a long time not looking forward to how its gonna feel in the morning. Tomorrows ride is only going to be on the road for sure.
dameon plagens Fri Jun 29 21:48:00 2012
H.Joan Davies a 92 bordeaux thats pedal-lite-ful sleep well tonight D
E M Matteson Fri Jun 29 21:09:00 2012
Hi all, out again this morning about 6:30. Heat rose quickly from 60s to upper 70s. Spotted a dozen other riders including a guy with a crate attached to the rack on the back of his bicycle. (Suppose he was reading this blog??) Later, while it was 105 outside, I took my bike in to get a new cable. The shop confessed that they messed up adjustments when putting in the cable last time and gave me a free cable. But they also decided I needed a new chain: A NEW CHAIN, like I just got one a couple of months ago. The mechanic was suttly trashing the fact that I was riding an old bike. All kinds of complaints like not wrapping my brake cables inside the handlebar tape. Then he gave me a hard time for making minor adjustments myself. Like, I'm gonna stop in the middle of a ride and head for the nearest bike shop to get help. NOOOOOOO
As for miles counted, recreation or not, the most important thing is that we are out there making bicyclists more visible, getting healthy, accomplishing missions, and having a good time. I would totally ride a new bike in the house!!.
@ Joan congrats on the metric century/almost miles century. I think I'm gonna wait for any century attempts until the weather gets a little cooler.
We know we are having more fun than those people at the gym. RIDE ON YA'LL!
Jeanie West Fri Jun 29 20:25:00 2012
@H. Joan - WOW. Great ride!
Randy Ivey Fri Jun 29 19:37:00 2012
@H. Joan Davies - that's awesome.... congrats!! Being that close to 100miles, I would of rolled out the few extra to get that century!!
Nyla Greenberg Fri Jun 29 19:13:00 2012
Hmmm…..Over 1.3 million miles before the end of June…two months to go…Shouldn’t we aim for 3 million?
John Jay Mcnall Fri Jun 29 18:19:00 2012
Amazing had a car make a right turn in front of me. Followed him to his drive and he asked what was wrong with that. I told him it was against the law. He ntold me his dad was a cop and said there was nothing wrong with it and chased me down the street. I called 911. The cop showed up and said unless he hit me there was nothing wrong with it unless I could prove it was done with malicious intent. If i would of hit him it would of just been an accident. If i want to change it I have to go to city council for this county county over FDOT. I guess there is no end to the garbage going on these days and i will have to keep my eye out for him. He is the one that would be malicious and run me over given the chance.
H. Joan Davies Fri Jun 29 18:09:00 2012
Just finished my longest ride ever... 92.80.... Whoo Hoo. @ Brad W: Now I need to find some bordeaux cherry chocolate chunk ice cream-- LOTS of it!!!! .lol :-)
Jerry Bengtson Fri Jun 29 18:06:00 2012
@Brad. Sorry Brad. Wrong ice cream. It needs to be Vanilla Swiss Almond. Much healthier. At least two containers worth so you get the full benefit.
Jerrel Lee Wallace Jr. Fri Jun 29 17:32:00 2012
As long as you hydrate and listen to your body, riding in hot weather is not a major issue. It is just not as much fun and riding in cool weather.
Heather April Fri Jun 29 15:37:00 2012
Michael Lemeux - you ROCK. I love that you are a part of this challenge. Your such a star! I'm off my bike today and tomorrow as our heat is over 100F. I hope to be back on it Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck next week (prize drawings)!
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 29 15:31:00 2012
I was just 74 points shy of platinum before the dog bite. I would have easily achieved it this past week had I not been sidelined. I will put that on my list of "pain and suffering" items.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 29 15:26:00 2012
Thanks, John!
I seem to now be turning the corner, things seem a bit better today. Probably won't be good enough for the Gear Up Green Lake ride tomorrow that I was signed up for. They asked me if I wanted my fee returned. I really want to wait and see if the next 24 hours makes a difference, perhaps I could still ride a short route. Either way, I want my t-shirt! I may hang out for awhile at the CHN Wellness table, so if anyone is riding in this event, you may find me there. I will be the one with my leg propped up on a pillow.
Chris Olsen Fri Jun 29 15:23:00 2012
In regards to Vermont - we are destroying them in total mileage aren't we?
Chris Olsen Fri Jun 29 15:14:00 2012
Thanks for the info. The trail closure was at about 7:30 this morning, where they are building a new access point right near the fairgrounds. I was coming from the west and jumped onto main, then bluemound because as mentioned by someone else it was blocked with sandbags all the way across with a sign in front. I didn't try to get back on the trail so I don't know how much was closed. Glad to hear it's not still like that - I prefer not to ride bluemound/main, etc on my way home.
George F Denys Fri Jun 29 14:59:00 2012
Great idea Brad I've never tried that flover.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 29 14:55:00 2012
@BradLPK - I am SO with you, man.
Jerry J Fri Jun 29 14:40:00 2012
there are bike racks at both the main gate and the south gate. the main gate is at Chicago Ave. The south gate is at Polk St. I used the racks at the South Gate Wed. they were pretty full, but I managed to find an open spot. Upon leaving at 8PMish there were plenty of bikes locked to the fence next to the racks. There was a security guard standing near the racks when I left, but I don't remeber seeing one when I got there around 4:30 PM.
You have to bring your own lock, and they claim no responsibility.
They also have a bag checking service inside the south gate (I'm pretty sure they offer checking service at all gates.) It costs $2, but I left my saddle bags with helmet attached while inside.
George F Denys Fri Jun 29 14:33:00 2012
Had a great ride this morning, went out just after 6 am the wind was low and it was nice and cool.Got back just before 9am and rode a nice 35 miles First time been able to ride all week because of the heavy rain and wind.Most of the time it's great living in Flordia.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 29 14:10:00 2012
If you do walking, swimming , running, and other workouts like this, on endomondo, you can enter all your workouts for all sports, not just biking and all your biking miles will automatically get entered into the NBC, too. In the Endomondo site, you can print out a statistical graph and chart or list by year, month, or week for any sport and for all sports and I can also see how many miles I biked for transporation compared to sport. For example my statistical chart and graph on Endomondo shows that currently i n 2012 I have rode a total of 3,245 miles. 2,004 were for transport and 1,241 were sport or recreation. And I can also print out a mileage graph that shows my mileage count for sport and transport for each month and even for each week. I really like the Endomndo site because it includes all sports, not just biking. This is a link to my current Endomondo 2012 cycling statistical graph, comparing mileage for transport and sport by month: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greggmichaelphotography/7467924630/
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 29 13:46:00 2012
As a health precaution everyone should eat lots of bordeaux cherry chocolate chunk ice cream.
Jim Franzen Fri Jun 29 13:45:00 2012
AT Gregg. There is bike racks at road to main gate to Summerfest. As you come in look at North side of road and there is a big CPS sign and I guy sitting on a chair watching the gate. It is a little weird as you have to get behind the pedestrian fence with your bike but I have used the lot for the past two days with no issues.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 29 13:34:00 2012
@Martin Malin. Even if you enter your miles manually, you can enter the time of your ride to get calories burned and average speed of your ride by clicking "new work out" on the endomondo site directly. The miles will automatically get entered into the bike challenge as well. I just use my bike computer to track miles and time and works great for me. There are certain routes I do regularly (work, grocery store, gym, pool, parent's apartment, and I have favorite routes I do for recreation and sport and I have these drawn on the Endomondo maps and saved and when I ride any of these routes that I have saved on Endomondo, all I have to do is select the route and it automatically enters the miles and then I enter the time of the ride and I have a record of calories burned and average speed of each ride. I like the statistic link on Endomondo because you can get graphs and charts printed by year, month, week etc. and that is really nice for a complete record of every ride you did.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 29 13:32:00 2012
It is very easy to dehydrate when the dew points get this high and you won't even know you are dehydrated until it is too late.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 29 13:23:00 2012
Dogs are my biggest fear when I deliver packages as a driver helper during peak season at Christmas because I often get dropped off on the street and have no place to go for protection, if a dog attacks me. They tell us at work to use the DIAD board as a shield or even hit them in the face with the DIAD board, if we have to to prevent us from getting bit by the dog. The little dogs are the worst.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 29 13:21:00 2012
Does anyone know, if there are any bike racks at Summerfest?
Dos_ Ruedas Fri Jun 29 13:04:00 2012
Everyone drink lots, ride in the early morning and use extreme caution when riding in this heat and humidity. Very, VERY dangerous.
Martin Malin Fri Jun 29 12:47:00 2012
Here is our chance to catch-up a little to Vermont - On Saturday night at 9 Central, there will be a leap second added to the atomic clocks. If everyone in Wisconsin makes a point of riding their bikes at that precise moment, we could inch a little closer to Vermont.
Leonard Wright Fri Jun 29 12:44:00 2012
@ Michael Lemeux, FANTASTIC interview on the LAB site, great job.

For those that haven't seen the interview, here is the link:


Martin Malin Fri Jun 29 12:27:00 2012
Burklee - Now that sounds like work. I've been entering my total (exercise) time for a day in a spreadsheet for the last 20+ years. I don't think I want to put down each ride's time just so there can be an innacurate calories burned number for my ride. There are way too many factors that affect calories burned, like stops/starts/bike type/etc... As far as heart rate - I'm not that worried about it, unless I go into defib or it approaches or acheives zero.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 29 12:03:00 2012
@Michael - Wow, really great story on the LAB site. I don't know how you do it, man, but keep doing it! You are amazing. Really.
Jerry J Fri Jun 29 11:54:00 2012
Which section was closed?
Fri Jun 29 11:40:00 2012
Special membership offer for Challenge participants -- join the League of American Bicyclists, and get a Planet Bike tail-light as our way of saying thanks!


Nicholas Oberski Fri Jun 29 11:17:00 2012
When I took the Hank Aaron trail this morning at about 6:30, it was closed with sandbags blocking the path. I turned out to Main street and hopped back on right by the fairgrounds where the path crosses the road. Didn't appear to be anything going on but it did say ROAD CLOSED.
Craig Weinhold Fri Jun 29 10:09:00 2012
Android phone battery dead?

The Endomondo "pro" mobile app has "lower power mode". Originally, that mode was less accurate, but the latest version (http://gsfn.us/t/2wr0k) claims to have the same accuracy as normal mode.

The pro app costs just a buck for the next few days (regularly 4 bucks).

Michael Smiley Fri Jun 29 10:07:00 2012
I just went down that stretch of the Hank Aaron trail about 45 minutes ago (around 08:20 to 08:25am), and it wasn't closed then. I ride that trail 2 or 3 times a week and it's never been closed, even when there have been events nearby. Must just be a temporary closing.
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 29 09:59:00 2012
My house is small, not enough room to ride, which is why I ran into the door. I was training, trying to adapt to the brakes/shifters on the hoods, yeah, that's what I was doing, nothing worthy of a timeout :D Luckily I didn't bleed all over the white tape on the bars.
Chris Olsen Fri Jun 29 09:55:00 2012
Anyone know if the closing of the Hank Aaron trail in Milwaukee near the fairgrounds is normal for when there is an event there or if it is due to trail construction.

I'm suspecting that I had to be rerouted into traffic becuase they don't want people sneaking into the RV show, but I just wanted to check and see if anyone knows.

Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 29 09:34:00 2012
Riding in the house Ray??? Ain't it cool how bikes tend to release the inner child - but better, because now no one can yell at us - well except for spouses and car pilots... But, hey everyone; don't forget to have fun :-D
Burklee Green Fri Jun 29 09:19:00 2012
@Martin - If you go to the Endomondo home page and click "Workouts" at the top, it will show you a calendar with all your rides denoted by bike icons. If you click on one, it will load that ride, then you can go to the right side of the page, click "Edit" and enter your time, and your heart rate, if you've got a monitor. That will calculate your calories for you.
Like you, I am amazed at full gym parking lots on gorgeous days. I would think people would just go outside and play. I don't know, maybe they're all too dignified for that. I personally have never had that problem. :)
@Ray - Riding the bike in the house? Are you looking for a time out, Mister? And, how big is your house??? Glad you're liking the new wheels, man!
@Travis - 59 points in 2 days? No problem. You got this.
Jason R Fri Jun 29 09:16:00 2012
On the subject of GPS, it also has to do with local conditions, interference and the fact that, even if you watch your GPS religiously to see it 'track' that tracking is not really happening. That's the software doing some prediction of your course. Then the next time it checks your position using GPS there will be a correction.

If you need accurate distance measurement, you're probably better off with a bike computer that reads your speed and distance from actual wheel rotations instead of estimating your location based on faint radio signals from objects thousands of miles away.

Martin Malin Fri Jun 29 08:48:00 2012
@Michael-Noone should be worried about which category miles should be logged into. The numbers above for calories burned, and carbon dioxide and money saved are just approximations. For some of us, they might be somewhat accurate, and for others, they are way off.
I don't have a smart phone, so I enter my miles in manually. When I do that, there is no place to put how long it took me to ride. Because of that, my stats show ZERO calories burned. I'm sure there are many others who don't have a smart phone.
Many (including you) have pointed out ways the dollar saved amount is inaccurate. And I agree. I also think that it wouldn't hurt if they also include some type of savings for sport miles. It would be fair to say that most of us are riding at least partly for our health. To get the same amount of aerobic physical activity, most people would belong to a gym. What about all of the money saved by not belonging to a gym. Or, if they are just concerned with money saved by not driving a car, most who go to gyms drive their cars there. And with many of us with multiple bike rides each day, one should count the savings of not driving to the gym several times a day. (As an aside, I've always been amazed at seeing a gym parking lot full on a 70 degree day, as I either would run or bike past. Sometimes, one can even see someone circling the lot, hoping for a spot closer to the door so they don't have to walk as far to the entrance, so they could go inside and wait for a treadmill or stationary bike to be free, on such a beautiful day.)
Jim Walls Fri Jun 29 08:28:00 2012
Great to be back on the bike. Goodbye Tropical Storm Debby! You were a pain in the arse!!!
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 29 08:04:00 2012
Thanks, E M. Only 37 miles on the bike so far, but I really like it. I haven't pushed myself too hard yet because of the heat, but can really feel the upgrade in performance. It already bit me though, was screwing around and riding it in the house and slammed my hand into a doorknob, oops :D
Al Yard Fri Jun 29 07:50:00 2012
Michael, I believe the dollars we're seeing is the money saved because we rode our bikes instead of driving our cars. Granted, if you would normally take the bus or carpool instead, it is overestimated. In principle, though, it's the cost of the gasoline and vehicle wear that we saved by riding instead of driving.
Michael Lemuel Fri Jun 29 03:48:00 2012
I hate when the phone tries to correct me when I'm right. I DO mean bus FARE not FAIR.
Michael Lemuel Fri Jun 29 03:26:00 2012
I think endomondo probably way overestimates the cost of riding for me. I spent less than $250/yr to transit anywhere I wanted for the 4 years I had my last bike. That cost included the bike, all accesories, maintenance, and emergency bus fair for foul weather. Bus passes would have cost me 4 times that, and not been availible after 6 or on weekends. I won't even start to compare personal vehicle cost. CO2 should be higher for sport than transit anyway. Compare the fuel cost /mi. of a road vehicle (replacement to transit) to that of a atv, dirt bike, or other motorized "sport" vehicle (replacement to sport). If it's NBC that is concerned with which way a mile should be counted, than shouldn't it be NBC to ask clarifications for their records?
Andy Nowak Fri Jun 29 00:48:00 2012
Going to Trikes2Bike in New Frankin tomorrow for pepper spray and other stuff for SAGBRAW ride.
Michael Essig Thu Jun 28 23:19:00 2012
What a great day, just completed our Bike Arlington team meet up and happy hour at Coyote Grille in Fairfax, VA. At least 5 Washington DC area teams were in attendance, great to see so many of my teammates and their families. Congrats Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling, Bike Arlington, and all who helped to put on this fun event.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 28 22:53:00 2012
Christine - congrats on the riding and keep up the good work!
Christine Salvatore Thu Jun 28 22:50:00 2012
LOL! Thank you, Rob! I can be so dense at times! I had no idea I had that many points CTD (Challenge to Date). I may get to Platinum in July! Woo hoo! Not bad for an old fart who just started riding a year ago! Thanks, again, Rob. (blushing furiously and ducking as I skulk off to bed)
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 28 22:48:00 2012
Christine - check and see if those are your June points or your points for the Entire Period
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Thu Jun 28 22:44:00 2012
Warm ride home tonight, but a favourable wind made for a decent quick time.
Stopped at the roadside stall for sweet corn,toms and a Canteloupe Melon for supper...
Took out the Rocket Dog for a ride/run later and am seeing a discrepancy on the max speed - according to my trip computer thing-me-jig we were cruisung at 13.9 mph (a pb for the dog) but Endomondo has 11.88mph
Hey ho ...life is good
John Cooper Thu Jun 28 22:42:00 2012
I hope you are quickly back in the saddle, Jenny. You have us all thinking about dogs a lot more now, and I'll be looking for some pepper spray to carry.

On a ride a few weeks ago I was between New London and Fremont on unfamiliar roads, and I stopped to check my map and was standing at the side of the road straddling the bike when I heard a very menacing growl just a few feet away. I jumped to the other side of the bike before I even saw the two dogs. I started moving to the other side of the road with the bike between me and the dogs, and them continually growling and posturing when I heard a third dog start growling from behind a tree on the other side of the road!

I stayed in the middle of the road, backing slowly the way I had come, trying to watch all three dogs, and keeping my bike betwen me and the two that seemed the most agressive. None of them attacked, but after hearing your story I feel VERY fortunate. I know my heart was beating about 30 bpm faster that it had been pedaling into the wind at 17 mph just a few minutes before. Very scary.

Christine Salvatore Thu Jun 28 22:42:00 2012
Is there a calculation problem somewhere? The leader board shows I have 511 points, yet on my medal chart (what do you call that thingy?), it shows I have 1118 points. Anyone able to explain the discrepancy?
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 28 22:28:00 2012
I second the welcome to Susan - the more the merrier. I would love to see Wisconsin beat Vermont for at least 1 month. I guess we'll see what happens in July and August. How come we can pack Lambeau with 72,928 Cheeseheads and we can't get 10,000 riders out for the Challenge?!?
Bruce C. Oestreich Thu Jun 28 22:09:00 2012
@Michael Its good that you can ride all day.Commute ,transport Its all good...you still have to crank the pedals.Im semi retired but have a small biz and a garden plus other obligations but Id just as soon be out all day cruising.I can't go at hot rod speeds due to respiratory probs I got from Nam but I set a good cadence and try for 50 to 60 miles per day.I know I could do a lot more.Keep rolling!!!
Charlie L Thu Jun 28 22:08:00 2012
Another rider joins the ranks logging data to support Wisconsin. Welcome Susan!!
John Kovach Thu Jun 28 21:59:00 2012
you can do eeet (Arnold Voice)
travis montross Thu Jun 28 21:53:00 2012
2 days left for the month and i only need 59 points to platinum. i think i can do it!
josh school Thu Jun 28 21:48:00 2012
Had to join again, I could not remember my user name or pasword.
Randy Bentley Thu Jun 28 20:42:00 2012
Hot ride tonight!!
E M Matteson Thu Jun 28 20:06:00 2012
Hi all, Out at 6:30 again while the temps were still in upper 70s and lower 80s (by the time I got done). Right now its about 105 outside. Saw about a dozen other riders this morning.
@ Ray & Ronald: congrats on the new bikes!
@ Tami & Thomas: being off the bike for a few days means you will enjoy it that much more when you get back on.
@ Ernest: College zone = not anti-cycling, that should tell you something about who is smart!!!
Okay, gotta go make an adjustment on my front derailler cable....
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jun 28 18:59:00 2012
Still swollen and painful, but I think the redness is improving. I am losing Hope that I will be riding on Saturday for Gear Up Green Lake, but will see how it goes next 24 hours.
Charlie L Thu Jun 28 17:30:00 2012
My daily route length using Endo app varies from 13.76 to 13.91, pretty good I think. Using EVO 4G about 1.5 years old.
Martin Malin Thu Jun 28 17:20:00 2012
@Kevin-Most people think that a GPS is 100% accurate. They are not. One of the things I do is measure running courses so their distance can be certified as being accurate. If I'm at the finish line after a race, I will invariably hear comments from Garmin users that the course was long by .xx miles. If several hae different versions of Garmins, they will have different readings. They all think theirs is accurate. They stop thinking their unit is precise when they run 40 laps in the first lane of a track. Looking at the results, they can see how far off GPS sometimes is. The older models were worse, sometimes showing the person in the bleachers for part of their run. GPS is made more innacurate for winding courses, leafed out trees, and with reflections off of skyscrapers.
Mary Anderson Thu Jun 28 16:04:00 2012
@Pamela, you can see that information by clicking on the tems icon, found on the leaderboard page.
Wally Olson Thu Jun 28 15:29:00 2012
Once again, ride defensively and stay safe. I read in the paper this morning that a woman was struck by a car in Wausau. She was on the sidewalk when she was struck. The driver was cited for driving after license revocation and not having insurance. She was transported to the hospital with a head injury.
Pamela Murray Thu Jun 28 15:24:00 2012
The Leaderboard now shows riders by state but I wonder what the Team rankings are by State.
Heather April Thu Jun 28 15:06:00 2012
In case you guys aren't on the email list-the pro version of the tracking app is on sale for $1 right now. :)
John M Thu Jun 28 14:49:00 2012
Speaking of dogs, you may be able to find something at fireworks stands called 'adult poppers'. These are similar to the snaps you throw on the ground but are LOUD. A team member clued me in on these. I've used them twice (throw them at the ground, not the dog) and they've worked both times.

I've tried everything else and have been bitten twice this year. Suffered a pretty serious fall last year when a dog got under my wheel. You definitely don't want this and good luck getting dog owners to take responsibility. The brand of poppers I use are called 'Pop Pops' and are $2 for a box of 20.

Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 28 13:49:00 2012
@ Michael Lemuel - For me, I think of "cycling, sport" as being any riding that is for sport, or in other words, just for the fun of it. I believe that "cycling, transport" is only appropriate when you are using a bike to get somewhere, in place of other modes of transportation - car, boat, bus, train, plane, etc.
I do believe there is some cross-over, as I sometimes bike to the park with my son, and when I take a direct route, I call that "transport" - since the ride is about getting me and my son to the park and back - BUT - I probably wouldn't have gone at all if I didn't want to go for a bike ride - so in that sense it's more "sport" - since getting there isn't really the reason for the ride.
That being said, I don't personally care which way you log your miles, but you will vastly overestimate your dollars and CO2 saved by selecting "transport" over "sport" and I find these statistics to be enjoyable to see (Helps me justify spending the money on the bike and trailer parts when I get an accurate picture of the savings they generate).
Tim Everson Thu Jun 28 12:50:00 2012
Kevin- my daily commute varies between 9.2 and 9.6 miles using the endo app. I take the same route everytime. I don't think I've had the same distance twice.
Kevin L Mackey Thu Jun 28 12:40:00 2012
Has anyone noticed that if you take the same route everyday the Endomono app on your phone doesn't give the same mileage at the end of your ride?
charles starnes Thu Jun 28 12:26:00 2012
@Darla-@Troy- Get a small bottle of pepper spray at the bike shop for dogs and you should not have any more trouble with that dog and also report it to the animal shelter also as state law to keep dogs contained from running loose is a state law. I have sprayed one dog and have had no troubles with it sense and it never come slose to road any more. We have called into out local animal shelter and they have gone out and talked to the folks also. If it happens again they can be charged.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 28 12:05:00 2012
Too humid to wear any shirt today. The breeze evaporates the sweat.
Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 28 11:56:00 2012
Between work and school, there was no time for me to ride yesterday, but I take the test I was studying for tonight, so hopefully a nice, long, relaxing ride after...
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 28 11:49:00 2012
@Randy If you log all your transport miles as sport, then none of your transport miles will show any CO2 or dollars saved. I log all my miles in the proper category, so that at the end of the year, I will have an accurate total of how many dollars I have saved by using my bike for transportation. It's one of the major reasons why I bike to work every day because the savings is over $7 per day or about $35/week. The savings from biking to work really adds up over a whole year.
Darla Bennett Thu Jun 28 10:51:00 2012
DOGS AND BIKES... Uphill, on the final stretch home after a 30+mi ride, I must have looked pretty hilarious trying to pedal as hard as I could up that hill with one leg while kicking at that German Shepard with the other.
David Brock Thu Jun 28 10:35:00 2012
@John Nisbet: Hi John, I freestyled my homebrew LED bike light based on stuff I found on the internet, basically others who have done this. Here are a couple:



Good luck!

Troy Stentz Thu Jun 28 10:15:00 2012
@Joe - I've had some real adventures with dogs and bikes, but nothing gets the adrenalin pumpin' like when you've got a large, fast one, with a big mouthful of teeth on your tail and you're going up a steep hill near the end of your ride. Makes me feel so alive!!!
Joe Sacco Thu Jun 28 09:41:00 2012
Sure fire way to wake up on your early morning pedal???
Getting chased by a dog!!!!
I really really hate that; but in a strange way like it too!?!?
Is that weird?? Lol
Pedal On!!
Ben Lindorf Thu Jun 28 09:20:00 2012
It makes a difference to the National Bike Challenge! They don't count 'sport" miles and "transportation" miles the same in terms of CO2 emissions, money saved by riding, etc.
Burklee Green Thu Jun 28 09:16:00 2012
@Jenny - Get well soon! Dog bites hurt, poor you.
@Michael - Don't sweat the criticism, man. You got some miles! Shoot, I just thought you were retired, or maybe a bike messenger or delivery guy or something. Some days I just wanna take the day off and ride, (not today - heat index will be 105-110,) and I did a couple weeks ago, for everyone else's safety... but I don't, because I'm a good bear. I kind of envy those of you who can ride and ride most days, both because of your endurance, and because you have the time to do so. Ah, well...
Interesting note - Rumor has it a wild turkey has taken up residence along the creek by the Antelope Valley Trail and Lincoln Children's Zoo, and he or she is having quite a good time scaring the bejeezus out of passing bikers and joggers. I love Lincoln!
Brian Savoie Thu Jun 28 09:12:00 2012
Yes, I am Platinum!
Dennis Mayo Thu Jun 28 07:58:00 2012
The calm after the storm. A beautiful day for riding in Florida today.
Thomas Timmons Thu Jun 28 07:58:00 2012
Finally back on my bike after all most two weeks off. First a minor outpatient procedure that had me off for five days, then problems with my back, and then tropical storm Debbie...this is the first time I have been on the bike since 19 June. Feels great to get in that ride to work as it wakes me up and I'm more productive early in the day after the ride. I was getting a little 'soft' around the middle too, and need to burn the calories.
John Tyson Thu Jun 28 07:42:00 2012
@ Chamayne Ortegon.... Living near the "Big Air Conditioner" known as Lake Superior, you always carry or wear a jacket because when the wind switches, the temperature can drop as much as 30 degrees in 30 minutes or in 2 blocks. I have actually seen the wall of cold air before hitting it. My glasses even fogged-up.
Jason R Thu Jun 28 07:41:00 2012
First ride to work on my new bike. Zoom!
Randy Ivey Thu Jun 28 07:40:00 2012
@Michael Lemuel, I don't think it really matters how you log the miles as long as you are out there. I log all my miles as Sport and I commute to work a lot. I'll admit, I'm just too lazy to change the setting back and forth. So just leave it at sport.
Tami McNall Thu Jun 28 07:26:00 2012
I am on my third " day off of riding" and annoyed by it. Initially it was the weather and when i rode Monday I didnt realize we were under tornado warnings and I shouldn't have. Today though the weather is amazing the wind and humidity is nearly nothing but I have work obligations that is requiring m y vehicle later in the day. What would they do and expect if i got rid of my car as having one is not required for my job on hire. Funny the company even put in a bike rack for me whenI asked which is cool but only proves to frustrate me more today!
Leonard Wright Thu Jun 28 03:59:00 2012
@ Michael Lemuel, I have no problem with you logging everything as transport - I log everything as sport - I figure we balance each other out since probably half my rides involve transport and I figure half your rides are sport (well OK, maybe not quite balanced out since you are riding many more miles than I am but you get the idea.....).

Back at the end of May this very subject came up and I had commented on the LAB blog about how most of my rides have elements of both transportation and sport involved. The main point is, you are out riding and that is the primary objective of this challenge - to get people out on their bike more often.

Leonard Wright Thu Jun 28 03:57:00 2012
@ Bruce, Thanks for a good laugh - I am entitled to laugh because I've been there, done that........
Martin Bienengraeber Thu Jun 28 01:37:00 2012
It's usual pretty simple - transport/commute if it has a purpose aside from cycling (getting somewhere to do something, eg shopping, working, eating, playing, swimming, running, visiting etc), and sport if the purpose is mostly cycling (and its benefits and joys) itself. To my understanding sport does not refer to racing here but mostly to "not transport". Of course sometimes this is not clear cut (going for a joy trip and have some lunch during the ride, going on a bike vacation) - in this case just do whatever you feel right -any cycling is great! For me a bicycle is pretty much exclusively a transportation tool (exception might be a fund raiser, or bike vacation) so most of my miles bring me to some place where I need to be to do something.
Ray Swanson Thu Jun 28 01:20:00 2012
@Michael - I also have no commute (work at home), I log all my miles as sport. Personally, I think transport should be used for rides in place of driving, whether that is going to the office, running an errand or riding to the store. I'm not racing either, but trying to log a bunch of miles in order to move up in the rankings is a sport to me, even though I know I have no chance of competing with those lucky people that get to ride all day. I do agree that there is lack of clarity with only sport and transport though. My 50 mile ride on Sunday replaced what might have been a "Sunday drive" in my car, is that sport or transport? I didn't go anywhere, just took a very long ride from my house back to my house. From the FAQ: "The Challenge is an exciting new program that encourages people to bike for transportation and recreation." Whether you ride to the office or spend half the day on your bike, you're meeting the goal. When I see your miles, it makes me want to call in sick and just spend the day riding. I got my new bike today (well, yesterday), so now it's time to justify that sticker price with many more miles in less time.
Michael Lemuel Thu Jun 28 01:10:00 2012
Opps, correction. I don't feel logging my miles in as sport is appropriate.
Michael Lemuel Thu Jun 28 00:43:00 2012
I'm seeing a rise in complaints that I log in my miles as "transport", and questions about my commute. I DON'T HAVE A COMMUTE! I (un)fortunately can't work
My doctor won't let me. The alternative would be to log my miles as "sport" which I don't feel is appropriate since I'm not a racer at racing speeds, or even with race appropriate equipment. I am however the crazy person who rides all day and leads the nation in miles. So that being said, should I change my miles to "sport" on the sole basis that I don't have to do them and I do more than anybody else?
Ronald Williams Wed Jun 27 23:56:00 2012
Got a chance to break in the new bike and it felt really good I have been riding a Mountain bike on the road and finally into a road bike...Awesome !!!!!
Chamayne Ortegon Wed Jun 27 23:32:00 2012
@ Gregg Warning..... I can only dream of 70 degree days. But I'll be in Wisconsin at the end of July and ya'all can laugh at the girl from Austin wearing a light jacket! :-)
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 23:13:00 2012
The shot on the butt was more towards the hip and there is very little pain at this time! Hoping it will kick down the redness and swelling so I cam get back to riding.
E M Matteson Wed Jun 27 23:05:00 2012
@ Jenny, get well soon.
Steven Lindemann Wed Jun 27 22:39:00 2012
Not trying to be disrespectful, but I'm thinking a shot in the butt might keep me off the bike longer than a bite in the leg!!! :) I'm pretty new to this road bike thing and my "sit bones" are still getting use to that itty bitty seat!!!! And a bruised butt via a shot hurts just thinking about it!!!!
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 27 22:25:00 2012
Record breaking temps for this date and dewpoints exceeding 70 are going to make it feel very sticky tomorrow here in Wisconsin. I'm going to need to drink lots of water at work and also on the bike.
Jason Yach Wed Jun 27 22:24:00 2012
Brian, triple points for runners tomorrow, yes. Bikers, no.
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 27 22:19:00 2012
Record breaking temps for this date and dewpoints exceeding 70 are going to make it feel very sticky tomorrow here in Wisconsin. I'm going to need to drink lots of water at work and also on the bike.
Charlie L Wed Jun 27 22:09:00 2012
Lots of great conversation today. Love it!! Jenny we need you back soon so take good care and heal quickly. Others, if you own a dog be responsible and ALWAYS control your pet. On the bungee topic, be very careful with these devices. I have seen people with very serious life changing injuries when the bungee unexpectedly breaks. Keep being creative and design the bungee out of the solution. Finally, I enjoy asking irate drivers to repeat themselves because I can't hear them. They cool off a little the second time around. However, it usually spoils my day or at least half the day. Ride on!!
Bruce C. Oestreich Wed Jun 27 21:36:00 2012
NOTE TO SELF;Do NOT eat black beans and rice the night before you plan on an early morning long ride.OK go ahead and laugh at my expense.I was on a 25 mile ride this AM and was wheeling along at a pretty good clip thinking all was right with the world when I go about 2 miles from home and suddenly it hit me like a sucker punch to the gut.I drastically slowed my pace until I was like 3 cranks then coast about 300 feet and repeated this slowly agonizing all the way.Well I wheeled in the driveway skidded to a stop ,dismounted faster than I ever have didnt even take off my helmet ,rushed to the bathroom ...fortunately no one was in there. wow close call.lesson learned AMEN.I even made some more miles later...keep on biking folks!!!!Eat beans America needs gas.
travis montross Wed Jun 27 21:35:00 2012
if 200 lumens is enough for you you can get the apex rechargable headlamp for 120-150$ depending on where you get it. http://www.princetontec.com/
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 21:29:00 2012
So, I should be thankful for being alive!
They own a rotweiler, too. My kids are never going to their house again. They understand, they have seen what happens.
E M Matteson Wed Jun 27 21:23:00 2012
Hi all, out early (6:30) but had to rush my ride due to a dentist appointment. Only saw 3 other riders today. Lost a yellow flashing light that was on the back of my bike. GRR. Will replace it with another one but will have to secure it better.
@ Heather, what a grouch that driver was. She was obviously wrong, and as Leonard already pointed out, it is in fact illegal to ride on the sidewalk in some places. It is obvious that driver education is in order here. The Missouri driver's license test book contains an entire page about bicyclists and their rights. I think the problem is that too many drivers haven't read the manual for years. What we need is an advertising blitz to educate drivers: billboards, TV, internet, whatever it takes. Local bicycling organizations and bicycling business need to team up and educate the public. You handled the situation perfectly.
Since we're talking about annoying drivers, I always wave at the ones who honk. My logic is, if they are honking because they are annoyed with a biker, I'm annoying them right back, and if they are honking because they are friendly, well, I'm just being friendly.
As for the turn signals. Nyla is right the old school was to use your left arm and hold it out straight to go left and bend it up to indicate you are turning right. This signalling does in fact go back to the dinosaur days when cars didn't have turn signals or for use in case your turn signal wasn't working. Also the left arm has the advantage that everyone will see it. You can also use your right arm to indicate you are turning right. If you want to make sure they get the message, point your finger in the direction you are turning.
John Nisbet Wed Jun 27 21:15:00 2012
@david Brock. Please post ur flashlight conversion here or on the web. LOTS of us could use an inexpensive alternative to $250 + commercially sold lights.
Jeanie West Wed Jun 27 20:51:00 2012
@Jenny, I sure hope it isn't too serious and you are back on your bike soon.
Michael Hammond Wed Jun 27 20:45:00 2012
Hey Jenny, haven't checked in here for a while so just went back and read the history of what happened. Hang in there you've got lots of people sending positive energy your way!!!
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 27 20:42:00 2012
I had read a few years ago the breed that bites most often is a dalmatian. While this might still hold true I tried to look that up now and all I found was a table for dog attack fatalities; statistics win out Jenny; you got bit by the number one breed responsible for human bite fatalities (Rottweiler is 2nd). http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/1979-1998-breeds-dogs-involved-in-fatal-human-attacks-us.pdf
Joe Petrowicz Wed Jun 27 20:39:00 2012
I just made platinum yesterday and did 15 more miles today for 60 miles this week so far.
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 20:15:00 2012
I am going crazy sitting here at home with my leg up in the air (got bit by a dog the other day as I was finishing my ride home). I am watching the stats grow, and hope to be back in the saddle as soon as I can!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 20:14:00 2012
I am overwhelmed by the support and well wishes from everyone! Thank you so much! I will keep you all posted, hopefully my shot in the butt will get me back to my bike soon!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 20:09:00 2012
Doing some reading, pitbulls often attack without warning, that is what makes them stand out among breeds and makes them good fighters. I will be carrying around pepper spray from now on, although I had always assumed that my mosquito spray would serve the same purpose, given the situation. However, this dog attacked me without any warning. It is very hard to predict when this type of dog will attack. Best defense is to stay away from them.
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 27 20:03:00 2012
Jason; I learned the right angle/left arm signal when I first learned to drive (in the dim distant reaches of dusty antiquity, when dinosaurs roamed the earth)l so it has always beens my ":default setting' for a right turn...but most folks now tend to think I'm only waving at them, so I'm trying to remember to just extend my right arm. I suppose the original arm signals were for early vehicle travel when cars didn't have turn signals, and the left arm was the only one that could easily extend outside of the car...
Steve Brengosz Wed Jun 27 19:44:00 2012
I used to get worked up with drivers I'd yell, f bombs, the bird. Now I just smile and blow them a kiss. Life is too short.
They always seem to be in a big hurry to get past you, yet always had time to slow down or actually stop to confront you. WTF?
Justin Uriah Wed Jun 27 18:26:00 2012
2nd broken spoke in 4 weeks.....ugh. $20 a pop at the local bike repair shop is starting to add up. May be time for some new wheels.
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 27 18:25:00 2012
The benefits of cycling as if you weren't already sold on it:


Gregg Warning Wed Jun 27 18:23:00 2012
It's perfectly acceptable to extend either your right or left arm in the direction you are going. Many motorists don't seem to understand the left arm at a 90 degree angle signal, so I don't do that.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed Jun 27 18:18:00 2012
Jenny - It is great to see all of the support and well wishes from your fellow riders. You got a lot of folks thinking and preparing for this. Hopefully all is better real soon and it will be a good day to hear when you are back in the saddle.
Jason Yach Wed Jun 27 18:16:00 2012
I have a question. What do most people use for the right hand turn signal? I use the left arm at a 90 degree angle signal and most drivers seem to be confused by it.
Wed Jun 27 18:11:00 2012
Keep the good news rolling in. Great work team. We know its getting hot out there in many places, stay hydrated, keep cool and ride on!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 18:07:00 2012
Got a shot of Rocephin in my butt, now will see what happens in the next day or so.
Steven Lindemann Wed Jun 27 18:07:00 2012
I apologize for the delay, I'm always a day or two behind reading the comments due to work, life, etc. Really sorry to hear about Jenny's attack!! I'm a huge dog lover, have two of my own, but it sure seems like Pit Bulls have an inordinate amount of attacks compared to other breeds. I know I'll tick off some people, but that's been my experience and I have 29 years in Law Enforcement. Especilally when it comes to the severity of the wound/s!! i don't have any easy solution, but pepper spray is a pretty good deterent, if you can deploy it in time!!!!!! Hope you heal quickly!!!!!!!
David Brock Wed Jun 27 17:21:00 2012
@Nyla: in the figure-it-out department of making do: for night commuting, I really wanted a great headlight, but didn't want to pay the $500 or so for one of the super lighting systems. I home-brewed a super high-powered LED headlight: ordered the LED and electrical components, mounted them using a copper pipe fitting inside an aluminum flashlight housing. Came in at less than $100!
Burklee Green Wed Jun 27 16:47:00 2012
With the NBC almost 1/2 over, approximately 3/4 of registered riders have gotten us over 3/5 of the way to our goal. This report courtesy of the Division of Numbers. We now return you to your daily ride.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 27 15:52:00 2012
Nyla, I'm pleased to hear that even bugees with a higher sense of adventure are seeking you out. You'll do them proud.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 27 15:40:00 2012
Travis, fit and feel should be primary - but you gotta love how it looks. I love the Fuji and I'm happy to find a fellow compatriot. And yeah, you're right; you can't edit your comments, but you can delete your own and have a re-do.
Ron Friedel Wed Jun 27 15:25:00 2012
I rode with a friend on 2 x-country trips and ran into lots of dogs. Worst were in Mississippi. Two ambbushed me from in front. Used Halt for the first time. The "stealth" dogs are bad. You are riding along and all of a sudden you hear the clicking of paws on the pavement. Your speed clicks in. I remember once a bunch of dogs were running along a fence paralleling the road. We said, "good dogs." Then we found out that there was no side fence. My partner dropped her Halt. After a while I went back and picked it up. Early on, back about 1980, I was pulling my kid in a trailer up a hill at the end of a 70 mile day. Saw a dog in a garage that had a screened garage door. Thought, "how nice." Then the dog came out through the trap door. Again, got fast quick. Never have been bitten in 38 years of adult cycling and maybe 240,000 mniles. Knock on wood; slower now.
Ray Swanson Wed Jun 27 14:48:00 2012
I really haven't had any issues with aggressive drivers, just the occasional morons that like to make stupid comments. Almost every time I pass a police officer when I'm on the road, I get a friendly wave, makes me feel like they'll be on my side in a fight with a crazed road rager.
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 27 14:47:00 2012
Burklee, I applaud your adaptability motto and appreciate your milk-crate hose-clamp strategy for permanency and heavy cargo. Hose clamps are also on my list of favorite items for secure, versatile connections..I keep a box of different sizes in the house, a zip-locked assortment in the car, and ideally at least a couple with my bike tools. I relish the challenge of coming up with inexpensive practical alternatives for much pricier gear.(-: I wonder what other strategies and inventions creative “shoestring” cyclists have utilized in the bungee, hose-clamp, duct-tape and determination- to figure-it-out department.......?
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Wed Jun 27 14:08:00 2012
@Heather Carry a boat horn and tune her out next time. Sux that people can be so bitter to others.
Oddly, if I travel in my hood, many are unhappy with a bike on there path of motion. Closer to the universitys and downtown, people give us the right of way. Would be nice if education and awareness of cyclist could be a part of earning a driver's license.
Christine Salvatore Wed Jun 27 13:52:00 2012
You're very smart to get to the doctor! My MIL almost lost the use of her right hand after her own cat attacked her. She just washed it and put an antibiotic ointment on it. Three days later, she had to have surgery to clean it out. MD said if she'd waited much longer, she might have lost the hand or...died. Yikes!
travis montross Wed Jun 27 13:42:00 2012
wish you could edit your own post but @brad i might get the 2.0 its about the same price as the team replica. the team replica looks cooler i like the green on it.
travis montross Wed Jun 27 13:29:00 2012
@ Brad (LPK) thanks ill prob get the altamira whether i get the team replica or the 3.0 depends on what i can find in my size lol
Burklee Green Wed Jun 27 12:54:00 2012
@Cynthia - If you've got a milk crate lying around unused, you can attach that to your rack. I attached mine with 4 hose clamps. The hose clamps are extremely secure. Small ones cost around a dollar each. I clamped one crate on top of my bike rack, but I suspect there may be a way to attach a crate to each side with the clamps, provided it gives you enough heel room. I found the clamps to be far more secure than bungees for this application. When our van wasn't running, I attached one crate to my rack with clamps, then clamped a second crate to the first crate, and was able to haul off the recycling in fewer trips. I just carried empty plastic containers in the second crate, because it wasn't attached to the rack, but the hose clamps held firm. Adapt, improvise, and overcome!!!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 27 12:43:00 2012
THANKS again for the awesome support! I thought things were going well yesterday, seemed like it was better as the day went on. However, today it is more swollen again and much more painful. Will be hobbling to the doctor this afternoon. I am fearing that there is infection breeding. I have been taking antibiotics.
Andy Nowak Wed Jun 27 12:17:00 2012
I am doing more road riding and had a couple encounters with dogs. None got close enough to bike, but it sure gets the heart pounding. Some are more bark than bite. I just never know which one it is going to be. I will be getting some pepper spray.
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 27 12:14:00 2012
Cynthia: there are all sorts of splendid panniers available, some conveniently “grocery sack” sized and made to easily lift off for use while shopping. Definitely appealing when affordable, but as a particularly parsimonious pedaler I enjoy bungees also..they work extremely well with some creativity…(versatile as duct tape…thought the watermelon was a significant challenge (-;). Recently I’ve been riding with a simple, open cardboard box about the same length and slighter wider than my rack, bungeed securely for holding groceries and such. It provides more stable transport than the basic bungee-bag-rack combo ...I’ll be checking thrift shops and yard sales for a similarly sized wicker basket. As a bonus, most of the bungees have been rescued from the roadside, having clearly abandoned their previous posts in search of greater adventure (- ;) I often turn a regular reusable grocery bag into an impromptu backpack. (My standard approach for transporting unwieldy impulse purchases from Trader Joe’s (-;) Neither attractive nor aerodynamic, but functional, cheap, lightweight and readily available. (-: Stay hydrated and Enjoy the Ride!
Hello Daly Wed Jun 27 12:13:00 2012
@Heather, I'm sorry to hear of your experience and yes, I think community education on bicycle laws is one of the keys to our safety out on the roads. Where I live (population less than 450,000), I'd say the majority of the drivers are courteous of bicyclists maybe out of empathy because they probably ride or run on the roads or know someone who does. I try to spread my love of cycling because the more people who are out there on two wheels - the better!!
Leonard Wright Wed Jun 27 11:35:00 2012
@ Heather, Sad to hear about your experience with the driver of the car. Unfortunately many of us have had similar experiences, you did a very good job handling it. (Side note: In many areas it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk, at least around here.) We need to have some type of MAJOR driver's education program relating to the rights of others on the roads - i.e., cyclists!!!
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 27 11:06:00 2012
Jenny: I’m so sorry to hear about your encounter with dangerous dog and clueless, irresponsible owner. I hope the pain and swelling is much less today. I’ve been bitten only once in many years of riding… small bite but dangerous situation with young litter of dogs running loose, chasing in a group down quiet country road…(homeowner’s adult son was raising them) Homeowner very apologetic, but I was concerned that it could easily have been a child riding by. Called the county, and dogs were impounded for two weeks, to make sure none had rabies. Can’t remember the fine involved, but owner was responsible for cost of their care, had to put up fencing before they were returned. Can’t understand why your attacking canine was still able to be out biting after previous attacks. May you be up and riding safely again soon. I will be carrying my pepper spray in the future.
David Brock Wed Jun 27 10:46:00 2012
Hey everybody on the National comment board: Today is Bike-to-Work Day here in the Denver region. (We schedule it later in the year here than the regular "national" one to ensure we're out of the snow.) So, I'm wondering if the Colorado stats will spike today. However, we're in the midst of record heat (all time high temps, and consecutive 100+ day records in Denver), and lots of bad fires all over the state, so I'm guessing we'll have a lower turnout than usual...
David Brock Wed Jun 27 10:42:00 2012
@Heather: yes, very unfortunate. I don't know where you live, but here in Colorado, I believe there is a hotline phone number specifically for reporting aggressive drivers. I don't know what exactly happens when you use it --- but who knows, even getting a phone call from the State Patrol *might* at least set her straight a little...
Christine Salvatore Wed Jun 27 10:12:00 2012
Jenny, may you heal quickly, completely and well! I've been bitten 3 times by dogs that "never bit anyone else before". The first time, I don't remember: I was a child in a stroller. The second time, I was riding my bike to work (before I got my driver's license) and a yappy dog ran out of its yard and attached itself to my right forearm. The third time it was my fiance's family dog. I was just standing there in the garden and it roared up to me and tore a gash in my leg that required umpty-bazillion stitches to close. It seems dogs dislike me in a big way. I give them very wide berth whenever I am able. On a trail, that's not always possible! I get very upset when owners have their dogs off-leash. I had one guy tell me "Oh, he's fine! He wouldn't hurt a flea! Plus he is very obedient." Yeah, right. I refused to ride past till he put the dog back on the leash. He called me a nasty name as I rode by. I shrugged and said, "You never, ever know what your dog will do in any given situation!"
Burklee Green Wed Jun 27 10:05:00 2012
@John - Thanks for the update. It's good to know my options, and what to expect from them. I appreciate the info. Glad you're feeling better.
@Heather - How rude of that woman. Way to keep your head. I suspect it may have been that she was late, and as we all know, poor planning on her part should definitely have been treated as an emergency on your part. *eye roll*
@E M - I think you are absolutely right about our messing up the planet. I really think we've all got to stop being so nearsighted and short term oriented. We all have to do whatever we can, however small, to reduce the damage. Biking to get to work or run errands is one ot those small things. Just like rain drops that make up floods (sorry Florida), little things add up, both to damage and to restore. Now, if we could just get Congress around to think like that...
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 27 09:01:00 2012
Travis, I have had the Altamara 2.0 since last fall and I'm still glad I chose it. I also rode the 3.0 and it's awfully close for less $. I chose the 2.0 for the Ultgra shifting, carbon/alum aero wheels and some component upgrades over the 3.0 - but I could easily live with the 3 without feeling shortchanged at all. I would call it a great value. Incidentally, I like the flat finishes they came out with this year, but I love last years gloss over carbon even more - it really shows off the distinct swirling patterns of the unidirectional carbon. If you get a chance, see if there are any last year models to look at, if so you might even get a good discount. Sorry, I am not familiar with the SST.
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 27 08:38:00 2012
@Burkley I havent changed pedals yet either.
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 27 08:30:00 2012
@Burkley I havent had any major pain from neuroma since injection. It is smaller as I can actually feel it moving now. Might need one more injection as Doctor also said. It only hurt real bad for about 36 hours after the injection.
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Jun 27 08:13:00 2012
Another beautiful morning commute! My friend joined me today, she is on a mission to lose weight. She has 2 more miles to commute than I do. I encouraged her to join the NBC. I am getting very good a bunjeeing (sp) groceries on my bike, although its a little awkward. Think I need to invest in a pannier or some type of bag that is made for shopping and that will easily attach to my rack. Have a wonderful day out there everyone and happy commuting!!
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Jun 27 08:12:00 2012
@Heather, what a horrible experience. Its so frustrating that there is such a lack of respect.
Paul Bickler Wed Jun 27 08:11:00 2012
Sorry to hear abou the bite. Hang in there. Good thing you went to the ER also. I was bitten for the first time in my life in April of 2011 while running. It was a wiemaraner on a leash no less that the owner wasn't controlling. I was going one way and they were going the other and as I passed the dog leapt up from behind and caught me on my upper left thigh. Two awesome puncture wounds and a huge scrape and a fantastic looking bruise later on. These are dogs that bite too and they had a small child. The mom was more concerned about my swearing in front of her child then the fact their dog bit me!!! I really haven't been the same around dogs since. Way less trust now.
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 27 08:05:00 2012
@Heather Yes I agree and the biggest and first rule is that a car is a priveledge to drive a car and not a right. I am not that old and that is what I was taught. Wish I knew what happened to that rule. I have at least one encounter a month like that here. Sad when it happens with a grown up driving and a teen sitting in the passenger seat.
Heather April Wed Jun 27 07:14:00 2012
I had trouble in traffic yesterday afternoon. A woman tried to aggressively pass me on the left in a major intersection when there was no room. I would have been hit or knocked over so I put my arm out like I was turning to secure my space and that pi**ed her off. She barrelled up on me and revved until the next light where she started yelling at me "Get your bike on the sidewalk where it belongs" and "You shouldn't drive in the road if you can't go as fast as a car." The intersections were a block apart. I was not going majorly slow-just following the flow of traffic. I thought she was going to get out and hit me. With things like this happening, it's frustrating. It sure would be a deterrant to a new rider. What if this happened to a rider on thier first or second day out? I can understand why so many people fall into the "interested, but concerned" category as the League of Bicycilsts calls it. Our communities need some real education on the rules of the road.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 27 06:01:00 2012
Ironic, isn't it? She's crying because she can't stop being a dumbass.
Martin Malin Wed Jun 27 02:35:00 2012
@Travis-I would buy the Fuji.
travis montross Wed Jun 27 01:15:00 2012
I cant decide on a road bike im stuck between a fuji altamira team replica, or a fuji SST 3.0 or a fuji altamira 3.0. Any suggestions?
Ray Swanson Wed Jun 27 00:15:00 2012
If my bike had doors, they would have been blown off earlier. I was riding down a trail when two bikes suddenly appeared in my mirror. There was no courtesy "on your left," (not that I heard at least) they were just there, then beside me, then past me and gone as fast as they appeared. I don't know how fast they were moving, but I was doing 16.5mph at the time and they passed me like I was standing still. The rider in the back had her front tire about an inch from her partner's rear tire. While it was impressive to see them fly by, it was also a little insane. There were 5 or 6 other people in front of me they had to pass too, one of which was weaving all over the trail. The woman in back was on a road bike, couldn't tell what the man in front of her was riding, but his tires were pretty wide. Usually when someone passes me, I try to keep them in sight, but there was no way I was going to keep up with those two. I was at close to 38 miles into a 50 mile run, that's my excuse for not trying :D
Ken Heffron Tue Jun 26 23:45:00 2012
No dogs on my normal route, but the divebombing blackbirds are out in force and seemingly meaner than ever. Luckily the bird rage was offset a moment later by a four point in velvet munching peacefully next to the ditch.
Erik Fuehrer Tue Jun 26 22:10:00 2012
Jenny, sorry to hear about the dog bite. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and you're back on your bike in no time.
If the people who owned the dog also own a house, they likely have homeowners insurance as a requirement of their mortgage. If they are renters, they may have renters insurance, but that is more rare. Take a look at Wisconsin Statute 174.02 and call a good lawyer if these people do not want to make good on the harm they have caused.
Wally Olson Tue Jun 26 22:10:00 2012
I have to agree with Steve. I've dealt with countless dogs/owners on EMS and fire calls. The dog's behavior always reflects the owners attitude. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Steve Brengosz Tue Jun 26 21:47:00 2012
I've found most dog problems are generally really owner problems.
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 26 21:10:00 2012
We sure could use some rain in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. Everywhere else in the state they get rain and even floods asnd we get nothing. It is so dry and crops are not doing well here.
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 26 21:10:00 2012
LOL Gregg!
Yep, I believe that 3 strikes against the dog is the rule here, too. I don't believe that the owner is very happy right now. She actually went hysteric after the incident. Imagine me sitting in her driveway bleeding, and she is crying because her dog is going to be destroyed.
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 26 21:08:00 2012
Sometimes bears are less of a threat than dogs. :)
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 26 21:01:00 2012
Dog bites are the biggest cause of injury to UPS drivers and cost the company millions of dollars. These incidents are reported to authoirties and a report is made. After a dog has bitten people 3 times, the authorities will come with a warrant to the owner to take the dog into custody to be put to sleep.
Martin Malin Tue Jun 26 20:34:00 2012
@Jenny-Sometimes, dog owners are irresponsible. I love dogs, but that dog shouldbe put down.
I have a runner friend who was training during the winter in Iowa, maybe about 8 years ago now, and two rotweilers attacked her. As they were dragging her along the road, with her in the fetal position, a man in a pick-up saw the two dogs, at first thought they were dragging a bag of trash, (she was wearing a solid blue running suit), but when he realized it was a person, fended off the dogs and carried her into the cab of the pick-up. As he was lifting her in, the dogs almost attacked him. My friend needed over 100 stitches and several weeks in the hospital, plus several follow-up visits.
The dog owner agreed to put down one dog, but refused the judge's ruling on the second dog, claiming that how can they prove it was his dogs that attacked her.
Steve Brengosz Tue Jun 26 20:33:00 2012
Jenny bummer! I've never had trouble in the city with dogs except for leashes across the MUP. Don't know if I'd use this on the dog or the owner!


travis montross Tue Jun 26 20:30:00 2012
commute to work was windy. i had a strong headwind for the whole 12 mile trip. it only took me about 15 mins longer than usual.
E M Matteson Tue Jun 26 19:45:00 2012
HI all, out a little later this morning but didn't notice much difference in the traffic. I'm getting better at taking the lane to make left turns and when getting out of the right turn lane completely in some spots. Sure don't want to get hit by someone going around me to make a turn. Saw 18 other riders today. Lotsa joggers and dog walkers saying "Hi". Temps. still cool enough today, but the next couple of days we are supposed to hit 100, so I'll try to ride early.
Sorry to hear about all the bad weather around the country. Wish some of that Florida & NW coast rain could fall in Colorado, etc. to put out those terrible fires. I'm convinced we've messed up the planet and it needs all the help we can give it, so KEEP RIDING EVERYONE!!
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 26 19:38:00 2012
Thanks everyone for the support!
I was just getting back on my bike and didn't even realize that the dog was making an aggressive move towards me. I could not have been fast enough to have grabbed pepper spray. At least if it had given me some warning, I could have defended myself.
This was reported to the police, and the owners will be held responsible. However, I highly doubt that they have any insurance. This was the dog's third offense (yes, THIRD). And, these people have KIDS! Can you believe that they actually have a dog in their home with young kids that has bitten 2 times before this? The police had commented last night that they may have to call child protective services.
Still a lot of swelling today, but not as painful as yesterday, and I am going to try to manage without crutches now.
I was hoping to ride this weekend in the Gear Up Green Lake ride, but now not sure if I will be able to. Will see what happens in the next few days.
Jerry J Tue Jun 26 19:29:00 2012
Jenny, best wishes on a speedy recovery.
Jerry J Tue Jun 26 19:25:00 2012
@Bill Miller . You may want to look around at other bike shops. Do you need a whole new wheel? I had the hubs replaced last year on my bike. The shop reused the rims and I think the spokes too. As I remember the hubs were cheap.
Jerry J Tue Jun 26 19:06:00 2012
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

No headache today, but I changed a few things.

Rested under a tree halfway home and drank a gatorade. (Regular - I don't like the artificial sweetners)

Went a little slower, not much, just a little

I noticed even with sunglasses I do squint some for various reasons. I tried to keep my eyes fully open more.

I like the idea of trying one thing at a time to try to issolate the problem more.

Cam Reece Tue Jun 26 19:00:00 2012
Jenny - I carry pepper spray for those dogs with attitudes and it works wonders.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 26 18:10:00 2012
Hope everyone if Florida is faring OK with all the rain. Just a reminder, I don't think you get 20 points for the backstroke... Good luck in riding it out.
john henry schweitzer Tue Jun 26 17:48:00 2012
Wish I could send some of the rain to Colorado.Tropical Storm Debby has cut into my miles,here in Naples Fla.Just starting to clear this afternoon.We had a good four days of rain here.
Hello Daly Tue Jun 26 16:37:00 2012
Rode a few miles during lunch -- it is BEAUTIFUL out today!!!
Martin Malin Tue Jun 26 16:36:00 2012
@Jenny - Sorry to hear that. Get well soon, and report the dog and owner to the police.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 26 16:09:00 2012
Get well soon Jenny!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 26 15:45:00 2012
Jenny - this is a major bummer to hear this. You have been a big contributor to the Challenge, thanks for your positive and encouraging comments. I hope that you fully recover and can be back on the road soon.
cheryl zadrazil Tue Jun 26 15:30:00 2012
Jenny, so sorry this happened to you. I hope the damage is minimal. Keep the faith and let us know how your doing.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Tue Jun 26 15:28:00 2012
Jenny - So sorry to hear, I hope that the wound isn't too bad. And I absolutely hope the owner is being held responsible for not having thier dog on a leash and under control. I have been chased a couple of times and have given thought to having some pepper spray within reach, but I haven't done that yet.
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 26 14:43:00 2012
My biking season is on hold. Got bit by a dog and now I can't even walk on my leg. Went to er and got bandaged up. Don't know yet what damage was done. It was a pit bull so I guess I should feel fortunate that he didn't rip my ankle off of me.
Charlie L Tue Jun 26 13:38:00 2012
Brice Prairie time trials this Saturday, Sunday is the Y 30 mile race. Come and join us in SW Wisconsin. It is going to be fun!! http://www.briceprairiebikerace.org/
ric dudley Tue Jun 26 13:27:00 2012
Lanny, Send some of that Puget weather to Colorado. We have been in the 100's for a week now and with this High Park fire at 83,000 acres and not even 50% contained the smoke is keeping us from commuting to work let alone training to race. Send us rain.
TDF on deck.. Wiggo, Evans, Gesink, hum I think the sprints are going to be the most exciting with Cav and Sagan. Safe ridin all.
Michael Russo Tue Jun 26 13:02:00 2012
Well, ALRIGHT! Glad Rhode Island's Woonasquatucket River Watershed bike folks provided a link to this challenge. Count me in to try to put those 10M miles SAFELY in our third-eyes.. "Let's be CAREFUL out there...," said the guy who, last month, wasn't quite as careful as he knows he needs to be...
Tue Jun 26 13:00:00 2012
The National Bike Challenge set a new daily mileage record with 233,965 miles entered the past 24 hours. Keep up the great work everyone. As we approach the halfway mark with 2 months remaining, remember to enjoy each day and ride safely.
Lanny Moore Tue Jun 26 12:08:00 2012
FYI for those of you who have edured with the heat this month. Up here in the Puget Sound region (Wa) we have had 5 days with temps above 70 and not in a row mind you. Six and Seven are to come tomorrow and Friday (fingers crossed). Also, we have had 2" of rain this month. Looking forward to putting up my winter/early spring clothing for the next two months and not cleaning the gunk off my bike every two days from riding in damp conditions. Keep Pedalin'!
Janine Hegeman Tue Jun 26 10:00:00 2012
@ Mike - Thanks for the heads up on the bike stamps. I'm out of stamps and going to the post office today,so I'll get some.
Janine Hegeman Tue Jun 26 09:57:00 2012
@Jerry - Maybe you've already done this or the headaches only come on in the heat, but have you had a bike fit done? I got one,and got rid of my old ill-fitting bike. I was able to buy a used custom-fit bike from a lady who has almost the same measuerments as me. Headaches and other problems are gone.
Jeanie West Tue Jun 26 09:54:00 2012
If TS Debbie doesn't leave pretty soon, I am going to put my bike in the car and just start driving north until I find some sunshine!
Chris Olsen Tue Jun 26 09:36:00 2012
Hi Ben,

Do you need a wheel set or just 1 wheel? If you only need 1 wheel, you may be able to have your shop build you one (I really haven't priced road gear in a while) for that cost. If not, you could buy a machine built wheel or wheel set and pay to have the wheel trued/spokes tightened and stress relieved. It shouldn't cost much and will make your wheel much better as a result.

Burklee Green Tue Jun 26 09:32:00 2012
@Jerry J - I have a suggestion that might help you pin down which of the suggestions is your problem. You'll have to allow yourself a headache or two, though. After one ride, simply drink water. If dehydration is your problem, that will solve it and the headache will be gone. If not, try Kool-Aid or some other sugary drink (not caffeinated), which will help if low blood sugar is your issue. If those don't do it, try a G2 or Powerade Zero, which have electrolytes, but no carbs. Try them on successive days to help you figure out which is the problem. It's not foolproof, but could work. I'd guess an electrolyte imbalance; specifically sodium. I rode my bike to an early doctor appointment a few months ago, then home. I drank probably three or four 20 oz. bottles of water. They checked my blood and urine. Later that day, we went to the park for a very long walk. All day I had a headache - not bad, but annoying. I was drinking plenty. The next day, my doctor's nurse called with test results, and she said my sodium was way low. She recommended G2 or Powerade Zero, since I'm diabetic. I don't have the headache since I stopped drinking just water on rides. Not sure that's what's up with you, but that's my two cents.
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jun 26 09:05:00 2012
I wish TS Debbie would get on about her business so I can get out and do some riding.
Charlie L Tue Jun 26 09:00:01 2012
That is a good one Laurie. There must be another saying that covers the three wheel trike?
Allen Burnett Tue Jun 26 08:55:00 2012
@Mike, I saw those. The commuter one is weird because she has front and rear panniers. She must have a hardcore commute :) also if you have it check out the heel strike on her rear panniers. That said I think those are cool stamps and I plan on getting a sheet for display
Laurie Bries Tue Jun 26 08:52:00 2012
Why wouldn't the bicycle stand up? Because it was two tired. :-)
Mike Grote Tue Jun 26 08:29:00 2012
Not relevant to any discussion thread, but I just noticed that the U.S. Post Office came out with Cycling Stamps. I know some of you must be as crazy about cycling as me, so you might want to stock up. They are forever stamps, so I got enough to last a while.
Michael Neidhardt Tue Jun 26 08:16:00 2012
@Jerry- It's more than likely your blood sugar levels causing your lightheartedness. After all, the only source of energy for your brain is...glucose. Careful not to drink too much water. This can dilute the sodium concentration in your system and cause hyponatremia. I doubt it's your electrolyte levels. You lose very little electrolytes through sweating and researchers have found that the concentration of electrolytes is actually greater in your body after a marathon.
Heather April Tue Jun 26 07:10:00 2012
@Jerry, I do think your having sodium and electrolyte issues. It's not hydration in general if your drinking that much water. If you don't want to drink gatorade, you can get tablets and gels to use along your ride as well. You can get that gatorade in a powder and mix it into one of your drinks (the towards the end bottle) and see if that helps while your still on the bike. Some of the more experienced riders will give thier advice too. Good Luck!
Jaime Richard Ogas Tue Jun 26 00:17:00 2012
Took the day off and rode to Nenno, West Bend, and Cedarburg. Logged 114.83 miles today.
George Fountotos Mon Jun 25 23:52:00 2012
I have to deal with 100*+ temps daily here in AZ/ I fill my Camelback with ice and water. I wear a "cool" bandana and also have a small ice pack under my helmet. I also take 2 bottled waters that I freezed the night before. That water starts thawing within minutes and I use it to pour on my head thru the helmet vents.
E M Matteson Mon Jun 25 23:31:00 2012
In that case it sounds like the heat is the guilty party. Jerry B's suggestions are likely to help.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Jun 25 22:51:00 2012
One way I deal with the heat we are having is to mix half my drinks the night before and freeze them. Before I leave I add the rest of my drink to my water bottles. It helps keep the water cooler longer than ice cubes.
Jerry Bengtson Mon Jun 25 22:45:00 2012
Jerry. Along with your water make sure you are putting electrolytes in your water. There are several options out there for your electrolytes. From pills you take to powder or tablets you put in your water. The hotter it is the more electrolytes you need.
Jerry J Mon Jun 25 22:35:00 2012
I do wear sunglasses amd have a small visor on my helmet. I good part of my afternoon ride is in shade too, so sun might not be the problem.
E M Matteson Mon Jun 25 22:33:00 2012
Jerry, bright sunlight can also add to the headache effect. Stop and get out of the sun once in a while if you can. Also wearing sunglasses and a helmet visor can help. Light colored clothing (especially on your back) will help keep you cooler.
Jerry J Mon Jun 25 22:29:00 2012
Thanks Gregg. Gave up soda years ago. I drink at least 100oz of water a day, including 20oz on the way home (17+ miles - 1hr 20min avg) I have been getting headaches near the end. Drinking gatorade when I get home clears them up. I am not sure if its the liquid or the sugar in the gatorade that fixes me up.
E M Matteson Mon Jun 25 22:25:00 2012
YO Betsy, welcome to the platinum club. You rock!!
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 25 22:20:00 2012
Headaches are often a sign of dehydration. Make sure you are drinking at least a bottle of water every hour while riding on long distances and also need something to eat for energy. Soda is a bad thing to drink because it draws water out of the body and will increase your risk of dehydration.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 25 22:05:00 2012
Suppose to get hot and humid in Wisconsin too this week. I drink about 64 oz of water in a 4 hour shift unloading packages from UPS trailers. We have an ice machine and I fill my water jug with ice every day, The trailers are coated to prevent interior heat, but they are still a sweat box inside and it gets really awful. I work early mornings and not as bad as the night shift after the heat of the day has built up inside the trailers.
Jerry J Mon Jun 25 21:50:00 2012
What causes the slight headaches I get on long rides? Lack of water? Loss of blood sugar?
Any sugestions for combating them?
Jason R Mon Jun 25 21:34:00 2012
Thursdays and Fridays are the *best* days to ride. Because I get to stop at the Old Sugar Mill for a tasty beverage on my way home.
Laurie Bries Mon Jun 25 21:02:00 2012
Been biking for 6 weeks now. 158 miles. Finally can sprint up some small hills. Feels good to get back into shape. Now, when I can make it up the Waldo Hill without walking, I will have really accomplished something. Is anyone else noticing more endurance, etc?
Robert Allard Mon Jun 25 20:42:00 2012
Been doing lots of walking since my bike was in the shop ,now will do my best to get those KM going one more big week of work and then cycle time.
Brian J Colon Mon Jun 25 19:52:00 2012
I think we ought to put in a petition that anyone who rides Thursday gets tripple points. 102! Yikes!
H. Joan Davies Mon Jun 25 19:51:00 2012
Came up on a walker today while riding on the outside of town. He was wearing a long shirt, long pants, carrying a big bag. He sat down in the shade of the stop sign. He looked about 19-20 years old. He was shaking. Gave him one of my water bottles 'cause he had none and called the local police to help him. It was 102-degrees. He was walking from Casper to Gillette. STAY HYDRATED everyone.
Nyla Greenberg Mon Jun 25 18:45:00 2012
If I remember correctly, our total for last year's challenge from May 16 through Sept. 30 was just over 1.2 million miles. We'll reach that in less than half the time this year. (As well as having more than 20% of ALL the miles logged for the entire Challenge ! )CONGRATULATIONS AND ROLL ON, WISCONSIN!
Rowan Norman Mon Jun 25 18:09:00 2012
I'm only able to log so many miles because of my job: a bicycling oriented day camp based in the Milwaukee area, called Bike Kids Wisconsin. the web site is here: www.bikekidswi.com
Phillip Weesner Mon Jun 25 17:26:00 2012
Wow it was HOT today. 100+ here in Texas. It was so hot my iPhone overheated twice while in its case on my ride and lost some data. I filled it back in though. Hope yall's weather is nicer where you are and you are staying cool. Keep pedaling!
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 25 17:06:00 2012
Wisconsin is already over a million miles before the end of June. Amazing! Last year it took us until the end of August.
Burklee Green Mon Jun 25 16:56:00 2012
@Betsy - You rock, Miz Betsy!!! I look forward to being Platinum by Saturday - Friday if I roust myself out of bed early a couple mornings this week. GO!!!
Betsy Mathews Mon Jun 25 16:47:00 2012
Whoot! Whoot! Today I are platinum! Not bad for a little old lady who only rides her bike to work - 3 miles each way- to church, also 3 miles ( this sounds like a used car pitch) and modest recreational rides on the weekend. Its not so very much riding to be sure-but its an everyday thing for me so the miles and points keep adding up.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 25 16:34:00 2012
I found out there is a triathlon on Clear Lake near Minocqua on Saturday, August 11 in the State Forest there. I won't be able to do it this year, because I am signed up for the Oshkosh Triathlon the weekend before, but I'm going to plan my vacation around it next year. I checked out the campground on Clear Lake and looks really nice with hot shower facilities. There are a couple of sites that I really like that have lake frontage on a hill with a gorgeous view of the lake and beach below and there is a path from the camp site that goes down the hill to the beach. The earliest you can reserve is 11 months ahead, so in September, I am going to try and reserve one of these. But the triathlon is not held at the state park beach, but across the lake at another park and beach on J. These are the distances:
Sprint •Swim: 500m
•Bike: 20km (12.4 miles)
•Run: 5km (3.1 miles)

Olympic •Swim: 1500m (.93 miles)
•Bike: 40km (24.8 miles)
•Run 10km (6.2 miles)
The bike and run courses are really wooded on back roads and hiking trails in the forest..
Burklee Green Mon Jun 25 16:22:00 2012
@Karen & Ronald - Thinking of Debbie blowing through your area... hearing the music played for the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz"... Dunnanananana, dunnanananana. Of course, I often hear that while I'm pedaling... not sure what that says about me.
Karen Loewen Mon Jun 25 15:45:00 2012
Amen Ronald...I wish she would blow on by! Don't expect to log much this week. I
Burklee Green Mon Jun 25 12:57:00 2012
@Troy & @EM - Thanks. The ride to Cortland was nice. I wouldn't do it in that heat again, but on a day when it's in the 70's or low 80's, that would be a really terrific ride. I just read in the Great Plains Trails Network newsletter that the connection from Cortland to Pickrell is almost done, so you will be able to get all the way to Beatrice on the trail. I probably could never do that one, but it will be nice for those who can. I wouldn't want to try riding Hwy. 77 at all with all the truck traffic. So, if I can do 45 and a half miles on the trail, maybe I can do 25 on the highway (with serious, nasty hills) in the Cornhusker State Games.
Christine Salvatore Mon Jun 25 12:48:00 2012
What a great ride this morning! I'd love it if the weather were like this all year round! Who am I kidding? I lived in AZ where it almost never rains - to the point where we'd stand there like a bunch of fools watching it rain when it did - and I really missed the changing weather! Still it was a great morning for a ride!
Ronald Williams Mon Jun 25 12:33:00 2012
TS DEBBIE keeping the riding in FL to a minimum ...PLS move on DEBBIE 10 inches of rain,High winds and Tornado warnings ...enough of it already !!!!
E M Matteson Mon Jun 25 12:18:00 2012
Hi all, rode this morning. Keep tweaking my ride a little to keep it interesting. Saw about 10 other riders.
@ you people in California, please tell Senator Boxer to keep the funding for local control over safe biking and walking projects.
@ Burklee, man I am so proud of you. Way to go!! Now I need to add Cortland to my list of places to ride when I get to Lincoln!
Bill Miller Mon Jun 25 12:16:00 2012
My bike mechanic says my rear wheel is going to need to be replaced. Does anyone have recommendations of wheel sets for under $200. This is for my road bike, which I ride on weekends. I'm a tad under 200# and 6'. Thanks
David J Clifton Mon Jun 25 12:12:00 2012
Is anyone else thinking about doing this ride through the fingerlakes region of NY? Please help in reaching my goal, thank you for all you rhelp in advance. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/davidjclifton/red-ribbon-bike-ride
Ray Swanson Mon Jun 25 11:23:00 2012
I was happy to have that 100oz Camelbak while I was out for a 50 mile ride yesterday afternoon. Even though I opted for the black pack, after close to 4 hours in the sun and 85+ temps (plus my body heat), the water was still cold when I got back home. Anyone have an insulated drinking tube? Does it actually help any?
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jun 25 10:42:00 2012
I biked around Iowa City and Cedar Rapids this week. Especially enjoyed the trail from Ely to Cedar Rapids. Both cities were fun to bike around. I saw a lot of cyclists out and wondered if they were in the NBC. Anyone from either of those areas?
Troy Stentz Mon Jun 25 10:33:00 2012
@Burklee-Good ride! I haven't been brave enough to attempt the trip to Cortland and back, yet, but I really like the Jamaica/Homestead trails. It WAS a hot one yesterday. Good thing you beat the heat with a "fill up" at the turnaround point.
Mike Zerr Mon Jun 25 10:25:00 2012
We should hit our first 100 degree day of the year this week. If I had to choose between 40 degrees and 100 degrees I'd take 100.
Burklee Green Mon Jun 25 09:32:00 2012
I rode down to Cortland on the Jamaica North and Homestead trails yesterday. It's 45.65 miles roundtrip from my house. Much of the Jamaica North trail parallels and runs through Wilderness Park, which makes for a nicely scenic, shady ride. I had no idea when I left at about 8 a.m. that there would be a heat advisory for our area. I brought plenty of Powerade and a pear. At the Sinclair station in Cortland I bought two 32 oz. Gatorades. I drank one and ate my pear, put most of the other one in my emptied bottle. I stayed hydrated, which is good, cuz it was hot. I was done there at the end. Remembered to work on cadence, Martin, so I made it most of the way without pain in my knee. At the end though, I was pretty sore...especially my butt. Oy. The worst, though, was my neck and deltoids. But, a shower, taking it easy for the rest of the evening, and some ice on my knees really helped. By 10 o'clock last night I was recovered enough to help a young woman with a baby change her flat car tire. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I made it all the way to Cortland and back. I did it!
Jeff Wendt Mon Jun 25 09:26:00 2012
Picked up a Surly Disk trucker this weekend. So much more comfortable riding our crappy roads on the steel frame than the Trek 1.2 aluminum bike I was riding. :)
Heather April Mon Jun 25 07:35:00 2012
Gregg, gas is falling here in Maryland too. When we started this challenge, I noticed it was in the $3.80 range and now it's $3.20. Last week, I just bought my first tank since the challenge started. btw, Marylanders we moved up this month! :)
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 23:25:00 2012
I did crop the pic to bring her more in view because I was too far away with a 55 mm lense.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 23:08:00 2012
@ David I only had my 55 mm lense with me, so he was really too close for comfort as she walked arcross the gravel road into the woods with her cubs following behind her. I was not being too smart to get off my bike and lay it down beside the road and take out my camera from my back pack. I could no longer see them from the paved road on BB that I was biking on and walked down the gravel road a little ways when I then saw the mother bear just 10 yards from the gravel road below the tree, coaxing one of the cubs to climb up the tree. As soon as I saw her again, I stopped and aimed the camera at her as she was staring at me. I took a few steps backwards and she stood up with her paws on the tree growling at her cubs to climb higher, I snapped a couple pics and then slowly walked backwards to my bike along the paved roads and left. I really wasn't too smart to walk down the gravel road to see where they went, She could have charged out of the woods at me and I may not have gotten to my bike in time before she caught up to me.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 23:07:00 2012
Porcupines are doing very well up north, but they are not biker friendly at all. lol .
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 22:50:00 2012
The Big Manitou Falls was really something to see after the rain and floods this past week: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8160/7430002810_8f224af5c7_b.jpg

Biking is prohibited on all trails in the park because it is very dangerous. Climbing into the gorge is also prohibited with severe fines if you are caught. But if you talk to residents of the area, they remember the days as kids of exploring and climbing into the gorge and they said there are interesting caves in the gorge.

Martin Malin Sun Jun 24 22:42:00 2012
@David - I think you're right about the cycling transport. Plus, I think I would rather ride around that stage than back and forth in a driveway. You keep your momentum going, and you get paid a few million.
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Sun Jun 24 22:26:00 2012
Great pics Gregg - trust that was a very long lense you were using with Mother bear....

Just remembered this vid of Peter Gabriel taking advantage of 20pts/day rule - this probably counts as cycling transport?


Get up and Ride!

Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 22:07:00 2012
Next weekend is a family reunion in Wisconsin Dells at Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo. If you ever come to the Dells here, the most popular and scenic place to camp is Devil's Lake, which is just a short drive south of the Dells. However, this campground fills up quickly, especially on weekends. But overflow camping is also available at scenic Mirror Lake State Park and also Rocky Arbor State Park.. You will never pay more than $20 for a Wisconsin State Park campsite with electric hook ups and hot shower facilities. But if you camp at one of the hundreds of other private campgrounds in the Dells area, it is not uncommon to pay over $50 per night for a camp site. There are also hundreds of motels in the Dells area and are very expensive and can range anywheres from $100/night for budget motels to over several hundred dollars per night in indoor waterparks and theme resorts. Wisconsin Dells has more waterparks than any other place in the world and more are being built in this city of only about 2,600 residents as these indoor waterpark resorts attract guests from all over even in the cold winter. The price of these waterpark resorts are much lower in the winter.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 21:59:00 2012
Our riding is really paying off in $ just like I knew it would. The low demand for fuel is causing the gas prices to fall and may fall below $3/gallon by fall here, if the demand for fuel continues to slump.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 21:52:00 2012
The "Little" Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park near Superior became really big after 10 inches of rain last Wednesday and this pic was taken on Friday and by then the water had receded considerably, but was still a thunderous raging river crashing violently over the falls with a cooling mist: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7117/7436852798_6b110e9522_b.jpg

The only biking I did yesteday was a round trip ride of a half mile to the restroom at the beach in the park because they were cleaning the campground restrooms and showers and my bowels could not wait. The 1/4 mile ride back to the camp site felt much better lol Yesterday was quite boring and uneventful for me driving 6 hours home from Superior. Looking forward to riding to work tomorrow after a week off. Only 7 days of work and then off again camping for another 5 days at Camp Philipp in Wautoma, WI, only an hours drive away. But since I will be towing my pop up camper again, my bike will ride in my van with me.

E M Matteson Sun Jun 24 21:30:00 2012
Hi all, out early this morning to beat the heat. Lots of other people with the same idea, I'd say at least 60 or so. Its hard to count the large groups of cyclists.
There was a birthday party & ride for the Chain of Rocks Bridge in downtown St. Louis but I had too many other things going on to be able to go to that. Mabye someone else in this area went & can tell us more.
@ Gregg, nice bear pics
@ Richard -- keep your head down LOL
@ Eric AWWWWsome
@ Mike H - hope they are recording those miles ! YAY LINCOLN!!!
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 21:11:00 2012
Biking along the pine tree lined shores of Trout Lake near Boulder Junction, WI on the Crystal Lake paved bike trail was a very scenic relaxing ride and a great place to stop for a rest. I wanted to bottle the clean air and forest smells here: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8023/7436600088_5b0c7e36a1_b.jpg
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 21:07:00 2012
Biking on the Crystal Lake trail by the shores of Trout Lake to Boulder Junction: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8023/7436600088_5b0c7e36a1_b.jpg
Bruce C. Oestreich Sun Jun 24 20:57:00 2012
@Michael L. I have the perfect solution for breathing and eye protection.I use a helmet in my wood shop that has a self contained ffan unit and a full face shield.It blows filter air over your head and down ur face like an air wash.The helmet looks like Darth Vader and you may get a stiff nech cause its much heavier than a safety helmet for a cyclist but hey,,,,,it works.I need this because I damaged my lungs and airway in VN 40 years ago.I like bicycling because I can regulate my speed etc without overdoing it and trying to breath into my mouth when I over work.I cant go fast for very long but in my mind I sure want to...just dont have the lung capacity Bruce
Russell Clubine Sun Jun 24 16:02:00 2012
Great week. After being gone to wedding out east until Monday, rode every day commuting/etc Tues-Sat for over 75 miles. Topped off the week with 40 at the dedication ride for North Eastern State Rail-Trail on Saturday. Over 200 people showed up to ride and share lunch. Great trail! Part of it runs along east side of Mullet Lake and Aloha State Park. 70 miles in length from Cheboygan to Alpena. Trail will be a great asset for N. Michigan and sunrise side of state. Thanks to DNR, Trails Council and all government representatives, agencies and entities that came together to make it a reality! And I turned 57 (can I really be 57?) last week on the day we broke 5 million mile mark. Great job @Jerry, @Mike, @Eric and all. Keep riding!
Mark de Wit Sun Jun 24 15:52:00 2012
@Eric, but a great daddy at that!
Susan Gray Sun Jun 24 14:55:00 2012
Kind of fired up.....I put 1,516 miles on my bike in the past 2 months! Hope I can keep up this pace!!
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 24 14:28:00 2012
Well, all that talk about flats kind of got to me. My front tire was showing signs of wear, and there was a new spot showing where the tread had come off. I was thinking, one sharp stone and I am done. So, I changed my tire and went for a ride. Blew out 2 miles down the road! Back home, I changed my innertube. Needless to say, I am getting good at changing tires now!
Jerry Bengtson Sun Jun 24 14:04:00 2012
When I rode the Boulder Sunrise Century yesterday I made sure I left in the first bunch of riders so I would have a chance of finishing in the top 95%. I think I made it. At least 40 riders finished after me.
Mike Heyl Sun Jun 24 14:02:00 2012
Over 1,500 riders this morning in Lincoln, NE for the 10th annual Trail Trek event. Rides from 10-miles to 40-miles in length. WAY TO GO LINCOLN!
Eric Hafner Sun Jun 24 13:05:00 2012
8.3 miles pullin a 4 year old and a 2 year old after way too long off the bike makes for a very tired daddy.
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 24 12:22:00 2012
Safety glasses work great to keep bugs out of the eyes. One of my teammates uses a hospital mask to prevent bugs in his mouth. I find that solution to prevent easy use of my hydration pack, too restictive in air flow, and just looks well creepy or sick. I've thought of mosquito netting but haven't had time to make one and test it out. I also have to decide if the netting will be loose, or have a "pocket" for the straw on my hydration pack. Any thoughts?
Randy Ivey Sun Jun 24 11:33:00 2012
@Gregg, great pictures, can't believe you got that close to them.
John Jay Mcnall Sun Jun 24 11:02:00 2012
@Richard Dont forget about amount of good protien you ingested also
Jeanie West Sun Jun 24 10:33:00 2012
@Gregg, great photos! Can't believe you went TOWARD that momma bear!
Richard C. Gardner Sun Jun 24 10:13:00 2012
Last night I rode at dusk. Big mistake. Lots and lots of gnats. It reminded me of that old joke....How can you tell if a bicyclist is happy? The number of bugs in their teeth!
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 24 04:21:00 2012
@ Gregg, Beautiful pictures, thank you for posting the link to these photos. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful vacation. Glad you were able to have the time to get out and enjoy nature.
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 24 03:56:00 2012
Yay me, I'll be getting a Jersey next month for my B-Day. Ride Organizers, a matching shorts option would be nice. Granted, people are particular about their padding options (I don't even want a pad), but having a base design to order from should be doable. Myself, I would also like the option to add my name (for both top and bottoms) and personal/team logos. I'd think some company teams would appreciate a logo location to. This way Jerseies could be personalized, but have a standard layout.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 02:31:00 2012
This is the link to the bear pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greggmichaelphotography/sets/72157630258205298/. The flooding in Superior was really devastating. This is how the Big Manitou Falls looked on Thursday evening after the floods: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8160/7430002810_8f224af5c7_b.jpg
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 01:58:00 2012
If you like mountain biking, there is also the Razorback Ridge with lots of mountain bike trails and also the Escanaba Trails. This forest and area is as bike friendly as you will ever find. Even the Corner Store with ice cream has bikes and bike decorations all over the walls in the little game room and the old fashion hard dipped ice cream with lots of flavors is worth the stop there on the trail.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 01:20:00 2012
We spent 5 night on Crystal Lake in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and 2 nights at Pattison. We had a beach front camp site on Crystal Lake, which is so beautiful: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7120/7430136848_a200cb4e06_z.jpg This pic was taken early in the morning. We camped in a pop up camper. There is no hook ups, but there is a nice hot shower house in the Crystal Lake Campground and the paved bike trail passes right through the campground from Boulder Junction and continues to St ,Germain.. I got up about 5 am every morning and took a walk or ran barefoot on the beach around the entire lake which is a little over a mile and then biked on the 30 miles of paved trails from Crystal Lake.. From the Crystal Lake Campground you can bike on off road paved trails through the woods and along the shores of Trout Lake to Boulder Junction which is about 12 miles. Then to the other direction you can bike another 18 miles on paved off road trails via the Plum Lake bike trail and the St. Germain trail for another 18 miles. All these trails are connected and are very nice wooded trails through the forest. So you can get from Boulder Junction to St. Germain on off road paved trails for 30 miles, so 60 miles round trip through the forest. Riding the trail is like a roller coaster ride on a bike in many places because without even pedaling your descent down is so fast fast that it propels you up the next rolling hill. But you really have to watch out for deer in the trail, especially early morning and evenings because sometimes when you go around a curve or down a hiill there is a deer standing in the trail and the deer and you don't have a lot of time to react. They freeze and get scared and if you can't stop in time,, you will hit them.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 01:19:00 2012
This is a pic of the Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park taken on Thursday evening: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8160/7430002810_8f224af5c7_b.jpg after the floods on Wednesday. We could hear the thunderous raging falls from our camp site over a mile away. Many roads were closed in Superior and Duluth because they were washed out.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 00:45:00 2012
We also went to Amnicon Falls which is also near Superior and the river was also raging from the 10 inches of rain and the woman in the state park office said the river had already dropped a foot. We were worried that our camp site at Pattison would be flooded out, but it was on high ground, so it was fine accept for water in the woods. This is a pic of me at the brink of the falls at Amnicon: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5032/7429915992_b0422df64c_c.jpg
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 00:43:00 2012
I have all the black bear pics on my flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greggmichaelphotography/sets/72157630258205298/
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 00:39:00 2012
This is the pic where the mother bear was growling at one of her cubs to climb higher: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/468905_432483440116842_563411330_o.jpg
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 24 00:28:00 2012
Here is the link on facebook of 4 pics I took of the mother black bear and one of the cubs you can see climbing the tree: https://www.facebook.com/gregg.michael1#!/media/set/?set=a.432483090116877.99924.109336665764856&type=1

. She started to growl not at me but at the cubs because she wanted them to climb higher for safety. I think if I had tried to come any closer she would have attacked me . She kept her eye on me the whole time I took pics and I have to admit I was scared she would start charging at me. I laid my bike down out on BB, so I carefully and slowly walked backwards to my bike and pedaled quickly out of there.

H. Joan Davies Sat Jun 23 22:43:00 2012
Just finished my first road race ever in Laramie- Citizens leg of the Dead Dog. My goal was to keep finish and not fall- lol. DONE! Also logged in my fasted mph ever. Wind was 20-30 with gusts to 40. We raced down first and then back up. Of course the wind was coming down the canyon so the the second half of the race was with a strong head wind. BUT, we finished. Whew! What a ride.
Joe Holda Sat Jun 23 21:37:00 2012
Greg, Sounds like an incredible trip. I think I found my next camping destination in WI!
Maria Becker Sat Jun 23 21:23:00 2012
Superior is my home and it has natural beauty all around. I had a few days off of biking due to the 10 inches of rain Gregg W. mentioned and the spectacular view of it all going over the Falls at Pattison State Park. Instead I have been working to clean up the flood damage in my basement. I took a break today and took my kids out for a bike ride - 4miles- not bad for having one still on training wheels.
Ike Beltran Sat Jun 23 20:45:00 2012
Holy crap Greg W. are you a professional writer! Wow, you should write a book. That part of the state is awesome, I agree.
Gregg Warning Sat Jun 23 20:39:00 2012
Just got back from our vacation at Crystal Lake in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and at Pattison State Park near Superior and Duluth where they had 10 inches of rain last Wednesday and massive flooding causing over 10 million dollars of damage.. Entire roads and bridges were washed away there. We like hiking around the Black River and Manitou Falls. The river was violently flowing over the falls and was very different from last year. The Black River begins its winding journey about 22 miles southwest of the park at Black Lake on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. As it passes through Pattison State Park, it drops 31 feet over Little Manitou Falls, forms Interfalls Lake, and then reaches the spectatcular Big Manitou Falls. After leaving the Pattison State Park gorge, the river meanders another 5 miles to the Nemadji River, which it joins for the final 10 mile journey to Lake Superior. The short watershed means rapid changes in the character of the falls, from the thundering cataracts of spring to the more placid tumble of early autumn. Because of the 10 inches of rain on Wednesday and all the flooding, we saw a spectactuar view of the falls with water violently thundering over the falls which this generation has never seen before. The water was gushing over the falls so violently that there was even a mist just like there is at Niagara Falls. I captured some beautiful pics with even rainbows. The 165 feet vertical drop at Big Manitou Falls is the highest in Wisconsin and the 4th highest east of the Rocky Mountains. For 3,000 years, humans have lived and worked along the Black River. Now, people from around the world come to see Big Manitou Falls and right now it is a very thundering and violent fall. I will post some pics soon and give you the links to see them. On our vacation I biked on a lot of beautful paved bike trails and back paved roads through the forest around hundreds of lakes in the Northern Highland American Legion Forest, which is such a beautiful place for biking with rollers. Usually I didn't even see a single car while biking on the roads there. It is so quiet with only the sounds of nature while riding. Last evening about 7:30 pm as I was biking on BB near Pattison State Park, I past Susan Rd, which is a gravel road and I saw a mother black bear with 3 cubs trailing behind. The mother bear made the cubs climb high up a tree as she kept her eye on me. I had my camera with me in my back pack and slowly and quietly pulled it out and took pictures of her and got one of the cubs climbing the tree. I went just a little closer to her, but did not want her to come running towards me. lol When I took a few steps closer to her, she stood up with her front paws up on the tree and growled at her cubs to climb higher. I took a couple more pics and then got out of there because I was afraid she might come and attack me. I will also post some of these pics and give links to them. We had a lot of rain and storms almost every day on our vacation for 2-3 hours each day, but then would clear up and the sun would come out and get really warm and humid. It was really hard to know when it was safe to bike because these storms would violently pop up at unpredictable times.
Gregg Warning Sat Jun 23 20:39:00 2012
I got a lot of miles to post from this week because we were camping and I was biking in areas where there was not any cell or internet connections.
Mark Habeck Sat Jun 23 20:33:00 2012
I rode 50 miles this week - my best week yet! Also I am excited... ordered my HP Velotechnik Gekko fx recumbent tadpole trike today - get it in a week!
Gregg Warning Sat Jun 23 19:42:00 2012
Just got back from our vacation at Crystal Lake in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and at Pattison State Park near Superior and Duluth where they had 10 inches of rain last Wednesday and massive flooding causing over 10 million dollars of damage.. Entire roads and bridges were washed away there. We like hiking around the Black River and Manitou Falls. The river was violently flowing over the falls and was very different from last year. The Black River begins its winding journey about 22 miles southwest of the park at Black Lake on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. As it passes through Pattison State Park, it drops 31 feet over Little Manitou Falls, forms Interfalls Lake, and then reaches the spectatcular Big Manitou Falls. After leaving the Pattison State Park gorge, the river meanders another 5 miles to the Nemadji River, which it joins for the final 10 mile journey to Lake Superior. The short watershed means rapid changes in the character of the falls, from the thundering cataracts of spring to the more placid tumble of early autumn. Because of the 10 inches of rain on Wednesday and all the flooding, we saw a spectactuar view of the falls with water violently thundering over the falls which this generation has never seen before. The water was gushing over the falls so violently that there was even a mist just like there is at Niagara Falls. I captured some beautiful pics with even rainbows. The 165 feet vertical drop at Big Manitou Falls is the highest in Wisconsin and the 4th highest east of the Rocky Mountains. For 3,000 years, humans have lived and worked along the Black River. Now, people from around the world come to see Big Manitou Falls and right now it is a very thundering and violent fall. I will post some pics soon and give you the links to see them. On our vacation I biked on a lot of beautful paved bike trails and back paved roads through the forest around hundreds of lakes in the Northern Highland American Legion Forest, which is such a beautiful place for biking with rollers. Usually I didn't even see a single car while biking on the roads there. It is so quiet with only the sounds of nature while riding. Last evening about 7:30 pm as I was biking on BB near Pattison State Park, I past Susan Rd, which is a gravel road and I saw a mother black bear with 3 cubs trailing behind. The mother bear made the cubs climb high up a tree as she kept her eye on me. I had my camera with me in my back pack and slowly and quietly pulled it out and took pictures of her and got one of the cubs climbing the tree. I went just a little closer to her, but did not want her to come running towards me. lol When I took a few steps closer to her, she stood up with her front paws up on the tree and growled at her cubs to climb higher. I took a couple more pics and then got out of there because I was afraid she might come and attack me. I will also post some of these pics and give links to them. We had a lot of rain and storms almost every day on our vacation for 2-3 hours each day, but then would clear up and the sun would come out and get really warm and humid. It was really hard to know when it was safe to bike because these storms would violently pop up at unpredictable times.
Ben Arguilla Sat Jun 23 18:41:00 2012
@George Denys. Fantastic! Way to stick with it!
Ben Arguilla Sat Jun 23 18:00:00 2012
Riden 100 plus miles each of the last 3 Saturdays.
Wally Olson Sat Jun 23 17:53:00 2012
Just signed my wife up on Endomondo. One more rider for WI. We took a nice 6.67 mile ride and added her to the bike challenge.
Christine Salvatore Sat Jun 23 17:49:00 2012
Steve, thanks for all the great information! The wisdom of experience is always welcome!
Joe Holda Sat Jun 23 17:40:00 2012
Susan, Glad to hear your ok! I was in a similar incendent a few weeks ago, thankfully I only lost my fork and a few small scrapes and bruises. Then just week ago, I was passed by a guy that must have had a bad day, be missed side swipping me by inches and then quickly cut me off, again thankfully I was not injured here. I am glad that as of late the state finally made it a law that motorists must give us cyclists at least 3 feet or they can be fined . . . now how to spread the word about this law. Again glad to see you were ok and what a great ride today! ALL: BE SAFE OUT THERE!
Susan Gray Sat Jun 23 17:25:00 2012
Today was the closest I've ever come to being hit by a car! A lady pulled out from an intersection right in front of me! It was raining so it was slippery, I swerved and skidded and thought for sure I was going to lay the bike down but somehow managed not to! You really have to bike defensively out there! Was still a great ride, managed 70.3 miles and the rain was refreshing! Be careful out there everyone!!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Sat Jun 23 14:51:00 2012
I never leave home without tire levers, tube and a pump.
Rare that they get used, but so worth it when they are needed.
Only one flat in the last couple of seasons (I was late that evening ... :( ), expected more flats with all the poorly maintained railway crossings we hit at speed every day!
The omnipotent Rob 'da man' Gusky took care of the railroad crossing - it was fixed within a month - how did he do that?


Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat Jun 23 14:05:00 2012
@Steve +1 on Schwalbe Marathon Plus - well worth the investment for me
George F Denys Sat Jun 23 14:03:00 2012
George Denys
Great riding this week.Went up to Hilton Head S. C. Logged 176 miles for the week .Best week I have had since I was hit on my bike and almost killed.
Melinda Hollis Sat Jun 23 13:35:00 2012
@Joe - I ride a Trek Navigator 2.0.
Bob Dumke Sat Jun 23 12:48:00 2012
Nice morning ride today in the fog along Lake Michigan had to turn on my blinkies. Than 1/4 Marathon over the Hoan bridge and back, than home via the Farmers market. A most excellent morning!
E M Matteson Sat Jun 23 12:03:00 2012
Early ride today and tried a new loop. Didn't like it because I had to go through a bad intersection with cars getting on and off the interstate. There are a lot of those around here, so I try to find the best alternatives. Spotted 24 other riders.
To the bike shoppers out there. You can always ask for different components before you buy the bike. Like if you have a favorite saddle or something. The bike shop can adjust the price accordingly so you get more of the bike you want!
Keep em rollin' !
Stephen Powers Sat Jun 23 11:57:00 2012
Proper diet is complex but look around and you can see the effect of a high carb diet on the general public. The key is to get protien, fat and carbs from the right source and I good balance. I recommend reading "Paleo Diet for Athletes". It explains the benefits of the Paleo diet but with some modifications for fueling muscles for endurance sports.
Steave Scott Sat Jun 23 11:55:00 2012
My two bikes, at present, are a Specialized Cross Roads (trail) hybrid and a Ross Professional Gran Tour 10 speed. The Specialized is genearlly my bike of all work. I got her from one of our local bike co-ops for the astronomical sum of $15.00 (I had a lot of volunteer hours on the books at the time, so I got the full 75% members' discount.) I have since spent a little over $100.00 on new handlebars, a new saddle, and folding Wald baskets. About a week later someone donated two all carbon Cannondale road bikes, so I've been cursing my bad luck ever since: we have a very strict rule that co-op members can only buy one bike a year. I got the hybrid specifically to be a snow bike, since there are studded tires for 700c wheels but not for the old school 27". I have named her Hsüeh Mei-ling since she's from Taiwan. That translates, "Belle of the Snow." She's not likely to win any races, but she's a great grocery hauler, and she gets me to and from work reliably.
The Ross was from a garage sale about twenty years ago. It dates from the early 'eighties, when Ross attempted, without success, to avoid bankruptcy by actually making good bikes, instead of discount store cheapies. I call that bike my "old warhorse" (Ross, in German is a warhorse as opposed to any other kind of equine.)
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 23 11:34:00 2012
Speaking of diet, a good "moderate" approach is the Zone Diet. It is a good approach to "smart carb" living. It isn't a severe carb restriction, but the carb choices are very important. The concept behind it is to change your body from a carb-burning machine into a fat-burning machine, focusing on controlling your insulin levels so that there are no blood sugar spikes or valleys.
Steve Brengosz Sat Jun 23 09:50:00 2012
I should have said mount your tires so the stem hole and label line up. Then the tube is a known orientation to the tire to check for debris in the tire.
Martin Malin Sat Jun 23 09:46:00 2012
@Steve - Thanks for the great tips!!!
Steve Brengosz Sat Jun 23 09:40:00 2012
My main workhorse is a Reynolds steel framed '87 Trek 400 Elance but updated with new 10 spd Ultegra and wheels. Putter around (<30m) on my '68 Raleigh internal hub 5 spd Sprite, '02 Raleigh hybrid (rain commuter) hardly moves since I fendered the Trek. '84 Raleigh Gran Prix that rarely comes out since I built the Trek. I'd really miss the STI's & SPD!
Steve Brengosz Sat Jun 23 09:16:00 2012
Some flat tips from an urban debris filled roadway rider.
Good flat protection tires - Schwalbe Marathon, Specialized Armadillo, Bontrager hardcase, Continental Gatorskin. You'll pay more but worth it.

Find a shady/dry spot to fix it, take your time.

Carry a spare tube, throw it in, fix the old tube later in the comfort of home.

Carry tire levers - flat protection tires seem to be stiffer and harder to get on/off.

Carry a patch kit - Murphy says more than 1 flat happens.

Pump or CO2 to refill it. Pumps never run out of cartridges - CO2 people don't throw your spent cartridges on the ground. Most pumps will fill both presta and schroeder valves - know how yours works. practice at home. Dont try to fill your tire to the max with a hand pump - get enough in to get you rolling again.

Find what caused the flat. Line up your stem with the label of the tire. find the hole in the tube and correlate it to the tire and look for the offending article which may remain in the tire. I carry a cotton ball to swab the inside of the tire. I've found some very thin wires when the cotton caught it.

Patching - rough up the surface of the tire, smear the glue - LET THE GLUE DRY - install the patch and press it on well. I trim square patches so there aren't any sharp corners to peel up. I also use a deep socket to roll them down when doing it at home, any hard round object will work.

If you get a cut in the tire on the road and the tube is bulging through, slip a dollar bill in between the tire & the tube to keep it in place. A piece of Tyvek "housewrap" carried works well for this too.

Martin Malin Sat Jun 23 08:30:00 2012
I would encourage anyone thinking about changing their diet to something like one mentioned below to consult their physician first, as they aren't for everyone. Your body burns fuel in several ways. Most of those ways involve glycogen. Glycogen is stored in the muscle. If you don't take in adequate amounts of good carbohydrates, there is nothing to resupply the muscle, and you end up losing muscle mass. In the short term, one can lose weight on a diet like this. But when one loses enough muscle, their metabolism slows down, and the weight loss reverses.
Not only that, but your heart happens to be a muscle. If you lose some of it, how can that be good?
Also, when I mentioned that it wasn't for everyone, my brother is a good case in point. He was on this diet for about 3 years, his cholesterol levels shot up, and he ended up needing 9 stents and a double bypass over the course of 1 1/2 years. So, hereditarily, this may be the worst thing for you. But I don't believe there is a way of testing beforehand. I don't think it is worth the risk to take that chance, just for a temporary weight loss.
There are better and safer ways to reduce weight on a permanent basis.
kenneth peters Sat Jun 23 07:49:00 2012
At the encouragement of my riding partner I have switched to a high fat, low-carb, moderate protein diet. Since March 1, 2012 I have lost 40 pounds. We ride for hours without hunger or hitting any walls, because when we burn fat there aren't any walls.
I encourage all bikers to take a serious look at the science behind this phenomenon by reading Gary Taubes' "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and his follow up "" Why We Get Fat". Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist, wrote "Wheat Belly" in which he further explains the devastating effects of carbs to our physiology. One more source addressing bicyclists is Drs. Phinney and Volek's "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" .
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Sat Jun 23 07:26:00 2012
Fuji Altimara just last year. I love the feel and fit of it AND it shows the naked unidirctional carbon, which to me looks like the swirling patterns of burled wood - I also find it beautiful. I feel light and fast on it. It damps out road shock somewhat and on smooth blacktop, it feels like I'm floating. However that being said I was very surprised recently that my friends Waterford 'wrought iron' bike weighs about the same as mine!!! My previous road bike is a Trek 1500, which I rode for over 20 years and has now become my cottage bike. A Trek 4300 MTB for trails and my foul weather bike. And an older Raleigh M45 MTB with Nokian studded tires for ice and snow (excellent on ice, however when the snow gets to 2" or more it does start 'floating' around). I wasn't so sure about those fat tire bikes at first - now from what I've heard I'd love to try one in the snow.
Jeremiah Ostrosky Sat Jun 23 03:32:00 2012
I was riding a 1999 Raleigh M-50 Mountain Sport for a long time prior to it being stolen recently :( It was a heavy, all-steel beast,with 2" tires, 26" Weinman 519's, old-school rat trap pedals (shins beware)l, profile handlebar extensions and a newish Trek saddle (the original was not too comfy). Now I'm riding a Jamis Ventura Comp I picked up used but for a good price. I put a few bucks into it and had it tuned up and enjoy it a lot. Don't know much about it besides it's aluminum with carbon fiber forks and is light as hell, big difference from the Raleigh and this is my first road bike. I have to say I've enjoyed my commute and errand running a little more the past couple weeks.
Ray Swanson Sat Jun 23 01:14:00 2012
For now, I ride either an '07 Trek 7100 hybrid or '01 Trek 4500 mountain. Next Wednesday I'll be rolling on a Spec Allez, couldn't convince myself that I needed the Tarmac.
Jerry J Sat Jun 23 00:59:00 2012
@ Joe - A Viner Shark - I think it's an an old Italian mountain bike. Bought it used, and had it completly rebuilt for commuting. New hubs, new gearing, 26x1.25 street slicks. I love it.
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 23 00:37:00 2012
I ride a Giant "cross" bike, which I bought in the mid-90's. Prior to that bike, I had a junky Huffy 10-speed and it was not fun nor comfortable to ride. I had a friend who got me interested in doing a bike trip to LaCrosse, and so I bought a new bike and SO glad that I did! Have ha it now for about 20 years.
Dean Barnaby Fri Jun 22 23:54:00 2012
@Joe- I ride a Giant TCX2 cyclocross bike with 700x35c tires for my commute. Chose it for the different kinds roads I have to travel. I breeze past the mountain bikes, but, the road bikes breeze past me. I just wish my tires would pump themselves up to 120 lbs. when I hit pavement, and yes, I would buy this bike again... maybe upgrade to the TCX1 or TCX0. This bike is light years ahead of my old bike of 13 years, 25 years ago, an American Eagle 10 speed in which my top speed was 52mph (No gloves, no helmet, after I got off the bike, thought about what could've happened, especially going over a cattle guard, didn't ride for 2 weeks).
Martin Malin Fri Jun 22 23:29:00 2012
@Joe - When you said a Surly Pugsley with 4" tires, I was picturing 4" diameter tires and thinking of how could one put serious miles on for the NBC with tires that small. Little did I know they were 4" wide. That really changes my mental image.
dameon plagens Fri Jun 22 23:22:00 2012
hi'ya joe i ride a short and long bent the swb uss vision r42 is taking me along on a 61.25 treck tomorrow sporting my first ever clipless peds. remember the best bike is THE ONE YOU WILL RIDE. go forth stumper and ride. Dameon
Martin Malin Fri Jun 22 23:03:00 2012
@Joe - I have three road bikes.
My sentimental favorite is a Trek 720 touring model bought new in 1982. I've logged about 40,000 miles on it, including about 10 bike camping trips solo or with one other person.
My Schwinn Fastback is 6 years old. I've been riding that a majority of the time this year.
And then my sister bought me a Trek 5000 two years ago for driving to VA from WI numerous time to work on her house, It is by far the nicest and fastest bike I own - but I haven't ridden it yet because I don't feel I deserve it yet. A few more trips to VA, and getting faster would do it.
When Leonard says he bikes at a pedestrian pace, well, I bike at a snailinian pace.
And then I have a 30 year old Tunturi stationary bike that I've logged 16,300 whatevers on during the winter. (The best I can figure is that they are the equivalent of half-kilometers.)
George Fountotos Fri Jun 22 22:52:00 2012
@Joe ...I ride a FUJI 2011 Crosstown 2.0.with 26" tires. Its a very confortable ride for me here in Scottsdale, Az. Just wish the weather would cool down a little so I could ride more.
Steven Lindemann Fri Jun 22 22:25:00 2012
Well I odn't feel so bad about the flat now, seems it's a pretty common occurence!! :) And BTW I guess if you're from the Illinois/Wisconisn Line the Dells could be considered Up North. But its pretty much mid-state here in WI!! But, I will tell ya this much, there are a LOT more hills here than in the Waukesha area!!!!!!!!!!! (Guess that's why they call it the Dells!!!) So much for all those good times I was getting riding down "south!!" Quite a humbling experience!!!!!!!! Think I'm gonna have to give the Ride the Rockies trip A LOT more thought!!!!

The guys at the Wild Side Adventure were awesome and sold me a new tire that's a bit more puncture resistent than OEM!! It's a tad heavier, so that's what I'm gonna blame my slow times on, Ha!!!

E M Matteson Fri Jun 22 22:17:00 2012
HI all, Rode this morning when it was wonderfully cool outside, in the 60s. Saw about 8 other riders. Did some extra miles since I got out so early: it felt great!
To answer Joe's question, I ride a Cannondale ST 600 that I bought in December of 1987. Its a hybrid road/touring bike. Its PURPLE, made in USA, & I love it, just need to figure out how to get some touch-up paint. So yeah, a bike is a way better investment than a car, how many people keep their cars for 20+ years and only spend a few bucks a year to keep it going? I wouldn't know what to get if I was going to get a new bike, but it would definitely be a road bike of some kind. Also, I would advise anybody getting a new bike to keep the old saddle if its more comfortable for you!!
Joe Sacco Fri Jun 22 21:20:00 2012
Ok, here's a question I've been thinking about for awhile.
What's everybody pedaling?
Mind you, I could care less if you pedal a walmart special, just as long as you are pedaling.
I don't care where ya pedal; your bike will explain that question.
I'll go 1st..... lol
A Surly Pugsley, 4" tires and all.

Peace, Joe

Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 22 19:10:00 2012
I am getting paranoid reading about the flats!
Roger Retzlaff Fri Jun 22 18:16:00 2012
I got a flat last week, easily the most unusual I've had. I was on my single speed commuter with the cheap Tektro calipers and even cheaper original brake pads. Applying the brakes on the steep downhill, I hear a pop and hissing air from the front tire. I managed to get to the bottom of the grade and into my destination parking lot staying upright. My destination is only a couple of K from home so I lock the bike and go about my work and walk it back. I replaced the tube doing the normal checks for puncture and snakebite. There was a single slit in the tube at just the limit of the sidewall of the tire, but I didn't see anything in the tire. I put a new tube in; the air held, except the next morning it was flat again. The tube was blown-out with a fairly big hole in the same place as before. Several days later when I had time to inspect the tire, I found a wear track etched into the side, just above the bead. At one point the tire was worn through. It took some looking to find.
The Tektro brake pads that came on the bike were soft even when the bike was new. I never liked the squishy feel. Well they had finally worn down enough to cause problems though it was not evident from a static inspection. It looked like there was still enough material above the max wear line. Yet because they were so soft the shoe would compress down to the surface of the tire and was wearing tracks in the sidewalls. In one little place, the sidewall finally wore through and the tube bubbled into the hole and blew.
So if you have squishy brake pads, replace them before you think you need to.
Roger Retzlaff Fri Jun 22 18:15:00 2012
Liability waiver statements should never be required.
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 22 14:43:00 2012
I really liked the Allez last night, and the Tarmac is lovable, but I just don't know if I'll still love the riding position in 10 years. At this point I'm 95% certain I'm going to get the Allez Comp 105. I plan to do my 25 mile loop later this afternoon as a comparison to my hybrid and if all feels well at the end, I think I'll have the final 5% of the puzzle.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 22 14:24:00 2012
Just like many here I often go further than I intended. Sometimes you never know what you are going to find. Last week I saw a full scale fiberglass F16 fighter jet in a farmers yard. Last year I accidentally stumbled upon the grave of a wonderful, kindly bishop from my youth (one of the good ones). Sometimes I find myself thinking; I've never been through that town before... I wonder what's down that road? Never stop exploring.
Doug Goldbin Fri Jun 22 14:21:00 2012
Helmets should not be required, ever!
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 22 13:59:00 2012
Ray - If you think you are going to stick with it, buy the bike you love - you will never regret it. I rode my last road bike for over 20 years, I figure the new one I bought this past year will last me for as long as I'm able to keep pedaling.
Verge Manyen Fri Jun 22 13:22:00 2012
Not sure how to "reply" to an earlier post, but I rally enjoyed Philip Hinkle's video. The images are fun, but it's the combination of images and music that really makes it! Philip, where did you find the music?
Christine Salvatore Fri Jun 22 12:53:00 2012
Yesterday must have been Wisconsin Bicycle Tire Flat day! I got my first one, too. The streets of Kenosha (especially the "gutter" areas) are littered with all sorts of debris. I sure wish the street sweeper operators were bicycle riders! I hit a screw and foolishly pulled it out (hey, that's what I'd do on my car tires!). Fsssssss! Had to push the bike the rest of the way to work, then to the bike shop to get it fixed.

I know, I know. I need to learn to do that myself. DH plans a "how to fix a flat by yourself, because you cost me way too much money when the bike shop fixes it, talks you into street rather than mountain bike tires, and you have to kill an hour and could only think of shopping" lesson for this weekend. I did have the necessary equipment to fix it and *would have at least tried* had it been on the front wheel, but there were too many things attached to the rear tire and I was afraid I'd have to walk the entire way home. The walking home, fine; it's less than 2 miles. The pushing the bike with a flat tire or no rear wheel at home, not so much.

@Dave Bushey, perineum. I'll remember that. But "sit down" is much easier to remember and to spell. Plus it doesn't make me blush as much.

Phil Wandrey Fri Jun 22 12:07:00 2012
@Cynthia - which Bike MS do you ride? I lead Team HP Omaha (27 cyclists so far) in the Nebraska MS ride (Sept 8/9 2012). We have 6 HP Bike MS teams around the countyr as well (265 riders total).
Jeanie West Fri Jun 22 12:03:00 2012
@Phillip, that was a great video! Thanks for letting us go on your ride with you.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 22 11:57:00 2012
@Phillip - Nice video. All I could think while watching that is "Wow, Wisconsin is flat." Y'all have some really nice roads for riding there. Thanks for posting that, it was fun to watch.
Savanni D'Gerinel Fri Jun 22 11:51:00 2012
@Phillip: I just watched the video, too, and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for sharing!
I have been thinking of doing something similar for my commute to work and my commute home, just to give friends and family a feel for that aspect of my life.
Steave Scott Fri Jun 22 11:22:00 2012
Cora, I too have had the experirnce of finding that my LBS knew nothing of this. I left some info with the owner. Also, I did the same for our two local bike co-ops, my favorite cyber café, and our local pizza place (which now boasts wonderful bike parking - six U racks protected by a parking block and spring post!)
With this year's challenge nearly half over, I think it might be time to start thinking of 2013 and encouraging the local coordinating organizations to make strenuous publicity efforts; a charity kegger at a local bar to pay for printing can generate an awful lot of fliers, and there should be no shortage of people willing to spend an afternoon pedaling them around to local places.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 22 11:18:00 2012
@Jerry - I hear ya'. Some days it is like dragging yourself to the bike, but then you get out, and you practically have to drag yourself off the bike. Or maybe somebody else has to do it for you... *ring ring* "Hello?" "Where are you? It's time to come home." "Sorry, Honey, I'm just on the trail, and the ride is so easy today..." Like that. Good luck on that Century tomorrow!
Heidi OShaughnessy Fri Jun 22 11:14:00 2012
@Philip: That was a great video! I saw a guy with a GoPro mounted on his bike just this morning!
Jerry Bengtson Fri Jun 22 11:10:00 2012
I planned on only a short ride today just to keep loosened up as I am riding in the Boulder Sunrise Century tomorrow. http://www.bikerpelli.com/boulder-sunrise-century.html . Which will a a hard ride for me. The climb out of Lyons to Peak to Peak Highway to a hard climb. But when I got up I did not want to get on my bike. I had to force myself out the door to ride. But as soon as I was on my bike I did not want to stop. I had to force myself to keep the ride short as I planned. But it was hard to stop.
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 22 10:13:00 2012
Thanks for the review, Lanny. The rental has the thumb shifters, I also found them to be unusable from the drops. The model I'm eyeing has 105 components. I really like that Tarmac, but I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a "first" bike, especially one that costs more than all the other bikes I own (or have owned) combined.
Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 22 09:52:00 2012
I have seen flyers for the challenge in some of my local bike shops, but one of the shops that had the flyers wasn't even aware of it! Next time I find some flyers, I'm going to bring them with, to hand out to riders I pass on the roads and trails. I told a couple people I met at the park (I ride to the park with my son, and then we stop to play), but it would have been easier if I had something to give them.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jun 22 08:34:00 2012
We are nearing the halfway point of the Challenge - a little more than 2 months left. The number of riders joining the Challenge has slowed to less than 100 per day - at that rate we will not achieve 50,000 riders by August 31. We have tried press releases, but the most recent one did not provide a signficant increase in riders. One simple ideas is this - if every rider successfully encouraged one other person to join the NBC, we could achieve 50,000 easily. What other ideas do you have? Better yet, just do it. Although the Challenge is providing motivation for lots of people, it would be fun to achieve both 10 million miles and 50,000 riders.
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Jun 22 08:14:00 2012
@Rob-yea, how bout those points?? Very motivational. I do ride on the weekends and I participate in two organized rides per year, one local ride that benefits adults with disabilites and an MS 150.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jun 22 08:10:00 2012
5 for 5 - nice going Cynthia. I find the NBC to be that extra motivation that is helpful sometimes. My riding has increased due to it. Used to strictly commute to work during the week, never rode on weekends. Now I don't want to miss the 20 pts per day!
Cynthia A Nelson Fri Jun 22 08:04:00 2012
I have been commuting for a couple years now, and I have to say the National Bike Challenge has been a great inspiration to keep going. I met my goal this week of riding 5 out of 5 work days! You just see and take in so many beautiful things that you can't see in a car. I saved $30.00 in gas. Peddling was good for my mind and body and the scenary and freedom was good for my heart and soul. My work week was so much easier and less stressful. Commuting by bike has now become a lifestyle and I will never stop. I also ran errands, it's not that hard to bunjee a 16lb bag of cat food to the back rack. LOL. The biggest bonus yet is a friend joined me on her commute this morning, and she loves it...hopefully she will catch the bug too. No doubt there are alot of you all out there who can relate to this!!! Well, off to start my 9 to 5! Happy day to all!
Heather April Fri Jun 22 07:59:00 2012
@phillip Your video is beyond awesome. I'm such a geek. ha! Now, everyone will want a gopro!
Lanny Moore Fri Jun 22 01:00:00 2012
@Ray. Two years ago I bought two bikes. Trek FX 7.3 hybird and a Specialized Allez. I had been out of the sport awhile and thought the FX would do for some commuting and light riding. However, I caught the bug and wanted to ride further. My budget allowed me to buy the Allez Sport Triple. I love it and have over 4,000 miles on it. The only drawback I didn't like was that the Allez was equipped w/Sora shifters (thumb shifters). IMO these are somewhat useless when your start to ride more aggressive in the drops. I recently upgraded to Tiagra shifters and I love them. So, if the Allez is equipped w/Tiagra shifters or 105's or even a SRAM package, and you want to save a litte cash for other items, you can't go wrong w/the Allez. The Taramc is a sweet bike and one I have my eye on, but I'm glad I didn't jump on it while transitioning back into the sport. I'm sure if I did, something would've happened and $2,500 would be sitting in my garage unused. Keeo us informed on your purchase.
Martin Malin Thu Jun 21 23:44:00 2012
@David - Congratulation!
Ray Swanson Thu Jun 21 23:27:00 2012
I almost made the decision to buy a Specialized Tarmac, but wanted to take a road bike out for a test ride first. The LBS sent me home with a Spec Allez (not sure which model) and I just put 15.75 miles on it. It is a big switch from my Trek 7100 hybrid, but was a fun ride. I was a bit wobbly and not as confident in the turns, but it was a fast ride, and a lot more of a workout. I'm going to try to get in 25 more miles tomorrow after work before returning the rental. The saddle was a bit harsh, but the bumps didn't bother me at all. My neck was a bit stiff, but no other complaints. Now I'm torn, do the smart thing and get an up-level Allez as a starter road bike, or pay a lot more money for a souped up Tarmac? The Secteur could also be an alternative, it didn't feel very impressive on the test ride last week, but I went straight from the full carbon Tarmac to that aluminum Secteur, so it didn't get a fair deal. Decisions, decisions.
Ruth E. Dixon Thu Jun 21 23:27:00 2012
Steve, last year I was getting flats in pairs and it seemed like once a week. I put new rim tape (cloth) on and that seemed to fix the problem. One the upside I got really good at changing tires. This year I have a new bike so instead of spare tubes, I grab the spare bike.
Philip Hinkle Thu Jun 21 23:23:00 2012
Here's a little fun for some to enjoy. My 44.5 mile ride today in a 6 minute timelapse with 9,999 pics. Shot with the GoPro mounted on my aero bars. Enjoy the WI countryside.https://vimeo.com/44492389
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Thu Jun 21 23:16:00 2012
If anyone was in any doubt about the benefits of cycling, I just had my 2 yearly check up at the health centre. % body fat down 30%, blood pressure of a teenager, cardiovascular, strength,flexibility,blood works all top notch. The report told me ny body age was 14 years below my chronological which is a huge plus as a I tear up the aarp mailer!
Get up and ride!


Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 21 23:09:00 2012
Found a new tire for my trailer, thank you Appleton Bicycle and Fitness! Made some minor adjustments to the new bike, and took it out for a spin, and it was amazing! Can't wait until I have time to go for a real ride!
Steven Lindemann Thu Jun 21 22:47:00 2012
Well, I got my first flat while out biking today!! And five minutes later I got my 2nd flat!!!!!!!! Note to self - wear holes in tires equal instantaneous flats!!!!!!!!! On the positive side - those CO2 shooters work awesome!!!!!!!!!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 21 21:55:00 2012
Hey Appleton! That was Madison that just passed us. Grab a friend to join the Challenge and lets go. This thing ain't even half over yet...
travis montross Thu Jun 21 21:45:00 2012
My bike is finally fixed now i can finallly get more riding in!!
Steve Brengosz Thu Jun 21 19:44:00 2012
Kate, I don't think so, so you're OK. More like an amusment park! Tell Emily I'll see her tomorrow.
E M Matteson Thu Jun 21 18:57:00 2012
@ Jenny, I was going to have my husband identify your bird, but I couldn't get the link (not public maybe??) Sorry
Michael Lemuel Thu Jun 21 18:20:00 2012
Congratulations: Mike Staten! The first Platinum is the hardest.
Edward Burr Thu Jun 21 17:55:00 2012
IMO anything north of Hwy 29 and even just a little bit south of there could be considered the Northwoods. Therefore, the Dells wouldn't be the Northwoods.
Dave Bushey Thu Jun 21 17:02:00 2012
@Kate B - speaking as someone from the UP, I consider the Dells to be more "out West" than "Up Nort"
Dave Bushey Thu Jun 21 17:00:00 2012
@Christine S - the technical term for that area is the "perineum"
Tony Reeves Thu Jun 21 16:53:00 2012
Made Silver a while back without even knowing it. Should hit Gold soon!
Hello Daly Thu Jun 21 16:53:00 2012
I've only worn sun sleeves by Pearl Izumi (I like them because they are long) to keep the sun off my arms but they really didn't do much to keep me cool when I lived in Vegas unless I soak them (and keep them soaked with water during my rides). I have medium to dark skin and tan easily and I always slather on sunscreen (SPF 50 or 70 when I can find it) except for on my forehead to avoid the burn when sweat drips suncreen into my eyes (a sweat Gutr headband is handy). Sunscreen helps with the bib tan lines on my back because the sunlight does go through my jersey. One tip I learned is to flip the bottom of my shorts up every few rides to smooth out the severe tan lines across the thighs. Congrats to those who made Platinum - that's AWESOME!!
Martin Malin Thu Jun 21 14:57:00 2012
If anyone who lives in the Milwaukee area is free Wednesday night the 27th, I could use one more person to help out as a lead bicyclist for a 5K running race. If you've never done it before, it is a lot of fun! I've done it close to 100 times for various races. The other person who normally does it with me had to drop out. t is in Lake Park, which is on Milwaukee's East Side, on the East end of Newberry Blvd., which is East of Downer Ave. by several blocks.
Leading a running race is pretty easy, so anyone who averages 12 mph for 3 miles would be fine. The only difficult part is that there is one hill called Snake Hill just after mile 1.
If you can make it, post here, and I will tell you where to meet me at 6:15 or 6:30 p.m.
Thanks in advance.
Leonard Wright Thu Jun 21 14:23:00 2012
@ Savanni: I wear regular spandex cycling shorts and cycling jerseys. There is a very well defined tan line on my legs from the shorts and my upper torso hasn't gotten any amount of sun to speak of through the cycling jerseys. (My wife says she can see a faint white line across my back from the heart rate monitor strap so I do gt a little sun through the cycling jerseys but not very much.) Even riding a diamond frame bike, my legs still get a LOT of sun - not as bad as my arms were getting but enough I can tell when I over do it. Probably your best bet for your legs would be sunblock (if you can find one that doesn't run all over when you sweat).
Savanni D'Gerinel Thu Jun 21 13:08:00 2012
How about other clothing? What kind of UV protection does spandex provide, like cycling jerseys and running shorts? Because of the heat intensity here in Austin, I'm only out in the mornings and evenings, but I should probably be considering some options for protection. One problem being that on a 'bent, I'll need leg protection as well, and I'm not really sure I want the extra heat capturing.
Jason "Too Slow To Go" Hillestad Thu Jun 21 12:29:00 2012
Thing I hate of the day: People who live on busy streets and mow the outer edge of their property so that all the grass and gravel gets blasted into traffic. And me. I came real close to losing control.
Leonard Wright Thu Jun 21 12:07:00 2012
@ Mike Grote - I started using the "sun sleeves" a month or so ago. So far I have been pleased with them. Living in south central Florida the sun is very intense this time of the year. I have a good base tan year-around but I've been out a lot later in the day than usual so I tried the "sun sleeves" (the ones I have are supposed to be "arm coolers" - they don't do much cooling in Florida's heat and humidity but they do block the sun). They definitely make a difference, my arms aren't as tan as they were a few weeks ago - and they are not getting burned anymore!!!!

I haven't had any problems with fit or with them sliding down my arm (I had the same question as Ray about how they would fit and if they would stay in place). All in all, I would say they are worth it for stopping sunburned arms, as far as "cooling", not so good in Florida's humidity (I can feel some cooling effects when I hit 20+ mph - problem is I seldom reach that speed.....).

Ray Swanson Thu Jun 21 12:00:00 2012
I haven't tried the sun sleeves, but I wear UV blocking beanies under my helmet to protect my scalp, they seem to work, no burns yet. Columbia Sportswear makes some that are very thin and you barely notice you are wearing them. As an added perk, they keep the bugs from sticking to my head. I have some compression and lightweight base layer shirts which also claim to block UV and so far they have kept my arms from frying and don't seem to hold in too much heat. As for the sleeves, I have to wonder how well they would stay up, especially for someone with skinny arms, like me. I assume they would either slide down, or be so tight they would be uncomfortable, like socks. Then again, sunblock lotion is not all that comfortable either.
Kate B Thu Jun 21 11:42:00 2012
@Steve - is the Dells considered the Northwoods?
John J. Kastner Thu Jun 21 11:25:00 2012
My Tattoo says "JESUS DIDN'T TAP" MMA tapping the mat means you give up. Jesus didn't Give up He ran the race and so am I.
E M Matteson Thu Jun 21 11:10:00 2012
Hi all, out early again. Weatherpeople are promising rain & thundershowers this afternoon. It was in the 70s again this morning and not as humid as yesterday. Seven riders spotted today.
@ Russel, sorry you didn't get a chance to rent a bike in DC.

While I was riding this morning, this popped into my head:

>>Don't need stress management, or pills, or drugs,
Just give me a bicycle, helmet, and gloves.<<


Michael T Staten Thu Jun 21 10:48:00 2012
Hooray I made Platinum!!!
Martin Malin Thu Jun 21 10:41:00 2012
I haven't had the Wisconsin (Local) option since May 10th. It is nice to be back, but I have a lot of reading to do. Hope everyone is doing well. @Jude - Sorry for your knee.
Christine Salvatore Thu Jun 21 10:39:00 2012
John, I'm no expert, but when I started riding last year, I sort of started slow. First time: 1.7 miles; next time 9.2 miles. Did the 9.2 3-4 times, then went up to 14 and, which is my usual "long" ride. It takes a while to get your....uhhhh....sitdown conditioned. You'll be sore the first month or so. Make sure you sit on your sitbones! That helps a lot. Do what you're comfortable with, make sure you stay hydrated (especially in hot weather), and get those kids out with you.

That's my experience riding. I'm 59, 2 kids and one grand. Haven't had this much fun since I was 9!

Samuel Hughes Thu Jun 21 09:47:00 2012
1 point per mile
20 points per day that you ride at least 1 mile.
Justin Masuga Thu Jun 21 09:46:00 2012
How do the points work? 1 point = what?
Chelsea Rae Austin Thu Jun 21 09:39:00 2012
Does anyone else use strava? mine crashed during a century (at mile 95....) and I can't get it to work again. I can't get my stats AND I can't record any other rides. Any suggestions?
Mike Grote Thu Jun 21 08:35:00 2012
With all the sun exposure from massive amounts of riding, I've decided to try some of the "sun sleeves" that have hit the market from many of the cycle clothing manufacturers. I haven't seen anyone else around my area with them. Just wondering if any of you have tried them and what you opinion/experience has been.
Heather April Thu Jun 21 07:43:00 2012
So glad all my riding friends are still doing good this week despite the heat, etc. Congrats on the longer rides and new bikes! I am a little under the weather mid-week with a stomach bug so I'm off my bike in these 100f days. I go away this weekend but I plan to join you all again next week. I am stoked that like someone else said with 60% of the expected riders in this challenge, we are kicking ass!!
Michael Lemuel Thu Jun 21 02:41:00 2012
Today I've hit my 5,000th mile and 4th Platinum. Whew! I want to thank all of the challenge coordinators for inspiring me to do this. I'm trying for one more before we hit July. I have no doubt we'll hit our goal of 10,000,000 miles despite only having >60% of the riders. Here's to everybody for setting goals and blowing them all away. Let's show the public what we can do, and don't forget to get every rider to sign up. I still find riders who never heard of the NBC and bicycle everyday. Try to get your local media to run a story. While we ride as individuals, we also ride as teams, workplaces, communities, states, and as a community of CYCLIST (which we all belong) and we all have something to be proud of even if none of our stats are on the "leaderboard".

Mike L.

Andy Nowak Thu Jun 21 00:36:00 2012
Not to Platinum yet , but more miles than last year and well on my way to my personal goal of 1500 miles.
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 20 23:21:00 2012
I have identified my bird... it is a muskovy duck!
Michael Hammond Wed Jun 20 22:06:00 2012
It was a gatorade ride to work and back today for sure. A little toasty out there!!!! Congrats to all hanging in there on these...be sure to stay hydrated everyone!!
Russell Clubine Wed Jun 20 21:50:00 2012
Whoa! Back in the saddle again after 6 days off for a visit to DC and a wedding in Deleware. So wish I had my bike. Both Washington DC and Lewes, Deleware seemed to be quite bicycle-friendly. Would have been alot easier on my feet, too. Back at the commute yesterday and today. Very hot, humid at high of 96 today. But cooler for rest of week, in high 70's. I'm paying for the time away from the bike. And congrats, we hit 5 million miles. Big ride this Saturday. Dedication of Northeast rail trail. Should be fun. Keep riding everyone!
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 20 21:45:00 2012
I saw this bird on my ride tonight, and I have no idea what it is. Its about the size of a goose or turkey, Any ideas? Here's the link to the picture on FB:
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 20 21:42:00 2012
I saw this bird on my ride tonight, and I have no idea what it is. Its about the size of a goose or turkey, Any ideas? Here's the link to the picture on FB:
Bruce C. Oestreich Wed Jun 20 21:13:00 2012
cadence cadence cadence this 15 to 25 MPH wind will definitely test it when you ride into it but its soooooo fun turning around after 10 miles or so and ride like the wind!!!!!!! wooooohooo
Kim Skinner Wed Jun 20 18:00:00 2012
Jason, very cool video about Davis, California. Amazing - no school buses! I love that everyone bikes to school! It helps that the greatest distance in town is no more than 5 miles, there are no hills, and no snow. The bike sensors that change the stoplights are impressive. An amazing story. More towns should follow your example.
Martin Malin Wed Jun 20 17:48:00 2012
@Burklee - This was nothing compared to a few months ago, just before moving. I had the perfect amount of water to pressure cook a mixture of chickpeas and garbanzo beans for 20 minutes. I absentmindedly left, and when I got back about 2 hours later, the pressure cooker must have pressure cooked the burnt smell into the paint (no carpet/curtains). The place smelled like burnt marshmallows for at least a month.
Kim Skinner Wed Jun 20 17:47:00 2012
Platinum today! Saw 2 cranes resting in the shade on my way home. I know what they were thinking - 'those 2-wheeled creatures are crazy for being outside in this weather!'
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Wed Jun 20 17:23:00 2012
So my evening cycling will consist of visiting Dynamo Stadium just to experience the crowd. Our city is doing a demo of B Cycles program. A city (Houston TX) bicycle rental program with Trek cycles and help from Bike Barn. Which comes with a promise of slice of pizza! And if it's not to late, go watch a summer solstice ceremony. Taiko drums!
Nothing better than riding a bicycle to absorb these experiences!
Thanks for reading!
E M Matteson Wed Jun 20 17:08:00 2012
Hi everyone. I was out early again to beat the heat. It was in the 70s and ok as long as there was a breeze, but already humid when the wind was standing still. About 9 other riders on the road..
@Burklee, what an inspiring story. Man, I would never want to be the judge for picking the best story from this bike challenge. But yours is up among the top stories for sure.
Here's my tale of the day. I was looking for something in the UNL student newspaper and I discovered that Bike UNL has plans to apply to make UNL a Bike Friendly Campus. Your story and that news just totally made my day. Wish I had time to go out and take an extra ride...
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed Jun 20 14:55:00 2012
7 kids John? You need to spend more time out on your bike.
charles starnes Wed Jun 20 12:36:00 2012
@Burklee- Yes it is amazing how a bike ride clears out your head. After i start out in the spring and get my riding legs under me with a few short rides and if not really windy i will take of and just ride and ride. Its amazing how many miles you can ride when you don't think about it and its fun also. :) Keep on riding.
Burklee Green Wed Jun 20 12:30:00 2012
@Martin - Mmmmm... blackened greens. :) Don't you love the way the smell of burnt food lingers for a few days? As a bonus, there's the extra calories you burn scrubbing the pan afterwards. I have much experience burning food.

I love this site. You guys are awesome!!

Charlie L Wed Jun 20 12:29:00 2012
Welcome John. Perfect timing to replace Jude on the monthly leaderboard. lol
Martin Malin Wed Jun 20 11:21:00 2012
@Burklee - Glad you had such a positive mood altering time riding. I thought of your cooking prowess the other day when I decided to steam some greens. While they were steaming, I thought I would get onto this site for just a minute to look at the comments... It had been a while since I made Cajun greens. Finally scrubbed the pan.
Leonard Wright Wed Jun 20 11:15:00 2012
@ Burklee, You got it, a bicycle can be better than anything a doctor can prescribe when you are feeling stressed out and mad at the world. There is something about being on a bicycle and going for a nice easy ride that sooths the mind and causes many of your frustrations to evaporate. Glad to know you are feeling better. { Isn't it amazing how an easy 2 mile ride can turn into a 15 mile ride that turns out to be so enjoyable!! }
Cora Pynenberg Wed Jun 20 11:11:00 2012
Jaime - If you know when and how far you rode, you can add those past workouts manually, and they will still count, just not for the May drawing, since that was already held.
Jaime Richard Ogas Wed Jun 20 10:38:00 2012
Bummed out that I didn't register for this challenge until this month. Otherwise I would've been able to log in another 1000 points I had in May (520 miles plus 480 points for the 24 days I rode). I wanted to register before May 1, but thought you had to have a smartphone to participate. Someone at the Bike Fed of Wisconsin told me I could just manually enter my miles. So as of today I would be at 1878 points had I registered sooner.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed Jun 20 10:33:00 2012
Cora, one other thing. For all tires (and 16 inch tires in particular), make sure you order the correct inner tire diameter. This link explains ETRTO and why this is important. I learned the hard way that all 16 inch tires are not the same. http://www.schwalbetires.com/tech_info/size_markings
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed Jun 20 10:30:00 2012
@Cora - I bought some tires here for a BOB trailer last year, worked out well. Good luck! http://www.biketrailershop.com/bike-trailer-tires-c-255.html
Martin Malin Wed Jun 20 10:13:00 2012
@Cora - Congratulatins on the new bike! I'm sure you'll like it.
Equipment failures are one of the things we all could do without. Its frustrating when you want to ride, but can't. (In your case, when you want your son to be able to go along with you, but he can't.) Maybe take your trailer with you to the LBS.
Luci Sellers Wed Jun 20 10:12:00 2012
had to take car in yesterday and by time I got home it was 97 degrees and very high humidity, and gone last night. So added a little to today's ride...14.28 miles. I will try to add to every day to make up for yesterday. Going to be another scorcher today so glad ride is over.
Burklee Green Wed Jun 20 10:06:00 2012
I took the day off of work yesterday for the safety of all my coworkers. I've been all stressed out, ready to rip people's heads off simply because they exist. I rode out on an errand yesterday. It should have been a >2 mile round trip. I got where I was going and thought I'd just go a bit farther to make it a nice even number of miles. Then I got to Sheridan Boulevard. I've never ridden on Sheridan and it's a very nice street, so I thought I'd go to 33rd, then turn around and go home. But at 33rd, well, it's really close to the Rock Island trail, so I rode down and got on that, cuz I could get home on that. But then I could just ride up to the Bob Devaney Sports Center, cuz that's a nice trail. And at the Sports Center, well they've taken a lot of buildings out of State Fair Park, I should ride through here and see what they've done. It turned into 15.2 miles. It was ridiculously hot and windy, but I'm back at work today, and my coworkers are safe once again. :) A good bike ride costs less than a doctor visit and a prescription, works immediately, and the only negative side effects can be remedied easily by a shower, a change of clothes, and a bottle of chocolate milk. I feel much better.
John J. Kastner Wed Jun 20 10:03:00 2012
First time I've been on a bike in 27 years. I've biked this week the two hottest days so fair. Do I strat off slow no it's from home to work 7.56 miles and back again I'm 45 year's old 7 children, brain surgery, I must be crazy
Cora Pynenberg Wed Jun 20 09:58:00 2012
Bought a new bike last night... a Schwinn - so far only took it for a test ride around the block, but think I'm really going to like it. I'll have my husband tighten and adjust everything so that it is ready for a bit longer trip after class tonight.
Also discovered that the reason for both of the flats on my trailer was due to the steel belts coming thru the inside of the tire. Sure would have thought the local-bike-shop-that-shall-remain-nameless that fixed it the first time would have noticed that! So now I need to replace the tire... but so far no luck locating a 16 x 1.75 tire that will fit the wheel. Only one I found that said it was that size was a BMX tire, and the wheel went right thru the middle of it without touching, so I don't think that will work!
Sure hope I can find one soon, it makes my heart break to have to say no when my son, Josh, asks if we can go for a bike ride...
Jude Toche Wed Jun 20 09:19:00 2012
Welp, that's it for me for 4-6 weeks. Doctor says I've got bursitis in my right knee.

I've given you over 1400 miles since 5/1/12, Wisconsin riders. You guys & gals are gonna have to soldier on without me for a while.


Martin Malin Wed Jun 20 08:55:00 2012
@Jeanie - So far, 20,113 of 27,553 have logged some miles. (7,440 haven't logged any yet.)
As of last night, altogether we are averaging 183 miles per registered rider, and 251 miles on average for anyone who has logged any miles.
Jeanie West Wed Jun 20 08:34:00 2012
Just curious . . . Any way to know how many of our 27,000+ riders are actually logging miles?
Mike Ruane Wed Jun 20 08:33:00 2012
with temps forecasted in the mid to high nineties today and tomorrow, and 7 straight days of rides....I think its time for a rest day or two. Let''s see if I can sit still that long
Joe Sacco Wed Jun 20 08:19:00 2012
"When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking."
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Jim Post Wed Jun 20 08:15:00 2012
I stopped on the way in this morning to remove 3 small dead racoons from the yellow line on Hwy B. I figured they would be in a lot worse shape by this afternoon's return trip. :-) That's one more plus to riding a bike...it's just about impossible to kill multiple small furry critters all at once with your bike...Enjoy the ride TODAY! Summer Solstice occurs @ 8:09 pm (CDT)
Cynthia A Nelson Wed Jun 20 08:05:00 2012
Wow! 5 million miles! Is that so cool or what? Great going for everyone out there! Hopefully when the challenge is over we will continue to challenge ourselves and ride and commute!
dameon plagens Wed Jun 20 07:47:00 2012
something tells me it's going to be a long day so -blue skys, tailewinds and green lights to everyone, everywhere - Dameon
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 20 07:37:00 2012
@patrick I thought you could view my maps cause I rode with the gps on. I always have it on though. Phone is smarter then me takes to long to figure out how to turn it on and off. I shut off the Endomondo app everytime though.
Timothy M Walsh Wed Jun 20 06:32:00 2012
1 million miles in 10 days, with only 27000+ riders, way to go all.
Patrick Keelan Wed Jun 20 02:31:00 2012
@john jay, GPS must be on because I can view the map after each ride. Is it because I have the "pro" upgrade? I wouldn't think that should make a difference.
Michael Lemuel Wed Jun 20 01:16:00 2012
Bruce, don't let good humor leave a bad taste in your mouth! Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
travis montross Wed Jun 20 00:58:00 2012
i know this is the national section but there was a bike stolen from a shop in New York a very expensive bike. http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story/Rare-bicycle-valued-at-5-500-stolen-from-bike/4c3M6YgRvkiIafBpCtSTKg.cspx#.T-FSPh-UdTB.facebook
check out the pic of the guy who stole it and the bike.
Martin Malin Tue Jun 19 23:39:00 2012
If anyone wants some inspiraion... Below is a link to one of a series called "Raising an Olympian". This one is about Chris Hoy, who has 3 Gold Medals in bike track racing over two Olympics.
(You havwe to copy all three lines.)
I just watched several.
Also, to get you warmed up for theTour de France, the USA Track & Field trials will be on TV 6 times from this Friday until next Friday. (Only 2x if you don't have cable.) (Yes, I know it's running, but we're all kindred spirits.)
H. Joan Davies Tue Jun 19 23:15:00 2012
@ Vonn and E M: Thanks for the tips. Will do.
Brian Schweitzer Tue Jun 19 22:16:00 2012
Wow, I made Platinum today. Tomorrow I will have biked more miles this year as I did all of last year.
travis montross Tue Jun 19 21:57:00 2012
got my new shimano slx 9 speed cassette on today! But now i have to replace 8 of my spokes tomorrow at least i do the work myself.
Juan Carlos Montiel López Tue Jun 19 21:54:00 2012
I m come back, ready to log miles, we have a lot of rain, but its funny to ride offroad!!!
Bruce C. Oestreich Tue Jun 19 21:47:00 2012
The Good Humor ice cream man turned to sharp in front of me from right to left when I was coming up to a stop sign.There was quite a drop off on the right hand side and I nearly had to bail.I maintained my balance but it left a bad taste in my mouth .LOL
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jun 19 19:20:00 2012
@ Cora, My wife and I spent a couple weeks pressing our hands on his feet to help him pedal. It started to show slow progress until he "got it". Our hands were placed on the top of his feet during this training and we were behind him. As you may guess our backs were a bit stiff for a few days ; > !
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jun 19 19:18:00 2012
@Patrick, Is your GPS on. mine only loads the time if I forget.
Joe Holda Tue Jun 19 19:01:00 2012
Thanks for sharing that, sure would be nice to have that more around here. Funny thing is that WI is supposed to be the best in the nation for the racing scene yet every where in WI I have lived has seemed hostile to bikes. Guess I havent lived in Madison yet, have heard it is pretty decent there. And on the opposite hand I have heard that the Cali race scene is fairly dead in comparison yet seems like some cities are pretty welcoming to bikers. I know Portland seems to have trails and paths nearly everywhere, last time I was out there it seemed you couldnt drive a mile with out seeing a biker and that was in February!
J. Hugh Strickland Tue Jun 19 18:57:00 2012
I only ride in sandals and my spd pedals work really well. This has cured many foot complaints. My summer tour starts tomorrow so loging on will be infrequent for a month. Good rides to everyone.
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 19 17:32:00 2012
Jason, thanks for sharing that video--awesome!
Phillip, thanks--I was thinking the same thing! I am achy but we did get right back on our bikes yesterday and rode together again.
My idea of camping is probably similar, but I am a little more lax about bringing technology along. For instance, I do like having my cell phone along for emergencies, smartphone access to radar so that I know if a storm is approaching before I leave for a long ride or hike, and to record my bike ride on my endomondo app so that I don't have to remember to enter it later. I grew up with NONE of the technology and I would prefer to camp like Brad stated, but I will compromise a little bit in order to get my less-than-enthusiastic camping family to come out with me. We camp in a pop-up but without any electric. I consider showers and flushies as OK. I draw the line on TV and microwaves!
vonn roberts Tue Jun 19 17:27:00 2012
H. Joan, another cause of foot discomfort as you ride longer is shoes that are tied/velcroed to tightly. Loosen them up a bit and see if it helps.
E M Matteson Tue Jun 19 17:21:00 2012
@ H. Joan, I wiggle my toes every once in a while to loosen them up. You can do this on the flats or mild downhill when you don't have to pedal so hard or when you are at a stop. I also take my hands of the handlebars (one at a time) to stretch my arm and shake out or wiggle my fingers. Hope this helps.
E M Matteson Tue Jun 19 17:09:00 2012
HI all, out this morning for 19+. Temps. were already in the upper 70s and it was humid. A little wind too, but nothing like what you guys are getting out west.
@ Rob what an awesome ride, and to top it off with a popcycle. Those are the kinds of days we live for.
@ Ronald & Stephen, welcome to the platinum club!
RE the kids: I agree with Leonard, sign these kids up and record their mileage. After all the idea is to get more riders out there and what better way than to inspire the next generation. My son got his first bike when he was three and he figured out how to ride right away. What really got our attention was his "BRAKING." He practiced that a lot. Where did he learn braking? From Thomas the Tank Engine. They will all get the hang of it. In the meantime, look out Flintstones, here comes Cora's son.
AS for Charlie and the Mountain Dew can rescue: that's just legendary, dude.
H. Joan Davies Tue Jun 19 17:06:00 2012
@ Stephen S. Congrats on Platinum! General question for any and all... My toes start to get numb as I am increasing my distances. I've been in my same shoes for a little over a year. I'm trying to do more pulling on the "up" to get stronger and get more out of each pedal stroke. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Tue Jun 19 16:33:00 2012
Together, we've ridden 5 million miles! Great riding, everyone.
Patrick Keelan Tue Jun 19 16:14:00 2012
Stupid question. I thought my ride work out automatically uploaded from my endomondo pro app, right? I'm having to manually enter the data each time. I must be doing something wrong?
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 19 16:03:00 2012
Any other questions Heather? lol
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Tue Jun 19 15:21:00 2012
Steve Brengosz - I definately would agree; leave the computer and the TV at home, and the iPod too for that matter. For me, some occasional quite time is rejuvinating and necessary. Hear the wind in the trees? What does a hot field of thistle smell like? When you get away from artifice you feel the natural rhythms again; when it gets dark out you get tired; when the sun comes up you wake up. Listen to the birds. What does the morning smell like?
Heather April Tue Jun 19 14:56:00 2012
Wondering if that three miles is going to tick over to 5 million before I get out of here in another hour. How exciting is it to be halfway to our miles goal already???
Jason Yach Tue Jun 19 14:53:00 2012
Wish Neenah could become like this.
Jason Yach Tue Jun 19 14:45:00 2012
Awesome video Phil. I wish Neenah could become more like Davis.
Stephen Starling Tue Jun 19 14:39:00 2012
I made Platinum today! Woohoo!
Phil Wandrey Tue Jun 19 13:27:00 2012
Thought it good to revisit Davis, CA, a platinum Bike City...no school buses, more bikes than people! Decades of committment and planning, so great to see.
Hello Daly Tue Jun 19 13:25:00 2012
@Randi: Congratulations!! That is awesome. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was in high school. My sister taught me and I remember running into a tree, LOL!!
Randi Mathieu Tue Jun 19 13:02:00 2012
My 5 yr old is now officially off training wheels! He loves riding his 2-wheeler. He also loves the trail-a-bike so he can go on longer (or faster) rides!
charles starnes Tue Jun 19 12:49:00 2012
Got out with my son Gary and we got in a 23+ mile ride. Had a good head wind going out but nice tail wind pushing us back home. Son hauls his 3 yr old daughter out with him a lot. He got her a bike a while back and they walk her around the neighborhood as she pedals it on her own. She has grown up watching dad pedel in front of her. Woin't be long befor she can ride the tag-a-long he has also. I am up to 1117.5 on my log book now for the year.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Jun 19 12:26:00 2012
I think I am recovered from Sunday's ride. I did the Denver Century. The first part of the ride was great. Rding through downtown Denver than over to Golden, up Lookout Mountain. As we got further north we hit high temperatures, 50 mph crosswinds. Several people who were planning the century made a right turn for the 60-85 route instead of the left turn for the 100 mile route. Many people were walking up the hill to the turn. Though I think walking up a hill is harder than riding up the hill. I just plodded my way up until I could make my left turn. Than we had the headwind. The last 25 miles were brutal with temperatures getting up to 115 degrees. The last two aid stations had ice for our water which was a real lifesaver. Then just a short 20 miles yesterday due to high temps and wind. Got out earlier today to avoid the high temperatures.
Troy Stentz Tue Jun 19 11:59:00 2012
@Charlie - Thanks for making a different in the Mt. Dew can's life today. There's a special place in aluminum heaven for you.
@Joe - I've seen that Hemingway quote before. I just have a hard time imagining him on a bicycle, but I'm sure that's probably how he got around Europe much of the time.
Joe Sacco Tue Jun 19 11:50:00 2012
It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.   –Ernest Hemingway
Phillip Fischer Tue Jun 19 11:45:00 2012
@Jenny - glad you're not too hurt, but thank you for sharing the sweet story. It's always a good idea to try to laugh off the not-so-serious injuries. If nothing else, the endorphins reduce perceived pain!
Leonard Wright Tue Jun 19 10:06:00 2012
@ Tami & John, I think your young one is picking up the desire to ride from both of you. There is nothing better you can do for your children than teach them to live a healthy lifestyle, it's something they will have all their lives.

@ Cora, Keep taking you young one for rides, he will figure it out before long and then you will not be able to stop him.

These are our future cyclists, there is no such thing as starting them too soon. Children learn best by example, you keep riding and they will want to ride also. I can tell I will have a lot of competition in the coming years, I can think of nothing that would make me happier. (I think it would be wonderful to see a 3 or 4 year old win one of the bikes - that is something they would remember throughout their life and they would never leave cycling.....)

Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 19 09:25:00 2012
@Tami - That is awesome that your little one is starting to ride already. My son is 3 and 1/2 and has not yet figured out how to pedal. I keep hoping that if he watches me pedal from the trailer enough times that eventually it will just click - but he still refuses to put his feet on the pedals. He'll go the full 1/4 mile to the corner and back just scooting along with his feet on the ground.
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 19 09:22:00 2012
Yea @Ronald, Congrats and welcome! ;-)
Charlie L Tue Jun 19 08:48:00 2012
Beautiful day here today. At least for the morning ride. Lots of people out early because of the heat. Rescued a Mt Dew can from the top ledge of the bridge over the river today. I think it was lost and was going to jump into the water far below. At first I simply rode by but as I got aways past I had to return and help it out. I carefully stored it in my empty water bottle rack and was going to take it to my work. However, as I past the blue recycle bin on campus it wanted to go there. That's why I think it was lost, desperate and ready to jump off the bridge. Glad I didn't leave it behind.
Heather April Tue Jun 19 08:36:00 2012
@Tami that is so awesome and look at your little one. He is adorable on his bike!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 19 08:34:00 2012
@Heather - the way out was a challenge, but the way back, well it was a breeze.
Martin Malin Tue Jun 19 08:05:00 2012
@Tami - Sign him up for the NBC. He would probably be the youngest, and would already have 20.5 points - well on the way to Bronze! @Leonard had better watch out for him in a year or two.
John Jay Mcnall Tue Jun 19 08:02:00 2012
@ Tami I am very proud of him also must get it from you
Tami McNall Tue Jun 19 07:24:00 2012
I took my little 2year old out on his bike this weekend. He just learned how to pedal but cant steer well. He managed to go ~1/4 mile and see daddy helping the neighbor. He then played a bit and rode back home. I dont push him to be this active I am proud of him and I am concerned about where he will end up when he gets older. Who knows maybe the Tour De France awaits him!
Heather April Tue Jun 19 07:16:00 2012
@Ronald GO YOU! @Rob-what a day. You are a better rider than I because I could not tolerate a wind that high. Summer starts tomorrow and were already expecting 100 degrees on Weds here in the mid-atlantic. I am probably going to regret my goal this week. haha
Leonard Wright Tue Jun 19 02:48:00 2012
@ Rob, That is the joy of riding - those are the kinds of rides you will remember the rest of your life. Glad you were able to have such a wonderful ride.
Flavster Titmawz Tue Jun 19 00:44:00 2012
Almost 5 million miles... NICE!
H. Joan Davies Tue Jun 19 00:08:00 2012
@ Rob- what a great day you had!
@Daly- thanks for the encouragement. Sounds like we both need a calm day. Good for YOU getting saddle time! It feeds the need for sure.
Ronald Williams Tue Jun 19 00:02:00 2012
Got my Platinum Points Yeahawwww !!!!
Steve Brengosz Mon Jun 18 23:20:00 2012
I'm sorry, but the internet while camping in the Northwoods is just wrong
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jun 18 22:48:00 2012
Rode from Iowa City to Kalona, IA and back through Hills, IA today. Total 45 miles with south wind gusting 30 to 40 mph, gravel roads, hills and temps of 95 (but it was a dry heat). I left Iowa City at 9 am and didn't return until 6 pm. Several stops including an Amish grocery (Stringtown Grocery) where I enjoyed their homemade, spicy jerky, grape spritzer, and an orange. Had a nice lunch at Kalona Bakery. Stopped to cross a gravel road and an Amish guy stopped his wagon also and we chatted about how hot it was. At one point, in the middle of Iowa farmland, I took a break under a shady tree in a cemetery. A woman stopped her pick-up and asked if I was ok. I told her I was just cooling off and getting out of the sun. She comes up to me and offers a popsicle, she must have been coming back from shopping. She told me her kids were in the truck and they suggested I might enjoy a popsicle. Boy, did I! That was the top highlight from a fun adventure. I'm tired and looking forward to a good nights rest.
E M Matteson Mon Jun 18 22:34:00 2012
HI all, Out this morning. Temps in the 70s and humidity creeping back in. There was real heat this afternoon in the 90s, so glad I wasn't riding then. Saw 10 other cyclists this morning.
@ Heather, the kayak is fun, but I get tired of sitting in one position, so I think I prefer a canoe. Its great weather for being on the water!
Four million miles people: RIDE ON!!!!
George Robert Hatcher, Jr Mon Jun 18 21:22:00 2012
Seyboro Cycle Club, Goldsboro, NC offered a wonderful double century last weekend.
My first.
Hello Daly Mon Jun 18 19:26:00 2012
@Jeanie: You're welcome :-)
@H. Joan: It's also very windy here in Reno so I drove part of the way to work and rode my bike. Still, the wind kept pushing me onto the narrow road. I knew it would be a gusty day but I needed to get in the saddle today. It's what makes me happy. Good for you for getting in the miles!!
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 18 18:05:00 2012
Glad to hear you are having a nice time, Gregg! Stay safe in the weather! I hate pop-ups in severe storms.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 18 17:55:00 2012
I am having a great time vacationing and also biking in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest near Sayner, Plum Lake, Boulder Junction, and Minocqua, WI. This is a road and mountain biker's paradise. It is very hot and humid and storms and tornados are popping up all around us. We have a pop up camper on a lake front camp site on the beautiful beaches on Crystal Lake. The entire lake is a designated beach and you can walk around the whole lake on the beach, which is about 1 1/4 miles around, so it is a small lake. Hopefully , no storms or tornados blow in off the lake because we are sleeping only about 75 yards from the lake. I also found a group here in Minocqua that rides for 55-60 miles every Sunday morning at 7 am on the rural woodsy roads around here that have nice rolling hills around hundreds of lakes and streams. It is really nice biking here with no traffic and very scenic. I had a really nice time biking with them and they were very happy to have me join them. Nice to bike with someone who is familiar and knows all the nice back roads.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 18 17:52:00 2012
I am having a great time vacationing and also biking in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest near Sayner, Plum Lake, Boulder Junction, and Minocqua, WI. This is a road and mountain biker's paradise. It is very hot and humid and storms and tornados are popping up all around us. We have a pop up camper on a lake front camp site on the beautiful beaches on Crystal Lake. The entire lake is a designated beach and you can walk around the whole lake on the beach, which is about 1 1/4 miles around, so it is a small lake. Hopefully , no storms or tornados blow in off the lake because we are sleeping only about 75 yards from the lake. I also found a group here in Minocqua that rides for 55-60 miles every Sunday morning at 7 am on the rural woodsy roads around here that have nice rolling hills around hundreds of lakes and streams. It is really nice biking here with no traffic and very scenic. I had a really nice time biking with them and they were very happy to have me join them. Nice to bike with someone who is familiar and knows all the nice back roads.
Peter J Feyen Mon Jun 18 17:06:00 2012
Rain stopped, went for 2.2 miles and turned around because of the rain ahead. If I had a motorcycle I wouldn't have gotten wet. But I did beat the heavy rain with a lot of thunder! Only 4.4 miles and 20 points, but who is counting.
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Jun 18 17:05:00 2012
@Jeanie West-that is an amazing goal. Will also definitley check out hte Reve Tour.
David Paoli Mon Jun 18 17:04:00 2012
Did my vacation in Oklahoma doing the OK Freewheel bike tour. Love my extra 517 miles and it was a beautiful state.
Juan Carlos Montiel López Mon Jun 18 16:37:00 2012
At my hometown is raining, we were waiting for that, tomorow we can ride!!!
Peter J Feyen Mon Jun 18 15:35:00 2012
@Christine- "The Block" out in the wooded country is very nice except for the many hills. The last 4.2 miles was 80% up grade, steeper grade to another hill. The last"killing" part was a 8mph head wind. At least I won over the wind! Still waiting for the rain to stop so I can ride. Its 3:50 PM Eastern Time here. Happy and safe riding.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 18 14:48:00 2012
Took a nice leisurely ride with my youngest daughter yesterday on the Apple Creek trail. We both had a nice time. However, we did have a mishap--she thought that we were turning at the "next" intersection and ended up turning right into my path. I had to swerve and brake hard to avoid her, which I of course promptly went flying off my bike and landed on my right knee and elbow. I wanted to cry but quickly realized that if I did, then she would, too! So, I ended up laughing, and then she started laughing! We were both sitting on the trail laughing at each other! We dusted each other off and rode back to our starting point. Needless to say, I am a bit sore today, and this is my first skinned knee since I was probably HER age!
Jeanie West Mon Jun 18 14:09:00 2012
@Daly, thanks for the heads up on the Reve Tour. How awesome and inspiring! I'll definitely be following them as they ride.
H. Joan Davies Mon Jun 18 14:06:00 2012
Had all intentions of a 50 mile day. Started out fine. About 26 miles in the wind kicked in- Geesh! Had to push into it on the down. When when my bike stared to wobble off the shoulder I thought I'd better get home. Checked current wind speed in Casper 25mph. It was a good workout for the legs, but didn't reach my goal. :-( Maybe tomorrow? I hope so.
charles starnes Mon Jun 18 13:03:00 2012
Got out this morning with Gary and Phil and rode to town and back. Was nice going in as we had a tail wind. Coming back home was another matter. I got home and checked the Weather channel for my location and it says the wind was ssw at 16mph. No wonder i was on the small sprocket most of the way home. :) Got in a tic over 27miles today.
Hello Daly Mon Jun 18 12:50:00 2012
@Jeanie: What a wonderful goal!! You've inspired me to set a goal for myself, and that is to commute to work by bike or take a liesurely ride on the non-rest days of the Tour. Did you hear about the six women who are bicycling the entire Tour de France route called the Rêve Tour? http://www.peopleforbikes.org/blog/entry/women_and_bicycling
Paul Bouffleur Mon Jun 18 12:33:00 2012
Cora - I usually replace a tube, then patch an old one and use it for a spare. Some patches, especially the self adhesive ones will leak a bit.
Cora Pynenberg Mon Jun 18 12:18:00 2012
Well, my awesome tour-de-rummage sales on Saturday got cut short by approaching storms, which I failed to outrun! Ended up seeking shelter at my in-law's house, drenched from head-to-toe. Also found that the while the cover of my trailer is quite waterproof, the underside is not. So while my son Josh did not get rained on, he did end up with a wet behind, from the tires kicking water up thru the seat.
Then, on Sunday, Josh asked me to go for a bike ride (and how could I say no!?), and I discovered that one of the tires on the trailer had developed a slow leak. I'm thinking it was from running over a metal rod racing home on Saturday - I had swerved to avoid it, but wasn't able to get out far enough to clear the back tire on the trailer. It was slow enough that I was able to air it up and ride to the park with the bike pump, and then air it up to ride back. With a leak that slow, I'm thinking I should try to patch the tube, but I've never done that - any suggestions?
Brett Bunker Mon Jun 18 11:52:00 2012
After a 10 day layoff from riding due to our family vacation I finally got a chance to ride again this morning. Five miles into the ride I broke a spoke. Must be Monday.
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Jun 18 11:19:00 2012
@Ian, well said!
Ken Heffron Mon Jun 18 11:16:00 2012
awesome duathlon event at the YMCA - Weston on Saturday. My (reluctant) son and I teamed up for a relay....he ran I biked.....quote from him afterward..."Dad that was awesome ; we need to do another one". Sweet pre-Father's Day day.
Martin Malin Mon Jun 18 10:59:00 2012
@Jeanie - I've had that same goal for several years. Haven't quite done it yet, but this year... I always love their rest days. They give me a chance to catch up.
Martin Malin Mon Jun 18 10:56:00 2012
@Larry - It is only the miles you ride outside going somewhere. It gives one the opportunity to find time between doing everything else to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. And the best way is to incorporate it into everything else.
Larry Hall Mon Jun 18 10:44:00 2012
Question? Does the mileage from a stationary bike count in the National Bike Challenge?
Tom Marquardt Mon Jun 18 10:33:00 2012
@Andrew The Tour de Bago was a ride put together by a guy in Neenah. There was about 30 of us total. Casual ride with beer afterward. The weather was perfect.
Jeanie West Mon Jun 18 10:27:00 2012
@Cynthia: My next goal is to ride 25% of the Tour de France miles over the same 23 days of the Tour, which starts on June 30. 25% will be 539 miles.
Andy Nowak Mon Jun 18 10:05:00 2012
Tour da Bago sounds like a carefree fun day of biking. Anybody know the 2013 date yet?
Jude Toche Mon Jun 18 10:04:00 2012
Yeesh. Stay cool out there this week, peeps.
Ian M. Seecof Mon Jun 18 09:12:00 2012
I am greatly impressed by all the contributers to this wonderful web site. It is a chapter in world history that so many people of all ages are living examples of the health and happieness we share. I am not surprised that many of us also swim, run, kayak, SCUBA, etc. Competitveness can be utilized to achieve so much more than just individual rewards. We are all brothers & sisters on 2 wheels riding to save our planet and lead by example. Thank you all for taking a giant pull at the front. Ian
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Jun 18 08:35:00 2012
@Heather and all. Oh yes, Kayaking is on the list to try. It will be so very awesome if we hit 5 million miles. When you think about it, that in itself is a great goal to crush. Shows how united people can be and what good things can be accomplished.
Heather April Mon Jun 18 08:31:00 2012
@Cynthia! Way to go. Setting goals and crushing them is pretty fun. I didn't ride much this past weekend but I did kayak and really enjoyed that. My goal is to commute as much as possible Mon-Friday this week. I hope everyone had a great Fathers day. We are probably going to hit 5 million miles this week!
Cynthia A Nelson Mon Jun 18 08:08:00 2012
Mondays are never bad when you start it on 2 wheels! No such thing as the Monday morning blues here! My goal this week is bike 5 out of 5 days. I am averaging 3 to 4. Anyone else out there have a goal to set? It can be hard when life gets in the way....
Thomas Timmons Mon Jun 18 07:57:00 2012
Nice to be back on the bike today for a commute to/from work. Been off the bike the last five days after a minor outpatient procedure last Wednesday afternoon. My day starts a lot better when I'm starting it on my bike!
Laurie Bries Mon Jun 18 07:01:00 2012
30 miles on the 400 trail on Saturday. Reedsburg to Wonewoc. Nice bike shop in Wonewoc. You guys ROCK! 83 miles! 18.3! 65!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sun Jun 17 23:07:00 2012
Great ride in Iowa City tonight - rode out to Hills and back!
Melinda Hollis Sun Jun 17 22:57:00 2012
Can I just say, I love my bike, and I love riding.
travis montross Sun Jun 17 21:20:00 2012
@E M Matteson Yeah our bike shop is out of cassettes right now haha. hopefully more come in tues.
E M Matteson Sun Jun 17 21:15:00 2012
HI all, out early and rode a couple of loops. Ended up with 28 miles, which is about the same number of riders I saw. One rider per mile, that's pretty good. Only some areas have significantly more riders than others.
@ Peggy, nice not to have to pay attention to the calories etc. But for many people 5-10 pounds can be the difference between healthy and not so healthy....
@ Travis sorry about the casette, I'd give you mine, but we got rid of them after we sold the last car that had a cassette deck. LOL But seriously, I hope you & Dameon get repairs soon so you can get back to the serious (FUN) business of riding.

Happy father's day to all the riding dads out there!

Sue Luba Sun Jun 17 18:58:00 2012
Just did a 65 miler today -- Friday's ride was cut short due to a flat tire -- today was really a nice day to be out there riding
dameon plagens Sun Jun 17 18:48:00 2012
broken spokes on my 700c rim fixed w/ 26" running a k-kross w/ no rear brake as I use v,s on a lwb bent not my best day will pick-up spokes [ as in more then one tomorrow . ride with joy and remember the best bike is the one you will RIDE
Beth A Perkins Sun Jun 17 17:04:00 2012
Happy Father's Day to all. Met a friend for a ride and had a delightful 20 mile jaunt up the towpath. Had no guilt at all when I ate my lunch as I worked off pretty much everything I took in. Beautiful weather, 72 for a high, slight breeze, clouds off and on. Couldn't ask for a better day. Keep on cycling!!!!
Ralph Martin Woolf Sun Jun 17 16:32:00 2012
Really enjoying the challenge again this year, just wish the sun will come out soon , never mind hope to get some riding in august when me and my son visit California, so look out Lance.
Tom Marquardt Sun Jun 17 14:52:00 2012
Completed the 83 mile Tour de Bago ride around lake Winnebago yesterday. Fought the wind from Neenah to Fond du Lac but the stretch from Fondy back to Neenah was great with the tail wind. First time around the lake.
Pamela Murray Sun Jun 17 14:20:00 2012
I finally made Platinum! I'm the fourth person on our team to make Platinum. Keep riding.
Pat Aldrich Sun Jun 17 13:44:00 2012
Was supposed to use today to rest and recover, woke up and rode 20 miles instead.
Christine Salvatore Sun Jun 17 13:31:00 2012
That's some block!
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 17 13:26:00 2012
Where are these 12 riders who are not local but still live in Topeka?
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 17 13:20:00 2012
Question: How is it that our city (Topeka, KS) has 114 riders but there are only 102 that show up on "local" statistics?
Peter J Feyen Sun Jun 17 11:49:00 2012
Peter J Feyen
in the UP by my dauther and just rode around the block to get 20 points . But it was only 18.3 miles! Just less time with family on Father's Day.
Nathan Tennison Sun Jun 17 10:27:00 2012
Happy Father's Day!
Dave Bushey Sun Jun 17 09:38:00 2012
@Nick - I certainly think I should get some sort of bonus when I lug my kids around in the bike trailer, those little f'ers are getting HEAVY.
Wally Olson Sun Jun 17 08:57:00 2012
Congratulations Wisconsin. I see we passed the million mile mark on the local web page.
Michael Lemuel Sat Jun 16 23:55:00 2012
For those of us who scare another generation by having a child ... Happy Father's Day. To all our kids who say "Daddy watch this!!!", thanks for the cardiovascular checkup.

Mike L.

Michael Lemberger Sat Jun 16 22:19:00 2012
@Nick: hills, gravel, dirt or snow, a mile's a mile. Nice try, pal.
Nick Robinson Sat Jun 16 22:03:00 2012
Anybody else thinking that the Horribly Hilly should count as double points?
travis montross Sat Jun 16 21:56:00 2012
well my riding is hindered now. i need a new cassette and maybe a freehub :(
E M Matteson Sat Jun 16 21:54:00 2012
Hi all, rode from Creve Coeur Lake into St. Charles to have lunch, about 18 miles round trip, some of it on the Katy Trail. Temps in the 90s, so slower riding. Lots of people out raising money for cancer.
@ Randi, good for you. I think its a good idea even for experienced riders to take smart cycling classes, and to become trained instructors so we can generate even more riders.... Ride on people!!
Charlie L Sat Jun 16 20:47:00 2012
@Dorian, Lanesboro is a small treasure in the middle of now where. I feel like when the trail opens up into the village it is like you were instantly transported into a bustling city. Last year was my first opportunity to explore the area. Really enjoy the entire trail.
Randi Mathieu Sat Jun 16 20:10:00 2012
Hey ya'll - I just participated in a Smart Cycling 101 class presented by the League of American Bicyclists - I highly recommend it - especially for those of us rather new to riding.
Pat Aldrich Sat Jun 16 20:05:00 2012
35 miles through some brutal hillage in Anaheim Hills today. Time for ride #2. Probably another 20 or so
Melinda Hollis Sat Jun 16 19:32:00 2012
3.76 more miles today! Woo hoo! I didn't want to stop. (Fuddy duddy hubby.) :)
Alan D. Earhart Sat Jun 16 19:07:00 2012
Ah, but we can't all be you, Peggy!
Peggy Holloway Sat Jun 16 19:03:00 2012
Really - who cares about weight and calories burned. I haven't weighed myself in 13 years and I don't count calories. And cheeseburgers? You really needn't be concerned about how many cheeseburgers you "burn." (Do hold the bun, however). Don't you all know that "calories in, calories out" is bunk?
Dorian Grilley Sat Jun 16 18:45:00 2012
Lanesboro is beautiful this time of year. Davis and I rode 61 miles in two outings on the roads and Root River Trail today. That is a new one-day personal best for Davis. He had more in him.
harry j shepherd Sat Jun 16 18:39:00 2012
put 16 miles on the today going to and from work, hate to work on saturday, but it was federal over-time, yahoo.
Charlie L Sat Jun 16 17:20:00 2012
It was a great day for a ride in Onalaska today, Minds in Motion. Lots of fun in spite of the rainy spots. Great support too.
Chamayne Ortegon Sat Jun 16 15:52:00 2012
@Troy - Yep you're right! Biked this morning to go pay the Kohl's bill. Went to Sam's to get an industrial roll of aluminum foil! Check the back pack before I left the house to be sure it would fit. Totally didn't take into account how much more a full roll weighs! ;-) Now waiting for it to cool down before I go outside again and do a little maintenance on my bike.
Jacque Burgin Sat Jun 16 15:44:00 2012
@ EM - thanks for the term 'rollers'! You are right about having just enough power to get back up the next roller!! It's a fanny kicker, but fun!! I'll be out for a week as I'm going fishing on Lake Gaston in VA-NC area. Back on the bike after a week!! Ride 'em y'all!!
Astrid Lague Sat Jun 16 15:15:00 2012
Thanks for the input! :) I'll go by the lower estimates, and if it's more than that, simply a bonus.
Sat Jun 16 13:39:00 2012
Congratulations to all riders, together we have saved over $1 million by choosing to bike rather than use a vehicle. Keep up the good work and ride safe!
Wally Olson Sat Jun 16 11:55:00 2012
Thought the wind was pushing hard this morning, then I made my turn for home and had a tail wind. Still not going very fast and I'm thinking, "Man, I must be having an off day, my legs just won't get going". Then about 30 miles into the ride the front fork starts to feel spongy. Sure enough, sometime after I left work this morning I got a slow leak in my front tire. I had been riding on a soft tire for most of the ride. Time to pay John at Sprocketz a visit.
Julie Kramer Sat Jun 16 10:47:00 2012
Have fun Gregg. We camp at Firefly and always enjoy the bike trails.
Bruce C. Oestreich Sat Jun 16 01:19:00 2012
@EM there are a lot of rollers along the highway trail hereI think they are a lot of fun you go dowm 1 hillabout 25MPH and then encounter another hill and get down to about 7MPH then down again lol.Otherwise most of the trails around here are pretty much flat as a pancake ...steady speed.Where I come from there are plenty of hills.
Michael Lemuel Sat Jun 16 01:04:00 2012
What to do after completing the distance of 2 Tour de France in 46 days? Remind your friend they said they'd buy dinner and do another one faster.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 15 23:53:00 2012
I love rollers. They have a lot of those on the bike trail from Crystal Lake to Boulder Junction in Wisconsin.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 15 23:50:00 2012
Leaving for a week's vacation tomorrow camping on the beach at Crystal Lake in the Northern Highland- American Legion State Forest. Vilas County has over 1,300 lakes and lots of trails and back roads in the forest for biking.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 15 22:48:00 2012
Leaving for a week's vacation tomorrow camping on the beach at Crystal Lake in the Northen Highland- American Legion Forest. Vilas County has over 1,600 lakes and lots of trails and back roads in the forest for biking.
E M Matteson Fri Jun 15 22:42:00 2012
Hi all, rode this morning with temps in 70s and spotted 9 other riders.
@ Jacque, I think your hills are what I call "rollers" you go down one and almost have enough power to get up the next one. Enjoy!!
Martin Malin Fri Jun 15 22:30:00 2012
@Jim - Go to the top of the page, click Prizes, Winners, and the dropdown to switch June to May.
Jim D. Sylvester Fri Jun 15 22:26:00 2012
does anyone know who the winners where for may?
Al Yard Fri Jun 15 22:21:00 2012
It was a great day for riding here, too. 49 when I left the house this morning. Four miles from home, I turn, and the scenery there makes me glad that I got up and riding in the morning. This afternoon was a warm ride home. Now, if we could just educate the drivers of motor vehicles to slow down and move over instead of seeing how close they can come to my most leftward protruding body part or handlebar....
Martin Bienengraeber Fri Jun 15 22:21:00 2012
1 Million miles for Wisconsin in 1.5 months! (On the national page - on Wisconsin page still 14400 missing).
Charlie L Fri Jun 15 20:56:00 2012
Minds In Motion fundraiser ride for the schools Saturday in Onalaska. Come one and all!!
Martin Malin Fri Jun 15 20:48:00 2012
@Astrid - Based on what I've seen, the lower number is probably a closer estimate of how many calories you are burning. Having said that, they are all just estimates. There are way too many factors involved to be totally accurate. Besides the weight, distance, and time, there are dozens of other factors that play into calories burned: Net elevation change, stops and starts, how quickly one accelerates after a stop, wind direction, your speed (someone biking 20 miles in one hour will burn more calories than someone biking 20 miles in 2 hours, all other things being equal, (The wind resistance increases in a geometric progression the faster one rides.), and then there are all of the bike factors. The total weight of the bike is a factor, but not as large of a factor as the weight of the ends of the moving parts, like the tires, (sew ups, clinchers, inner tubes, thorn guards, etc...), wheels, pedals, spokes, shoes, and lower legs. The smaller the ratio of these to overall weight, the better. Riding position and attire also play a part with wind resistance. I could go on with more, but I will leave you with one final one - how efficiently your muscle cells function versus the efficiency with someone else the same height/weight, etc... The only way to find a very accfurate estimate for yourself is to volunteer for a study in an Exercise Physiology lab.
Dave Bushey Fri Jun 15 20:17:00 2012
Anyone else doing the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee tomorrow?
Howard Hochheiser Fri Jun 15 20:15:00 2012
@ Ray. I ride a Tarmac and love it, but my gut tells me the Roubaix may be the better choice for you. Despite your not feeling much of a difference, it should better on the roads that you describe, and a little more comfortable for long rides. I don't have a problem on long rides with my Tarmac, but on paper its built a bit more for speed and the Roubaix for rough roads and comfort. This is from last year but take a look: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-specialized-roubaix-comp-sl2-11-42319
Troy Stentz Fri Jun 15 19:32:00 2012
Uh-oh Chamayne. You are now at serious risk of never driving your car to the train station again. Way to go! My 'addiction' began when I couldn't keep my car out of the shop and couldn't hack the 90 minute trek to work via bus. I've never looked back!
Mike Grote Fri Jun 15 18:48:00 2012
Today I was on a bike path (part of the Ohio to Erie Trial) with heavy vegetation on both sides when I came upon a deer and her fawn. They ran off ahead of me and with the mother darting back and forth across the trail, I dared not try to pass so I slowed to allow them to run ahead. While she could have easily jumped the vegetation, the fawn could not, so she choose to stay on the trail. After a few hundred feet, the trail crossed a creek, and they were able to go off. Definitely more personal than seeing a deer from a car!
Chamayne Ortegon Fri Jun 15 18:03:00 2012
I finally did it! Left the vehicle in the driveway today! Rode to the train and then to work!
John M Fri Jun 15 17:53:00 2012
I have done extensive Google searching of calories burned by cycling. The best estimate I came up with was .28 calories/pound/mile at a moderate intensity level. Just round that off to .25 calories and it's easy to do the math. A 160 pound person would burn 40 calories/mile. 200 pound person 50 calories/mile.

My own experience with religiously tracking calorie intake, exercise, and weight loss showed the .28 calorie estimate to be very accurate.

Astrid Lague Fri Jun 15 16:57:00 2012
I'd love it if Endomondo is right. ;)
Astrid Lague Fri Jun 15 16:56:00 2012
It's FitDay.com
Jakub Krysmalski Fri Jun 15 15:53:00 2012
Can You give me link to this site? I'd like to check this out :)
Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 15 15:14:00 2012
Astrid - Does the other site use the distance, or just the duration? If it is just the duration, then Endo would be more accurate - clearly you would burn more claories in 49 minutes riding 10.5 miles than, say 7.3 miles, which would be closer to my pace. If the other site does not use distance and duration, they may be underestimating how hard you are working.
I have found Endo to be very accurate - I work out on Wii, and it gives me a calories burned based on my performance, and the Endo number for the activity is normally almost the same.
Since I'm very curious now - what is the other site?
Astrid Lague Fri Jun 15 13:59:00 2012
That's the funny thing - both sites have the same information. Age, height, weight, and how long it's taking me to finish my ride. I guess it's just frustrating that the two estimates are so different!
Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 15 12:15:00 2012
@Kim - I love rummage sale-ing - but every time we drive around town to them, I think about how much gas we are wasting, since all the stop and start driving causes our gas mileage to plummet. I always feel like any money I saved buying rummage stuff, I have wasted on gas. This way will be MUCH better!
Kim Skinner Fri Jun 15 12:08:00 2012
Cora, sounds like a perfect way to get a ride in!
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 15 11:43:00 2012
Jude, are you looking only at points for June? The leaderboard defaults to the current month. Go to the drop down list and select 'entire period', hopefully this will make you feel better.
Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 15 11:11:00 2012
Astrid - Calories burned are based on your height, weight, gender and exertion level. The more accurate the information used to measure these, the more accurate the calorie calculation will be. If you are entering information manually, Endo uses your distance and duration to estimate your exertion level, and uses the data you have entered for height, weight and gender to calculate your calories. The more information the system has to calulate exertion level, the more accurate it will be. If you add heart rate data and/or use the Endo app to track your rides, you will get more accurate results.

So - to answer your question - whichever site is using the most accurate and complete data will produce the most accurate calculation.

Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 15 10:38:00 2012
Just used Google Maps to route a lovely 23 mile tour-de-rummage-sales for tomorrow, which will include a nice trip thru Telulah park on the last half, so I might have to plan a picnic lunch for Josh (my 3 year old) and I . That should make up for taking last night off. I was so tired and sore after class that I didn't even want to think about getting on my bike. But I still would have if Josh had asked to go for a ride. Lucky for me, he wanted to read a book instead.
Wally Olson Fri Jun 15 10:30:00 2012
Jude, Don't stress about reaching Platinum. The Platinum level is for prizes at the end of the challenge. You have until the end of August to rack up points. Good luck and have fun.
Gary Schyve Fri Jun 15 10:09:00 2012
Astrid, I'm no expert but there are calories burned and then there are net calories burned. That could be part of the difference in the calculation. Probably the other website is telling you how many additional (net) calories you burned because of exercising besides the calories you already burn during normal activities. It's also possible that this website is factoring in your weight, speed and time to come up with a more accurate estimate of the effort level required which may result in the higher numbers you see here. However, I couldn't actually tell you which one is right.
Jeff Wendt Fri Jun 15 10:00:00 2012
Astrid, My thought is it always find a number of sources, and use whatever one is the lowest. If you keep accurate track of your food intake, over time you will know how accurate it is. But going with worst case scenarios are always safe.

For my 11.5 mile ride this morning garmin says 450, the Journal of Sports Sciences calculations gives me 625 and endomondo gives 453. I use 450.

Ray Swanson Fri Jun 15 09:28:00 2012
One more thing, he did a quick fitting on that Tarmac before I went out and then matched up the other two bikes to same saddle height/angle, saddle to bar distance, etc before he turned over the keys to them.
Astrid Lague Fri Jun 15 09:27:00 2012
I have a question about calories burned while riding. According to Endomondo, my 10.5 mile, 49 minute commute burned 630 calories. Another website I'm using to track food and exercise says that the same ride burned 398 calories. Which one do you think is closer to accurate? It's such a huge difference, makes me wonder...
Jude Toche Fri Jun 15 09:19:00 2012
They do make it hard to get that platinum badge, don't they? It's halfway through the month, and I'm only at about 720 points.
Martin Bienengraeber Fri Jun 15 09:07:00 2012
Around 14 000 or 30 000 miles missing to 1 million miles for Wisconsin - depending whether you look at the national or the Wisconsin leader board.
Jacque Burgin Fri Jun 15 08:56:00 2012
Thanks for all the encouraging words!! I live in the Hill Country so all my rides are on what I call short hills. For every up, there is a great reward of down!! I figure if I can ride about 22 miles in about 2 hours, then on a flat road I should be doing really good. But...no flat roads around here!! So I get a great workout riding the hills. Onward!!
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 15 08:46:00 2012
Thanks for all the feedback so far. It's a lot of money, so a big decision. I'm definitely going to rent for a long ride first, just to try to get past the awkward stage before deciding. Going from 700x35c tires on a "heavy" hybrid to the 23c on that very light Tarmac (it was a SL3 Expert model) was like taking off training wheels for the first time. The Roubaix had basic wheels and was noticeably heavier, and the Secteur was aluminum, so those two were closer in feel to my hybrid. I have purchased a couple bikes from that shop and get a lot of accessories from them. I talked with the owner at first and then worked with the general manager who has spent a lot of time answering questions, explaining the details, understanding my concerns, etc. He rides a high end Tarmac and may be a bit biased, but says he has put 120 miles a day on it before, so that says something. I'll hit a couple other local stores to get some more opinions.
Wally Olson Fri Jun 15 08:33:00 2012
Another great Wisconsin morning. No wind, great temp, and just a little light rain for a portion of the ride. This is my kind of weather. I was able to average 15.7 MPH for my ride which may not be spectacular for those of you with road bikes, but for me it's a personal best. Ride safe and let's hit that million mile mark.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Fri Jun 15 07:20:00 2012
Ray, it sounds like you're on the right track, I just went through the same thing last year. I agree with Jerry and would say that the fit is just as important as what bike you choose. I would ride a bunch of bikes from a few different shops, don't be shy, I rode my last bike for over 20 years, I wanted to be sure that this next one was the best possible choice. In testing bikes you are also feelng out the shops, and if it's one you are considering seriously go back 2 or 3 times and chat them up to see if you feel confident in thier knowledge and future support. As you are trying bikes you probably will eventualy find 1 or 2 that just feel right (for me it came down to Fuji and Ridley, and I ended up with the Fuji because I also loved how it looked - the unidirectional carbon reminds me of burled wood). But as mentioned fit is critical, and that starts with the frame size, and that is something you can't change later. So as you look, pay attention the what size frame you are testing and how it feels, and ask each shop what size they think you should be on. So after you narrow it down to the bike and size then there is still all the fine adjustments in every axis for the seat and handlebar, and that's where the shop guy works his magic. As Jerry inferred, sometimes a small change can make a substatial difference in how comfortable it is. I am happy to say this has all worked out perfectly for me, and I've never ridden a more comfortable (or faster) bike, although I'm still working on finding some better shoes that will keep my feet from getting tingly (and eventually numb) on longer rides. Oh, and also I think you will find that carbon takes some of the shock out of road bumps - but you will still feel them. As far as rough roads: my skinny tires have done pretty well on the urban roads in Wisconsin, but I always try to steer the clearest course. Although just last week I ran over a very large stone i didn't see - but I felt it and heard my tire spit it out the side - ka-ping - which did lead to a flat, but my first due to road conditions. And I also was skeptical of the Zertz inserts; maybe they help a little, but I don't know... and I question wither they might weaken the frame at that point. Good luck. Fun and exciting stuff. Never stop exploring.
Heather April Fri Jun 15 07:17:00 2012
@Michael that is a rough day!! Ronald - congrats. :) All these platinums in one week is pretty awesome!
Ronald Williams Fri Jun 15 07:00:00 2012
@Michael...Such is Life !!!
Leonard Wright Fri Jun 15 06:37:00 2012
@ Michael L. - Some days you just can't win :-)
Michael Lemuel Fri Jun 15 04:57:00 2012
Yesterday was a "there'll be days like this" day. I get in a solid 96 miles day with more planned after I open the shop (Topeka Community Cycle Project) for a couple hours. Then, I'm taking a quick brake when I hear my back tire blow. Okay, It's a hot day maybe the heat got to it. So I pull it off buy one of our tubes air it up and remember I had some trueing to do anyway from the spoke that broke a couple days ago. POP... Another tube flat. The sidewall in the tire had developed a hole. Okay, time to replace the tire, but before I get that on may as well do the trueing right with the tire off. PING... another spoke. !#$% &5%$4 3#€;_- &%$!!!! Start heading home because I have an early appointment today and replacement spokes at home, I see thunderstorms toward home (6 miles away). Yay, for 4 hours sleep and riding my 3 speed until maintence is completed (29er is needing some work to).
Ronald Williams Fri Jun 15 00:28:00 2012
79 points to Platinium !! Yahoo!!!
Ray Swanson Fri Jun 15 00:28:00 2012
But if I moved south, I'd have to watch out for alligators and snakes ;) At least up here, where we only have winter and construction season, there are plenty or orange barrels to light the way. Then again, I do ride along the Cuyahoga River all the time, that has been known to burn before and who knows what Godzilla type creatures are lurking in that water.
E M Matteson Fri Jun 15 00:22:00 2012
@ Charlie & Martin, I was going to suggest using packing materials, like bubble wrap or some other wrap and duck tape (it comes in colors so you can get fancy).
Martin Malin Thu Jun 14 23:09:00 2012
@Ray - To answer your one big concern - There are probably several states you can move to that have smoother roads. I would think that most of the southern ones would be better, because they don't have to deal with frost heave and road salt.

(Sorry @Ray and @Charlie - I just felt in the mood to say some stupid comments.)

Martin Malin Thu Jun 14 22:59:00 2012
@Charlie - Thanks for the tip. I'll try it. But I do have one question. If I cut a section out of my inner tube, what do I use to keep the tire from going flat?
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jun 14 22:48:00 2012
Hey, look at Wisconsin! We are getting close to 1 million miles already!
Jenny Stelzner Thu Jun 14 22:46:00 2012
I stayed in town and rode around instead of venturing out into the country--was easier to deal with the shifting wind. Not that I am a weenie about the wind, but I am just tired of dealing with it! I like my peaceful, calm evening rides!
Steve Brengosz Thu Jun 14 22:30:00 2012
Our WI & National are exactly the difference in team points our one MN rider has, so it's working for us.
Charlie L Thu Jun 14 22:28:00 2012
@Martin, I was also very annoyed by the rattle of my stain less bottle. I cut a cross section from an inner tube about an inch and a half long. Then I slid it onto the bottle to the area where the cage contacted the bottle. Next I carefully wrapped the tube and bottle in that area with electrical tape. I also added a couple sections of tube to the top and bottom of the cage. It has been quiet for years.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 14 22:27:00 2012
Looks like it is going to be potentially very stormy on my vacation next week when we are camping in a pop up camper. :) Chance of isolated thunderstorms every day next week and Monday and Tuesday it says the storms could be very severe.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Jun 14 22:25:00 2012
@Ray. I also had a bike fit when I bought the bike. The little adjustments mean a lot. I went back for a second fitting because on long uphill rides in the mountains my left knee would start to bother me after 50-60 miles. The second fit solved the issue. And the adjustment was a very small adjustment but it made a world of difference. And solved the problem.
Dave Bushey Thu Jun 14 22:15:00 2012
Tail wind both ways? I don't know if I'd literally sell my soul for that, but I'd be willing to rent it out for awhile.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 14 22:12:00 2012
Plastered with more lake flys this morning. I thought I was done with those things, but I went through thick clouds of them pelting me all over and kept my mouth shut. They said another big bumper crop hatched yesterday. Now,I suppose I will have a couple more weeks of them again. Are we ever going to get any rain? It's nice for riding, but this drought is really getting serious with farmers.
Jerry Bengtson Thu Jun 14 22:11:00 2012
@Ray. A carbon fiber frame will give you a smoother ride. When I bought my road bike last year, I switched from a Trek Hybrid bike. One thing I was looking for was a bike that was not a racing bike, but a frame that would let me ride more upright. Bikes I test rode were the Madone 5.2 H2 fit, A Cervelo bike, I don't remember the model, A Specialezed Roubaix, and a Cannondale Synapse Ultegra. I test rode each bike about 20 miles. All were great bikes, but the Cannondale Synapse was the bike I choose. For me it stood out above the rest of the bikes.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 14 22:10:00 2012
@Jemny The wind has been shifting this week and I have been trying to figure it out, too. But unlike you, I have been having a tail wind both ways.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 14 22:05:00 2012
@Brad Residents of Wisconsin are cheeseheads.
Thomas Ritschel Thu Jun 14 22:05:00 2012
@Jason, Try a recument...I never have a sore butt, unless I crash. :-(
Ray Swanson Thu Jun 14 20:30:00 2012
Just got back from the LBS and some Specialized test riding. Took out a Tarmac, a Roubaix and a Secteur. First time on a road bike since a Schwinn Sprint 20 years ago, if you want to call that a road bike. Going from a mountain bike and a hybrid (both Trek) to a high end road bike is a huge difference. First spin on the Tarmac was uncomfortable, bars way too low. Next out was the Roubaix which was much more comfortable due to the handlebars being higher, but I really didn't think the Roubaix was any smoother with its "Zertz inserts," the bumps felt pretty much the same. They flipped the headset on the Tarmac and that made a huge difference on the second ride. I only put a couple miles on each, not a lot of time, but enough to get a basic feel. I took the Secteur last just for comparison (much less expensive) and it really didn't feel any different than my hybrid. So, I'm leaning towards a mid-level Tarmac, but it's a lot of money, and a big change in riding style, so can't decide. I'm going back next week for a better test ride and plan to rent a similar bike for a long ride before I make a decision. I will keep my two Treks, so the road bike would be just for the road and paved trails, no errands or shopping trips. I'm basically looking for a road bike for longer runs on the road, higher speeds, quicker launch from a stop, better hill climbing. I have done 40+ miles a few times on both my mountain and my hybrid. My one big concern, other than the price tag, is the terrible roads in Ohio. Any thoughts? Comments?
Beth A Perkins Thu Jun 14 20:30:00 2012
@Martin and Ronald, thanks for the words of encouragement. Just went out today and got a Garmin Edge 200. My other mileage counter sucked and this one seems a lot easier to use. I have a ride scheduled for tomorrow. Should be good weather, I hope. I enjoy riding along the D&R canal towpath. Relatively flat and most of it is smooth. Scenery is wonderful as are the scents in the air. Lots of honeysuckle around at this time of the year. Looking forward to my ride and seeing how my Garmin works. Cheers!!!
E M Matteson Thu Jun 14 19:29:00 2012
HI all. Morning ride again with temps in the 60s. Spotted six other riders. Had to bang on the back of a guy's truck to get him going at a stoplight. It was a left turn and he wasn't paying attention. When he heard the bang he opened his door and looked at me. I yelled "its green" and he took off. I, however, had to wait out the next cycle of the light. GRRRR!!!
Looked at my map and found a couple of new places to ride through a neighborhood instead of the main road. It was much nicer than the main road with traffic & a non-existent shoulder.
RE: Water bottles. Most of our bottles for bicycling are still Nalgene (BPA free) or the Polar brand ones. I have never noticed any bad taste even though 90% of the time we drink water. I just stick them in the dishwasher (top shelf) to clean them. I will try the stainless steel next time I'm buying bottles. Sounds like a great idea for hot weather.
@ Gregg, your sunrise sounds gorgeous. Its nice to be that far north in the summer!
@ Rob, Sorry to hear about the fires out west. This is another reason we need to get more people on bikes. The planet needs all the help it can get. Feel proud of what you are doing to make the planet a better place!!
Yippeeee!!!! I have officially made platinum.
Martin Malin Thu Jun 14 18:50:00 2012
@Savanni - It looks like many Camelback water bottles are BPA free. Check out your model online, and see if it is. I used to use the standard squeeze type water bottles, and just leaving plain water in them for a relatively short time would give an off taste. And forget about anythiing left in the bottle from the day before. (Now as far as a regular Camelback with the backpack and pouch - I don't know. I have one, but haven't used it for years.)
Kevin L Mackey Thu Jun 14 18:25:00 2012
Woo hoo. Only 100pts to go to make platinum. Why is it always a headwind going home from work?
Savanni D'Gerinel Thu Jun 14 18:17:00 2012
Please tell me more about water bottle brands. I once tried out a supposedly stainless steel water bottle and even after cleaning it many times it would taint the water within minutes. For the last few years I've been using a plastic camelback water bottle. Not unhappy with it, but people are frequently telling me about chemicals. Are camelbacks maybe safer?

I'm also in Austin, and... yeah. The heat. It's intense.

Christine Salvatore Thu Jun 14 17:48:00 2012
Hey, David "Billy the Fish" Powling, how about a "mooch of freeloaders"?
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jun 14 17:45:00 2012
Don't take Jason so seriously - none of us do. He's mostly harmless. Mostly.
Rob Klein Thu Jun 14 17:40:00 2012
This forest fire is making it hard! Time to bandana it up again! For everyone else enjoy the fresh air!
Dan Robbins Thu Jun 14 16:08:00 2012
@Jason, Cora suggested a nose-less saddle. My experience (serious biking for about 20 yrs) is that you need to first make sure that you have a decent saddle and that it's properly adjusted - height, fore/aft position, angle - then you just need to put in enough riding time. Once you've established a good internal "callous" (it's not *REALLY* a callous...) on your ischia - the so-called "sit bones" - you'll be good to go, and even after a winter w/o riding, it'll take just a few days next year to be comfortable again.
Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 14 15:14:00 2012
@Jason - I had the same issue, until I got a nose-less saddle, otherwise known as a granny seat. The ridicule I face from family and friends is well worth the vastly more comfortable ride.
Martin Malin Thu Jun 14 15:09:00 2012
@Jeff - We don't have it anywhere near as bad with heat in Wisconsin, but a few years ago, I switched from a regular water bottle (with BPA) to a BPA Free one. But one thing I noticed with both of them is that even if the temperature is only in the 70s and definitely in the 80s, is that after an hour or so, the water tastes bad. Chemicals still have to be leaching from the plastic - just different ones. I wouldn't notice the off taste with a sports drink in there, but I'm sure it is just being masked.
So, I've gone exclusively to stainless steel. (I just use a non-insulated one, since its not as hot here.) There is no bad taste, even with temperatures in the 90s. Although I've found two minor disadvantages - 1) It is a little more cumbersome to get the water out. 2) Sometimes for larger bumps, either I get my (metal) cage rattled, or my cage rattles my bottle. Both of these I can live with, knowing that what I drink has fewer chemicals.
John Jay Mcnall Thu Jun 14 15:03:00 2012
@Joshua Congrats and have fun
Joshua Goldman Thu Jun 14 14:37:00 2012
Hi all, this is my first challange on endomundo and my first challange ever. I just got myself a road bike too.
Jason "Too Slow To Go" Hillestad Thu Jun 14 13:15:00 2012
If my butt was fatter, maybe it wouldnt hurt so much when I ride my bicycle... I need more asspadding. Any ideas on how to get my butt fatter? Stupid excersize.
Phillip Fischer Thu Jun 14 12:40:00 2012
@Jenny, yeah, the wind has been pretty unpredictable the last couple of days. And unfriendly.
Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 14 12:15:00 2012
@Kim - I love rummage sale-ing - but every time we drive around town to them, I think about how much gas we are wasting, since all the stop and start driving causes our gas mileage to plummet. I always feel like any money I saved buying rummage stuff, I have wasted on gas. This way will be MUCH better!
Jeff Wendt Thu Jun 14 12:12:00 2012
Another thing about gear: water bottles. I bike in Austin, and we had 90 days of 100+ heat last summer. At some point I tried out a ‘Thermos Nissan 2465 18-Ounce Stainless-Steel Hydration Bottle’ and will never go back to a normal bike bottle. My old good bottles would be annoyingly warm after 30 minutes. Now I have to be careful not to add too much ice or they will not melt. I normally only add 3 cubes to my fridge-chilled water. I have bought 5 or 6 of these bottles now to outfit all my bikes, plus one at work just to use at my desk.

Case in point, on Monday I put 8ish ice cubes into a room temperature bottle and filled it with water from the sink and closed it up and put it on my bike. Left the house at 7 am and it was about 75 degrees outside. Left the bike outside at work where it proceeded to get to around 100 when I left around 5pm. So 10 hours later, I opened it up and took a big pull and while the ice cubes had melted ( I expect they were half melted before I left the house), the water was still quite cold.

Kim Skinner Thu Jun 14 12:08:00 2012
Cora, sounds like a perfect way to get a ride in!
Jeff Wendt Thu Jun 14 12:01:00 2012
It also depends on what you are going to do with the bag and cargo. If you are using the bike mostly for groceries, something like an Axiom's Hunter Shopper Bag works great for dropping bags right into it, but doesn’t work as smoothly on a Topeak rack vs a ‘normal’ rack.

I also have a ‘Pacific Outdoor Equipment Chilli COOP Pannier Rear UNIVERSAL Bike Cooler Pannier’ that is huge, and somewhat insulated that I use for cold or larger stuff.

Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 14 10:38:00 2012
Just used Google Maps to route a lovely 23 mile tour-de-rummage-sales for tomorrow, which will include a nice trip thru Telulah park on the last half, so I might have to plan a picnic lunch for Josh (my 3 year old) and I . That should make up for taking last night off. I was so tired and sore after class that I didn't even want to think about getting on my bike. But I still would have if Josh had asked to go for a ride. Lucky for me, he wanted to read a book instead.
Wally Olson Thu Jun 14 10:30:00 2012
Jude, Don't stress about reaching Platinum. The Platinum level is for prizes at the end of the challenge. You have until the end of August to rack up points. Good luck and have fun.
Martin Bienengraeber Thu Jun 14 10:19:00 2012
@Brad, thanks for feedback. Looks like my theory about new participants is not correct in this case. I contacted support as well and got a nice but not extremely helpful response (link to general instructions, request to check zip code, asked to make screenshots even though all informations including names were provided, send copy of sign up emails etc (which one person I asked didn't have anymore). It looks pretty straight forward that some kind of mistake exists). I am sure they are overwhelmed with many questions and particularly since it looks like this is for free I understand they can't solve every problem. Not a big deal - I just prefer to look at the Wisconsin page over the National one as our ranking is better here ;-) .

Overall I am very happy - my employer allowed this year to advertise the challenge officially, we had a "bike to work" informational event at a central location on Tuesday (maps+route planing, equipment+technical advise together with Wheel&Sprocket, general discussion) and everything seemed to be well received. There will be also an internal "bike to work challenge" on 4 Fridays in June and July.

Michael Lemberger Thu Jun 14 10:03:00 2012
Madison's school zones were eerily quiet this morning. Too quiet.
Lance Schroth Thu Jun 14 10:00:00 2012
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX with Side Panniers with the Topeak rack is the way to go. The bag slides into and out of the rack so easy.
Jeff Wendt Thu Jun 14 09:46:00 2012
@Karlin Warner – ‘Hi, I am looking for recommendations on panniers. ‘

Like Dean, I use a Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX with Side Panniers with the Topeak rack. The Topeak racks have quick release and the bag slides right in and out and I remove the bag most everywhere I go. I rarely use the side panniers so far, but the trunk bag holds quite a lot of stuff.

Plus with the trunk bag, I don’t have weight off to one side. Quite frequently, I would carry more weight in the pannier than the weight of the bike.

Ronald Williams Thu Jun 14 09:30:00 2012
@ Wayne Thats Awesome !!!.. ditto on the Coffee :))
Jude Toche Thu Jun 14 09:19:00 2012
They do make it hard to get that platinum badge, don't they? It's halfway through the month, and I'm only at about 720 points.
Martin Bienengraeber Thu Jun 14 09:07:00 2012
Around 14 000 or 30 000 miles missing to 1 million miles for Wisconsin - depending whether you look at the national or the Wisconsin leader board.
Wayne Kuehler Thu Jun 14 08:59:00 2012
Oh I almost forgot I had my cholesterol checked the beginning of May. My overall cholesterol dropped over 60 points!
Wayne Kuehler Thu Jun 14 08:54:00 2012
@Ron, Martin, Back in the beginning of January I started really watching what I ate. I actually started a vegetarian (almost vegan) diet. I also almost drink nothing but water, except for my mandatory cup of coffee in the morning. The pounds really started coming off when I started my cycling routing, since I started I've lost 30 lbs. controlling the two factors; what’s going into the stomach, and your exercise routine has a profound effect on the weight!
Ronald Williams Thu Jun 14 08:43:00 2012
@ Martin your right about loosing the weight slowly.. its easier for your body to adjust too and it stays off Inisitally i was loosing 2 lbs a week and now its abot 1lb a week and I hope will continue until i hit my target I some of the weight lose will convert to muscle building which helps for the pushes up the bridges and mountains.
@ Beth Your doing the right things to change who you are and Most important of all is the inprovement in everyones health when they ride!!! Ride safe and Have fun and the Benefits will be rewarded.. Believe it !!
Wally Olson Thu Jun 14 08:33:00 2012
Another great Wisconsin morning. No wind, great temp, and just a little light rain for a portion of the ride. This is my kind of weather. I was able to average 15.7 MPH for my ride which may not be spectacular for those of you with road bikes, but for me it's a personal best. Ride safe and let's hit that million mile mark.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jun 14 08:31:00 2012
Martin, we have some sort of similar oddity showing up on our team. Our team points for the WI challenge are different than for the National challenge - and the difference happens to be exactly what one of our members has. We have checked his profile and his zip code and location are listed correctly, but in our case he is not new, he was on the team last year also. We contacted support a several times over the past few weeks but so far have heard nothing, and the discrepacy continues.
Martin Bienengraeber Thu Jun 14 08:25:00 2012
Did anyone else notice differences between national and Wisconsin leaderboard? If you look for communities usually national has significantly more compared to Wisconsin ones (I checked for Madison and Milwaukee, as well as a few employers). I think the reason for that is that newly signed up members are only counted nationally not on Wisconin leader list. We had some kind of bike event at work and quite a few people signed up for the challenge but from what I can see are "only" counted nationally.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu Jun 14 07:55:00 2012
Gregg, since we as residents of Wisconsin are sometimes referred to as badgers, does that description apply to us as well?
Michael Lemuel Thu Jun 14 04:15:00 2012
NBC Jerseys have been moved to the following page;
I still can't afford one, but if you can, get them before they're gone for good.
Ray Swanson Thu Jun 14 00:44:00 2012
I picked up a set of Bontrager basic panniers last month, nothing special, but they do the job for what I need. Easy on & off and decent sized. If I was commuting with my laptop (well, my company's laptop), I think I'd look for something custom designed for a laptop. Rugged, padded, waterproof, and somewhat difficult to remove so someone couldn't just swipe it and run at a red light.
Dean Barnaby Thu Jun 14 00:15:00 2012
@Karlin- I have TOPEAK bag with drop down panniers, hooks to it's rack. Nice big openings, expandable. Has a dovetail to slide on rack and it is easy on & off. Have had others but this is the best one I came across.
Martin Malin Wed Jun 13 23:55:00 2012
@Beth - I too was last a LAB when it was LAW. Losing weight at between 1/2 a 1 lb a week is probably the best and healthiest way to do it. Any weight you take off slowly will be more likely to stay off. When you get frustrated with the slow process, just keep in mind how long it took to put the weight on.
I don'ty know if you've ever watchedthem, but the Biggest Loser type shows are motivational and exciting, but they aren't very realistic in the real world, as they raise our expectations of ourselves. Who in the real world can lose 8, 10, 12 lbs a week, for several weeks?
But you are correct in adding exercise to help with your cholesterol levels.
Good luck, and let us know periodically how it is going, or if you have any questions along the way.
Martin Malin Wed Jun 13 23:46:00 2012
@Melinda - Having a DH with the same interest as you is extremely helpful. You can encourage each other to ride, and because of that, you will keep on finding more time to bike.
Dave Bushey Wed Jun 13 23:29:00 2012
Well, I'm pretty much a roadie so I do have a strong aversion to gravel and/or dirt.
Heather April Wed Jun 13 23:09:00 2012
@karlin I'm looking at basil panniers. They fit on the classic bike rack and come in some cool colors and patterns. @Ryan We don't have showers where I work but we do have two bathrooms and a closet so I make do by freshening up (before everyone else arrives) with travel size toiletries and hang my cycling clothes in the closet every day. One thing that really helps are "wet ones". I buy the value sized bag of singles at the store. This requires me to carry a backpack of work clothes and stuff every day but I make do. Like Charlie, people in my office are used to me and my routines.
Melinda Hollis Wed Jun 13 23:09:00 2012
I love it. My ride this afternoon was harder than before, but a lot of fun. I love challenging myself to keep going.
Karlin Warner Wed Jun 13 23:07:00 2012
Thanks, Elizabeth, Brian and Paul! All very helpful!
Charlie L Wed Jun 13 22:56:00 2012
@Ryan, others have mentioned one of my favorites for your situation, the wipes used for little person cleanup. I also found a bathroom i use. I store a washcloth and small hand towel at my desk. During the day they dry out pretty good. Folks nearby are used to my stuff spread out in the office. Also, my wife says you need one really good friend to honestly tell you if you smell too much. lol
Beth A Perkins Wed Jun 13 22:25:00 2012
OK, I am on with this challenge. I have been trying to loose weight since the first of the year and it has been slow going since I haven't really been doing any exercise. With that said, I am down about 10lbs or so since Jan. 1 but I got the bad news my cholesterol is up when I had my physical this month. So it's time to get serious with the exercise. I used to belong to LAB way back when it was LAW. I always enjoyed the bike rides and am now looking forward to getting back into it again. Beth
Elizabeth Freundorfer Wed Jun 13 22:24:00 2012
Karlin, my biggest recommendation is to make sure you get a rack that supports your panniers correctly. There are lots of different combos out there, but if you get a rack that doesn't support the panniers correctly, you end up with your panniers smacking against your spokes as you ride. Everyone always screams Ortlieb (and yes they are great) but there are plenty of other great options out there. I have panniers by Seattle Sports (totally waterproof), Axiom (super cute flowery design) and a set by Racktime (very easy to take on/off the bike). If possible, try out some different types to see what you like. If you're buying online, read the reviews (I found all my panniers with the lovely helpful reviews of others).
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 13 22:19:00 2012
What is up with the wind? seemed like it was shifting all over the place, I never had it on my back for my ride this evening! lol
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 13 22:15:00 2012
Dave, thanks for that. I will keep that in mind. I like trying out the bike trails, so I thought the Friendship trail would be a neat option, but definitely will stick to the road next time.
Thanks all for the suggestions!!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Wed Jun 13 22:12:00 2012
K-C Health center was real busy with riders from The Freeloaders tonight ...any suggestions for the collective noun for more than one Freeloader?
Ryan Nunya Wed Jun 13 21:59:00 2012
I have a 9 mile (14km) ride to work. I enjoy the ride but I have nowhere to clean up when I arrive sweaty. What do you do in this case?
Louis Cardoni Wed Jun 13 21:48:00 2012
Anyone have a good site for comparing bike styles and prices?
Dave Bushey Wed Jun 13 21:30:00 2012
@Jenny - FWIW all the roads out west of Neenah aside from Highway 76 and maybe county GG are pretty lightly traveled and bike-friendly - I know of at least 3 group rides per week that head out that way, so the cars seem used to and considerate of cyclists (in my experience, anyway). So I wouldn't feel obligated to take the Friendship Trail - I'd say you're just as well off taking Fairview/Jacobsen Road.
Brian Carr Wed Jun 13 21:28:00 2012
Karlin, I adore my Ortlieb Back Roller Classics. They're waterproof easy to put on/take off, and can be found for about $70 a pair new.
Vicki Gonzales Wed Jun 13 21:14:00 2012
Yes it has been a beautiful ride the past few days but funny not seeing as many on the bike trail. I would be enjoying this while it last.
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 13 21:07:00 2012
What a beautiful day for riding a bike here in Wisconsin! We are really getting spoiled with this dry cooler weather in the low 70's. But it's going to heat back up to near 90 by the weekend again. I saw this beautiful orange glow at 4:20 am this morning as the sun was beginning to rise over Lake Winnebago on my ride to work this morning: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/229929_427027263995793_1483680141_n.jpg. How can you not like to ride with views like this along the lakeshore? I love the fact that it is getting light out already at 4:15 am when I ride to work. But it won't last because in a few more days, it will start getting darker again.
Paul Jeffries Wed Jun 13 21:02:00 2012
Hi, Karlin. I am afraid I don't have a recommendation for the kind of panniers you are looking for, but several years ago when I started bike communiting in the Twin Cities (my wife and I went 11 years there without a car), I found some great metal collapsable baskets that you could mount on a rear rack. They were perfectly sized for a paper grocery bag, which really helped with shopping. I mounted one on each side and still have them on my classic Schwinn Suburban "commuter bike" that I use for errands around town. I don't know if they still make these, but they may be of interest to some of you other urban/commuter riders. One warning...they are not the lightest things in the world...but then neither is the Suburban. ;-)
Karlin Warner Wed Jun 13 20:58:00 2012
Hi, I am looking for recommendations on panniers. Thus far I have been commuting with a small backpack to carry my change of clothes and lunch to work. I have had enough of the sweaty back and am looking into putting a rear rack on my mountain bike and buying some nice panniers. It looks like there are lots and lots of styles of panniers, so I would appreciate recommendations... What type/brand are you using? What do you like or dislike? Thanks in advance!
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 13 20:57:00 2012
What a beautiful day for riding a bike here in Wisconsin! We are really getting spoiled with this dry cooler weather in the low 70's. But it's going to heat back up to near 90 by the weekend again. I saw this beautiful orange glow at 4:20 am this morning as the sun was beginning to rise over Lake Winnebago on my ride to work this morning: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/229929_427027263995793_1483680141_n.jpg. How can you not like to ride with views like this along the lakeshore? I love the fact that it is getting light out already at 4:15 am when I ride to work. But it won't last because in a few more days, it will start getting darker again.
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 13 20:55:00 2012
Because Badgers are dumb and like to wander in the road.
Angel el CHAVO Pla III Wed Jun 13 20:34:00 2012
Couldn't agree more!! It is a vicious 'cycle'! LOL. Its like a bug bite that gets infected and contagious sooner or later your family and friends get infected!!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Wed Jun 13 19:36:00 2012
Wisconsin is the Badger State -Why is it that I only ever see them as roadkill?
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 13 19:34:00 2012
Cora, thanks for sending the link. I actually did that route except I started at Breezewood Lane. On my return trip, I did CB to JJ to Breezewood.
I enjoyed the Wiouwash trail, but I did not think highly of this section of the Friendship trail. The "packed" gravel is very loose in sections, making for difficult climbs and dangerous descents.
Kim Skinner Wed Jun 13 18:44:00 2012
Rear derailler fail on my way home from work today :-(
Troy Stentz Wed Jun 13 18:32:00 2012
@Melinda and Jacque - Thanks for sharing your excitement with us all. Whether you ride a little or a lot, you're welcome company in this group. It keeps us all revved up and motivated. Beware, though, that the more you ride the easier it gets, and that usually leads to more riding. ;-) It's a vicious 'cycle.'
E M Matteson Wed Jun 13 16:50:00 2012
Hi all, Out really early this morning and surprized to see so many other riders out so early (10 others). Temps. in the 50s when I started and the 60s by the time I got done.
@ Mike on a Bike, thanks for telling us about all the great ways you are pointing out safety hazards and taking steps to make corrections. There is a traffic light around here that is almost too short for cars to cross. There is another one where the walk light button seems to have no effect, so some documenting is in order. My gripe is grates so I was thinking of taking pictures and rating them: great grate, good grate, bad grate, bicycle eating grate....
@ Burklee, seriously none of us should ever miss our bike.
@ Jackie, way to ride.
Burklee Green Wed Jun 13 16:23:00 2012
@Jay - Thanks, good luck, and speedy healing to you!
Heather April Wed Jun 13 15:14:00 2012
@Jacque-I'm with Leonard, fifty miles a week is no joke for a new rider! Your doing great. @Melinda, I am excited for you! Enjoy that Trek all you can. I forgot to mention that today I saw another novice commuter out early this a.m., probably the first I have seen in six weeks. That was exciting!
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 13 14:49:00 2012
@burklee I actually developed the neuroma after switching to the graphite LOOK KEO Before that I had the small spd which I never had any problems. Sometimes they come back. Took my shoes in to the doctor and he noticed that the one screw into the shoe sits right under the metetarsal that developed the neuroma. I will keep all informed on how well the cortisone works and the desolving of the neuroma as expense of new pedals will have to wait a little while.
Melinda Hollis Wed Jun 13 14:02:00 2012
I'm so excited. The last time I rode actively was around 17 years ago when I was in college. My DH and I are becoming avid cyclers now. I may not be the fastest, or the strongest, but I sure am loving it. The only trouble I have is finding the time to ride. I'm going to squeeze another ride in tonight before church. And I will say that having the right bike is a whole lot better than a cheap Wal-Mart bike. I like my Trek Navigator. :D
Leonard Wright Wed Jun 13 13:44:00 2012
@ Jacque, WAY TO GO!!! You have every right to feel proud. I'm glad to see you are riding and enjoying it. I think this challenge has been very beneficial for many new riders. The more people we can get riding bikes, the better it will be for everyone.
Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 13 13:07:00 2012
Holy cow Jacque, a "newbie" averaging 50 miles a week is pretty incredible! Don't hurt yourself, still 2.5 months to go...

Ride like you belong!
Martin Malin Wed Jun 13 13:04:00 2012
@Jacque - Great job! You should be proud of youself. That is what this challnge is all about, to get more people out riding so we can collectively not only be healthier, but also raise awareness of just how much fun it is, and that we belong on the roads.
Burklee Green Wed Jun 13 12:54:00 2012
@Jay - Tell me if it helps. I have one in my left foot and one may be forming in my right. I've put arch supports in my shoes because I read that flat feet, which I have, more easily form Morton's neuromas, and have a callus cushion (the little donut-shaped foam pad) over the neuroma in my left foot. My doctor said it's best to put off any surgical treatment because recovery takes a long time, which would put me off the bike. I have heard mixed reviews on cortisone injections in various body parts, but never for Morton's neuromas. What kind of pedals did you have, and to what kind will you be changing?
Jacque Burgin Wed Jun 13 12:40:00 2012
Being a newbie in riding my new hybrid over 250 miles starting May 1st is very satisfying!! I'm glad to be a part of this challenge....and I'm pretty proud of myself!!
mark wanless Wed Jun 13 12:16:00 2012
Good luck to Marie W on her half Ironman this weekend!
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 13 12:15:00 2012
I know I am going to have to do some serious catching up now.
Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 13 12:01:00 2012
Smile John, at least you'll be well rested for the weekend rides!
I should take advantage of this "inside information" and put on some heavy miles to pull you back. haha
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 13 11:42:00 2012
No riding today or tomorrow just had a cortisone injection to the foot for a mortons neuroma. Have to change my pedals and cleats also.
Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 13 10:30:00 2012
Oh yea, I also want to say "Thank you" with a video clip from yesterday's morning cyclommute, showing an intersection with a new lengthened yellow light that the BPAC help instigate. It felt a lot safer, not having to worry about cross traffic! one intersection down, xxx more to go!

Ride like you belong!
Craig Weinhold Wed Jun 13 10:25:00 2012
Working in San Diego this week -- a few good bike routes, not nearly as bike-friendly as Wisconsin. The main "bike path" along the harbor is more like a slalom course for the urban olympics.
Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 13 10:07:00 2012
No cyclommute today since BPAC starts @ 5:30 in Tampa.

I'll be showing 3 video clips which show hazards to cyclists in the bike lane.
1) A community watering so heavily that the water runs off in "streams" across the road. This causes a loss of braking and increases the risk of getting a flat.
2) A construction project on a 4 lane road w/bike lanes where they directed all traffic into the left lane with construction barrels on the line forcing a cyclist into a dangerous position. All for patching holes on a cross street!
3) Debris in the bike lane. In Florida cyclists are required to ride in the lane if provided. We are allowed to leave the lane for obstacles but that makes us look unpredictable to motorists who can't see the debris so just see cyclists as weaving. When calling Public Works I was told that Hillsborough County no longer maintains the bike lane. I believe that If cyclists have to ride in the bike lane, then they should be well maintained.

My objective is to build awareness on cyclist's needs. Perhaps water bills can include verbiage about over-watering. Road construction companies can make minor changes to protect cyclists.

My objectives to posting it are: Show that when we become more involved changes will be made. Hopefully influence others to run with the baton. Does your area have a BPAC or BAC or MPO? Find out! Attend meetings and if possible get others to attend. After all, these are our streets as well.
Burklee Green Wed Jun 13 09:42:00 2012
@Jessica - Good for you. I don't bother buying a pass anymore either. By riding my bike, I can leave my house 20 minutes later than if I rode the bus, and get to work in plenty of time. Even on hot days when I have to take clothes and change before work, I can leave 10 minutes later. And, if I'm running a bit late, I never have to worry about missing the bike!
Jessica Spencer Wed Jun 13 08:24:00 2012
I didn't buy a monthly bus pass this month because I am now officially faster than the bus! I wouldn't be if they ran on time haha.
Heather April Wed Jun 13 07:04:00 2012
@ Mike fabulous way to put that woman in her place. I like your style!
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 12 23:36:00 2012
Mike - glad you were able to maintain control and not go down! When it happened, where were you positioned in the lane?

This is the perfect scenario where video taken to the authorities could make a difference.

Ride like you belong!

Bruce C. Oestreich Tue Jun 12 23:00:00 2012
I like these new triple wall tires I thought one of my brakes was dragging so when I got home I looked at my tires etc.My back tire had a narrow crown staple on the outer edge and my pressure was down to 35 PSI.they are usually 80 PSI max.I think I had been riding for a couple days like this.I aired up the tire and took off again.It was like flying.It was a good training experience LOL
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 12 22:51:00 2012
Charlie - The mount is Velcro'd to my helmet so it always points forward. In Florida, vehicles don't have front license plates so I'm not sure if there would be much advantage. A second camera mounted on the frame facing rearward would be a good way to go.

My videos are used to document the rides so I'd love a rear camera but my guess is it might cause legal challenges as the timestamps would vary. Hopefully, technology will improve and get cheaper so I can get another... then I'd use the Drift facing back.

I have a (creative) friend who mounted a camera on the handlebar and a second on a custom bracket facing back. As I remember, the rear was used more to provide multiple angles than any other reason.

BTW, another use... I've had problems with short yellow signals making crossing intersections very dangerous. I took video clips to the local BPAC and showed them several occurrences of me entering intersections legally (on yellow) and before I left the intersection, I turned my head to capture the cross traffic getting a green signal! Hmmm, what do you think those motorists thought as the cyclist went across after the light turned green?? Most of these events happened when I was moving around 23mph, a cyclist traveling around 16mph would lose the signal before being halfway across.

On this morning's cyclommute it happened again at a previously documented intersection. However this time I had cleared the intersection before it had turned red! Wow, I documented a problem for cyclists, took it to a public meeting and its been fixed!! Tomorrow, I plan to show debris in the bike lanes which I refuse to ride though. Perhaps public works will resume maintaining the lanes after being cut back due to the economy...

Ride like you belong!

Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 22:15:00 2012
I used to ride my bike thru the drive thru back in college, was never an issue. One time, I even got an entire bucket of chicken strips for free, because it was almost closing time and they made too many. Haven't done it recently though.
Al Yard Tue Jun 12 22:00:00 2012
Mike, I'm glad it wasn't more serious. I got about the same thing from a pick-up in March, just when I was proud of myself for getting out on a cold day. I got off the pavement quickly yesterday when a sewer pumper truck passed me and I didn't have any idea how he cleared me when I saw how close he was to the white line. We have a 4-foot law in PA now. It says the motor vehicles are to clear us by a minimum of 4 feet and pass at a "prudent and cautious speed." The general public and drivers of big sewer pumping trucks need a lot of education on the law.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 21:57:00 2012
Thanks Christine! We are happy! In fact, Josh asked me to go for a bike ride tonight! And we met 2 cyclists at the park who did not know about the bike challenge, and they are going to check it out!
Juan Carlos Montiel López Tue Jun 12 21:49:00 2012
Rain, rain, rain...
Martin Malin Tue Jun 12 21:40:00 2012
@Mike - Glad you're OK. I would have done the same thing after her non-apology.
E M Matteson Tue Jun 12 21:26:00 2012
HI all, out early this morning with temps in the 60s. Spotted 9 other riders including one guy who passed me with cheerful greetings and conversation. Thats the way to start the day!! This evening I saw a group of 24 riders, but I wasn't riding at the time. I will have to figure out where they came from because as far as I know that street is a dead end....

@ Mike McD -wow, ouch, glad you were okay. Way to make the drivers aware that you are out there. A car came close to me today and they had a rack with bikes on it on the back! I stuck my arm out and waved it a little to try and indicate to the next car how far away they should stay.

RE: Fast food, yeah the best plan is probably to skip it altogether. But they shouldn't be giving us dirty looks or a hard time. Our money is just as good as everyone elses. Bicycles are vehicles and we have every right to use the drive up window. Maybe the best plan is to take another bicyclist or two with you when you go. And if the weather is good, look for a place with outdoor tables. If enough of us snub the businesses that don't like our bikes (see examples below) maybe some of them will get the message...

Strange sites, no I never saw a guy on a mountain bike hauling a canoe, but I have been canoeing and even the kevlar ones are heavy. But there was a guy on the BRAN who hauled 2 kids in a trailer the whole ride.

Mike McDermott Tue Jun 12 21:04:00 2012
got "nudged" from a side mirror on the way to work this AM. Fortunately, it was low speed. When I caught up to the car at the next red light, the women didn't even realize that she had hit me. She also didn't apologize but said I shouldn't be riding on the side of the road so I rode the rest of the way in the middle of the lane in front of her going the speed limit.
Christine Salvatore Tue Jun 12 17:26:00 2012
Cora, I've been sans computer for the last week and just looked back to see what the outcome of your trailer dilemma was. I'm SO HAPPY that you were able to find the right hitch and are riding with your son in tow again. I'll bet both of you are happier now, too! Yay!!
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 16:43:00 2012
Jenny - this should link to the route I was thinking of. I am assuming there is a place to park at the nature area.
Charlie L Tue Jun 12 16:41:00 2012
@Michael, do you always ride with the helmet cam pointing forwards? Or, do you sometimes set it pointing to the rear? Thoughts?
Ray Swanson Tue Jun 12 16:17:00 2012
I rode in the rain last night, I think about 100 drops hit me and that was it. It looked like it wanted to open up at any second, but it never did. As buggy as it is with the drought, I can't imagine how bad it will be if it ever rains. It has been nice being able to ride almost every day and my lawn doesn't need much attention, but some rain to knock down the dust on the towpath and help clean up the roads would be nice.
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 12 15:51:00 2012
Really loving this dry weather in Wisconsin biking, but we are really having a severe drought and the crops are really showing signs of dry and heat stress. My lawn is brown and burnt out and the cracks are getting huge. The strawberries in the fields are small this year and they are drying up, so I have a feeling the season is going to end quickly. But it cooled off into the 60's today, which is nice temps again for biking, but very windy. Our climate is still running a whole month ahead, which is kind of freaky because we are now in a typical July weather pattern with more heat coming by this weekend and there is little chance for any rain. We will be on vacation next week camping up north with our pop up camper and I don't want rain then, but we are very badly in need of some rain soon to salvage any crops here. It is getting very dusty and dry and crops looks really bad.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Jun 12 15:49:00 2012
My wife and I took a vacation for a week. Had one good ride while I was gone. We were in Chama, NM to ride the train. The Cumbres & Toltec. On the day of the ride we chased the train up the road in our van until we could not follow it anymore. Drove back down the mountain and had lunch. I gave the train a 2 1/2 hour head start before I started my ride from Chama, NM to Antonito, CO. I beat the train in by 1 1/2 hours. Beautiful ride over the passes. And than a descent in the high desert country. It is good to be back home in Colorado, though the smoke from the fire up here is strong this morning. When I went out for today's ride, I got out of the smoke as I rode west. Just a short ride up in the foothills today.
Thomas Timmons Tue Jun 12 15:41:00 2012
Was just noticing that I cross the 1000 point mark with my commute to/from work today. I have been loading the info, but not paying a lot of attention to the points for the last few weeks. Guess I'll be in the drawing for the bikes at the end of the summer.

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee

Heather April Tue Jun 12 15:28:00 2012
@Cynthia, raining like mad here too today. I don't see me having time or energy to deal with it tonight but the rest of the week looks promising. I'm two days behind where I usually am at this point-going to have to work harder!
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 12 15:24:00 2012
BTW - Anyone in the market for a helmet camera? The Drift Stealth (1080p) is my first attempt and I'm mostly happy with it. The camera captures vehicle license plates if needed later.

My biggest grip is that the timestamp is lost when changing batteries. To be legal in court the timestamp should be visible and accurate (per a couple of attorneys I checked).

The Drift uses a LION battery which lasts approx 2hrs... on long rides it must be swapped and then the date/time reentered (a pain to see the LCD panel in the daylight)

Perhaps others using different helmet cams can relay their experiences. Do any helmet cams retain the date/time?

Cynthia A Nelson Tue Jun 12 15:23:00 2012
It's raining in sheets....hopefully it will subside some by 5pm. Riding in rain isnt too bad, it can sometime be quite refreshing, but, this is crazy. Been coming down all day for what seems like the last two weeks. I am not going to let that stop me for my love of riding to work, or riding period. Just have to gear up and go with the elements.
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 12 15:15:00 2012
I'm hooked on century rides now after my first one last weekend. I'm doing another one on July 29 at the Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour here in Neenah. I did the 55 mile route last last year, but I signed up for the century one this year, so this will be my second century. This one also has lots of bakery and food at the rest stops and a nice picnic afterwards. I am getting spoiled with these gourmet bike tours and it seems like I can eat like a horse and still not gain any weight. We aren't going to get all this food at Race the Lake in August and the pace is going to be a little faster there with a lot less stops and rest, so that will be a bit more challenging, but it is 10 miles shorter than a century, which is when I started to feel like I rode enough in 1 day.
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 12 14:49:00 2012
I've had no problems walking my bike in Publix, Wal Mart, and Target. Best Buy said no, so I left, walked my bike over to Office Depot and purchased my big external drive so I could keep all my ride videos. (I record rides using a Drift Stealth helmet camera.)
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 12 14:46:00 2012
Thanks, Cora. I didn't know about using Google maps in bike mode... will definitely try that out!
Otherwise, I am thinking I could just start at the park, and do a round trip using CB, Oakridge road, out to the Wiouwash trail, then ride that over to the Hwy 10 trail, and then back to CB where I can get either continue on and do the Trestle trail, or go back to the park and watch the game.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 14:37:00 2012
Jenny - you might try to Google Map it. In Bike mode, you can enter a destination, and then right click on the map where you want to start, or vice versa. I have found some great trails I didn't know about using Google Maps Bike routes.
I don't know how far you wanted to ride... but if you started at Oshkosh-Larsen nature area, on Cnty Road G - you could take trails from there to O'Hauser - that would be 11.7 miles, accorging to Google Maps.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 14:13:00 2012
@Micheal - I got the same dirty look from one customer at my local grocery store when I walked my bike through the store. What I found more interesting than the one dirty look, was that there were no quizzical ones. Everyone else acted as if this were perfectly normal, and something they see everyday. Even at the check out, they didn't mention the bike, until after I said "Gosh, it sure would be nice if they'd bring back the bike rack." (As there used to be one right outside the door). They then said "Oh yeah, I wonder waht happened to it" and promised to ask the manager.
The bike rack is still not back, so now I lock my bike to the cart corral, since there is a no parking zone next to it.
Jenny Stelzner Tue Jun 12 14:06:00 2012
Thanks, Paul. I know my way around II and the CB trail, I know where the park is from there (my mom used to live in apartments that are close by the park). And, not interested in riding all the way from Berlin to Neenah tonight (didn't bring the right shorts for the ride), so I am looking for a good spot to park and ride from a closer distance, but still far enough to get in a decent ride. Or, maybe just park the car at the park and then do a loop? I could do the Hwy 10 trail but I don't know how far outwest that goes. I like the Trestle Trail bridge, but where do you go on the east side of it?
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 13:52:01 2012
Jenny - you might try to Google Map it. In Bike mode, you can enter a destination, and then right click on the map where you want to start, or vice versa. I have found some great trails I didn't know about using Google Maps Bike routes.
Ray Swanson Tue Jun 12 13:43:00 2012
Thanks for that, Michael. Almost forgot about the farmer's market today at one of the parks I normally ride through. I think I'll slap the bags on my bike and pedal over there after work. I don't know what is in season, but I'd love some fresh asparagus or zucchini or yellow squash or green beans. There is one neighborhood where the trail runs between some backyards and a few have small gardens, it's cool to see how things grow day by day, I'm hoping to see some people sitting out out selling veggies this summer.
Michael Lannoch Tue Jun 12 13:31:00 2012
I had a moment of weakness yesterday on the ride into work as I passed the local Micky-D's.... No racks to speak of, hostility from the drive through people, and as I started to awkwardly walk my bike in, there was nothing but dirty looks from everybody inside mowing down on McDisasters. I learned the error of my ways and picked up some fruit......
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 12 13:28:00 2012
Ray - its all good. I have heard a lot of good things about the Garmin for the type of riding you are doing. My daily commute is 8 miles each way - the farthest I have gone this year in one trip is not more than 20 miles. I admire what you and other sport riders are able to do when you set your mind to it. Keep up the good work!
Ray Swanson Tue Jun 12 13:12:00 2012
Good point, el embajador. If I am just out commuting or doing errands, watching the data really isn't that important and in those cases, I'll probably just use my iPhone. But for 25, 40, 50 mile rides, without having that data right in front of me, I tend to get lazy. I need to do more transport riding, to replace those hops in the car to grab food after a sport ride, but I can't hit a drive-thru on a bike and most places don't have anywhere to lock up. I know there is a rack in front of Five Guys, but that's just a little too far away to try to ride home from after refueling. I don't know if I should be complaining about missing bike racks at fast food places, or accepting the fact that I should just stay home and eat something healthy.
Michael Lannoch Tue Jun 12 13:07:00 2012
Cora. My issue with the manual entry is that when you pick a point on the road, and then pick another point a mile or two away, it draws a straight line no matter what curvature is happening in the road. So to get an accurate ride distance, I have to sit there and draw an extremely detailed path around whatever roads i traveled. The "Map my Ride" system automatically follows the curvature of the road between two points making it easier for me at least. No matter, the mobile app works for me and to each their own. It's a good issue to need solving because it means we're riding.
Randy Ivey Tue Jun 12 12:51:00 2012
I love the smartphone app, started using it when I lost my cycle computer a few years ago. I've been using it ever since. But I must agree with Ray, it kills the battery life of my phone. So far I've been ok, and not had the need for the phone after spending the day on the bike. But if I'm going on longer rides it is my biggest concern. Did a week long bike ride across North Carolina and couldn't run the app, just killed the battery and didn't have a whole lot of places to charge up for the next day. This is were a Garmin would be great.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 12 12:06:00 2012
Hi Ray - a different perspective here from Wisconsin. I use the smartphone app and like the convenience of simply hitting the start/stop buttons. I put the Iphone in my panniers, then go about enjoying my ride, which is generally commuting or transport. I especially like the Endmondon app for transport, as I may go different ways to different places and its nice to know that my mileage is being accounted for. Good luck in the Challenge and enjoy your summer!
Ray Swanson Tue Jun 12 12:04:00 2012
The smartphone apps are good, but if you like to see the data while you are riding, not very convenient. Part of my motivation (since headphones are out) is watching the distance increase, keeping an eye on my pace, seeing heart rate and with all the talk of cadence recently, I added a cadence sensor too. I am using a Garmin Edge 500, which has great battery life and a lot of storage space. The smartphones can do all the same, with adapters and same accessories, but again, you can't watch the numbers very easily (safely) while riding. A basic bike computer can provide most of the same real-time data at a fraction of the cost, and coupled with the smartphone app, you still get the fancy mapping data, but I like the all-in-one device. Plus, I don't have to worry about finding myself in need of help with a cool phone and a dead battery.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 11:11:00 2012
Michael - I wonder why you do not find the mapping to be intuitive? If your route is not one you will repeat frequently you can just enter a workout and select "Draw map for this workout" - then you simply click on the map to draw the route. If you take the same route frequently, you can enter and save it as a route so that you only need to draw it once. I have not tried map my ride, but I only use manual entry, as I have no GPS or smart phone, and I find it to be very user friendly.
Michael Lannoch Tue Jun 12 10:44:00 2012
I've found the smart phone app to be the best way o logging even though I usually forgot to turn the darn thing on and off at the beginning and ends of rides. Logging the routes manually isnt very intuitive on here (unlike a site like "map my ride") and I usually vary a little everyday with my rides so I wouldnt want to make generic routes. The garmen GPS sound interesting though. May have to start saving my pennys.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 10:23:00 2012
Les - If I had been you, I would have gone to find the parents. If you had been in a car that little girl would likely not be alive today. As a mom, I would want to know about something like that happening. Clearly, the boy throwing the shoe into the street was very dangerous.
Heidi Smith Tue Jun 12 10:22:00 2012
Persistence and consistency count! Even if you only commute a couple miles per day, the points add up! Keep pedaling and logging, short-commuters :_)
M Wegenka Tue Jun 12 09:59:00 2012
What's the strangest biking you have seen recently? On Sunday when it was 90F out, there was a guy on a mountain bike towing his Wenonah kevlar canoe with a portage cart leaving a backwaters area of the Mississippi River. He was at least 2 miles from anywhere he could have put into the water and had at least a mile before he was near any residential area. Talk about a hard core biking enthusiast.
Randy Ivey Tue Jun 12 09:31:00 2012
A workout can be edited, but it is very tricky!! And not very intuitive.
Basically save the workout as a "route". Search the "route" and edit it. Got to workout and add as "route".. update data ,because once edited it strips all the gps data out. Then probably should go back and delete the "route"..
Like I said, tricky!
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 09:00:00 2012
To get calories to calculate, you need to have entered a height and weight in your Endo profile, and then enter the duration of your ride. If you are logging manually from NBC, you will need to edit the workout to enter the time. I log my rides from the Workouts tab in endomondo, as this makes it easier to enter the correct start time, duration and route. Mine should all be public, so fell free to check out how I'm doing it.
Ray Swanson Tue Jun 12 08:57:00 2012
You can also log in more detail by going to your profile and clicking on the workouts tab. From there you can log your start time, distance, elapsed time, etc. You can even import directly from a Garmin device or from a file for other devices.
Les T. Long Tue Jun 12 08:57:00 2012
Yesterday I was riding in my neighborhood and a little girl around 2 years old was suddenly in my path because she ran out from behind a large garbage can at the end of her driveway. I am so glad my brakes were in great condition because I locked the wheels and stopped right in front of her. I was ending a long ride and not going very fast either. I have grandkids this age. When I looked for her parents, they were not outside. She was playing with her brother who had thrown her flip flop into the street.
Cora Pynenberg Tue Jun 12 08:52:00 2012
@Mona - you can't delete part - but you can delete all, and then re-enter manually.
Ken Heffron Tue Jun 12 08:49:00 2012
Little baby killdeer ran across the road just in front of me last night in the Weston area. Cool sight. Much much better than the real baby deer that have been lurking just off of the ditches, jumping out toward me as I pass by.
Michele Amacker Tue Jun 12 08:14:00 2012
Hi Everyone-I wanted to share a link to a site that has all sorts of outdoor activites in the Upper Midwest it's: http://www.midwestweekends.com/plan_a_trip/outdoors_recreations/bicycling/weekend_bicycle_trips.html
Have fun and enjoy!
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Jun 12 08:03:00 2012
Thanks for your help out there! Yea, how do you get your calories burned to show up. I have worked to figure that out with no success.
Tom Mather Tue Jun 12 07:59:00 2012
Cynthia -- I think it is set up so each leg of your commute counts as a trip. That's why it has numbers in the dropdown menu, so you can add trips. So a total round trip commute would be two trips.
Tom Mather Tue Jun 12 07:58:00 2012
How do you get your calories burned to show up?
Michael on Bicycle Tue Jun 12 07:57:00 2012
I've seen it both ways... 2 one-way entries or 1 two-way entry...

I keep them separate... manually I see the mileage with "2" next to it I click the "-" and change it to "1" ((one way). So just be consistent! I'm off to change, bye.
Cynthia A Nelson Tue Jun 12 07:48:00 2012
Question: when logging your miles for commuting, is the total "trip" considered one way in or to work and then home?
Mona Cooljay Reyneke Tue Jun 12 04:22:00 2012
I took my bike for a service and someone picked me up by car. Unfortunately I forgot to stop Endomondo. Now I have a speed for more then 60km/hr :)
Can I delete a part of the ride?
Paul Jeffries Tue Jun 12 01:02:00 2012
@ Russell...about calories...I also think you have to give data on your height and weight to get a number to register. FYI.
Paul Jeffries Tue Jun 12 00:50:00 2012
Jenny, If you are ever interested in biking from Berlin to Neenah, there is a pretty nice route. I have done the ride between Ripon and Appleton a few times. You do have to take some "back roads"(west of 116) to avoid the stretch of 116 between Omro and Winneconne (no shoulders and LOTS of traffic). Taking II to the west (from Neenah) is a nice stretch. Nice shoulders, IMHO. It also connects with CB. Some thoughts...I'll let the Neenah folks get you from II/CB into the park. I have no idea where it is. Happy riding.
Jerry Bengtson Tue Jun 12 00:48:00 2012
@Burklee Green

I am also a diabetic. I use Hammer Products for my food source on my rides. For shorter rides I use Hammer Gel. For longer rides I use the gel and Perpetuem. I also use the Endurolytes Fizz in my water.

Jerry Bengtson Tue Jun 12 00:44:00 2012
@cheryl zadrazil
A good general rule to increase your milage is to increase it by about 10% a week.

"I am looking at increasing my cycling distance. I am wondering if there is a general rule regarding the amount of miles I should add on weekly inorder to increase my miles"

Gregg Warning Mon Jun 11 23:16:00 2012
I've been riding so much that when I drive I want to brake with my hands. lol
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 11 23:13:00 2012
I've been riding so much that when I drive, I want to brake with my hands. lol
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Mon Jun 11 23:07:00 2012
2 rides on the trails with our Border Terrier called Finn (Rocket Dog) .
Met a turtle this monring and a doe with fawn taking its first steps in the creek to stay cool this evening
The cool things you see on your bike!
E M Matteson Mon Jun 11 22:44:00 2012
HI everybody, I got in a ride early this morning. Saw about ten other riders. Some joggers are even saying hi these days. I have a Trailnet shirt that says "walk, bike, run." We are all in this together. Had to cut the ride short because of predicted thunderstorms. Barely got back from my ride and got the lawn mowed when it started pouring.

@ Cheryl, ditto the other comments, just get out and ride when you can. I think 3 days/wk minimum is what doctors recommend for exercise in general. And now some of the bicycling magazines have been recommending some "recovery time" before a big ride. So the rule seems to be mix it up a little different lengths of rides and different intensity is good. Basically once you feel like you can go out and ride about 30-35 miles easily you will be ready for fifty. However, note that weather conditions can be a factor. I can ride a lot more miles when the temps are under 80 than when they are over 80 degrees. Also, humidity is a factor. If the humidity is high, I ride better in lower temps. and if the humidity is low I can ride in hotter weather.

RE: food, I'm really glad everyone is chiming in. We are all different with our food needs and you have to experiment and figure out what works for you. Bottom line, you need food and water & electrolytes.

RE: Driving. I ride from my house most days, but once in a while its nice to ride with other people. Riding my bike to the ride start is often impractical because of the distance to the starting point. If I never drove I would have to skip some rides altogether. And some places are just not safe to ride through to get to the ride start. So I say mix it up a little. If you do end up driving to the ride start, maybe you can find some other riders to carpool to the ride start with. Although it can be a game of 3-d tetrus getting all those bikes on a rack. In fact we used to have a picture of the way we got 4 bikes on our rack so we could do it faster the next time. Then some of us got different bikes and we had to start all over. .. LOL

Happy trails everyone!

Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 11 22:29:00 2012
Hey Neenah riders, I was wondering if you have any suggestions on a bike ride to/from O'Hauser Park? I am driving in for my niece's softball game, and would like to park my car and ride to the park. I know I can incorporate the CB trail into my route, but do you have any other suggestions? I am coming from Berlin, so I could come up from Oshkosh or I go across to Winneconne and come in that way.
Gary Schyve Mon Jun 11 22:29:00 2012
@Bruce, sometimes it takes a half-hour or more for the points to get caught up. I think totals are carried over from one computer system to another on a scheduled basis. The "local" numbers seem to take the longest.
Gary Schyve Mon Jun 11 22:27:00 2012
@Russell, you have to enter your start time and duration. Are you using a cycling computer?
Russell Clubine Mon Jun 11 22:18:00 2012
Hey, how do I get calories burned to show up?
Charles E. Zinsmaster Mon Jun 11 22:15:00 2012
So, where does DNR stand compared to DOT? I heard they challenged us. Any way to find out what the status is?
Russell Clubine Mon Jun 11 22:06:00 2012
Thunderstorms and heavy rain limited my commute to one way today. But, managed to get short ride in before work and at lunch. Will try same tomorrow, then schedule and wedding this weekend will make any further riding impossible this week. Oh well, will have to make it up next week. Weekend of 23rd is dedication ride for Northeast rail trail at Cheboygan. I'll probably ride 25-35 miles that day. Should be fun. Michigan Mountain Mayhem went well last weekend. 1500 riders and only the third year. Keep riding everyone!
Joshua Buck Mon Jun 11 21:52:00 2012
I cannot wait till we hit that magic 1 million dollars saved. I dont think that there is any better way of telliing big oil and the auto industry that they are on their way out. I hope people are looking at that number and thinking about how much money could be saved if we had every one of the 200+ million liscenced drivers in this country on bikes.
Bruce C. Oestreich Mon Jun 11 21:19:00 2012
Im not sure how they figure points here.Am I biking backwards?
Heather April Mon Jun 11 21:10:00 2012
Got my wheels back! Also, the LBS showed me a sweet Trek Lexa in my price range. I'm going to wait until later this summer to buy another bike but that gives me something to look forward to. I also bought my first real Jersey. :-D
Sal LaPuma Mon Jun 11 20:41:00 2012
I drove to work today for the first time since back in April, it made for a very strange commute. Everyone thought that i was out sick when they didn't see my bike in the rack.
Juan Carlos Montiel López Mon Jun 11 20:21:00 2012
A rear axel failure four damaged balls that i change, but i found a damage mace too, i will change it on next payment, now i will lose miles, grrr!!!
Savanni D'Gerinel Mon Jun 11 17:39:00 2012
I have ridden every day for the last seven days. I haven't used my car at all (but I did ride with my housemate to two different events that she was going to, anyway). Tonight, I shall drive. But do I remember how? What was that third pedal for, again?
George F Denys Mon Jun 11 17:36:00 2012
Burklee-thanks for the advice,I do like Powerade Zero. I guess I'll have to take it with me along with my water.
Cora Pynenberg Mon Jun 11 16:26:00 2012
Well, class begins for me again tonight. I haven't missed a day yet this month and I am hoping to keep up with my riding. Sometimes with working full time, going to school part time and being a wife and mom there are just not enough hours in the day. Thankfully I have a trailer again, so I can take my son with me when I ride. Perhaps we shall start riding to the library...
Burklee Green Mon Jun 11 16:26:00 2012
@George - It's just smart to know what you need to keep yourself from getting sick on a ride and doing it. I rode down to Southpointe Mall once, which is a hilly, twisty ride. I didn't take along any food 'cause I thought I'd be fine. I'm diabetic and ended up making it to Scheel's before I passed out from low blood sugar. I bought a gel pack thing there. That was the worst tasting thing I've ever had in my life, and I'm a bad cook, so that's saying something. I prefer Powerade Zero and some fruit, but whatever you like that keeps you going, take it along.
Derek Weyer Mon Jun 11 15:51:00 2012
well I commute 1 mile/ 4-6 times a day (home/work, work/home, home/work, work/home...)so therefore, i do the same ride like 4-6 times a day... not much to fix if it actually happens...
George F Denys Mon Jun 11 15:42:00 2012
Whenever I ride 30 or more miles I tend to get sick.My last two rides I added two G U gels to my ride in addition to my usual harvest bar.My ride is usually between 30 and forty miles. These last rides I did not get sick. My rides last between1:45 and three hours depending on miles.I'm open to any comments.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 11 15:36:00 2012
I like the thought of using the bike instead of the car to get to your "starting point" of the ride. However, we do need to take some things into consideration. Using myself as an example, I am a busy working mom of 3 children and most days I only have a small window of opportunity to get my ride in. Most of my rides start from my house, but it is a good 15 miles to the nearest trail, and if I want to add interest to my rides, I would rather load up my bike and drive to my starting point, otherwise I would burn up all of my riding time in getting there and getting home. Also, my kids don't have the same endurance as I do, and not the same quality bike, so their ability to ride longer distances is quite limited.
Ray Swanson Mon Jun 11 15:16:00 2012
I ride from the house 90% of the time, takes too long to get the rack on the car, the bike loaded up, etc, etc, that's time which could be spent riding. I work at home, so I don't get to commute to/from the office, so I make up for it by commuting to/from the trail instead. --- That RAAM looks pretty cool, I think I'd rather be on the bike than in the car coasting at 15mph. Well, maybe for a few hours at least, then I think I'd rather be in the car.
Frank McIntosh Mon Jun 11 15:07:00 2012
@Mike_on_Bike, totally agree about not using gas to go for a bike ride. Wonderful touring group that rides around here but my petrophobia almost always keeps me from driving to their start points. Turn the cranks, not the key.
Leonard Wright Mon Jun 11 14:46:00 2012
@ Karen, Yes there are RAAM teams (up to 8 riders) but only one rider is on the course at a time (not like the drafting teams in the TdF). Kind of like passing a batton from one rider to another - when one rider stops another starts from the same place. (Team riders start Saturday the 16th.)
Jesse Mattson Mon Jun 11 14:41:01 2012
Wow, starting to see some people enter the same ride like 4 to 8 times in some groups for miles. Not really what this challenge is about, hope people fix this.
Leonard Wright Mon Jun 11 14:40:00 2012
@ Michael oB, No, I've never even qualified for RAAM (too slow...). The closest thing to "live coverage" for RAAM is their leaderboard/tracking system. There are no video broadcasts that I am aware of although some of the individual crews may web-cast parts of their rides.
J. Hugh Strickland Mon Jun 11 13:55:00 2012
When ever I do a ride with others I try to ride to the ride. I only use the car if absolutley unavoidable. Seems odd to take your car to a ride that you could ride your bike to and from.
Michael on Bicycle Mon Jun 11 13:35:00 2012
Ray, good advice about parking in the middle! Riding from the house can also provide the same advantage. I avoid using the car for local rides for two reasons... 1) Won't get back in car with wet riding gear (can lead to saddle sores). When traveling by car, I use a water gallon bottle to rinse myself (and bike) down and clean change of clothes. 2) My problem, but somehow seems wrong to use gas to go for a bike ride!
Ray Swanson Mon Jun 11 13:08:00 2012
Yep, just ride. When I started riding this year, I was doing 5-20 miles, then one day decided to go for a long ride and went 40. I did 50 on Saturday in less time than it took to do that 40 the first time. I have no specific training regimen, some days I ride a long way, some days short, usually depends on when I can get out. One tip I read somewhere was to park in the middle and then go from there. So if you want to ride 40 miles, park (or leave home) and go 10 miles out, 10 miles back and then based on how you feel, either turn around and do it again, or go 10 miles out the other direction. Don't ride 20 miles from your car/house and then kick yourself when you realize you have to ride 20 miles back and don't have the energy or desire. (been there, done that)
Karen Loewen Mon Jun 11 12:55:00 2012
Cheryl....just ride and enjoy yourself. You don't have to track your miles and do scheduled increases....just ride til your not having fun any more and stop. Eventually, you will have ridden 50 miles and your won't even know it. I used to think my 15 miles commute was a big deal. Now I don't even count it as a work out.
Heather April Mon Jun 11 12:54:00 2012
@Cheryl that is an interesting question and one I have had before. Thanks for asking it. @Michael, you are the man with the links! Awesome. I love watching the Tours on t.v., always have. I'll never aspire to be a racer but I love to watch racing -in track & field, cars, bikes, skaters, etc.
Karen Loewen Mon Jun 11 12:53:00 2012
Leonard - there are teams for RAAM. I know a couple folks who are on one and racing...I think it starts before or after the individuals tho....
J. Hugh Strickland Mon Jun 11 12:48:00 2012
I have found that increasing my miles is a combination of incremental increase and keepijng the fun in it. I have over time increased my miles to about 40 per day. When I take a break, lower my mileage on a tour or trip or for whatever reason reduce ride miles then I do the following.

I start with a ride the combines 20 minutes of warm up to sweating (spinninng), then 1'40" of harmmer down. I monitor heart rate and cadence to get 80 rpms and about 140 average bpm. This gives me an idea of where to start to get back to my target daily fitness level

I ride for fitness so I am looking to ride at 16mph over 40 miles as a daily target, more or less ;-)

Two things I have learned with this. Building back speed and increasing distance can be done at the same time through increases in increments of no more than 10 % in a five day stretch. Also, this is for a 60 year old clydesdale with the wring body type for cycling. The last key is to have fun.

Michael on Bicycle Mon Jun 11 12:46:00 2012
Leonard have you done RAAM? It's on my bucket list... I'll let you know when I head out to Sebring to qualify. I understand the qualification is for 2 years, so hopefully within the next year or so...

There's no live coverage of RAAM is there? I'd love to watch some... I remember some video of (last year's) RAAM where riders used Duct Tape to hold their heads up! I can only imagine what RAAM must be like since my neck is usually the last thing I'm concerned about on double-centuries!
Michael on Bicycle Mon Jun 11 12:10:00 2012
Congrats Cheryl! Here is a good site (http://RoadBikeRider.com, sign up for the weekly newsletter. It may not answer all your questions but should help!

Start a slow increase in weekly miles, there's no rush you have lots of time. Knowing when you're ready is more subjective. I knew I was ready for my first century (100 miles) when i could do 70 miles without "blowing up".

Stay positive, you'll make it!
Leonard Wright Mon Jun 11 12:07:00 2012
@ Michael on Bicycle - Good points about watching bicycle races. I would like to mention the toughest bicycle race in the world. The TdF is an interesting little ride made up of professional teams (kind of short, only 2185 miles in 23 days).

If you want to follow real people (i.e., folks like most of the people in this challenge that have regular 9 to 5 jobs), follow the Race Across AMerica (RAAM). It starts tomorrow in Oceanside CA and ends 12 days later in Annapolis MD. It covers 2989.5 miles (over 800 miles longer than the TdF and finished in half the time) - the winner usually finishes in about 9 days.

BTW, this is a SOLO race, not a team drafting race (no pelotons, NO drafting allowed). It is all individual effort. Once the clock starts tomorrow, it doesn't stop till the rider arrives in MD. NO scheduled breaks, NO rest days, NO multi-million dollar teams, just determined individuals doing something we all like, riding their bikes.

To follow the action, go to:

cheryl zadrazil Mon Jun 11 11:50:00 2012
I am looking at increasing my cycling distance. I am wondering if there is a link, website or a general rule regarding the amount of miles I should add on weekly inorder to increase my miles and how I should vary my rides during the week (ie) long vs short. Also, I am planning to bike 50 miles in the Door County Century come September, so how do I determine if I"m ready? The websites I've found seem more geared toward competative bikers. I'm just your average, overweight, middle-aged women striving for fitness. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Heidi OShaughnessy Mon Jun 11 11:43:00 2012
Since the NBC started I haven't lost any weight, but lately noticed all my clothes fit so much looser! Thank you National Bike Challenge!!! Ride on and happy Monday!
Karen Steinle Mon Jun 11 11:28:00 2012
Went out Sunday to do hill work. .....Not. Too hot and brought only one water bottle. Althought didn't accomplish that task, still rode for 25 miles.
Michael on Bicycle Mon Jun 11 10:29:00 2012
Now that you're enjoying cycling again... have you watched any bike races?

There's lots to learn by watching the pros and listening to the commentators. Besides, now you've seen how even a 5mph headwind feels you'll the appreciate the effort they are making and how cycling truly is a team sport.

Universal Sports and NBC Sports (formally Vs.) cover cycling and on your computer try http://www.steepHill.tv for coverage of all the races. Definitely try to catch the Tour de France starting July 1st to see the best of the best. Don't worry about getting all the rider's names and teams, that comes with time! Enjoy!

Ride like you belong!
Mike Grote Mon Jun 11 09:46:00 2012
A few years ago I was 210+ pounds and 5'8". I bike a lot, but I found one also has to monitor food input. There are some nice apps that help you do that--enter the food & quantity as well as enter your exercise. That way you monitor calories in and calories out. (Lance was notorious for doing this--actually weighing everything to be accurate.) Now I'm a little under 150, and I feel like I have a lot more energy than I used to and probably in the best physical condition of my life. Most importantly is the "bella in sella" factor (Italian for actually "looking good in lycra"). You need to eat some carbs on long rides because your body won't burn fat unless there are carbs available; just don't overdo it.
Michael on Bicycle Mon Jun 11 08:12:00 2012
Don't beat yourselves up! Weight loss in the beginning is hard to measure because you are building muscles which is 3X heavier than fat. It will come fast however when you keep up with the rides. As Leonard has pointed out... if you don't go to fast your body will consume fat... push too hard and the body switches gears and won't burn fat. If your commute to work is less than one hour don't eat much more than normal.

My commute is 1.25 hours and I drink only water... when I arrive at work I'll have a big glass of choc. milk (if I push hard otherwise a Yoohoo) and a banana... For lunch I'll have high protein, like P&J or Tuna fish on dense bread (like Arnolds). Throughout the day I'll munch on pretzels with peanut butter, grapes and lots of tea & water.

Ride like you belong!
Wally Olson Mon Jun 11 08:01:00 2012
Nice morning for a ride. Fireflies were blinking in the low areas along the road when I started out. Managed to miss most of the rain, although a little lightning off to the southeast is a great motivator and I finished my ride with my best pace yet.
Heather April Mon Jun 11 07:18:00 2012
@Russell, I think alot of us are feeling stronger but not seeing on the scale yet. I saw a couple of pounds drop off, but am hoping for more. I'm thinking about registering for my first tour this fall @ the 30ish mile level. @Michael L - Congrats!! I see how hard you've been working.
Leonard Wright Mon Jun 11 01:39:00 2012
CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Lemuel for capturing first place overall. Michael, you have worked hard and really applied yourself to reach first. You've earned the position and respect of everyone participating in this challenge. You are an excellent example of what this challenge is all about. FANTASTIC riding, you are one awesome person. Keep the pedals spinning and be safe - enjoy your rides.
Michael Lemuel Mon Jun 11 00:38:00 2012
@Martin singing cadences out loud insures that you are also breathing deeply.
Martin Malin Sun Jun 10 23:39:00 2012
@Al - If that is true, then I must have a lot of muscle in my cranium, at least that is what people keep on telling me.
Al Yard Sun Jun 10 22:30:00 2012
@Russell: There have been some really inspiring stories on here. Keep pedaling and working at it. I like to measure progress in the waist line and feeling good, instead of weight; muscle is more dense than fat.
Russell Clubine Sun Jun 10 22:26:00 2012
Hey, I like the waist line idea. And I am feeling better, stronger. 3-4 years ago I dropped to 168 lbs. Felt good and climbing was alot easier, but, felt it was too light a weight for me. Thanks for the perspective.
Russell Clubine Sun Jun 10 22:23:00 2012
Hot day, 92 degrees or better. Thank goodness humidity was fairly low and wind was blowing, until tonight. Graduation open house today so only time for short ride just before dark. Still motivated. Over 4 million miles for the entire group is a motivator, too. Feeling stronger, but, weight not changing much. Hoped to drop a few more pounds as of now. Will keep cycling. Goal 180 lbs by end of August!
Al Yard Sun Jun 10 22:22:00 2012
This Challenge is great. Enjoying all the comments and learning a lot. It's June, with longer hours of daylight as we approach summer. A good time for me to get up earlier and enjoy more miles on the way to work. I'm itching to get more miles in as time permits. Would like to get a 40 or 50 miler or two in soon, with my sights on a 100-miler my wife and I can do on our tandem in August. I love the discussion about putting in the calories immediately after the ride, but I'll take ice cream instead of the beer.
Ray Swanson Sun Jun 10 22:13:00 2012
After platinum, you just have to move to the leaderboard category. I should hit platinum tomorrow, from there I'll just keep riding to be one more bike on the road and to keep my name near the top. I went bike shopping today, went in look for an slightly better than entry level road bike, walked out ready to buy one 3 times what I intended to spend. I figure might as well spend a bit more for a much better one that will last a long time, rather than get a "cheap" one only to end up buying a better one next year. They had to order what I think I want, but no commitment to buy if I don't like it. If I do buy one, I'm going to have to ride a few centuries to justify the price to myself.
Bruce C. Oestreich Sun Jun 10 21:54:00 2012
just did another 6.2 I feeeel good...maybe 100 miles per day by end of season!!!!
Andrew Clarke Sun Jun 10 21:17:00 2012
Cadence is a wonderful thing - I am never going to be the fastest but I can keep going and going! Echo comments about riding with earbuds; you become oblivious to things going on around You. I felt like today was ride with no hands day...did I miss the memo? You have to shout pretty loud to be heard when passing dudes changing tracks or adjusting their ithings with no hands on the bars. Almost as bad as driving with no hands on the wheel on the beltway.
Martin Malin Sun Jun 10 20:59:00 2012
@Bruce - Right on! Making it instinctive like you are doing means you don't really have to think about it, and you will find that you will actually end up being able to go the same speed as before for a lot longer distance, recover quicker, and will want to ride farther the next day than you normally would have. Then the miles and points will really start adding up.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 20:38:00 2012
My butt also started feeling like it had enough riding for today at about mile 90. So Race the Lake, which is only 90 miles will be a piece of cake because I hardly doubt it will be as hot as it was today because by the end of August we will be be having September weather with the way our climate is going. However, I doubt whether wave 7 (20 mph) will stop much at rest stops, because it is a race and it may be more difficult to sustain energy continuously for 90 miles without ever getting off the bike.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 20:29:00 2012
I didn't pass out in the heat today on my first 100 mile century route sponsored by the Neenah/Menasha Fire Rescue. at Jefferson Park because they fed and hydrated me at rest stops like a king on a procession. And I survived the heat today without taking my national bike jersey off. lol You should be proud of me, Charlie. haha The only discomfort I had for awhile was a hot left foot at about the 80 mile marker. I must put more pressure on the left foot than the right. But I unclipped my left shoe out of the pedal while we were riding for several miles and put pressure on a different area of my foot and my hot foot went away and I could clip back in and pedal again with both shoes clipped in .
Bruce C. Oestreich Sun Jun 10 20:25:00 2012
been working on my cadence.I have found that boosting my cadence makes me less tired and my average time running the same route even in a strong head wind was only .3 off my regular pace.No more paying attn to ground speed.I just shift down when I feel the pull.After 30 miles dont hurt at all.Two years ago I was ready to heve knees replaced LOL.
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Sun Jun 10 20:17:00 2012
@karen no, just shirt less (my user picture). HPD wouldn't like that so much. But some spots allowed the naturalist to run free for several minutes before we hit the public trails.
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 20:10:00 2012
A good thing to do next year is to perhaps reset personal miles and points each month, so that each month becomes so to speak a new challenge, starting at zero. Everyone's miles could still accumulate as a group and on teams etc,, but, but on an individual basis each month our miles could be reset to 0. That's the goal I made up myself this month anyways and that is to reach a 2nd platinum of 1,500 points this month, so that I will have a total of 3,000 points by the end of June. reaching platinum level 2. :)
Martin Malin Sun Jun 10 20:08:00 2012
@John Henry - We're all learning from each other. I've already learned several things from others. If I can save even a few knees as part of this...
@Michael L Congratulations on taking over 1st place! Those are some impressive mileages this month. You had to do that much to pass Leonard.
AboutCadence - @Michael L mentioned the method I use for cadence, and that is playing a tune in your head, (or singing out loud, but quietly), that is the right cadence. I didn't mention it in my earlier posts, because some might think that it would be a good idea to download several songs with the right beat, and just play them while riding. But that is just too unsafe. (There are several websites for getting song lists that are 90 beat per minute songs, just look up "90 beat songs". Some even say they are for the proper cadence for biking or running. I recommend getting to know some of these songs, and then doing like @Michael L does, and play them non-electronically.)
I've volunteered for a lot of running races as the lead biker, and runners who think they have the volume turned down low on their earbuds, thinking they can still hear everything around them, will not hear me even if I am shouting at the top of my lungs less than 5 feet behind them or 10 feet in front of them, (the first is for more than one distance race after the races converge, and I'm trying to clear a path for the lead runners in the longer race, and the second is when the race is out and back on a bike path and I'm bringing the lead runner back). I finally have to tap the former ones on their shoulder and hope they jump away from me, not into my bike.
To think of having earbuds while biking, you simply cannot hear all of the traffic noises with them in. And now with all of the electric cars, it is even more difficult to hear them normally, let alone with a distraction.
And this part is particularly for women - One can never be too careful nowadays, as some with bad intent in a desolate area could come from behind cars or bushes, and knock you down. You want to have as early a warning as possible. It is also a good idea to not always ride at the same time of day along the same route, establishing a routine that someone can detect, particularly if that route has infrequent traffic.
Please everyone - be safe.
cheryl zadrazil Sun Jun 10 19:42:00 2012
@Jenny, I agree, we need a level beyond the 1500 mile mark, given the fact many are at 1500 points or nearly there. I find the point system seriously motivating. What about Iron, Titanium, or Zinc? What about extending the Get Up and Bike Challenge thru the fall?
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 19:37:01 2012
I didn't pass out in the heat today on my first 100 mile century route sponsored by the Neenah/Menasha Fire Rescue. at Jefferson Park today because they fed and hydrated me at rest stops like a king on a procession. And I survived the heat today without taking my national bike jersey off. lol You should be proud of me, Charlie. haha
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 10 19:37:00 2012
Knock, knock.... Leonard!!! Your a hard man to catch, but here I am. It's been exhausting! Endomondo, Kimberly-Clark, League of American Bicyclist; Thank you for inspiring me to see what I could do. I haven't felt this confident in myself since I got out of the army. Leonard, a special thanks to you for being a awesome person with a great personallity. You didn't take it easy on me, yet you always had words of encouragement. I look forword to these last 2 1/2 months. I hope we get a chance to meet.
Michael Lannoch Sun Jun 10 19:37:00 2012
Plutonium? At 5,000 points. Yes please
Karen Loewen Sun Jun 10 19:08:00 2012
I think they need a level above platinum....what do we have to work towards after we get there?
Karen Loewen Sun Jun 10 19:07:00 2012
Earnest...did you do it naked?
Anthony Pollington Sun Jun 10 18:05:00 2012
Just finished two metric centuries in the Tulsa Tough. Phew; I'm tired.
Ernest @eghtown Gonzalez Sun Jun 10 18:03:00 2012
Just wanted to mention I partook in my first social bike ride. It happened to be yesterday's World Naked Bike Ride (Houston). It took cycling to a level i didn't expect. We in circled several versatile neighborhoods, radio station, universitys, parks and several diverse watering holes. 20miles or so, 7pm-1am, with several shuttles at stops in case someone had to go back to start. An interesting experience to say the least. Met one NBC member and encouraged several!
If your curious, my twitter feed semi NSFW Instagrams.
Have a safe ride everyone. Thanks for reading. :)
E M Matteson Sun Jun 10 17:45:00 2012
@ Gregg, congrats on the century. I hope I'll be able to get one in before this challenge is over. Its been a long time since I tried one.
E M Matteson Sun Jun 10 17:43:00 2012
Hi all, out early this morning and did part of my ride in reverse just for fun. Temps in the 70s but noticeably more humid than yesterday. Spotted 45 other riders.
RE: The water bottles. I just stick mine on the top shelf in the dishwasher to clean them. I mainly drink water. I don't like the sugar either, but at least the G2 has less than the regular Gatorade. There are probably other drinks with electrolytes...
My best food tip is bananas (anything with potassium helps with the joints). I also read that if you don't eat and go ride for an hour you will be burning fat instead of what you just ate. Of couse, you don't want to ride any longer than that on empty, we don't want people passing out. Maybe you could test what you can tolerate as far as eating and riding by using an exercise bike. I'm not a doctor, so DISCLAIMER HERE.
@ Leonard, thats the best way to go: enjoy both the riding and the eating. No way you can do that driving...
@ Jenny, I have to agree with you. My bike is a road/touring hybrid. My front tire is a little wider than my rear tire because I have concerns about grates. The neighborhoods around here have grates at the bottom of steep hills and the grates go all the way across the street. So if its wet, I am inclined to detour briefly across the sidewalk. I'm sure I could go faster with a strictly road bike or even a different front tire, but safety trumps speed. And some bike paths are gravel, so the hybrid is good for that too. Besides my bike is purple...
@ Heather, sorry to hear your wheels are out of comission. Since your knee is bothering you, you might have the bike shop help you adjust your seat height when you pick it up.
@ Ron, I am 159 away from platinum, so lets see who gets there first!
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 17:39:00 2012
I survived the Neenah/Menasha Fire Rescue Backdraft 100 mile century tour in this hot windy weather from the south without a flat and they didn't need to rescue me. haha This was my first century ride. Our group of about 30 riders had just 1 flat.. The Neenah/Menasha Fre Rescue gave us great support with subs, fruit, bagels, cookies, baked goods and other snacks at 4 rest stops, plus plenty of ice and water and gatorade. Plus we had a spagetti dinner with salad and more fruit, and desserts, including dairy queen treats at Jefferson Park when we got back. I really enjoyed the 100 mile tour even in this 90 degree heat--looking forward to doing this tour again next year--great route!
Gregg Warning Sun Jun 10 17:29:00 2012
@ Michael Cranked Bike Studio roadies in Neenah here always top off their Tuesday night rides with brew.
Charlie L Sun Jun 10 17:03:00 2012
Bikes, which bike to buy next for my commuting and long rides? I am leaning towards a drop handle bar commuter style bike. One that you can load up with gear, reasonable tires for both gravel trails, streets, snow and still drop down out of the wind. Maybe even a steel frame for comfort. I may still need a light fast bike to ride on the pure speed trips but I can keep my old aluminum frame that I am riding now for that purpose. Put on smaller tires, etc. Take your time and think about what you want to spend most of your time doing. Go to bike stores and try a few. Then go home and dream for several days. Only after waiting, then go back and make a purchase. Used is probably a great route if you can find the size and model you want. New if you are in a limited used market, small town area. Just my opinions....
Ronald Williams Sun Jun 10 16:44:00 2012
244 points to Platinum !!! This is going to be an interesting week !!!
Michael on Bicycle Sun Jun 10 14:31:00 2012
You've really done it now Jenny... better carry a spare tube or patch kit on your next ride! LOL

BTW - If you eat quickly after your ride (in your "glycogen window") you can almost eat anything without it landing on your hips. On some long rides you'll see roadies with coolers filled with beer waiting for their return... hey they're high in carbs! :)
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 10 14:20:00 2012
Eric, your post sounds like me... I am burning a lot of calories, but I am also eating a lot to compensate. I wish I could just turn off the hunger and eat the same way, but I just don't seem to be able to do it. I eat a pretty clean diet, however. I sometimes blow it in the evening, so that is where I should concentrate on.
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 10 14:15:00 2012
Heather, I am kind of torn between the hybrid that I ride now and the thought of getting a newer bike-a road bike. I ride a lot, and I am envious of the speed that some others can pick up on a road bike, yet I do like the flexibility of the hybrid that I have now, I can go on various road surfaces without worrying too much about my tires. I have yet to get a flat tire (Knock on wood). Nothing really wrong with my old bike, except that it is "old". I think it fits me just fine, and I don't think I would know the difference if it didn't. BTW congrats on your story!
Michael on Bicycle Sun Jun 10 14:00:00 2012
Welcome Jeanie! I was up in Gainesville last week with members of the Gainesville Cycling Club ( http://gccfla.org ). They are very active in the area and have rides you might enjoy joining!

I also carry extra nutrients in powder form on long rides. I no longer use Gatorade however, because of the high sugar content, it damaged my back teeth.

Hearing about the lights you've added brings a smile to my face!! Hopefully you're noticing an increased "safety zone" around your bike. Sounds like you're well on your way, enjoy...

Ride like you belong!
Jeanie West Sun Jun 10 13:40:00 2012
This is my first time to post, but I wanted to thank Michael L for the good tip about taking pre-measured Gade powder on rides. I use a baby bottle brush and plenty of hot water to keep my Gade water bottle from getting stinky. And thanks to Michael in Tampa for earlier posts about lights on your bike. I now have two rear flashers and one front. BTW, I'm up in Gainesville FL.
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 11:45:00 2012
@ eric b.n. - I don't think it's a matter so much of what I eat (I have HORRIBLE eating habits) but the fact that I spend most of my riding time with my heart rate right in the middle of the fat burning range. I have well over 9,000 miles so far for the year, that burns a LOT of calories no matter how you look at it..... I kind of laugh at the fact this challenge is tracking money saved, if I were to use the money I spend on all the extra food I eat to buy gas, I could afford to drive a big motorhome to Alaska and back (from Florida) for a summer vacation.....
Brian J Colon Sun Jun 10 11:20:00 2012
well went on a test ride without fixing the tire. it was small enough that the self sealing aspect of it works!
Heather April Sun Jun 10 09:28:00 2012
Bike is in the shop for a few days. :-( also, they measured my bike and said its too short for me by a couple of inches. I knew my legs were crunched because a knee has really been bugging me. I have a crazy long inseam for height. I kind of want a road bike with drops-am looking at used ones but I wish I understood fit and sizes a little more
Martin Malin Sun Jun 10 07:46:00 2012
Yesterday we passed 150 miles per NBC registrant. If we had 50,000 registrants, we would only need to average 200 miles to reach our 10,000,000 mile goal. But as it is, we will need a little over 300 per person, but should get well over 400. (That is counting all of the 7,000 - 8,000 or so who haven't logged in any miles yet.)
eric bradford nordgren Sun Jun 10 04:50:00 2012
I'm jealous. I have been trying to get back to those kind of fat numbers for 10 years. I had them when I was a serious triathlete in the early 90"s, but haven't been able to push away from my wife's excellent cooking - and everything in between :) What do you eat (or not eat) that gives you those numbers at your age??? I would be interested in giving it a try... I have a ruptured disc in L4-5 that is slow to heal and arthritic knees that are painful if not continually stretched... Weight is a concern. More miles seems to just lead to more food to compensate and I make no progress of the fat ratio. I would like to be in the 190 range (at 6-3) but cannot get much below 210... would be interested in your take....
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 01:56:00 2012
@ Michael L, You ride your cadence the same way I do - I'm not usually paying that much attention to the cadence monitor while I ride - I just like to look at the data after the ride to see what went on (I'm an information junkie....).

What are you doing up at 1:00am?? Don't you know it's bedtime??? With all the riding you've been doing, you need your sleep - lots and lots of sleep. :-)

{ If I didn't waste so much time on this darn computer I'd be able to ride more miles. }

Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 01:49:00 2012
@ Gregg, Just for reference information - my body fat consistently measures around 11-12%. Cycling does burn fat.... By the end of the summer, I expect to see my body fat to be somewhere around 7-8%. (Last year it ended up about 8%, I spent much of the winter building it back up to about 15% knowing I would be burning it off this summer - that was even before I heard about the NBC.)
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 01:45:00 2012
@ Michael, Ditto on the Garmin Edge 305 - it's an older model Garmin but it works great for my type of riding. I like to be able to review my rides and this gives me the information to see both the strong points and when I was having problems. Great little gadget.
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 10 01:34:00 2012
Cadence...I've never had a computer for cadence. Really, I just listen to or sing a song with a strong cadence. I'm not sure using a computer is as good. I use a fast cadence down a hill, or early in the day. Up a steep hill or once I'm tired I'll switch to a slow cadence to just keep going. I'll listen to my cadence to get a better idea of how much I can give in order to reach my destination in the quickest time (self psychology).
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 01:32:00 2012
@ Len, My average "speed" for my century rides is around 14.3 - not very fast compared to when most of the riders around here are doing but it is a speed I can maintain for hours at a time and repeat day after day. I may be old and slow but I can go on and on for a long time. :-)
Leonard Wright Sun Jun 10 01:28:00 2012
@ John Henry, I spent almost a year working out with a cadence of 95-100. It got me used to turning the pedals at a higher rate. I've since backed off to around 85. (You can tell the days when I'm really tired - my cadence drops down to the upper 70's.)
Michael Lemuel Sun Jun 10 01:27:00 2012
I buy my G2 in the big can and fill 3 old script bottles with a water bottle's worth of G2 powder for the day. It saves a lot of weight since I can get water almost anywhere and the bottles are just the right size for pouring through the small water bottle cap. I use old NOS or Gatorade bottles for G2 because I don't want the G2 making my actual "Water" bottles stink.
Charlie L Sat Jun 9 23:15:00 2012
@Len, Just an idea if you are tired of moving your magnet on the crank arm for the cadence sensor. Someone shared with me the idea of a magnet placed in the hole opposite the pedal. At the local hardware store look for "rare earth magnet". Buy a circular disk magnet just the right diameter for your crank threaded hole (where the pedal threads in. The magnet will stick to the end of the pedal shaft. Then align the cadence sensor with the new magnet. Works really well and stays put. In my case it is 1/2 inch diameter.
Steve Brengosz Sat Jun 9 23:08:00 2012
Yep, the FTTM way more fun than any century ride!


Gregg Warning Sat Jun 9 22:49:00 2012
Obesity: A Big Fat Problem For America’s Future:

Let's face it. Our technology has made America into couch potatoes and fat ,which has resulted in a national health crisis of epidemic proportions. Solution? "Get Up And Ride"

Gregg Warning Sat Jun 9 22:45:00 2012
Obesity: A Big Fat Problem For America’s Future:

Let's face it. Our technology has made America into couch potatoes and fat ,which has resulted in a national health crisis of epidemic proportions. Solution? "Get Up And Ride"

E M Matteson Sat Jun 9 22:39:00 2012
Hi all, drove over to Illinois today to do an organized ride. Somewhere along the way I missed a turn and ended up riding half of the ride by myself. Between the Garmin, the ride map, and a map on a bike path, I got back on the "real ride" and ended up with 60.49 miles. I was concerned about the heat since the temps. were into the 90s by the end of the ride. I drank one water bottle of G2 on the way to the ride, followed by a bottle of water, then another G2 (the ride had water stops so I was able to fill up with cold water and only took 2 water bottles with me, the G2 was powder) and then another bottle of water to finish off the ride. After the ride I found a grocery store and chugged a single serving of chocolate milk, since milk is supposed to help your muscles recover after riding. As for the chocolate: well, I earned it!! Also ate a couple of bananas, nuts, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for this ride. Despite the heat I did not get a headache, I think all the liquid helped with that. Guess I'll find out tomorrow how the old muscles are fairing.
Ronald Williams Sat Jun 9 21:23:00 2012
@ John yeah I was checking out your path today as the stormed rolled around you. Glad you made it back there never fun to have flat especially when its storming !!!
Brian J Colon Sat Jun 9 21:04:00 2012
crap! Hit a nail thank goodness for green slime tires, but not ride tonight after all :-(
John Jay Mcnall Sat Jun 9 21:04:00 2012
I am so tired of flats. Changing a flat as the storms roll in all cause the LBS had no kevlar tires.
Michael Hammond Sat Jun 9 20:45:00 2012
Congrats on the century!!
Ray Swanson Sat Jun 9 20:02:00 2012
Did a "half century" this afternoon. I had two 24oz bottles in frame cages and 6 (yes 6) 20oz bottles in small softside coolers on my rear rack. (1 on each side) All that water weight was quite noticeable. I drained the two 24oz before the halfway mark and nursed a couple of the others on the last half, so my plan to sweat all that weight away didn't go too well. Now where are those ice packs for my knees?
Len (Red 5) Irving Sat Jun 9 19:55:00 2012
I use a Garmin edge 500 with the speed/cadence sensor. Every so often you have to readjust the magnet on the crank arm.
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 9 19:27:00 2012
Niee job, EJC! a century is quite a feat!
Jakub Krysmalski Sat Jun 9 19:09:00 2012
Thanks a lot Michael! I'll have to buy one and check this out.
Michael on Bicycle Sat Jun 9 19:03:00 2012
I use a Garmin Edge 305 cyclometer but there are many cyclometers with cadence. They usually use a magnet on the crank arm and a sensor on the bicycle frame so each pedal stroke is counted as the arms go around. On inexpensive models the sensor is connected by wire, it is now more common to be wireless.
Juan Carlos Montiel López Sat Jun 9 18:41:00 2012
Oh my knees!!!
Jakub Krysmalski Sat Jun 9 18:21:00 2012
How are you checking your cadence? Counting on your own or do you have any program to do that? I think my cadence is also not correct so that's why I am asking :)
Eddie Jon Campbell Sat Jun 9 17:56:00 2012
just road in my first century(trek 100), quite sore and one point shy of the platinum
Bill Hartz Sat Jun 9 16:50:00 2012
Looking forward to the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee next weekend. A pub crawl by bicycle, always fun.
john henry schweitzer Sat Jun 9 15:13:00 2012
Martin thanks for the advice I need it.
Len (Red 5) Irving Sat Jun 9 14:48:00 2012
Because of me reading some of these posts here, I think I might try a higher cadence ride today. My usual cadence is anywhere between 75-85 on average. I think I need to try a ride where its closer to the 90+ range. So its off to ride I go... Oh and my rides are 30+ miles most of the time. Not the longest but not the shortest either. My main problem is stamina. My last ride I averaged 17 MPH in the first hour, then it just dropped, and I only had a 15.8 MPH average....
Michael on Bicycle Sat Jun 9 14:42:00 2012
Nice write-up Heather!

My gearing... In general on my cyclommutes my goal is 100rpm. That said, sometimes I want to work my legs - lower rpm (around 90) (but listen to your knees!) and other times my cardio system (high rpm, maybe 105). Oher factors, traffic signals - small ring (front) and fairly easy cog in back (if starting requires lots of power, your chain won't last as long); Headwind - higher rpm; Uphill - small ring, high rpm; Downhill - large ring and medium rpm for more control.

Experienced users will remind you not to shift when applying power to the pedals, instead, light pedal while shifting then put the hammer down!
Tami McNall Sat Jun 9 13:57:00 2012
This cadence thing is new thinking to me also. My husband has been trying to coach me on it as I go into the highest gears and of course don't last. Thanks for backing him up. I will cont.inue to try and remember to start counting.
Christine Salvatore Sat Jun 9 12:15:00 2012
Cumulatively, almost half way to Platinum! Riding in Louisville is waaaay different than riding in Wisconsin. There are HILLS here. BIG hills! I did almost 12 miles in my in-laws neighborhood. Not an easy task when there are city-wide yard sales going on. Dodging cars and pedestrians all over the place. I think "stop" is just a suggestion in this neighborhood.
Savanni D'Gerinel Sat Jun 9 12:12:00 2012
I took a day off. I only did two miles yesterday instead of my normal 25 mile commute. Wow... I feel *good* today!
Kim Skinner Sat Jun 9 11:39:00 2012
So I typically use my bike to commute to work or for exercise. Last night, I got off my speedy touring bike and hopped on an old fashioned heavy upright and went for a joy ride around the city with a friend, with no particular destination in mind. I felt like I was 8 years old! What a feeling to ride purely for pleasure. Note to self: do this more often!
Sadie Schroeder Sat Jun 9 09:32:00 2012
Is it just me, or does it seem silly that my Endomondo phone app always wants me to rate Endomondo when I log on to start a ride? Why doesn't it ask me when I get done?
Heather April Sat Jun 9 06:43:00 2012
@gregg good luck tomorrow in your centurybut I know you'll smash it!@Leonard & Nyla thanks! I was honored to share a little more about myself. I realized yesterday after five weeks, I don't feel quite the newbie I did although I have a long way to go! I'm more confident now. I'm excited for riders like Cora who are also breaking stereotypes and getting euphoric highs while cycling. Going out in a couple of hours for my weekend ride. Have great ones today. Celebrate 4 million miles!
Rick Nelson Sat Jun 9 06:36:00 2012
for you prople seeing turtles layng eggs on the sides of the roadways and trails, watch those spots a few days later and you will see that a raccoon or opossum has dug them up and eaten them. there will be shell casings lying around the area where the eggs were laid.
Martin Malin Sat Jun 9 06:03:00 2012
@john henry, @E M, @Nyla - If your cadence is a little slow, don't try to change it overnight. Instead, several times each ride, when you think of it, go for a slightly faster cadence, maybe only 5 or 6 counts per minute. After a few weeks, you will find that that cadence is feeling more natural. When you can sustain that, then try for an even faster cadence. Once you are comfortable with a faster cadence, you will find that you can bike longer than before, you won't be as fatigued afterwards, and you won't experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
john henry schweitzer Sat Jun 9 05:36:00 2012
My cadence is also slow around 65.I just got a computer for this challenge,it sure has shown me alot.I have been trying to up my cadence at 75-80 I burn out real fast. It's like learning to ride all over again.At 65 I can ride all day.I am 60 years old and when I heard Leonards cadence was 80 to 85,I found I need much improvement.
Ali Johnson Sat Jun 9 03:32:00 2012
A quality head got me here. My quality head will see it through.
Julie Kramer Fri Jun 8 23:36:00 2012
Just got back from a night/light ride. The last stretch of my ride was a country road so I turned my front light off and enjoyed the blinking of a million lightening bugs in the ditches making me a runway to following.
Martin Malin Fri Jun 8 23:04:00 2012
Only 8 more riders, and we will have 500 riders surpassing Platinum level and 1,500+ points.
( >2,000 @ 1,000+, >6,900 @ 500+ for Gold)
( >100 @ 2,000+, one more for 10 @ 3,000+, and 2 @ 4,000+)
E M Matteson Fri Jun 8 22:45:00 2012
Hi all, got started before 7 am today. Temps in the 60s. Dropped my chain on the way up a hill. Yay wet wipes! Spotted 7 other riders today.
@ Bob D. The BRAN, yes I went once (BRAN 5) and have every intention of doing it again. Next year is a real possibility since both kids will be in college there. Nebraska is ranked 41 for bike friendliness by the League of American Bicyclists. But Lincoln and Omaha both have bronze bicycle friendly ratings and the third largest city is a stadium so no riding there. The state just passed a 3 ft. passing law and most roads have nice wide shoulders. So I say phooey to the ratings, Nebraska is a great place to ride. And BTW Lincoln is kicking you know what in the NBC ratings. So enjoy whats left of the BRAN and maybe I'll see you there in a year or two.
@ Nyla, I have to confess that I never paid the slightest attention to cadence. I used to ride the same stretch of road and put it in the hardest gear possible and push as hard as I could for as long as I could. It was just a blast. Nowdays I do pay more attention to shifting, that's what happens when you live around hills, but I'm not a big fan of spinning. The easiest gears are the last resort.
Rob Adams Fri Jun 8 22:40:00 2012
6 million miles to go. Let's get busy,
Nyla Greenberg Fri Jun 8 22:15:00 2012
Long prior to the persuasively specific science recently generously shared by Martin pertaining to the importance of a proper (90 or so) pedaling cadence, I’ve known for many years that my cadence is “wrong”, involving an overwhelming, entrenched preference for high gear barring strong headwinds or steep inclines. I haven’t actually counted but suspect it is closer to 60 than 90. In light of the clearly extensive research involved, particularly regarding injury incidence reports, I certainly wouldn’t recommend my approach to anyone, but I do find myself wondering if I’m the only closet cadence anarchist in the crowd? High gear is persistently most comfortable and enjoyable for me, in contrast to “spinning”, which I find both swiftly fatiguing and outright painful. It also invariably conjures up cartoon imagery of Wyle E. Coyote racing of a cliff in pursuit of the roadrunner…legs paddling furiously in midair…going nowhere. I’ve assumed it must be a matter of needing practice, and employing different muscle groups or fibers (fast-twitch vs. slow twitch, perhaps?). Likely a matter of pure luck, but apart from a unilateral bout with bursitis 27 years ago,(when I rode far less but weighed considerably more) my renegade style hasn’t seemed to cause problems, and I’ve rationalized that I’m simply incorporating strength and weight training into the process. I know I’ll need to make a major adjustment at least in the short run if I intend to continue my “Copper Triangle” quest. I much appreciate recent suggestions regarding core training as well. I‘ve been making a conscious effort to downshift more consistently on inclines (in part because my front hybrid derailleur was rusted into immobility from lack of use at my last tuneup, and the teeth on my smallest gear are worn to the point where the new chain slips off, rendering highest gear inaccessible on that bike)
In the end it always comes down to the fact that I ride first and foremost for enjoyment, and not only don’t enjoy the higher cadence..I actively loathe spinning. I’ve often thought that if I were obliged to maintain that cadence, I would be inclined to stop riding altogether. Is it just me?
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 8 21:33:00 2012
I was thinking about riding the Backdraft, but if I do, I will probably just ride 50 miles. The 67 miles last weekend was a huge challenge against the wind.
John Jay Mcnall Fri Jun 8 19:40:00 2012
@David Just got our 2 year old first bike so he can ride with me during the day when it is nice. I try to squeeze a ride in between the radar loops but lately there has been no let ups until midnight.
Gary Schyve Fri Jun 8 18:49:00 2012
@Gregg, I love your suggestion to bike part way to work. Right now, my commute is 13.5 miles on the Erie Canal Path and I love it. But I've often considered what I might have to do differently if I had to work a longer distance from home. That's a great idea I will consider if and when the time comes.
David Brock Fri Jun 8 18:12:00 2012
John Jay Mcnall's comment "These afternoon storms are killing me" reminded me of a commuting hint I wanted to share. Here in Denver, this time of year, we often have a chance of thunderstorms, usually in the afternoon. In the past, that meant that I would often miss days of commuting when the morning's forecast called for a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. What I've started doing is a "reverse commute": I drive in to work with my bike (and my gear). In the afternoon, I can just take a look at the sky (and maybe the radar loop), and decide to the ride home. Since mornings are rarely stormy, it is no problem to commute back in the next morning. It's really made a difference in the amount of commuting I do!
Thomas Ritschel Fri Jun 8 18:09:00 2012
doing the 50 at the backdraft tour, I have to catch the timber rattlers at 1:05.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 18:04:00 2012
@Martin - Thanks for the info. You are a storehouse of knowledge, sir.
@Gregg - Good luck on that century this weekend. I am officiating my first wedding this weekend... a little easier than your impending enterprise. Have fun.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 8 17:21:00 2012
Anyone else here doing the 100 mile Backdraft tour on Sunday at Jefferson Park in Menasha? http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/63745680

I wish we were riding earlier, but we aren't starting until 7 am. It's suppose to get in the 90's, so I hope we get back before it gets too hot. There will be 5 rest stops with an optional additional one at the Harrison Town Hall. I don't want to waste too much time at the rest stops because it will get hot in the afternoon.

If you aren't up to doing a century, there are also 16, 30, 50, and 75 mile routes.

Gregg Warning Fri Jun 8 17:12:00 2012
I'm doing my first century ride this Sunday and it is suppose to be in the 90's. But we are going on the ride early at 6 am and should be done no later than noon before it gets really hot. So I don't think the heat will bother me too much, if I drink enough water. I'm also bringing some energy bars with me.
vonn roberts Fri Jun 8 17:06:00 2012
Bob,glad you have enjoyed BRAN. I have done it several times in past years though not for several. Nebraska is a beautiful state with varied terrain despite all the "flyover" jokes. Most communities are filled with dedicated gracoius people. Glad you enjoyed my native state.
Martin Malin Fri Jun 8 16:58:00 2012
@Burklee - It was probably a teacher. A lot of times, 90 is an 'A', or at least an 'A-'.
I don't know who thought of it, but I am sure it was just by observation. Someone counting the cadence of their runners, making a note of it as an interesting but useless fact, and then at the end of the season seeing that those with the slower leg turnover got injured more. When you are watching the next Olympics, check out some of their cadences using the method below. Anyone over 800 meters will be at almost exactly 90 rpm. The difference in speed for the faster runners and the shorter distances all has to do with stride length. (Anyone not close to 90 will most likely have a much longer injury resume than the others.) (Also, if you see them warming up or doing a warm-down, they will still have the same cadence, just a much shorter stride length.)
While biking, you are also effectively changing your stride length by changing the gear you are in. Also, sometimes, bikers will spin by going at just over 100 RPMs for a short time, which helps revitalize their legs, as you are pushing against almost no resistance.
When some of my runners have a slow turnover rate, if they also have a bike, I tell them to us that and spin. The muscle memory from biking will carry over to their running.
The worst case I ever saw was someone doing 50 RPM biking up a minor incline. It made my knees sore just watching them.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 8 16:51:00 2012
@ Laura, Perhaps you could ride part way to work, if you can find a good place to park and you got a means to transport your bike with you. Even, if you ride only 5 miles and drive the other 35, you are saving 10 miles of fuel every day. That is always an option people have who live real far from work. Most businesses will allow you to park in their lot for the day, if you let them know you want to bike part way to work. Sometimes, there are even park and ride lots for people who car pool. But these lots also work good for people who ride a bike part way to work. One of our drivers at UPS does this and drives part way to work and then rides his bike the rest of the way which is about 7 miles. That gives him 14 miles every day commuting part way to work with his bike and 34 points in the challenge. A package car driver usually works 10 hour days Monday-Friday (50 hours/week)
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 8 16:48:00 2012
I think the turtles are laying their eggs right now and is why you are seeing so many turtles.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 16:46:00 2012
@Martin - Thanks. I was hoping you would come back at me with a method for measuring cadence, and here you've given me three. I think I'll go with the watch method. :) So who determined that 90 RPM is a good cadence?
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 8 16:43:00 2012
@ Rob, can we include A&W in Neenah on our moon light ride tonight? :) They are open until 11 pm.
Brian J Colon Fri Jun 8 16:17:00 2012
@Jerry J it's better now has some pavement there is still the water problem after heavy rains and of course attack birds
Bob Dumke Fri Jun 8 16:07:00 2012
Whooo hooo just entered my miles for the week as I'm doing BRAN; Bike Ride Across Nebraska. 400 miles in the past 6 days and they'll be another 55 tomorrow! NE is really a beautiful state when seen from a saddle.
John Jay Mcnall Fri Jun 8 16:01:00 2012
Wishfull thinking on my part. Rain coming down sideways. Maybe later.
Marshall Greene Fri Jun 8 15:58:00 2012
Gorgeous bike photos: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/06/pedal_power.html
Marshall Greene Fri Jun 8 15:54:00 2012
Anyone see this gem: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/06/pedal_power.html
I thought it was pretty specatcular.
Martin Malin Fri Jun 8 15:53:00 2012
@Burklee - You don't need a cadence meter to determine your cadence. If you have a watch, it is pretty easy. And all you need is 10 seconds to do it. When you are not in heavy traffic, look at your watch. When the time (the seconds) ends in a zero or a 5, (using those numbers tends to be easier to remember, especially if you have a watch with a dial), whichever foot is down, that is the foot you will use to count up to 15. The next time that foot is down, that is one. When you get up to 15, simulatneously look at your watch to see if the second time ends in either zero or 5. If it ends in a 1 or a 6, you are pedalling way too slowly. One would think that only one second doesn't make much of a difference, but it does. If it takes you 11 seconds to get 15 revolutions, that is less than 82 rpm, and you are putting too much strain on your tendons and ligaments, particularly in the knee. It would be a good idea to occasionally do that on both level and uphill surfaces, to see if you are getting into the proper gear.
Now, if you don't have a watch, you will have to use one of your ice cubes, (I hope you don't have a 5 lb. block of ice, as that could take a while), measure its weight and surface area, plug that into a formula along with the temperature and humidity, to determine how long it will take to melt, in minutes. Then count how many revolutions it took and divide by the time in minutes.
If you've used up all of your ice on your knee, then use a sundial, and count your revolutions for an hour. (I have two suggestions - 1) Buying as light a sundial as possible, as some of those cement ones can get pretty heavy. 2) Make sure you are facng the same direction at the end of the hour as at the start.)
Leonard Wright Fri Jun 8 15:52:00 2012
@ Heather, Excellent article Heather, you did a fantastic interview!!! Your riding and your involvement in the cycling community has been an inspiration to all of us, keep up the wonderful job you are doing getting others involved in cycling.
Jerry J Fri Jun 8 15:36:00 2012
@Brian. Or anyone who rides along the stretch between the soccer fields and the river, the one time I rode that stretch the path was muddy, and maybee even a little water standing in the area behind the City maintenance yard west of the soccer fields. Is it always like that?
John Jay Mcnall Fri Jun 8 14:49:00 2012
Another hour until wife gets home. Looks like I might be able to sneak in a ride before bad weather hits. Did not get lucky yesterday. These afternoon storms are killing me.
Greg Falk Fri Jun 8 13:43:00 2012
Wow got to ride in the Twin Cities yesterday. What a great trail system! Truely amazing.
Ron Friedel Fri Jun 8 13:27:00 2012
We were on the 400 Trail a few years ago, early in the morning, before 6. Lots of rabbits. I was sure we were going to slice and dice a few in our spokes.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jun 8 13:04:00 2012
Craig - that little fella is growing up, thanks for sharing.! Do they mind you taking photos? They seem fairly uninterested.
Craig Weinhold Fri Jun 8 12:56:00 2012
There is a very cute sandhill chick on my commute -- pics @ http://beeline.org/endo/crane.html
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 12:31:00 2012
Does anyone know anything about Dorado brand bikes, and if so, could you direct me to a place with more information on them?
Nyla Greenberg Fri Jun 8 11:57:00 2012
Heather: Cheers and Hurrah....What a wonderful interview. You are a perfect "Poster Person" for the Challenge...You beautifully exemplify and articulate all that is positive, joyous, inspiring and inviting about participation in this Challenge.
Congratulations and Keep Rolling!
Jim Post Fri Jun 8 11:57:00 2012
Back in the 1970s, my Dad resorted to carrying a tennis racket in his basket to fend off a particularly aggressive strain of blackbirds that haunted an area along his bike commute route near Lindsay Park in Davenport, IA...many years later I read an article in the local paper about people getting bloodied by dive-bombing blackbirds on a bike path in the same vicinity...They can be pretty fierce. Good luck! :-)
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jun 8 11:53:00 2012
Happy to report I have not experienced any bird attacks in the Fox Cities, however, during May, you do need to watch the geese at the Trestle Trail VERY closely. They will attack if you get near their young. I did see a turtle on a dead carp in the same place again this morning. Hard to say if it was the same turtle or carp, they all look the same to me.
Vicki Gonzales Fri Jun 8 11:44:00 2012
Watch out for those cranes on 400 state trail they think they own the bike trail.
Cora Pynenberg Fri Jun 8 11:27:00 2012
@ Burklee - I find that what helps me feel better is to do a short warm-up, then a 20 minute or so yoga routine, followed by some more standard stretches. I do my yoga with my WII, but you can do it anywhere. A good sequence would be
1. left side warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle, twisted triangle
2 right side warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle, twisted triangle
3. downward dog
4. Crescent pose left
5. downward dog
6. crescent pose right
These poses are all good for stretching your entire body, and your legs especially. I will generally end with runner's and hamstring streches, as well as quad stretches.
Scott Williams Fri Jun 8 11:22:00 2012
Phillip Fischer Fri Jun 8 11:12:00 2012
@Brian My wife has had an "attack" every day for the past couple days, between the soccer field and the river. They've not made physical contact, but fluttered overhead and made unhappy noises. It's NOT just you.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 11:06:00 2012
Well, check out Heather on the News from National Bike Challenge Week 6 Challenge Update. She's famous!!
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 09:59:00 2012
No access to a WII, no cadence meter. I do have ice though! :) Mainly just using ice and rest. Pain started after taking some hilly streets this weekend. It didn't hurt after the ride to work this morning, which is uphill, but the tendon does still feel a bit swollen. I could stand to stretch after rides. So, no ibuprofen, lower gears on hills. Gotcha.
Burklee Green Fri Jun 8 09:42:00 2012
@Martin - What do you do for a living?
Wally Olson Fri Jun 8 08:54:00 2012
The blackbird and I are still having "discussions" when I ride by his nesting area. I have been watching when I go by his area and have been able to avoid being hit by him. As far a turtles go, they are all over the place by the Wisconsin River in downtown Wausau. Saw one one the trail and a second one hung up on the railroad tracks this morning. Poor thing had managed to climb up onto the rail and got balanced. It's legs were too short to get it over the rest of the way. I stopped and nudged it over with my toe. Not sure if she was happy about it or not. (These are pretty good sized snapping turtles that I have been seeing.
Paul Bouffleur Fri Jun 8 08:53:00 2012
@Brian: Are they Red Wing Black Birds? They often attack cyclists near their nests, it gets pretty bad sometimes around La Crosse. Pretty sure it doesn't really work, but I know several people that swear if they put sunglasses on the back of their helmet, that it stops the attacks. I think it just makes them look a little stupid ;) But you could test that theory for us!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri Jun 8 08:52:00 2012
Good morning Fox Cities riders. Tonight is the June Moonlight ride - we will be gathering at Shattuck Park in Neenah, next to the library, at 9 pm. Bring helmets and lights - hope to see you there. Latest forecast: A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 66. Southwest wind between 10 and 13 mph, with gusts as high as 18 mph.
Brian J Colon Fri Jun 8 07:54:00 2012
I've gotten two responses no bird attacks. It must be something about me maybe the "bird calls" album i listen on my android device :-)
Martin Malin Fri Jun 8 07:40:00 2012
@Leonard - You're welcome! I've already learned quite a bit from everyone else on here, and am looking forward to what I will learn in the next almost 3 months. This NBC has really been fun and helpful to me. Tips and inspiration from those putting in mega mileage, like you, and how you respond to everyone who comments on your rides, make me feel like I can become not only a better rider, but a better person, too. And the excitement from those who've just taken up biking and have reached a new distance milestone, including @Stephan's son going back and forth in a driveway, or have felt incredible like @Cora, has been infectious! I wish there was a way to measure the energy we all receive from those posts.
Leonard Wright Fri Jun 8 02:33:00 2012
@ Martin, Thank you for the information (I know you were helping Burklee, but I found your information useful). For a long time I used a cadence of around 90 rpm. The last couple years I have found a cadence around 80-85 feels more comfortable and efficient for me. Now I know why.... (I also appreciate the information on NSAIDS - never knew that....)

One of the nice things about this challenge, when a person posts a comment they never know who may benefit from what they say. The more we interact with each other, the better it is for everyone.

Leonard Wright Fri Jun 8 02:21:00 2012
@ Cora, YOU GOT IT!!! - I think the description of your ride is exactly why I ride the mileage I do day after day. I find cycling to be euphoric, it's a feeling I can't seem to get enough of. I can see you now, finding ways to get out and ride every chance you get. Never lose that feeling, it's a life changer......
Martin Malin Fri Jun 8 00:53:00 2012
@Gregg - I definitely agree about core strengthening. I have all of my runners do it. We start out doing a core workout after their three hardest workouts 3X a week. Each core workout aways includes planks. 20 seconds prone, 20 on a side, 20 supine, and then 20 on the other side. The key on the prone ones is to be as straight as possible and not have your butt up. After three weeks, they do 40 seconds of planks each side 3x a week, and add the easier routine the other 4 days of the week. After another 3 weeks, the planks are changed from a timed routine to doing 10 leg raises with one leg. Killers, but effective.
E M Matteson Fri Jun 8 00:05:00 2012
HI all, Rode this morning again. Nice and cool in the 60s. Spotted 3 other riders. Two joggers said hi today. Yesterday a driver measured my uphill speed at 4 mph. I just laughed and said it was steep right there.
@ Gregg, I saw Minnesota from the air on the way back from helping the kids & car get to camp. Man, tons of lakes down there. I thought, its like when you look down on some place with a lot of swimming pools, but they just have bigger ones and they are natural!
@ Burklee, good luck stretching out & strengthening those muscles. If you have access to a WII FIT, some of those exercises might help. I just turn off the annoying "coach" and play music or something instead.
@ Laura, you are out riding and that is what counts. Nevermind that the work commute is too long. Mine is too short cause I work at home. But hey just enjoy riding when you can and think about the gas & energy you save when you make those errand trips.
@ Cora, you are hooked for life, this is not a bad thing.
Happy trails everybody
Dos_ Ruedas Thu Jun 7 23:59:00 2012
Almost 4 million miles.
Let's ride folks & reach 4 million by the end of the week.
If we each ride 4 or 5 miles, we'll be there.
Dave Bushey Thu Jun 7 22:52:00 2012
Yeah, I rode that stretch often, if not daily, with no bird-related issues. Maybe the birds just like you Brian.
Cora Pynenberg Thu Jun 7 22:26:00 2012
I've always heard about "runner's high" but thanks to bad knees, I've never really enjoyed running, and never felt that. But tonight, on my bike, I think I experienced that. I'm still a novice when it comes to biking, but my ride tonight was not just fun, it was absolutely euphoric! And if not for the NBC, I would not have been out there tonight. So thank you NBC, and thank you fellow riders, I feel amazing!
Jerry J Thu Jun 7 22:25:00 2012
@Brian. Ride the Hank Aaron trail almost every day. I think I went on the loop around the soccer field once. I did not get attacked by birds. I have never been attacked by birds on the trail along Canal Street either. But that is not a very scientific sample of probability of bird attacks by the river.
Russell Clubine Thu Jun 7 22:16:00 2012
Perfect day. High about 80 with low humidity. Never really felt hot. Day off today and got a good 25 miles in. Great riding on days like today. Will commute to work rest of the week. Probably won't have much opportunity to ride next week.
Laura Boothe Thu Jun 7 21:44:00 2012
Only problem I have is I live 40 miles away from work. Plus, I work a 12 hour shift.. wish I could ride to work but in my case it isn't practical....
Bruce C. Oestreich Thu Jun 7 21:31:00 2012
I really enjoy riding my bicycle .What a nice way to work out and to meet new ppl.I know I wont give up my truck as I cant haul 1000 bd feet of white oak or walnut on my bike but for all the errands and short trips plus going back and forth to work the bike is the way to go .The old gas guzzler can sit until needed.
Steave Scott Thu Jun 7 21:06:00 2012
Gregg, that's a very good post on saving energy. I started biking to work (22 mi. round trip) four years ago when gas prices went through the roof. In the couple of weeks I spent getting in shape for that, I found there's very little I can't do on my bike as well as I could in the car. After a year, we went from being a two car to a one car household, and that REALLY saves a lot of money. Keeping a car on the road costs an average of about $8,000 per year, according to AAA. I once shared my tire pump with a guy in his twenties who told me, "I hate cars. Every time I get a car I wind up broke!"
Brian J Colon Thu Jun 7 20:57:00 2012
So is anyone out here from the Milwaukee area. I am wondering if you've had the same "problem" I've had. Every time I ride the Hank Arron State Trail River Loop near Marquette Valley field of being attacked by birds. 3 times now it's happened, I've actually thought about taken a slightly different route to avoid it, I loose about 2 miles off my trip but it's better than the bird attacks.
Steve Brengosz Thu Jun 7 20:06:00 2012
I haven't seen any turtles, but I did have some X-rated human activity on the trail yesterday. That was a first! I did have my camera but decided that probably wasn't a good idea!
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 7 19:46:00 2012
@ Martin All of your advice is very good. One thing I would add is strengthen your core with exercises. There are many exercises on line that will strengthen your core. Biking itself doesn't do much to strengthen your core. The stronger core you have, the more miles you will be able to bike pain free and with a lot of enjoyment because biking depends heavily on your core muscles.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 7 19:45:00 2012
"Americans Rank Saving Energy Ahead of Vacations: http://news.yahoo.com/americans-rank-saving-energy-ahead-vacations-151120223.html One of the best ways to save energy is riding a bike to work and for other transportation needs. I have never regretted the decision to ride my bike to work. It's the best decision I have made in my life. I actually look forward to getting up in the the morning and riding 9 miles to work. It only takes me 15 minutes longer than by car and I only have to get up 15 minutes earlier than I did when I drove. I'm also going to ride my bike on vacation on some beautiful paved bike trails in the forest and around some beautiful lakes. The air is so refreshing there.
Peter F Van Horn Thu Jun 7 19:01:00 2012
a few metal specks and a staple caused a flat tire. Put in a new inner tube and home before dark clouds and a possible thunder storm thru the Grace of God.
cheryl zadrazil Thu Jun 7 18:18:00 2012
Hey! It must be turtle time. I spotted10 turtles stretching their necks above the water line during my morning ride along the Apple Creek Trail. The turtles and I were all facing the rising sun as it rose accross the creek.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 7 18:12:00 2012
Great job and great cause Charlie L!
Martin Malin Thu Jun 7 18:03:00 2012
@Burklee - The latest scientific research has shown that there is no inflammation of the affected area when the've examined at tissue under a microscope. So all ...itis's are really ...osis's. Which means that the pain is caused by a degeneration of the tendon, not an inflammation. If your doctor recommended NSAIDS, don't take them, as he/she is behind the times. NSAIDS cause a degeneration of tendons and ligaments, the exact opposite of what you want. Ice is good, followed by any activity that doesn't cause any pain. They also make patellar tendon straps, which could help with your rehab. My guess is that you have done a combination of building up your biking miles too quickly, in conjunction with being in too high of a gear. Ideally, you want to have a cadence of 90 RPMs. This is the same for running, where they want to have 180 steps per minute (That holds true from 800 meters to ultramarathoners at any level. 400 meters and under they have fastr leg turnover. I think I remember clocking Usain Bolt's turnover at somewhere around 220.) So, use your shift levers even for small hills and just before you get to a stop light/sign. The quicker you can get to 90 RPM the better. (Now, there is an exception for those on this board who are putting in mega mileage. They've strengthened their tendons and ligaments over several years of riding, so they can actually be efficient in the mid-lower 80's.) Good luck! Once you are pain free, start doing strengthening exercises, so that you work the front of the knee area, first starting out with light weights, nice and slow, and then gradually building up.
Charlie L Thu Jun 7 17:48:00 2012
Had a great 116 mile ride to support the Special Olympics. Might have a couple more riders for the challenge too. It was a great day!!
Karli Gronholm Thu Jun 7 17:48:00 2012
LEts go!
Burklee Green Thu Jun 7 16:44:00 2012
Gah, patellar tendonitis. Dang it. Ow.
Katie Omberg Thu Jun 7 15:19:00 2012
Hi there! We've posted a "I'm in the National Bike Challenge because __________." post on the Challenge's Facebook page. The conversations on this homepage are great, and I'd love to see how you fill in the blank! Just go to www.facebook.com/nationalbikechallenge to post the reason *you* ride in the challenge!
Frans (Underachiever) Hansen Thu Jun 7 14:16:00 2012
Hello Alleyne, a MTB-ker from South Africa. Also do road racing!!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 7 14:16:00 2012
Saw something in Little Lake Buttes de Morts this morning I would have missed if in my car. As I crossed the Trestle Trail in Menasha, saw a big dead carp floating in the water. Getting closer I could see something on the carp, a turtle. Then another one swimming towards it and climbing on. Must be like a drive-thru window for turtles or a nice place to get some sun. Never saw that before. Hope you all had a good ride this morning.
Gregg Warning Thu Jun 7 13:16:00 2012
If you are looking for a great place to vacation in Wisconsin with some really nice bike and hiking trails and great fishing, Vilas County in northern Wisconsin is really nice. There is a campground on Crystal Lake with your own sandy beach site on the lake, which is really nice for family swimming.. These are usually full with reservations on weekends, but you can get weekday sites yet. They are only $15/night and are in the American Legion State Forest near Minocqua and Boulder Junction, WI. Since it is a state park, you will also need a park sticker. You can use any camping unit you want on these sites from tents, pop ups, and trailers etc and there are paved biking trails from the campground that connect with Boulder Junction, Sayner, and St. Germain. You will not find any better paved biking trails in the whole state than in this county. The trails go through the forest, so it is mostly shady and there there are literally thousands of lakes and streams along these biking trails. There are also some of the best mountain biking trails in the state in Vilas County. The world's first snowmobile was invented in Sayner, WI And Sayner is home to the Plum Lake Golf Club. Founded in 1912, Plum Lake Golf Club is the oldest 9 hole golf course in Wisconsin. And if you also like fishing, Boulder Junction is known as the "Musky Capital of the World." Vilas County offers 248,389 acres of public forest. In 2005, over 1 million board feet of lumber were harvested, enough to build 100 single family homes. The forest you see is second growth forest and comprises 85% of the county. The entire county has only 21,966 primary residents, but the population increases on average by 60,000 people per week in the summer. Vilas County itself has over 1,000 lakes and neighboring Oneida County has an additional 1,200 lakes and 53 miles of streams. The basis for air quality in the state of Wisconsin comes from air samples at the DNR Trout Lake Headquarters in Boulder Junction. There is no lack of clean air here and is a perfect vacation area that is quiet and has every kind of outdoor recreation here. We are vacationing at the Crystal Lake campground for a whole week beginning Father's Day weekend. I can wait to camp there and of course bring my bike and also an inflatable 4 man raft for navigating some of the small remote lakes for some great fishing. The shops in "downtown" Boulder Junction are very old and unique.
Stephen Powers Thu Jun 7 13:09:00 2012
Chesla, To remove a team member (1) click on the team name (by your points on this page) (2) Click "See profile on Endomondo" (3) Click on the "Members" tab. (4) Click "Remove" to remove the rider from your team.
Chesla Seely-Anschutz Thu Jun 7 12:40:00 2012
Somebody please tell me how to delete/remove a rider on my team. I'm the captain and we have a ghost rider. Someone signed up and is not logging miles and no identification.
Tiffany Thulien-Brown Thu Jun 7 12:25:00 2012
Beautiful ride this morning in Dale, WI ...I did surprise 2 Bucks and 1 Doe...the horns were all velvet! Nice jumpy jumpies.
Hoang Vu Thu Jun 7 11:48:00 2012
Hi SJ riders:
Remember to go to Team Bike Challenge (May) and note your trips there. Go back here and transfer (manually) your stats. If you enter your weight, it will calculate the calories burned more accurately. If you have other friends to invite, please do so.
Alleyne Long Thu Jun 7 10:30:00 2012
Hello. Any mountain bikers out there?
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu Jun 7 09:39:00 2012
Gene Connor - good on you for your cross country ride. I'm in Wisconsin, so won't be able to join you on your starting leg. I assume you will be taking the southern route, but let me know if your plans include Wisconsin. Bon Voyage!
Heather April Thu Jun 7 08:39:00 2012
I think were going to hit 4,000,000 miles this weekend. Very cool Also congrats to the 1000 points people this week. You rock!
Savanni D'Gerinel Thu Jun 7 07:40:00 2012
Woohooo! 1000 points last night (but not logged until this morning)!
Gene Connor Thu Jun 7 05:33:00 2012
I'm going to put this out there again in the hopes that someone will read it. Are there any cyclists in the San Diego area who might be willing to join me for a 20+ ride on Sunday, June 24th? I'm heading out on a cross country ride to raise money for Sunrise Day Camp (the only dedicated day camp in the country for children with cancer) and I'd love some folks to join me the first way - especially if they know the area. If you can join me, e-mail me at syossetact@aol.com and let's ride together!
Chester Sidney Wed Jun 6 23:20:00 2012
First time riding in the early morning. I love it.
Gregg Warning Wed Jun 6 23:05:00 2012
Pic of me on the bike course at the Green Bay Triathlon by John Cooper Photography: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greggmichaelphotography/7161848277/

More pics here: http://www.backprint.com/go.asp

Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 6 23:02:00 2012
Endomondo team - Thanks for adding the Rider Leaderboard to States! Feel free to add teams anytime you'd like. ;-)
E M Matteson Wed Jun 6 22:46:00 2012
HI all, out this morning in 60+ weather for a ride. Spotted 11 other riders, about half of them were women and two were teenagers! Also commuted to the drive up window at the bank (yeah the one that has the sign about no bikes in the parking lot).
Forgot to mention that I was trying to recruit the park ranger at Itaska for this challenge. She said she has been commuting 25 miles each way for years. But then she wasn't sure if she qualified because she uses electronic assist. I told her she should sign up anyway, its better than driving around in a couple of thousand pounds of steel...
@ Nyla, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt riding in the drizzle in Minnesota. But I was having so much fun I didn't care that it was a little cool.
@ Cora How exciting that Josh is getting into the riding and map reading. This is an endangered skill since we have all the electronic mapping devices
@ David -- hi back
@ Heather -- Bicycle Friendly, this is indeed important. We all should get involved any way we can
@ Gene, no the 1000+ points is my grand total for the challenge.
Keep rolling everyone
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 6 22:34:00 2012
@Mike ended up with the cheaper rubino today. As luck would have the LBS was out of teh kevlar tires and the pro slicks Had to go to next town over to find the one I got and picked up the last 2 tubes. I guess there have been a lot of flats lately. Rain washing all the little debri into the bike lanes I think.
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 6 22:19:00 2012
Jenny: Perfectly expressed sentiment! Driving or cycling, a frequent spring rite is the roadside pause for facilitated turtle crossing. As is characteristic of varied turtle species, gratitude is typically expressed with projectile peeing, and attempts to amputate a finger or thumb (-;
Jenny Stelzner Wed Jun 6 21:52:00 2012
ATTENTION ALL DRIVERS OF CARS: Mr. Turtle does not DART out in front of you. You have enough time to react without driving your car over him, smashing him to bits. Please be respectful of Mr. Turtle!
travis montross Wed Jun 6 21:41:00 2012
My first day at a new job. Itll be a 12 mile commute to work all downhill on the way there .
dameon plagens Wed Jun 6 21:32:00 2012
a riding friend once told me "there is no bad weather- just bad clothing ". I try to get my gear before I need it .
Al Yard Wed Jun 6 21:06:00 2012
I have a ten-mile commute to work on rural roads, with the pinnacle of the commute about 4 miles from work. As go over it, I am going west. Sometimes, there are ominous clouds on the horizon, and even lightning. I tuck down on my bike, pedal like crazy, and think, "Well, the race is on now." Some things, we just have to be out there to experience. How much stuff have you seen on a bike that you've never seen out a car window?
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 6 20:50:00 2012
Brief downpour between sunlit spans of bright blue…wringing stickily suspended moisture from the atmosphere, simultaneously rinsing away dust and pollen and leaving behind exquisitely fresh, clear, cool, irresistibly fragrant air. Optimal evening ride…..gifted with two outsized turtle sightings…..one lakeside, scuttling into the reeds at a speed challenging standard slow-motion stereotypes; and the other huge, moss-covered and hunkered down improbably at the end of local sand and gravel driveway.. intently excavating backwards to deposit leathery eggs. (-:
Joe Fennell Wed Jun 6 20:40:00 2012
@Nyla, that is when I decided to never own a car again. It was my first day on a bike in nearly 5 years, I realized I missed my connecting bus to get to work and raining. I look at my bike look back in the direction the bus should come from, then to the direction of work and decided to hop on my bike and see when I'd get there rather than guaranteeing at least an hour of tardiness. About a mile in when I would assume most people to start complaining about needing a car, all I could think was "I need rain gear!" Got to work 30 minutes late and my co-workers were looking at me all drenched to which I just responded "What? It'll dry!"
Troy Stentz Wed Jun 6 20:12:00 2012
@Nyla-Well said, well said. I think the years of commuting regardless of the ambient conditions, just ended up making me pretty nonchalant about riding in thunderstorms and whatever else nature could throw at me. My inner child always comes out when I'm racing a few yards ahead of those first big fat raindrops before the deluge hits. It makes no difference if I win or lose, the fun is in the challenge.
Mike Grote Wed Jun 6 20:10:00 2012
@John Jay: I had problems with the Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick, but the Rubino (less expensive, tread and wire bead) has worn like iron. It is a little heavier, but for training it's worth not having to stop to repair a flat.
Mike Grote Wed Jun 6 20:03:00 2012
I said earlier today that I had not had a flat in years running Vittoria and jinxed my luck. Got a felt today! Not due to the tire, however, but to a stem which suddenly tore away from the tube.
Ronald Williams Wed Jun 6 20:01:00 2012
@ MOB At my age you stay dry when you can Lol !!!!
John Jay Mcnall Wed Jun 6 19:45:00 2012
My wife was giggling at me cause she squeezed a quick "normal" ride in and got to work with a light misting parked was getting into the door of work as the downpour came!
Nyla Greenberg Wed Jun 6 19:12:00 2012
Anyone else ever find yourself riding alone in objectively ridiculous weather (facing icy splinters of water hurled horizontally by gale force headwinds; losing race against sudden torrential summer drenching; *insert regionally appropriate meteorological mischief here) and laughing out loud with sheer exhilaration? I might attribute this perversely gratifying phenomenon to some primal, atavistically hard-wired visceral response to triumphant elemental confrontation, but I suspect it has more in common with the defiant glee of a two-old successfully engaging in behavior to which any responsible grown-up would put an immediate and unequivocal STOP! Cheers to all “mature” souls with unruly children abiding within…consistently choosing to Come Out and Play ANYWAY(-;
Michael on Bicycle Wed Jun 6 19:11:00 2012
Cora Pynenberg Wed Jun 6 16:16:00 2012
Looks like it will be another great night for a ride to Heesaker park!
Les T. Long Wed Jun 6 09:59:00 2012
That is a great target. It just so happens that I pass 600 miles today as well.
Angela M Orentas Tue Jun 5 22:18:00 2012
Since tomorrow is 6-6, I added a few extra miles to my ride tonight so I could hit 600. Right on the nose. :)
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue Jun 5 21:51:00 2012
Rode to the polls with my wife. Fun.
Nyla Greenberg Tue Jun 5 15:53:00 2012
Pedaled to local town hall to vote,,,handlebar tape unfurling into a festvie streamer on downhill route. Another beautiful day for a ride (-:
Phillip Fischer Tue Jun 5 15:14:00 2012
Goodness, I've busted 2 spokes in 2 weeks on my commuter bike. How unfortunate!
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 5 12:08:00 2012
They should get an extra 20 point bonus for riding nude. haha
Peter J Feyen Tue Jun 5 11:53:00 2012
Late notice for those having batterys going dead, get a Powerock that gives you twice the time. About 3oz.
Gregg Warning Tue Jun 5 11:52:00 2012
It surprises me that Madison allows this World Naked Bike Ride every year, but on June 18 last year there were over 100 nude men and women on this nude ride: http://host.madison.com/vmix_10c0f6a8-99dc-11e0-bace-001cc4c002e0.html

I'm not sure what day they are doing it this year because I'm not planning on joining them. lol

Gregg Warning Tue Jun 5 11:17:00 2012
@Charlie Looks like something I would like, as long as they let me ride without a shirt. lol , I do like riding without a shirt to get the maximum cooling effect on my body. Riding shirtlessin in the hot summer feels great and I love feeling the breeze on my body and keeps me cooler and less sweaty. It's really a comfort issue and I just find wearing any shirt at all very uncomfortable in warm weather. When I worked for McVey Tent and Expo for 2 summers putting up tents for Country USA and other festivals in the Fox Valley area, the majority of the guys wore no shirts cause it was just too uncomfortable working in the hot sun with a shirt on and it was considered acceptable working attire for us guys to be shirtless when working outside in the hot sun and heat of the day. The only restriction was that proper footwear was required, except when washing tents at the shop. We were never allowed to walk on any of his tents with shoes on. Greek men use to compete in the Olympics nude. I won't bike nude as a group does in a nude bike ride in Madison every year, but I do enjoy riding shirtless in the summer being cooled by the breeze. :)
John Cherney Tue Jun 5 10:49:00 2012
Steve: thanks for the headbadge.com reference, looks like a great site!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jun 4 23:48:00 2012
Way to go Charlie L! We are gaining on VT...
Charlie L Mon Jun 4 23:31:00 2012
@Gregg, you should check out this time trial event, http://www.briceprairiebikerace.org/
I think you might like one or both of these events. Didn't you need a reason to travel to this side of the state? Come join me!! The time trial route is flat, all out speed, a little bumpy is the only negative. I didn't check the rules to see if you have to wear a shirt or not. lol
Charlie L Mon Jun 4 23:16:00 2012
I am riding to support Special Olympics on Thursday. 120 miles from Madison to Point. I think there about 10 in my group. After listening to me talk about the challenge for a number of hours they will all have to be in the challenge just to get me to shut up. Some are already signed up.
Steve Brengosz Mon Jun 4 23:10:00 2012
You paramount guys need to check out this site and register your bikes.


John Cherney Mon Jun 4 22:38:00 2012
Thanks Gregg - sounds like a great deal. Mine is a 1988, love the feel of the light steel frame.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 4 22:22:00 2012
This coming weekend is the Backdraft Bike tour on Sunday. Anyone doing this event?
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 4 21:54:00 2012
I think there is a ride coming up June 16th in Door County. And, at the end of the month is the Green Lake Greenways-not a huge ride, but this is my "home" area and it is a beautiful and sometimes challenging course!
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Mon Jun 4 21:41:00 2012
Well, let's assume the Miller Lite Ride miles are now in. Although many riders came in from out of town and therefore counted in their home communities, Milwaukee did move up from #10 to #8. I think the bump is visible even in the state total, where Wisconsin is now close to #1 Vermont. That's the scale of event that it takes to move the numbers for a large population base. Any other really big events coming up? It would be great if the momentum continued.
Jenny Stelzner Mon Jun 4 21:39:00 2012
Gregg, thanks for sharing the link to the Birky pics. I don't see any pics of me (I would be easy to spot, wearing bright pink). I was right behind the tandem bike for portions of the ride.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 4 21:27:00 2012
@ John Not sure what year. I bought it used from one of the Neenah UPS drivers. It's been working great for me. It's the first bike I ever owned with SPD pedals.
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Mon Jun 4 21:19:00 2012
Just back from our evening ride with the dog through the trails in Combined Locks and we were treated to the bluest bird in the world - the Indigo Bunting!
Thrilled with that. The dog was pulling pretty good and managed a top speed of 8.71mph
Life is good
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jun 4 19:44:00 2012
Yo Wisconsin, check out the state rankings for June. We are right behind Vermont and it looks like they have lost their momentum. Now is the time to strike - pass the word and grab a buddy or two and lets do this!
John Cherney Mon Jun 4 17:56:00 2012
Gregg: What year is your Paramount? (just curious)
Charlie L Mon Jun 4 16:21:00 2012
Congrats Gregg on the Birky!! Your hard work pays off. Keep it between the ditches.
Wally Olson Mon Jun 4 16:00:00 2012
Gregg, Congratulations on your triathlon. Keep up the great work and stay healthy.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 4 14:57:00 2012
Oakridge Farms in Neenah on the CB Trail has pick your own strawberries beginning today. What a beautiful day to go biking and pick some strawberries. This is the earliest pick dayever. Bring your cargo carrier. I'm biking out there now. I love their strawberries and they usually are about $1.35 lb.
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 4 12:47:00 2012
Pics from the Birky Challenge Saturday: http://www.wisconsinoutdoorfun.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery;Date=20120602&Category=FON01&ArtNo=206020805&Ref=PH&Item=7
cheryl zadrazil Mon Jun 4 12:40:00 2012
Gregg! Way to go! I appreciate your sharing the ups and downs of the training for your triathion. It just keeps it all real. Congradulations!
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 4 11:53:00 2012
I was in the Green Bay Triathlon yesterday and this was my first triathlon ever and I am still shocked. I won the 2nd place award trophy in the men's sprint division in my 50-54 age group out of 14 men. I finished 30 overall out of 429 sprint participants and 25 out of 163 in the men's sprint division. The sprint was a 400 yard swim in the man made lake at Ashwaubomay Park, then 16.5 mile bike, and finished with a 5k run (3.1 miles). I broke a personal bike speed record in races and averaged 21.6 mph on my Schwinn Paramount. Out of 163 men in the sprint division I had the 20th best bike time. My fnish time for the entire event was 1:18:52.4. Tim Petrie (33) from Fond du Lac was the overall men's winner with a time of 1:04:55.4 and Jessica Sigl (25) from Green Bay was the overall winner in the women's division with a time of 1:13:47.9
Gregg Warning Mon Jun 4 11:13:00 2012
The weather today is so nice for biking to work or wherever.
Philip Hinkle Mon Jun 4 10:54:00 2012
Don I can't ride to work here in WI cause I work at home but I will enjoy this perfect day on a nice 20-30 miler in a little while. Great day to live in WI...at least for biking in WI. :-)
Phillip Fischer Mon Jun 4 10:41:00 2012
@Tomislav It absolutely WAS gorgeous. This morning too! Great days to be outside!
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Mon Jun 4 10:17:00 2012
Over the Hoan Bridge yesterday morning was gorgeous. And they solved last year's crossing-the-streams problem by routing first south on the northbound lane, and then north on the southbound lane. Miller Lite Ride was fantastic except for that headwind the first 40 miles.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Mon Jun 4 09:56:00 2012
Don - couldn't agree with you more. These are the days that make living in Wisconsin and biking to work memorable!
Don Geenen Mon Jun 4 09:14:00 2012
What a glorious Monday morning for biking to work! If those driving motor vehicles to work only knew what they were missing…
Cora Pynenberg Sun Jun 3 22:16:00 2012
Beautiful day today, but tough riding into the wind. Even so, rode to Cheesefest and back with my son, Josh, in the trailer.
Jude Toche Sun Jun 3 19:34:00 2012
Well, barring a major catastrophe, I'll hit 1,000 miles early this week. Wheeee!
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 3 15:58:00 2012
Nyla, I was thinking that ice cream would be just the thing, but I was too tired to go get it.
Wally Olson Sun Jun 3 14:26:00 2012
Brian, I was riding on the county roads just southeast of the Wausau/Weston area. It's a conspiracy I tell you!! The birds are plotting a revolution.
Brian J Colon Sun Jun 3 13:51:00 2012
Wally this will freak you out but I got attacked to. My was a little starling, scared the bajibies out of me. Was it by chance on the Hank Arron near Marqutte Valley Field?
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sun Jun 3 11:52:00 2012
If you are in Appleton today and looking for a fun, relaxing time - consider joining us at Jaycee Park from 1 to 4 for the Family Friendly Cycling Festival. There is also free food while it lasts...This event is sponsored by FCCA - Fox Cities Cycling Association.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sun Jun 3 11:50:00 2012
Jenny - inspiring, may have to try that ride someday.
Nyla Greenberg Sun Jun 3 11:36:00 2012
Cora.: simply Hurrah!..HappyTrails to you and Josh. (-:! Jenny….we have a similar approach to organized rides. As neither bike nor body was built for speed, my principle competition Is former me: easily stalled by daunting wind, weather or distance. You own a newly expanded perception of your own determination, strength, endurance and possibilities. YOU WON! ..so Celebrate…treat yourself to a sunlit, leisurely, ideally downwind ride (and some chocolate (-:)
Paul Fitzgibbon Sun Jun 3 11:06:00 2012
Wally, thought you meant you saw Alfred :-) He always briefly appeared in all of his movies.... I once broadsided a Canada goose that just took flight on the path in Riverside park Neenah.
Wally Olson Sun Jun 3 09:45:00 2012
Had a little Alfred Hitchcock experience on my ride this morning. I heard a whoosh and then got hit in the back of the head. I looked around just in time to see a redwing blackbird making another dive at me. This is my usual route and I haven't been attacked before so I'm guessing that it has a nest with new hatchlings. Always an adventure.
Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 3 09:07:00 2012
What a great experience riding the Birky Challenge yesterday! The ride started out a bit later--8 am planned start, but basically didn't start riding until closer to 8:30. Felt a little funny as all of the road bikes passed me by (I ride a "cross bike" or hybrid). Once they all got out of the way and ahead of me, I felt more comfortable, not like a race! The rest stops were all fully stocked with bananas, sliced oranges, granola bars, cookies, and lots of water (gatorade ran out by the time I arrived). There was on site mechanical support to fix flats and such, and a car that kept riding up and down the course to make sure everyone was ok.

I was one of the last finishers, but was happy to say that I wasn't THE last one! LOL. They still had some dinner left upon my return, and still folks out there to cheer every finisher at the end. Was really nice!

So, next time, I just need to have a chat with God before I ride again, please turn off the fan upstairs! The last 20 miles was directly into the wind and was the most grueling experience I have ever had. I was not sure that I was going to finish, but each time the sag wagon came along to ask if I was OK, I said YES! And, since I am still here posting on the website, I guess everything is just fine!

Jenny Stelzner Sun Jun 3 09:06:00 2012
@ Chesla: I think that the captain can remove someone on the team.
Jerry J Sat Jun 2 22:50:00 2012
Looks like great weather for the Ride For The Arts tomorrow. Have a nice day everyone.
Chesla Seely-Anschutz Sat Jun 2 22:41:00 2012
We've got a ghost rider on our team. Don't know who it is - not identified. this person has not logged any miles since the beginning of the challenge. How can we have them removed?
Jenny Stelzner Sat Jun 2 22:00:00 2012
Yay Cora! On the road again!
Cora Pynenberg Sat Jun 2 17:42:00 2012
I GOT MY TRAILER BACK!!!!!! The Michelin Avenir axle mount hitch was a PERFECT replacement for the old hitch on my Safety First trailer, and now I don't have to worry about the bracket sliding off the frame rail! It was as simple as old bolt out, new bolt in! Could not have worked better!
So excited to have it back that I took my son and my nephew down to the Cheesefest parade in Little Chute on the bike, and it was perfect! (Except for the part when we were leaving and the pedal fell off my bike! WTH?)
Thanks again to everyone who offered support and suggestions! But watch out, because now that Josh and I can go riding again, we are going to start racking up the miles!
So happy to have the trailer back!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat Jun 2 16:04:00 2012
Go Appleton - ranked 2nd place in the USA!!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat Jun 2 08:50:00 2012
Gregg - here is a link to recent Post Crescent article about the NBC http://www.postcrescent.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article Have a fun trip this weekend.
Gregg Warning Sat Jun 2 08:32:00 2012
They had the "Birky Challenge" on the news this morning.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 1 21:43:00 2012
When we went to Crystal Lake last year, we just went in the middle of the week and we were able to get in right on the lake on an unreserved site. Maybe we were just lucky! We have also been up to Pattison, it is beautiful!
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 1 19:30:00 2012
After 5 nights at Crystal Lake, then we are going another 3 hours north to Patterson State Park near Superior and stay 2 nights there and Big Manitou Falls is at this park. It is the largest waterfall in Wisconsin and is so beautiful and there is nice hiking trails in the park: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3466/5844047823_d5217d3936_z.jpg There is also Little Manitou Falls there and Amnicon State Park is also not too far from there and also has some beautiful falls. We also want to spend some time in Superior, too.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 1 19:19:00 2012
I always have to make my reservation 11 months ahead to get a water and beach front camp site, which is the earliest you can reserve ahead and even then I had difficulty getting a site that was open for at least 5 nights, but the one we have is next to the one we had last year and is also a very nice site on the beach. I only wish they had electric there because we are use to having that with our pop up camper, but we make do with the gas stove or cook over the fire. They have flush toilets with hot showers which is nice. There is a little lake way back in the woods that we take our blow up raft to and we paddle it to the other side of the lake and we can fish off of shore there by this beaver house and there are always lots of blue gills there and would be a great place to take kids fishing because they will have a blast catching blue gills there. It's called Day Lake and not a lot of people even know about it, so it is not fished very much.
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 1 18:15:00 2012
@ Gregg, I talked my family into camping there last summer after you posted how wonderful it was! It has also become our favorite family camping destination. The ice cream at Plum Lake is awesome, definitely worth the trip. We did not ride the entire route to Boulder Junction (my youngest was struggling), but I would like to do this trip again. We only spent a few days, and I am hoping to spend an entire week there this summer.
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Fri Jun 1 18:13:00 2012
@Verge: Had to chuckle; I'm a bit older than you. Any of you folks ever show up around GE Healthcare in Waukesha?
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 1 16:39:00 2012
I'm taking a vacation again the middle of June this year in the Boulder Junction area and camping with my pop up camper at my favorite campground on Crystal Lake and we have a campsite reserved there with our own private lake frontage and beach. The entire lake shore is a beach and one of my favorite things to do early in the morning when I get up is to jog around the entire lake barefoot on the beach. It's a couple miles around the entire lake on the beach. Then there is a really nice 11 mile paved bike trail that connects the Crystal Lake Campground with Firefly Campground and goes to Boulder Junction. Every Tuesday Boulder Junction has a really nice flea market and it is right on the bike trail, so you can't miss it. And there are also paved bike trails to St. Germain with a famous ice cream shop in the Plum Lake area with old fashion real hard ice cream . This area is a bicycling and hiking paradise with lots of mountain bike trails, too.
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 1 16:36:00 2012
Sunday from 1-4 pm. is also the Family Friendly Cycling Festival at Jaycee Park in Appleton. Lots of food, fun, and fellowship and of course bike rides. There are going to be 3 different rides--a family one, intermediate, and hard core. You can get more info at the Wisconsin Bike Fed: http://bfw.org/events/event/family-friendly-cycling-festival/
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 1 16:04:00 2012
There is also a 67 mile ride near Fond du lac, the "Birky Challenge". It is a benefit ride in honor of the fallen police officer, Craig Birkholtz. Is anyone else here riding in that?
Verge Manyen Fri Jun 1 14:33:00 2012
We're having a lot of fun with this at GE Healthcare in Madison. Our facility is outside of town, so no-one lives very close by, but we still have a great group of regular commuters. The Bike Challenge has been keeping us motivated, for sure, which isn't easy considering none of us are exactly young, and most of us ride over 20 miles round trip to work!

None of us are too high up in the standings (well, alright, our team leader Mike Gregor is doing pretty well), but it's still nice to know that logging the miles can help with lobbying for better biking infrastructure, etc...

Keeping an old man in shape! Thanks to the organizers!

Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Fri Jun 1 13:59:00 2012
It will be interesting to see if there is a bump in the Milwaukee-Waukesha-WestAllis number (and Wisconsin in general) for June after 5-10 thousand riders are in the Miller Lite Ride on Sunday.
Christine Salvatore Fri Jun 1 12:12:00 2012
I love it! A new target to shoot for! Such motivation! I ended May 12th in all riders in our "community" group. I'd like to end June in the top 10. And it would be so cool to be in the top 500 in WI. That would mean almost 200 points more than May, based on May stats. I wonder if I could do that? It's worth trying, right?? Maybe top 750 is more realistic?
Gregg Warning Fri Jun 1 12:07:00 2012
I'm doing the Green Bay Triathlon on Sunday. I've done duathlons before, but never a triathlon, so this will be my first time. I like swimming. It's just not one of my strengths, but I hope to become a more competitive and stronger swimmer by doing triathlons. Since this is my first time, I'm doing the shorter sprint courses--400 yard swim, 15 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. The lake is a shallow man made lake at Ashwaubomay Park, so it should not be rough or choppy, except what is created by the swimmers themselves, so this is a good triathlon for beginners like me. I just have to swim 1 lap around this small lake. I have a wet suit and am planning to wear it because I think the water is going to be quite cold because they just filled the lake 2 weeks ago with cold fire hydrant water and it has not had much chance to warm up. I'm sure the cold weather this week with the nights in the 40's has made the water very cold. The air temp on Sunday at race time is only going to be in the upper 50's, so pretty cold to go swimming in a triathlon. But my wet suit should help a lot with keeping my muscles warm, so I don't cramp up. I tend to cramp real easy in cold water.
Christine Salvatore Fri Jun 1 12:04:00 2012
I wonder how long it would take me to ride my bike to Louisville, Ky? The better part of a week, I'm sure. Hmmmm. That would enable me to get there for the graduation party and not have to spend the entire week with the MIL. Hmmmm. Wonder if I should try it? (BTW, I have a dry sense of humor and the previous is just me kidding around. I AM taking my bike with me though. That way I can sneak off and hide when it gets too intense for me.)
Jim Post Fri Jun 1 07:56:00 2012
The mileage and points reset at the beginning of each month according to Greenwich Mean Time I think...you can still see your total mileage by adjusting the period drop down on the leaderboard page. Due to this monthly reset and the fact that I ride 17 miles to work early in the morning and get 54 pts for the round trip, I am No.1 in WI and in the TOP 10 on the National page. Woo Hoo! That won't Last. :-) I continue to be amazed by the riders in this Challenge! Great Job One and ALL!
Jenny Stelzner Fri Jun 1 07:46:00 2012
My points are all good now. I am riding more because of the challenge, and that is what matters most to me. I am not far enough in the standings to worry about my position, I just want to do this for my health and enjoy the ride. I have my own set of personal stats and goals that I have set, one being to ride 1000 miles this year (I only did 800 or so miles last year). At the pace I am going at, I should have no problem. Another goal of mine is to do a century ride--and at the speed I ride now, I am hopeful to get started and finished before nightfall! Anyway, this experience has been great for me, as I have been transformed out of being sedentary into a fairly active person, and that will definitely have a positive impact on my health.
Wally Olson Fri Jun 1 00:45:00 2012
Endomondo has an accurate record of my workouts and mileage. The problem appears to be with the transfer of data to the challenge website. The competitive streak in me wants to see it fixed but in the end it's all about the ride. I'm enjoying the exercise and like Greg said, I'm riding more because of the challenge. It's because of Greg and the guys at Greenheck that I've been pushing myself to try and keep the Wausau Fire team ahead in the Wausau area. I hope the Greenheck teams are plotting a strategy to try and catch us.
Wally Olson Fri Jun 1 00:30:00 2012
Obviously there is a problem with the web site. I had a late softball game and got home at 11:30. Went to log my miles and everyone on the local site is at zero for points/mileage. Hopefully it will be corrected by morning.
Greg Falk Thu May 31 23:16:00 2012
I have ridden more because of the challenge. I did not take my car to work once this month. As the month progressed I rode more. My co-works have helped by logging miles that made me ride more to stay ahead of them. As the month progressed I rode more and more. I road in the rain, major wind, the cold and near one small tornado (I did not know it). Then I realized I could hit 1500 point so I started upping the miles. I am sure many people have had the same thing happen. I really don't care about the prizes. I already won and have not bought gas since April.
Ryan Peterson Thu May 31 22:11:00 2012
wow... do people really wait 'til the end of the month to log miles? I dropped about 4000 places in the ranking today. I have a lot of faith in the honor system, but maybe too much where prizes are concerned. I'm happy with the effect the point incentive has had on my riding. Having a goal to work towards, however meaningless or synthetic, has pushed me to take the bike over the car many times in the last month. I love this challenge and the extra pedaling it is encouraging!!!
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 31 21:54:00 2012
Endomondo recorded my ride, but the challenge hasn't updated yet. Will give it some time.
Paul Jeffries Thu May 31 21:51:00 2012
@Jason...I noticed this, as well. I think there are places in the team section where the rankings are based on transport miles only, and no sport miles. I am in a similar situation on my team. But the listings are inconsistent. In some places, I am at the top of my team. I think the issue is more with weekly rankings on the actual team pages. Hope this helps...and doesn't muddy the water, so to speak.
Ron Friedel Thu May 31 21:45:00 2012
Somehow or other my ride today didn't show up at all. I rode every day this month for 620 points. On my profile page it shows 912 miles. Should be 1532. It is at 1491 because today wasn't counted, 20x30 days is 600 and Wisconsin has me at 891 miles for 1491 total. I did 21 miles today, rounded up. Shows on my national page. I'm using the Endomondo app.
Gregg Warning Thu May 31 20:46:00 2012
@ Greg You should have a daily record of all your workouts on Endomondo.
Greg Falk Thu May 31 20:10:00 2012
This realy sucks. I trusted Endomondo's app. and did not keep track on paper or any other means. I think I have over 1500 points but don't know for sure. If I end up short by a few points I will be realy disapointed.
Thomas E. Piette Thu May 31 20:05:00 2012
If anyone is interested in a very good road bike, my daughter is selling her '98 Klein Stage 55 cm road bike. It was gently used and is in very good condition. It is red, has a Shimano 105 rear deraileur, triple chain ring for hills and a Shimano RSX front deraileur. You can reach Melissa at melissa.bee@live.com.
Gregg Warning Thu May 31 19:56:00 2012
My points add up correctly, but my last 9 mile commute home from work this morning has not been updated yet--not sure if the site is really busy today or what.
Jason R Thu May 31 19:19:00 2012
Wanna see weird results? Lookit this:

#1 Teammate 711 p. km = 513 workouts 45
#2 Teammate 584 p. km = 169 workouts 53
#3 Me 543 p. km = 607 workouts 63
#4 Teammate 195 p. km = 25 workouts 17
#5 Teammate 182 p. km = 132 workouts 8
#6 Teammate 0 p. km = 0 workouts 0

I have more distance and more workouts in May than anyone else on the team by not a little, yet somehow I'm in 3rd.

Ron Friedel Thu May 31 18:49:00 2012
I think the updates are slow today because it is the end of the month. My ride from today has not been credited yet, maybe 1 1/2 hours after finishing.
Peter J Feyen Thu May 31 18:32:00 2012
I rode alot today and no change in total mies or points . WHAT GIVES! Are they going to someone else!
Greg Falk Thu May 31 16:35:00 2012
31 days in the month. I rode every day...31 x 20 = 620 pts. My total milage in the month 872 miles, 620 + 872 = 1492 pts. Yet I have only 1457 pts per Endomondo? What gives
Wally Olson Thu May 31 16:32:00 2012
The CPU on my bike died on the way home from work this morning. Stopped in to see John at Sprocketz in Weston. Got a new CPU and John installed it in no time and I'm back on the road. Great place to get my bike repairs done, always great service. Thanks John.
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 31 16:06:00 2012
I just checked mine and it has calculated correctly for me. I initially thought that perhaps I was off by 40 points, but I miscalculated the number of times I can count the workout (daily, not per workout!).
Greg Falk Thu May 31 15:36:00 2012
Check your point totals. Mine is off by 35 points. Not sure why but short 35 points none the less.
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 31 14:47:00 2012
@Cora, great to hear, I hope it works!
Gregg Warning Thu May 31 14:28:00 2012
@ Nicki, If you have a park and ride lot or a place of business where you can park closer to your work, you can consider riding part way.
Margaret Ward Thu May 31 14:27:00 2012
thanks for th support Charlie L and Craig! love the lunch bike idea. i will definitely do that next time. thankfully, it was 48F this AM in WI for the early ride in. i have already gotten another co-worker to sign up this morning. we'll hit 50,000 riders!
Nicki Ziepke Thu May 31 14:02:00 2012
I wish I could ride bike to work, but one way is 50 miles.
Gregg Warning Thu May 31 13:54:00 2012
The Travel Wisconsin Biking Guide has a lot of helpful information, maps, and biking routes that you can download here: http://www.travelwisconsin.com/pdf/2008_biking_guide.pdf
Gregg Warning Thu May 31 13:35:00 2012
Only my trip to work updated, not the return trip, but I'm sure it will update sooner or later.
Cora Pynenberg Thu May 31 13:30:00 2012
I'm sure the system is very busy with people entering miles for month end, so it may take longer to update.
Ryan Peterson Thu May 31 13:23:00 2012
points, points, where are my points for today?!?!? I hope they update soon.
John Cherney Thu May 31 13:09:00 2012
Wally: I noticed that also
Wally Olson Thu May 31 13:02:00 2012
Anbody else notice that the miles/points are not updating this morning?
Jude Toche Thu May 31 12:45:00 2012
So I rode to Mount Horeb and back again this morning. I'm gonna get that silly platinum badge or die trying.
Charlie L Thu May 31 12:10:00 2012
Congrats Margaret!! Now you know you can do it. Fun.
Craig Weinhold Thu May 31 12:05:00 2012
Congratulations, Margaret!

Now that you've conquered the logistics (clothes/showers/etc), short lunch rides are also an option. Those might be easier and more frequent than your marathon commute!

Cora Pynenberg Thu May 31 11:30:00 2012
For those that have been following my ongoing trailer saga... I have found a replacement hitch system on Amazon that I 'think' will work. *Fingers Crossed* I got a free shipping upgrade, so I will have it on Saturday... so we'll see!
David Jaehn Thu May 31 09:52:00 2012
Good to hear it Bob, I'll be hitting RAGBRAI this July too - 470 across Iowa in 7 days too. Been training since Feb... Biking outside in WI in Feb - who'd've thought?
Margaret Ward Thu May 31 09:48:00 2012
Just completed my first ever ride into work - 18.3 miles! i feel like i have just accomplished a major milestone and am so glad i chose to do this once per month for a start. i had my riding buddy Casey Farina leading the way - thanks Casey! i know i slowed him down severely but we did it!
Bob Dumke Thu May 31 08:43:00 2012
Good to hear miles stay in WI no matter where you bike. Next week I will be doing BRAN; 455 miles across Nebraska in 7 days. Summer vacation! Wooo Hooo
John Tyson Thu May 31 07:24:00 2012
I cannot wait for summer to get here. Biked in this morning with the melted frost and a beautiful sunrise. The fox did not appreciate me ruining its hunt of goose chicks near the Nemadji River.
Paul Jeffries Wed May 30 23:45:00 2012
@Jenny...about last year's # of riders in the WI Challenge...I think it was around 4300ish, but I am not sure how may of those actually logged miles. FYI. Maybe someone at the BFW (or is it WBF these days?) could give you a more specific total.
Craig Weinhold Wed May 30 22:22:00 2012
@Jenny, we've only used it a few times, but the "trail gator" worked pretty well (google it). It lets your child ride their regular 12/16/20" bike and, when they get tired, you connect it to yours like a trail-a-bike. $80 at nashbar.com

But a 9-year old is/will be pushing the load limit of any trail-a-bike. You might have to go for a real tandem. Or resort to bribery (Bieber tickets on sale June 2!)

Don Geenen Wed May 30 22:13:00 2012
Here is a great, thought-provoking article that discusses how rule-breaking bicyclists undermine public acceptance of bicycling infrastructure projects. At the end of the article, there is a link to a superb archived NPR broadcast on a similar topic, featuring Tom Vanderbilt, author of the New York Times bestseller "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do." - http://www.bicycling.com/print/60136
Gregg Warning Wed May 30 21:57:00 2012
I still believe we are going to see our first accumulating snowfall in July this year.
Gregg Warning Wed May 30 21:56:00 2012
From George Graphos WBAY Green Bay: "There is a frost advisory tonight for Langlade, Marinette, Forest and Florence counties in WI, and Menominee County in MI. Brrrr...... 80's in March and frost the last day in May--what is going on with our weather and climate this year?
Kevin L Mackey Wed May 30 19:43:00 2012
@Jenny. I have a 6 yr old that loves our Co-pilot (brand name) trailer. It was less$ than a Trail a Bike. I would also worry that a 9 yr old may be too big for the trail bike. Ours has 20" wheels so I would consider her size also before purchasing.
Gregg Warning Wed May 30 18:54:00 2012
@ Christine All your miles count in Wisconsin where you are a resident, not the state you are riding in.
Gary Goggans Wed May 30 16:44:00 2012
@Christine - Right!!! Some folks on our team are traveling all the time and renting or borrowing bikes to get the miles in for our "home" locations. In a few weeks I'll be riding from my parents house to our HQ near Atlanta on my Dad's bike... In January when I did the same thing, it took me half as long to go 2 miles as all the cars that were sitting still! Might be a little sweatier at the end of the day in June, but that's efficient commuting!!!
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 30 16:18:00 2012
@Cora, thanks for the advice! I hadn't thought about how she would feel riding on it. She does not have gear options on her bike, so she has to pedal, pedal, pedal. We have a lot of hills here, not too big but they are a lot more difficult for her than for me. And, as for distance, she is only good for a few miles, then she is tired out.

@Christine, I would assume your miles are good for Wisconsin. Since the idea is "get up and ride", and you are a Wisconsin resident, I would hate to see another state benefit (especially if it were Vermont LOL). Good luck at WW!

Christine Salvatore Wed May 30 15:27:00 2012
About to get on the road for the afternoon. Bike shop (pick up rain jacket, multitool, spare innertube, and tirepulleroffthingies, and something to put them all in), then Weight Watchers (where I WILL have gone down, not up!), then home to make dinner and start packing for the trip to Louisville. Hey, my miles still count for Wisconsin even while I'm riding in Lousiville, right??? ;-D
Cora Pynenberg Wed May 30 14:26:00 2012
@Jenny - The trailer at Goodwill was a Master something... It was missing the hitch piece, so I would have been in nearly the same spot I'm in now if I'd bought that one!
So, still looking!
Regarding the trail-a-bike - I think you should ask your daughter. 9 is old enough that she should be able to tell you if she likes the idea or not. If you approach her the same way you've approached us - telling her you want her to enjoy riding with the family without feeling left behind - she should be receptive. They didn't exist when I was a kid, but I think I would have been embarassed by it at that age. She may just need more gear ratio options on her bike to be able to keep up. I know when I started going on bike rides with my parents that I had to pedal twice as fast on my little single speed bike just to keep up with them on their 10-speed.
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 30 14:15:00 2012
Does anyone have an opinion on how to engage my 9 year old daughter in riding? She has a bike of her own, but is unable to keep up with the rest of the riders in the family. I am leaning towards getting a "trail-a-bike" attachment so that she can ride with me and not feel like she is being left behind. I wondered what everyone thinks of these attachments, whether or not it is worth the investment?
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 30 14:13:00 2012
Just curious, but how does Wisconsin compare to last year, in terms of # of riders? I know we got an earlier start, but only by like 2 weeks. Being more than 1/2 way to a million miles is awesome!
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 30 14:10:00 2012
Cora, I hope it is! For the life of me, I can't remember the brand name of the trailer. If you get it, please let us all know. We want you back on the road with your son!
Burklee Green Wed May 30 13:09:00 2012
At our current rate, a million miles a week, we could be at 16 million+ miles by the end of August. Holy banana seats, Batman, that's a lot of miles!
Gregg Warning Wed May 30 12:52:00 2012
@Brad There are over 7,000 riders registered in the challenge who have not logged any miles yet. Perhaps the NBC can email them and encourage them to ride and log some miles before the end of May and if they can ride today and tomorrow for at least 10 miles total for the 2 days, they will have enough points to be in the bronze drawing for prizes this month.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed May 30 12:26:00 2012
Savanni - I have experienced the same thing. If you take a day or two off, many people will pass you by. I enjoy the challenge of trying to move ahead. Thanks everyone for adding an extra level of fun to my daily riding.
Gregg Warning Wed May 30 12:16:00 2012
23 more miles and I will reach platinum. I am riding to Scheels at the Fox River Mall, which is about 11.5 miles, so this transport ride will do it.
Savanni D'Gerinel Wed May 30 12:13:00 2012
Wow, if I go one day without cycling I slip on the leaderboards. If I go two days, I *plummet*. You people are tough competition, and I'm just shooting to stay in the top 1500!
Gerald Kadis Wed May 30 12:12:00 2012
Here on Lake Erie's shore we often get a "lake breeze" that kicks up in the afternoon. It cools everything down with both temp and wind chill. It also give us the chance for a westerly breeze in the morning and an easterly breeze in the afternoon. Translation, commute was up hill both ways.
Michael Lannoch Wed May 30 11:45:00 2012
My car has moved "maybe" 10 times in the last 3 weeks and most of the time it did move, my bike was in the back to ride somewhere else. Anybody else having to dust off the keys?
Christine Salvatore Wed May 30 11:38:00 2012
Gregg, my husband suggested that "the gales of November" had come really early yesterday. Or late for last year, maybe. It has been amazingly windy here less than a mile from the lake shore! Thanks for the heads up about the temps tomorrow. I was about to tuck my thermals away for the season. I'll give it another day or two.
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Wed May 30 10:52:00 2012
2012 Bike-To-Work Day #50 today. My goal is 112, or 50% of my total work days.
Wed May 30 10:00:01 2012
You achieved the first million miles in 14 days. The second million was accomplished in 9 days. The third million miles only took 7 days. There is no stopping us now! Keep up the great momentum and ride safe. We are also looking forward to the May prize drawing and announcing the winners in early June. Stay tuned!!
Jay Butzler Wed May 30 09:52:00 2012
Wisconsin DOT has a good general description of our bicycle laws and the Wisconsin Bike Fed lists the state statutes.


Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed May 30 06:57:00 2012
Are the state rankings per 1000 persons registered for the challenge, or of the general population? If it is based on the challenge participants we need to encourage all those people who are registered and have 0 miles to get a ride or two in. They must have thought it was a good idea when they signed on, it shouldn't take too much additional motivation.
Paul Jeffries Tue May 29 22:59:00 2012
Kudos to WI riders this year. In only one month, we have hit the half-way mark to the total miles we logges in last year's challenge...for the entire four and a half month period! At this rate, we'll be at about 2.5 million by the end of August. Keep up the good work...hey, we about have 20% of the national total. That's got to give us some bragging rights, even given VT's per citizen totals.
Cora Pynenberg Tue May 29 22:54:00 2012
My quest to repair or replace my trailer continues... Wheel and Sprocket was great, but the retrofit option they came up with would cost over $50, and that trailer is not worth sinking that kind of money into...

@ Jenny Stelzner - I called around to the area Goodwill stores, and they have a trailer at the one by the mall in Appleton - Might be yours! I'm going to go tomorrow to check it out.

Gregg Warning Tue May 29 21:54:00 2012
There sure has been a lot of wind this year. Winds have been usually over 12 mph every day here with many days exceeding 20 mph. May and June in Wisconsin tend to be windy because of the transition to summer with wild swings in temperture changes from cool to hot days. But once we get into July and August, we typically get into what is called the dog days of summer with hot humid calm days when our lakes our like glass and we wish there was just a little breeze to cool our sweat laden bodies.
Jenny Stelzner Tue May 29 21:52:00 2012
Not the greatest speed, but a good workout tonight!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Tue May 29 20:09:00 2012
At last a decent tailwind heading home...,personal best by 3minutes without trying... Life is Good
Needing the wind to switch 180degrees for 6am and life will be even better!
Virginia Lingham Tue May 29 17:54:00 2012
hmm. With all this wind I think I'm not going to take the scenic route along the Oak Leaf Trail today. I'll stick to the streets. Check this out - Woman injured by falling tree branch in Oconomowoc. http://ow.ly/befH2 I hope the lady is okay.
Gregg Warning Tue May 29 16:15:00 2012
I hope the wind calms down before our group ride tonight at Cranked Bike Studio.
Gregg Warning Tue May 29 16:00:00 2012
Cranked Bike Studio in Neenah is hosting a Beginner/New Road Rider Clinic on June 8 & 15 from 5:30-8 pm.

Session 1 June 8 Learn how to ride in a group, to draft, proper group ride etiquette. Go out for 45 minute ride to practice riding in a group.

Session 2 June 15 Tips on proper cycling form. Learn basic bike maintenance and how to change flat tire. 12 mile road ride to practice riding in group.

Cost is $5 for both sessions. You will receive a free tube, bottle of lube, and a set of tire levers. Sign up at Cranked Bike Studio in Neenah, 200 Main St. Ph. 720-0800. Bring riding clothing, bike, and a smile.


Vicki Gonzales Tue May 29 15:28:00 2012
The wind was strong and on my way back from riding 11 miles and to do 11 more to get back home I rode against the wind I am pretty sure I burned more calories than what the GPS says.
Jim Franzen Tue May 29 15:04:00 2012
Has anyone else notice the GPS distiance and time is off? I used mapmyrun to measure a mile but when I ran or bike the Endomondo results were always shorter. I took a measuring wheel out this weekend and actually measured and Map my run was only off about 20 feet but the Endomondo Results were off by a whole block.
Jason "Too Slow To Go" Hillestad Tue May 29 14:36:00 2012
@Cora. In just went through the whole comment thread about your trailer. I am sorry the bike shop did that. The manager of that shop is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I worked for him for a couple years and unfortunately I have seen him treat many customers disrespectfully as well as his employees. His knowledge of the cycling community is pretty bad. I dont reccomend anyone go there after the consistant poor treatment i have seen from the management. I feel bad for my friend who still works there. I might actually have a coupler laying around. I would have to see it and look around in my old parts boxes. My friend steve at recyclist is great. Other than that, I wouldnt trust anyone there. Oh, by the way, Recyclist just bought Gear N Up bike shop in neenah, so expect the same treatment if you go there as well.
Brian J Colon Tue May 29 14:35:00 2012
Here is a neat website for us riders. http://hint.fm/wind/ shout out to Jessie Ritka from TMJ4 for sharing. Looks like my ride home will be pretty fast
Cora Pynenberg Tue May 29 13:35:00 2012
Thanks for the feedback, Richard. Gary Goggans had previously recommended Wheel and Sprocket, but I had gone to another shop, based solely on peddling distance. Had they had the tube I needed in stock that first night, the other shop would have been a great choice, and a great experience, but the loss of the trailer mounting bracket has turned this into a nightmare.
richard kreitz Tue May 29 13:21:00 2012
@Cora, Wheel and Sprocket is GREAT. They have always been very helpful every time I go in there. Often I have just the vaguest idea what I need and they somehow understand my gibberish.
Wally Olson Tue May 29 13:08:00 2012
All I can say is WOW!! What a wind, some of the gust felt like they would blow the bike right out from under me. Hope it calms down by tomorrow.
Joe Holda Tue May 29 12:56:00 2012
@Jason&Brian - Yeah surprisingly I am actually doing pretty darn good, some minor flesh wounds, but the worst was that both wrists swelled up the next morning but as of today they are probably at 95% or better. Guess through bmx, motocross, mountain biking, etc I have become a pretty good crasher! . . . . . parts ordered from nashbar and should be here this week!
Tue May 29 10:03:00 2012
After 4 weeks, NBC is now halfway to the goal of 50,000 riders. Hope everyone in the USA enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and that the weather in your area is great for biking. Keep up the good work and safe riding.
Cora Pynenberg Tue May 29 09:32:00 2012
Thanks for the help and support regarding the trailer everyone. We were out of town for the weekend, so I am first reading your comments today. I have not given up. I even rode the ancient single speed cruiser around the lake a few times!
The trailer for sale in Germantown on craigs list is the exact one that I have, and love, but too far away. I had not thought to check Goodwill, but I will do that, and will keep checking area rummage sales. I love rummage sales, so that's not a hradship!
The bike shop that lost the bracket seems to have some really awesome people, and some not so awesome people. The people who were there when I dropped off the trailer were great, but not so much when I went back to get it. The people there when I went to pick it up acted like they didn't believe I had left the bracket there. (Like, Really? I'm going to bike in to pick up the trailer, and pretend you lost my bracket?!? ) I had already paid for the tire repair, and when I said I did not feel comfortable paying for the repair if I could not take the trailer, they acted like it was hassle to give me my money back.
I called another bike shop, Wheel and Sprocket, last week, and told them about the lost bracket, and my desire to see if there may be a way to retrofit a new hitch. They seemed like they understood exactly what I was wanting, and seemed very willing to try to help. The bike shop the trailer is at currently did not seem to understand what I wanted when I asked if they might have an alternate option. So, my plan tonight is to take my truck to pick up the trailer from the first bike shop and bring it in to Wheel and Sprocket. We'll see how that goes...
Jason Yach Tue May 29 08:26:00 2012
Hope you're ok Joe.
Brian Schweitzer Tue May 29 08:15:00 2012
Joe, hopefully you are OK.
Joe Holda Tue May 29 07:01:00 2012
Thursday night a car ran out in front of me . . . . I lost that one! (though thankfully it looks like only a front fork)
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Tue May 29 06:19:00 2012
Sunday 2 deer ran out in front of me. If I hadn't slowed down for the 1st one, I could have easily nailed the 2nd. But I think I would have lost that fight.
Gregg Warning Mon May 28 16:21:00 2012
@ Michael Brat's give us some fresh fat to burn. lol Probably better than eating a 5 quart pail of ice cream this weekend. Well, I didn't eat the whole pail. My wife and daughter helped me. haha
Gregg Warning Mon May 28 16:17:00 2012
I should have hit the chicken and I could have had a nice chicken dinner tonight. :)
Gregg Warning Mon May 28 16:15:00 2012
@Them birds are dangerous. A chicken almost became road kill for me today near Wautoma. lol
Dallas Britt Mon May 28 13:05:00 2012
out on ride today was attacked by one of those really big grey cranes. knocked me over at least the wife got a good laugh.
Tom Marquardt Mon May 28 09:34:00 2012
Beautiful morning to ride to downtown Appleton to watch the Memorial day parade.
Dave Bushey Sun May 27 19:38:00 2012
@Rob Gusky - just one? If I were at Brat Fest, people would think I was Kobayashi.
Christine Salvatore Sun May 27 16:51:00 2012
Beautiful day for a ride! Just rode 14 miles to Racine and back. Damn, I feel GOOD!
Jonathan D Slock Sun May 27 14:39:00 2012
Biking to and from Grant Golf Course 10 out of the next 12 days! Hit the road at 4:25AM and work 5AM to 12PM. Great way to start and end the day.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sun May 27 09:42:00 2012
When at Brat Fest, you've got to eat at least one. Enjoy the rest if your holiday weekend.
Michael Hammond Sat May 26 21:37:00 2012
Celebrated our annual Brat Fest with a big ole brat today. Convinced myself it was a reward after a good week of commuting to and from work. Is it so wrong to consume all the calories and fat for a month in one meal? It's once a year, right? Help me feel better about this! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!
Bob Dumke Sat May 26 17:50:00 2012
Nice ride with my wife, this afternoon, Alterras for coffee, Milwaukee Brewing for beer and Groppi's groceries for salads 13 miles and we get both get to add to our points. LIFE IS GOOD!
Jude Toche Sat May 26 17:23:00 2012
Rain be damned. It was a Dane County Planet Trek kind of day.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat May 26 15:19:00 2012
Rode to Riverview Gardens in Appleton this morning with my daugther. We helped plant raspberry canes with other community members. This is a very cool concept - looking forward to doing it again. http://riverviewgardens.org/
Janis Heifner Sat May 26 12:54:00 2012
Mountain biking at Reforestation Camp in Suamico yesterday. First time for the season at RC. Pleasant surprise of additional section of single track ( some fun logs and log ramps added) and more to be built! Direction of riding different this year too- reverse route. A good afternoon in the woods. Today-Group road ride this morning - 50 miles. Traffic minimal.
Nyla Greenberg Sat May 26 11:42:00 2012
Cora, I agree with Steve...From your earlier comments about the bike shop, it sounds like a good, reputable business..Have you asked them how they intend to rectify the loss of the part, and your subsequent inability to utilize equipment you entrusted to their care, and for which they were responsible? I like to believe in the fundamental inegrity and goodwill of bike shops as well as bike riders(-:
Jason Yach Sat May 26 11:34:00 2012
Stay safe everyone this Memorial weekend. Seemed to be a lot of inattentive people out this A.M. Drivers and pedestrians. I still can't get over the number of people who walk on the wrong side of the road especially with their dogs and those useless retractable leashes. I can't seem to understand those things. Almost had an incident where the woman couldn't reel Fluffy in to get out of my way. Of course they were on the wrong side of the road. I don't believe it is the proper way to train your dog to walk.
Christine Salvatore Sat May 26 11:17:00 2012
Chilly and rainy in SE Wisconsin this morning. I think my bike will stay in the garage till it clears up. Need to check the weekend weather reports. I was really hoping to clock some miles these three days!
Steve Brengosz Sat May 26 09:59:00 2012
Cora here's one in Milwaukee. Seems to me the shop who lost your parts (How?) needs to make you whole!

Nyla, I have 2 side pedals so I can also just hop on the bike in my Tevas when I want. Of course I also have a "fleet" of trusty steeds and some will never be anything but platform pedals. A few people I know talk about training - I say training for what? to ride my bike to work or around the neighborhood? I'm training to eat more ice cream is about it!!

Wally Olson Sat May 26 09:58:00 2012
Under the "You Never Know How You're Ride Will Be" category. When I headed out this morning I was a little worried about the dark clouds off to the SW. But the sky looked good overhead and to the east so off I went. About 5:15 the sun came up and it made a fantastic rainbow on the clouds. It really was a positve start to the day and I made it to work before the clouds got to Wausau.
Wally Olson Sat May 26 09:45:00 2012
My wife found a trailer on E-Bay last Christmas for $68. It was new in the box and has been working well for me. (No kids anymore but I use it to haul my gear between fire stations). Keep looking, the deals are out there.
Mike Gerarden Sat May 26 09:36:00 2012
@CORA I went for a run and saw a bike cart at a rummage sale in Appleton on Lindbergh a few blocks west of Richmond street. I could't see the price on it though. You might be able to find one at a rummage sale too.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat May 26 08:26:00 2012
Here is something in Kaukauna on Craigslist - $75 http://appleton.craigslist.org/bik/3033786824.html
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat May 26 08:19:00 2012
Here is another - check out the product reviews. The bike shop should be willing to help you out with this.


Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat May 26 08:15:00 2012
Cora - I'm checking, this article has some initial ideas


Charlie L Fri May 25 23:07:00 2012
We have to do whatever we can to help Cora with her trailer connection problem. Let's accept the challenge. There has to be a reasonable solution.
Nyla Greenberg Fri May 25 21:39:00 2012
Cora: reading your posts and picturing your travels with your son has created some of the brightest images of this year’s challenge. You describe experiences I always envisioned sharing with my own children. You are living a splendid example of healthy, responsible choices and passing your cycling enthusiasm along. You have irreplaceable opportunities for exploring your community together with time to notice, share and celebrate everyday wonders and seasonal scents and sights close at hand. DON’T GIVE UP……I am certain there is either a different trailer meant for you, or someone with the skill and resources to fabricate or adapt another bracket for your old one. You are destined to keep pedaling with son in tow....enjoy the journeys (-:
Jenny Stelzner Fri May 25 20:40:00 2012
Gregg, do you have any routes planned out this weekend? I am about 20 miles south of Wautoma, would be cool to meet up!
Jenny Stelzner Fri May 25 20:36:00 2012
My hubby donated ours to Goodwill just a few weeks ago, otherwise I would try to get mine to you somehow. He took it to Oshkosh, so maybe it has stayed in the area???
Jude Toche Fri May 25 18:24:00 2012
Ahhh. Got the whole week off work. Let's see if I can make 850 miles for the month. WOOOOOOOO!
Kevin L Mackey Fri May 25 17:35:00 2012
@CORA. how old is your son? Is he big enough to pedal? If so look at the Copilot trailer bike at Dunhams. About $75. You attach to your bike and he can peddle along. My 6yr old loves it. Otherwise I would hit the garage sales/thrift stores in the area.
Cora Pynenberg Fri May 25 16:23:00 2012
Christine - Your positive vibes are so much appreciated. I don't want to quit, but I am so bummed out about not having the trailer that I've lost all motivation.
I brought my son with me to the doctor last night, and he asked if we were going to take the bike, and I nearly started crying when I had to telll him no, that we had to take the car because we don't have a trailer anymore. And he was so dissapointed, it was heartbreaking.
Christine Salvatore Fri May 25 15:19:00 2012
I can't help, Cora, but I will encourage you to not quit. I'm sure your son misses riding as well! I'm sending positive vibes for Cosmic Supply to send a child bike trailer to you and your son immediately! Be positive; Cosmic Supply always comes through!
Cora Pynenberg Fri May 25 13:43:00 2012
Does anyone in the Appleton / Oshkosh / Green Bay area have a trailer for a child that they are not using currently that they would be willing to loan to me for the summer or sell at a reasonable price? I had one that I was using nearly every day, but it got a flat tire, and when I brought it in to get the tire fixed the bike shop lost the bracket.

My trailer was a Safety First trailer, and apparently they stopped selling them in the US about 10 years ago, so they are unable to provide a replacement bracket. I think it may be possible to retrofit my trailer with a different mounting system, but the bike shop that the trailer is at said they couldn't get the parts that would be needed.

I am really depressed without the trailer, and thinking of quitting altogether, since I don't really have time to ride if I can't bring my son with me. I've ridden bikes since I was a kid, but really don't know anything about them, and I was using this challenge as motivation to get back in shape to be able to ride to work eventually.
Can anyone help me to get a new trailer I can use or help me make the one I have usable again?

Gregg Warning Fri May 25 12:00:00 2012
Set up camp here near Wautoma yesterday and it was hot (94 degrees) and windy at 28 mph from the south. But storms rolled through last night and drop the temps 40 degrees. Very nice day today for riding here.
Nyla Greenberg Fri May 25 11:03:00 2012
Steve B; re: “ Kool-Aid and clip-ins”…. very apt indeed (-; While distinctly envious of lighter, faster bikes and aware of a vast array of performance/enjoyment enhancing options, I’ve been highly resistant to the notion that specialized gear is actually necessary for enjoyable riding, even over significant distances. I love the fundamental accessibility of cycling as a pleasure that can be affordable for anyone who wants to ride. With helmet added, I’ve cherished the same “just get on the bike and go” fun and freedom of childhood rides. (I acknowledge certain Luddite tendencies…. acquisition of microwave, computer and answering machine all involved initially entrenched wariness and distinct ambivalence as well(-;). It is particularly reassuring to read so many specific, positive “clip-in” insights and options from cycling souls of a similar vintage. Even if I cling to my t-shirt and Tevas approach for many rides, I will definitely gratefully utilize information generously shared to find whatever technical options I can adapt to and afford for “Copper Triangle” training aspirations (-: THANKS!.
Vicki Gonzales Fri May 25 10:24:00 2012
Had the storm yesterday so couple of trees were in my way almost ran into a snapping turtle laying their eggs. But otherwise good day road 21 miles today. Did not hit gold but one more week to go will see. I lost one week due I was in school yet.
Cora Pynenberg Fri May 25 10:00:01 2012
Minor surgery on my toe last night, so my ride was only across the driveway, but that was hard enough! Healing well though, so I hope to be able to ride over the weekend.
Christine Salvatore Fri May 25 09:44:00 2012
Finally! Got gold for May! 142 miles so far in May and the month's not over yet. Not bad for an old fart who's been riding less than a year! I'm so grateful for this challenge to really motivate me to get up and ride. (I don't know how much my co-workers appreciate all the sweat till I get cooled down, but ... oh, well!)
Fri May 25 09:30:00 2012
Commuting and running errands by bike matters, in the Challenge and in life. . .Carolyn pledges to recruit some friends to ride. How about you?


Gary Goggans Fri May 25 09:19:00 2012
Passed 3 sets of kids riding bikes to school - 2 with Dad's - yay. Plus Stephen, going the long way to get more points... ;-)
Jim Post Fri May 25 07:47:00 2012
Biked to the Brat-thru at Brat Fest in Madison this morning to pick up my free brat from Saris Bike Group. @ 6am I was the 3rd biker. It doesn't get much better than riding your bike past a long line of cars and getting a free brat. Plus, it added 2 miles (2pts) to my usual commute. I agree that wind outta the South was tough. Going downhill with a cross wind on Hwy B it seemed my bike was starting to float alittle so I slowed down to avoid being blown into traffic. At about 10 miles into my 17 mile SE commute I got off my bike and walked for awhile. I've never even considered that before but I was whipped. Tailwind felt good this am though! Ride ON!
Dave Bushey Thu May 24 22:56:00 2012
@Jenny - I was going to blow off my ride today, but I said screw it rode straight into the wind for 8.5 miles, which wasn't as bad as I thought. Ride home was fun, though.
Craig Weinhold Thu May 24 22:48:00 2012
Holy smokes was it a surreal afternoon/evening, or what?! Lots of debris, but you felt like Superman if you had the wind at your back. I averaged 23 mph through the UW arboretum without even trying. (the poor folks going the other way were doing about 7!)
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 24 22:38:00 2012
The wind was a tough battle, I had no reason to deal with it except that i just wanted to see how tough it was. My first 2 miles were against the wind, which was tough! But, I didn't realize how tough it would be traveling sideways to the wind, I actually had to lean into the wind in order to keep myself from being knocked over. A short ride, only put in 8 miles, but these 8 miles were tougher than the 18 that I did the other day.
Steve Brengosz Thu May 24 22:07:00 2012
Nyla I drank the Kool aid last year on SPD and love it even commuting in the big city. A little twist of the foot is all it takes and I have been able to pull out in emergency situations. I do not have them cranked down real tight though.
Here's a little info on it.

Here is also something to replace the Tevas.


Jenny Stelzner Thu May 24 19:47:00 2012
@Brian, its a dry heat LOL
Kevin L Mackey Thu May 24 14:06:00 2012
@Nyla- SPD is a Shimano pedal system and Look is a different pedal system( there may be more but those are the two I have seen). I believe they are incompatilbe like VHS/BETA. You can get pedals that clip on one side and you can use your TEVA's on the other. I have a set myself that I purchased online from Nashbar. They weren't the most expensive but these were my first exploration into clipless pedals and I did not want to commit. I love them now. Mine require the SPD style clips on my shoes. I use a Shimano MTB shoe that I can walk in more normally than a lot of road shoes but since I am using a hybrid it works fine for me. I also like the two way pedals for when I am riding in town and have a lot of stop lights/signs that may hold me up I just don't clip in until I am free of the stop/go of trafic.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu May 24 13:53:00 2012
Nyla, the ones I am most familiar with and have been using for 2-3 years, are the SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) that were originally marketed for mountain biking, but now it seems are used for either. What I really like is that the cleat sits in a recess in the shoe, so except for the stiffness it's almost like walking in a normal shoe. But as I said earlier, I question wither the small cleat/support area contributes to foot numbness. The Look style cleat covers a larger area but it surface mounts to your shoe, sticking out about 1/2" or so. If you walk on them it's like inverted high heels with an 'acorn' under the ball of each foot. I don't know much about Speedplay except a biking freind whose opinion I trust, loves them. Although someone else warned me that the cleat utilizes a wire bail that is easily damaged (by walking on them?).

And one more observation - in the winter when I started going cleatless, I initially had a very uneasy, insecure feeling NOT being clipped in.

If anyone else would like to elaborate further, I would like other opinions as well.

Gary Goggans Thu May 24 13:47:00 2012
@Ron, @Tim - seems like everytime I install an update for the Endo app it reverts to default settings - under Settings in the app, turn Auto Pause off (it's very annoying). I suppose if someone wanted elapsed time and they had a lot of traffic lights to wait at it might provide some usefulness...
Brian J Colon Thu May 24 13:34:00 2012
90 DEGREES and 40 MPH winds. Fun!
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 24 13:03:00 2012
Re: endomondo app, I have it loaded on my HTC Desire, and I can get the app to work just fine for GPS tracking and for playing the music, when I ride my bike. Sometimes I get the "pause" if I am going slower, or if for some reason I lose a satellite signal. I have tried it with walking and it is not as effective. But, generally really nice for biking.
Greg Falk Thu May 24 13:00:00 2012
@ Wally Olson. It's realy sad. She was a very skilled road rider/racer. I doubt it was an error on her part. The realy tragic thing is her first husband was killed about two miles away on the same road. Sad day, I can't get it out of my head.
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Thu May 24 12:39:00 2012
On my commuter, I use mountain bike uncleated shoes and "half-clips". These are basically hooks over my toes without the straps of the old toe clips. I've been hit several times over the years, and was propelled in a different direction than my bike. In one case, I think I would have been killed if I had been dragging my bike along with me over the top of the car. High cycling performance is not my first priority in commuting.
Nyla Greenberg Thu May 24 12:18:00 2012
Many thanks to all who have taken time to weigh in with information, experience, and detailed descriptions of some of the technicalities regarding clip-in pedal systems! I’m a “comfortable rut” sort of soul, but I know my ancient Teva sandals won’t get me up a mountain if I follow through with my “Copper Triangle” quest. I’ll need any help I can get. The seat belt analogy makes comforting sense to me (though the commonly occurring phrase “locked In” exacerbates my claustrophobia…and evokes unpleasant memories of my only prior related experience with the obsolete, old style “toe clip” straps). It helps to see such a consensus among those who now wouldn’t consider anything else. People are definitely underestimating the level of klutziness involved, the likelihood of mangling myself and bike, and the accompanying anticipatory anxiety, so I especially appreciate the details regarding how the different systems work, and which might be the easiest to get in and most critically- OUT of. I am QUITE ignorant, and have a great deal to learn. I find myself wondering; SPD- MTB…are those specific systems or brands (like VHS and BETA? Apple or PC?… or Verizon and T-Mobile ?) or do the letters create acronyms for descriptive phrases? Are there some pedals which will work with regular footwear on leisurely rides when I might WANT my Tevas? Which systems involve the “acorn underfoot” shoes? THANKS! for providing the push I need to consider potentially more appropriate gear (-:
Tim Everson Thu May 24 11:58:00 2012
The other day my Endo app also did the "time paused/resumed" while i was riding a longer stretch in the shade. Thats the only time its done that. As far as the music goes, I use Pandora. The Endo lady with your times will chime in over the music so you will still get the updates and lap times if you want them.
Gary Goggans Thu May 24 11:15:00 2012
@Greg Falk - let Endo know about your app problem on their FB page; they are good at getting bugs fixed. I run a separate app for music rather than launching from within Endo and it works great...
Ron Friedel Thu May 24 11:09:00 2012
My experience with the Endomondo app is that it sometimes doesn't work. You have a good GPS signal, you start the app, and the media "lady" keeps on saying, "time paused" and "time resumed." You look at the display, when you are in shade, and see that the miles are not being counted. So if you are in the challenge, use your bike computer and zero it each day. Rebooting my Android phone by removing the battery seems to bring back the app to work properly.
Wally Olson Thu May 24 10:01:00 2012
Sad news in the Wausau area. The Wausau paper reports that a woman was killed in a bike-car crash between Wausau and Mosinee. This happened just after 11 yesterday morning. Please ride safe and always watch for traffic whether you have the right of way or not.
Christine Salvatore Thu May 24 09:58:00 2012
Hear, hear, Jude, and Amen, too! My eyes teared the whole way to work today.
Christine Salvatore Thu May 24 09:57:00 2012
Four points away from gold! Woo hoo! And a new seat is making all the difference in how I feel this morning!
Lance Schroth Thu May 24 09:55:00 2012
Clip in shoes and pedals are the way to go. Once you use them you’ll never go back. I started with SPD pedals and MTB style shoes on my road bike. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and I wasn’t sure if I would like them. Well I love being locked in into my bike. It makes you feel like your one with your bike. You would be surprised how much your feet actually move around on your pedals when you’re not locked in. It’s just more efficient to be locked in.
This year I upgraded to Speedplay Zeros for my pedals and a pair of Sidi road bike shoes. Here again I would never go back to SPD pedals and MTB bike shoes on my road bike. Speedplay pedals gives you the power and efficiency of a standard LOOK style road bike pedal, but also the ease of getting in and out of SPD pedal. It’s the best of both worlds.
Speedplay X style pedals have 20° of “float”. What that means is once your locked in you can move your heal 10° out and 10° in. This is great for people with Knee problems. Some people like a lot of float others like a little or even no float at all. The Speedplay Zero pedals allow you to adjust the float to where ever you want it. From all the way open (most you can get) to none.
What I would do is go to a bike shop and talk to someone. If you live in or close to Appleton to go Chain Reaction. Nikki has the best price on Speedplay pedals in the area. She is even cheaper than Amazon. If you buy them from her she’ll mount them for you too.
phil sobiek Thu May 24 09:15:00 2012
Nina Stadler
Most of the people on Team Slider Erv get our work done at Appleton Bike & Fitness. They do a really nice job. The people there have been around bikes for a long time. If your not on a team. We have room for more.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Thu May 24 08:37:00 2012
Nina - I bought one last year at Chain Reaction on Superior St. in Appleton. Nickie is great and has a wide variety of styles available at fair prices. I bought a Fuji which is a great bike and a great value (although there are others available). She is great at fitting the bike to you - this is the most comfotable bike I've ever ridden, I can go for hours (other than my feet/shoes).
Greg Falk Thu May 24 08:34:00 2012
The Endomondo free app. does not work when you try to listen to music on the same device. I start Endomondo the tap the music note, start my music and the app stops after 11 seconds. Touch resume it runs for another 11 seconds and pauses. I'm getting a exelent GPS signal so I just don't get why this keeps happening. I have a samsung galaxy and using the player that came with the device.
Nina Stadler Thu May 24 07:57:00 2012
I am new to riding and realized I need a new bike one more for street biking! Does anyone have any suggestions as to go to find one in the Fox Cities?
Phillip Fischer Thu May 24 07:55:00 2012
I'll chime in, @Nyla - I have SPD clip-ins and mountain bike style shoes. The shoes are comfortable enough and subtle that I *can* wear them in the office if I need to. I've had a couple of tip-overs, but I've found myself unclipping unconsciously in some "OMGPUTMYFOOTDOWN!" moments. A few times I've been without the shoes, and I find I have that "driving without my seatbelt" feeling - I just like having my feet secured to the pedals.
Jude Toche Thu May 24 06:47:00 2012
This wind is ridiculous.
Nina Stadler Wed May 23 20:54:01 2012
So I am in need of a good street bike all these miles are killing me! Does anyone have any good suggestions where to go in the Fox Cities! I am very Frugal and am looking to spend no more than $150?
Wally Olson Wed May 23 20:49:00 2012
Wicked wind this afternoon in central Wisconsin again today. Planned my ride into the wind with fresh legs and with the wind on the way home. It was Awsome!! I was able to maintain 27 mph with the wind, which is pretty good for an old guy on a hybrid bike.
Gregg Warning Wed May 23 20:34:00 2012
Your feet should not be sliding around in your shoes, but at the same time, they should not be so tigh that they are pinching your toes. That's when you will get numbing of your toes. Every brand is different and everyone's foot is different. Going to a reputable bike shop who will give you an honest opinion about shoe fit, will be helpful. I went to Gear N'Up and he told me as much as I would like to sell you a pair of shoes, none of my shoes fit your feet. He told me I have a very narrow foot wih long toes and recommended that I go to the Cranked Bike Studio. And the shoe that fit my feet the best there were Scott shoes. They are a perfect fit and my feet feel best in them without socks. If I wear socks, I wear a very thin dri wick sock.
Gregg Warning Wed May 23 20:26:00 2012
I struggled the first couple weeks clipping in and clipping out of my SPD pedals, but I wouldn't want to bike any other way now. My shoes clip in nicely on the bikes at Experience Fitness, too, so that is nice. They give me so much more power, especially on hills and against wind and keep your feet straight and legs straight moving in a smooth push and lift motion like you are scraping gum off your shoes. I honestly don't have to even think about clipping out when I stop. It's just a natural habit now, but the first couple weeks was a different story.
cheryl zadrazil Wed May 23 19:35:00 2012
Hi Nyla, Once you've tried clip ins, you'll wonder why you waited. I use the moutain bike variety, seems to provide more support for my wide feet. Also, you can set the clip- in tension fairly loose, so as to accomodate the multi-tasking challenge (ie) signaling, stopping, and the unexpected. We are the same age, I think, and yes it does require a conscious effort to remember to clip- out. But the benefits far out way the cost of the unexpected, once a year, tip overs at stop signs. Alas, I've learned to rebound from these embarrassing moments. Truely, the wear and tear on my joints is less, my peddal stroke is smoother, and uphill climb is stronger.My moutain bike shoes have lasted forever and provide great support for my feet. Keep biking by the way, your my inspiration.
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 23 17:36:00 2012
@Nyla, I also experienced a very similar finding last weekend which involved a flock of goslings and a testy goose who was spitting at me. They were crossing the path, and I did find it very cute and managed to catch a picture on my camera before the spitting occurred.
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 23 17:32:00 2012
@Brad, last year I had experienced some foot numbness and found that a stiffer shoe seemed to help a lot. I don't wear special bike shoes.
Jenny Stelzner Wed May 23 17:31:00 2012
I had 2 deer jump out in front of me last night. Had I been going faster, it could have been an interesting story.
Gregg Warning Wed May 23 17:10:00 2012
Deer do cause a lot of accidents in Wisconsin especially up north. My parents lived up north in deer country and their car insurance rate on their vehicles in the rural area there was higher than here in the Fox Vally with all the traffic and the insurance company said that this was because of so many more deer up there in their county.
Ike Beltran Wed May 23 16:40:00 2012
Hey Greg W., I almost hit 2 dear since I started riding.
Scott Geurkink Wed May 23 15:59:00 2012
I use clip ins for my road bike, but not my mountainbike since a horrible wreck where I couldnt pull my feet out and tore my acromioclavicular ligaments
Thomas Davey Wed May 23 15:52:00 2012
Just got done with a sweet ride through the western Wisconsin bluffs. A stop for sandwich/beer made it that much better.
Charlie L Wed May 23 15:25:00 2012
@Nyla, you might want to consider the clip ins. Cost wise, I learned that I spent more money on tennis shoes than I ever spent on clip ins. I was wearing out tennis shoes every 2,000 miles. I have been wearing my SPD clip in Mountain bike shoes for about 16,000 miles. Much cheaper per mile. Also, the mountain bike variety of shoe helps a little with the "acorn" walk. For what it is worth....
Nyla Greenberg Wed May 23 14:02:00 2012
Visiting Dad in Illinois: Spectacular calm, sunlit fragrant morning for pedaling the Fox River trail…despite an understandably harried and disgruntled goose herding an entire flock of wayward goslings (far more than she could possibly have hatched) across the trail…who spit at me as I threaded through them, or the clouds of gnats by the bridges rendering customary self-pep talks inadvisable. Brad: though I could certainly use the extra boost from power throughout each pedal stroke, the uncomfortable imagery of “acorns underfoot” is one of the reasons I have avoided clip-in pedal systems (well…that and the fact the shoe/pedal combos cost more than my bike, and the overriding certainty I lack sufficient coordination to reliably manage clip-in/clip out maneuvers adequately to avoid tipping over…frequently (-;)
Gregg Warning Wed May 23 12:38:00 2012
I use to have some foot numbness on longer riders, but isn't a problem anymore. I think the more you go on longer rides and get use to longer rides, it will go away because I don't get any numbness anymore and haven't changed a thing with my shoes or pedals.
Gregg Warning Wed May 23 12:13:00 2012
Several seagulls on the Menomonie Park trail in Oshkosh almost became trail kill. Stupid birds!
Christine Salvatore Wed May 23 11:41:00 2012
I spent some time having a staring contest with two does a few days ago. Less than 20 feet apart. So amazing! I also was stunned to see an owl just sitting on a post, not even moving a feather as someone whizzed by. Duh. It was a plastic owl. I need new glasses!
Cora Pynenberg Wed May 23 11:26:00 2012
Wildlife on the bike trips sure is fun and interesting isn't it? On my trip home yesterday, I passed within a foot of a red winged blackbird that was in the grass next to the trail. He just looked at me as I went past. Then on the next trail, I "chased" 2 turkeys, who saw me coming and started running down the trail away from me. It wasn't until I had almost caught up with them that one turned and ran into the brush and the other took flight to a nearby tree top. That part was pretty neat, becuse I had heard that turkeys can fly, but I'd never actually seen it. Only wish my son could have been there to see it... Man I miss my trailer!
David "Billy the Fish" Powling Wed May 23 11:04:00 2012
Carp spawning in the lake today - quite a sight to behold at 6.30am. Life is good
Scott Vogelmann Wed May 23 10:38:00 2012
I chased a baby fox or kit out of the road this morning. The little guy was playing with some bugs rolling around. I was worried about the little-green-eyed-wonder getting run over so stopped and chased the fuzzy mess off the road.
A nice way to start the day.
Sal LaPuma Wed May 23 09:56:00 2012
This morning's 5-10 mile an hour tail wind assisted in a record commute time, but does nothing to make-up for the forecasted 15-20 head wind that I face at the end of the day.
Gary Goggans Wed May 23 09:49:00 2012
@Brad - when I bike longer distances with running shoes untied, I experience the same issue. I discovered that loose shoes allow your feet to push forward in the shoe, cramming in the front and making things numb (imagine a ballerina). When I tie the shoes so they are snug, or wear tighter ones, the pressure is more evenly distributed and then: no problem. Hope this helps
M Wegenka Wed May 23 09:28:00 2012
@Brad: Foot numbness by the toes or ball of your foot? I had this a while back and resolved it by loosening the shoe strings up by the toes so I had more room to wiggle the toes. I think wiggling them regularly on the ride improved blood flow circulation which made the numbness go away but I'm no health professional by any means so YMMV.
Kevin L Mackey Wed May 23 08:44:00 2012
John T.- check to see that the clip is positioned correctly. You may have to move it forward/back a little. At least that is what I have read. You might try going into a shop to see if you have it fitted correctly as another alternative.
Wed May 23 08:32:00 2012
The National Bike Challenge achieved another Triple Crown yesterday, with 2 million miles, 24,000 riders plus a new daily mileage record of 126,067 miles. Keep a smile on your face and ride safe!
John Tyson Wed May 23 07:51:00 2012
There is nothing refreshing as a cold rain on the bike in to work. I did have my fastest time to work though.
Brad (LPK) Waldoch Wed May 23 07:38:00 2012
I've been struggling with foot numbness. At about 30 miles the front half of my foot gets tingly, 40 and above it progresses into numbness. I'm using SPD and I wonder if this is inherent in SPD, or if I just need better stiffer shoes? It could be foot flexing or it could be caused by vibration. I see there are some SPD pedals that have a wider frame around the perimeter that might offer more support (my pedals are just the bare SPD clip) I really am hoping to avoid switching to a new system because I absolutely hate walking aroung with acorns under my feet. Thoughts??
Michael O'Keefe Tue May 22 22:36:00 2012
@Thomas, I've been very happy with SIDI. They are comfortable and durable. These are not carbon, but very stiff. I have Shimanos, the 105s I think. Take your time and find the right ones.
Thomas Ritschel Tue May 22 22:12:00 2012
@Thomas, I've just upgraded to a pair of zeros (and road shoes) and they seem to be okay, I like the ablity to not have to worry about which side the pedal is on as I do a lot of city riding. What kinda sucks is that you can't get a lot of miles to test them (or the shoes). They were quite a step up from the SPD's that I had for the last 10 years, I don't seem to be getting the sore spot on the ball of my foot anymore. I carry a pair of slippers so I don't have to walk around in them much either, which is probably the biggest change for me as I was use to doing just about anything in the mtn bike type shoes.

Happy shopping!

Jenny Stelzner Tue May 22 21:34:00 2012
Yeah me! I beat my personal best 10 mile time by 10 seconds!!!
Jerry J Tue May 22 21:31:00 2012
Congrats to everyone who hit 500 points today.
Thomas E. Piette Tue May 22 17:16:00 2012
Things don't last like they used to. I have to replace my 20 year old pedals and shoes on my road bike to get rid of continuous clicking. I am considering Speedplay and Shimano Ultegra pedals. Are there any strong recommendations out there?
Gregg Warning Tue May 22 16:34:00 2012
There is a no drop group ride of about 28 miles at the Cranked Bike Studio in Neenah at 6 pm tonight on the corner of Main and Doty, if anyone in the Fox Valley area wants to join us. It's going to be a nice evening for a group ride.
Phillip Fischer Tue May 22 15:42:00 2012
Riding to work this morning, a kid in a school bus attempted to hit me with a bottle of water. Fortunately they (maybe deliberately?) missed. I wish that bus had hit a red light on the next intersection. I would have loved to knock on the door and introduce myself.
Jude Toche Tue May 22 14:41:00 2012
@Cora: Thanks!
Christine Salvatore Tue May 22 12:04:00 2012
Does anyone here know anyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd? Or know if any of them are bike riders? Every time someone crowds me on the road, I hear their "Gimme Three Steps" in my head, only it's "Gimme three feet, gimme three feet, driver, gimme three feet on the road!" I wonder if they'd allow us to "borrow" it for a safety campaign?? ;-D (Posted on the national board, too. Hey, a girl can dream, eh?)
Christine Salvatore Tue May 22 12:02:00 2012
Vicki, did you check the "communities" on the leader board? I've found some names I recognize from the community that way...
Vicki Gonzales Tue May 22 11:58:00 2012
Im in Hillsboro is anybody biking in the Challenge this way? Love to know how fellow neighbors are doing ?
cheryl zadrazil Tue May 22 10:56:00 2012
@Gregg, I plan to alert my team Oshkosh-Neenah has Appleton in their sight...good luck...Appleton
Cora Pynenberg Tue May 22 10:11:00 2012
@ Jude - yes - The leaderboard when you are on the Local page will be Wisconsin.
Jude Toche Tue May 22 09:54:00 2012
So is there some sort of leaderboard for everyone who's riding in Wisconsin? I'm curious as to where I fit in out of 5,047 people.
Jean Bernstein Tue May 22 09:15:00 2012
Just signed up our team The Dragon Dashers. We also have a team for Scenic Shore 150. And The Dragon Dash is 5K Run/Walk at the end of September to benefit Maple Dale Indian Hill Schools.
Scott Stickles Tue May 22 08:45:00 2012
@Julie - Nice Job!!
Gregg Warning Mon May 21 22:30:00 2012
Nice job, Oshkosh-Neenah. We are gaining ground on Appleton.
Pat Hunkins Mon May 21 21:37:00 2012
All good stuff - LOVE BIKE MONTH!!!
Julie Kramer Mon May 21 20:17:00 2012
I love the visual satisfaction I get logging my miles ... visual as in seeing it online and on the scale. I've shed 13 pounds.
Roger Retzlaff Mon May 21 19:57:00 2012
Chris: Mountain biking miles are "sport riding", just like other recreational riding, whether road bike or cruiser. There is a "cycling, sport" selection you can make for it. Now, if you are riding a mountain bike to get to work, pick up groceries or the like, just report it as "cycling, transport." All bike miles should count.
cheryl zadrazil Mon May 21 14:17:00 2012
Hey everyone,
This has been a terrific challenge and I want to give a shout out to all the organizers and sponsors for this National Bike Challenge. I'm curious as to what the statistics are for the number of men vs women bikers participating in the Challenge. This challenges is such an equalizer, I'm wondering why more women are not signed up. My Hope is for at least one women to be in the top ten nationally- go Kristen, Emily, Cindy!
Christine Salvatore Mon May 21 11:53:00 2012
I just told my husband (in an email) that I had less than 100 points to reach gold. His response: "Go, my easy rider, go! Go for the gold!" It is so wonderful being married to my best friend, who supports me in whatever endeavor I attempt! Ain't love grand??
Isaac Olson Mon May 21 11:36:00 2012
Chris, you mean in the green "this week" and "today" boxes on the challenge home page? Noticed that too. My MTB miles are in my totals when looking at my stats, so they appear to be getting counted there but not for those two boxes.
Chris Schalow Mon May 21 10:05:00 2012
Why doesn't mountain biking count for miles? It doesn't seem to add them to my total.
Gregg Warning Sun May 20 23:13:00 2012
Keep riding. We are causing gas prices to continue to fall when normally they rise the week before Memorial Day.
Gregg Warning Sun May 20 22:01:00 2012
I am on track to reaching the platinum level this month. I have been averaging 30 miles per day and 50 points per day. Since I ride to work every day, I only need to ride an additional 12 miles per day on work days. Since I average a pace of 3.5 minutes per mile, this is only 42 additional minutes of riding per day and that is not too much for me to do.
Charlie L Sun May 20 21:22:00 2012
@Jenny, If your hubby is riding with some frequency we should collect the data. It will help the cause. If he bought the bike we are here to help encourage its use. Go for it.
Steve Brengosz Sun May 20 21:05:00 2012
Georgena Terry has been making great womens bikes for a long time and they have some collectability to them also. There is Terry Mt bike on craigslist right now. This one on ebay seems a tad over priced though.
Jenny Stelzner Sun May 20 20:53:00 2012
I haven't entered my husband into the challenge yet. He just got a new bike last summer, but before that he had not ridden a bike since high school. I was inspired to ride because of the challenge last year, and all of my riding had inspired him to get a new bike. I told him that he should join the challenge, but he does not like to bother with entering his stats (he doesn't have a smartphone like me haha). As much as I find myself on the website, I certainly could enter his stats for him.
Jeff Currie Sun May 20 15:07:00 2012
The Wilderness Lakes Trail people have just completed a great 40 mile loop from Land O' Lakes into the UP (around the Sylvania Wilderness near Watersmeet, MI,) and back to Land O'. They are eager to show it off and plan a big Ride with Leinie's event on August 11, including a raffle to win a Leinkugels' signature canoe! Details at http://www.wildernesslakestrails.org/2012%20Biking%20Leinie.html.

Ann and I biked up to Land O yesterday from Eagle River to check out the trail - 80's and gusty, a beautiful day for a ride!

Ruth E. Dixon Sun May 20 10:26:00 2012
Gregg, I'm doing the Backdraft tour. It will be my first organized ride of the season. I'm planning on doing the 70 mi. My goal is a century but the distance intimidates me a bit. I have a new, lighter bike this year so maybe that will give me more confidence. For those women (sorry guys, they don't make mens bikes) on the extreme ends of height, Terry makes XXS and XL women specific bikes. I was wavering between 2 models and posted a question on their website (www.terrybicycles.com) and Georgena Terry, the president and founder of the company called me on the phone!!! We spent a good deal of time discussing my needs/wants and she followed up with a e-mailed "worksheet" of measurements which my engineer husband performed down to the millimeter. She sent me back some drawings with angles and measurements which resembled plans for a spaceship. I had no clue what they meant so I took them to Niki (Chain Reaction Cyclery) and she said "oh, you need......." I got my new Terry Symmetry around Easter. I had to wait for the pedals (on backorder) so I could only "visit" it at the shop until they came in. Any shorter woomen out there (I'm 4ft 11in on a good day) who wants to try it out let me know. There is a bike for you that is not a kids bike.
Gregg Warning Sun May 20 06:35:00 2012
We need 21 more riders for 5,000 riders in Wisconsin. If we all nationally recruit just 1 more rider , we will have 50,000 riders nationally. Dallas Britt has recruited another driver at UPS in Oshkosh, so we are making substantial progress of getting more riders at work. I was planning to go on the UPS sponsored group ride at Scheels at the Fox River Mall at 4 pm yesterday, but I chickened out because I just rode over 20 miles in Ashwaubenon and I didn't hydrate nor fuel my body enough in the heat and I was wilting. I was even at Scheels and there was a small group there and they said they were thinking of riding to High Cliff and my body was telling me it was not sufficently hydrated nor fueled for such a long ride, so I sadly told them, I will have to wait for another Saturday and will learn drink more water when it gets so hot like this. They are having lots more water this year at the Green Bay Marathon and are warning athletes to drink more water than they have in the past for the Marathon. This is not a normal year and we are still a whole month ahead in climate around here and are heading into a summer end of June weather pattern. I hope this doesn't mean that fall will be earlier this year with leaves changing color in September and our first snowfall in October. That would really suck! But the June bugs are already out and we will probably be picking strawberries at Oakridge Farms in Neenah. They have pick your own strawberries there and they are conveniently located on the CB Trail. Last year they were charging $1.35 lb. and they laughed at me when I came there with my bike and loaded up my cargo trailer with strawberries. After the strawberry season, they also have pick your own rasberries and I went again with my bike and filled up my cargo trailer with some rasberries and then transported some on my bike on the CB trail to my mother and dad's apartment in Appleton. They live off of Mayflower Dr. near the airport, where we rode on the Ride of Silence last Wednesday. I am going on a ride now before it gets too hot again. I liked our 60 and 70 degree temps better. I just need to drink more in heat like this. I'm not looking forward to unloading packages inside hot sweaty UPS trailers tomorrow. It says inside the trailers that they are coated with some special stuff to prevent interior heat. But they need some more coating. lol No place is hotter on earth than inside a UPS trailer. It competes right up there with hell. They definitely need to install some fans that can move some air in there, so we don't pass out. Work itself is a lot more challenging in the summer than biking to work. At least last year I was on vacation when we had the hottest week of the summer with heat indexes over 120 degrees. Everyone at work said it was awful and they were wringing the sweat at break time out of their shirts. I wear dry wick t-shirts at work in the summer, which helps rather than cotton.
Gregg Warning Sat May 19 22:27:00 2012
We only need 25 more riders for 5,000. Will we make it tonight yet?
Gregg Warning Sat May 19 21:14:00 2012
Now that the hot sun is down, great riding weather. I really fried myself this afternoon on the roads in Ashwaubenon. I didn't know it was suppose to be in the 90' s today. The sun and UV rays were really intense today. I already got cyclist tan legs and tan line butt because I had no shirt on either. But I did have sunscreen on, so I didn't get any more sunburned. I hadn't developed enough tan yet yesterday to protect my skin. But after today I am getting really tanned--the earliest tan I can remember in my life.
Mike Hoeft Sat May 19 21:13:00 2012
Head wind in every direction here in Green bay today. But still a nice ride along the bay.
Gregg Warning Sat May 19 20:35:00 2012
I wish I would have rode early this morning because it was really hot (92) and windy (20 mph winds) from the south), where I biked in Ashwaubenon on the sprint course for the Green Bay Triathlon. The course is only 15 miles, but Packerland Rd. was absolutely horrible with large cracks and the asphalt was all busted up with huge potholes for my whole wheel to fall in. I can't imagine why they have this road on the bike course for the triathlon because that road is really dangerous, especially for a race. It is the worst rode I have ever ridden on. I had a nice 20 moh tail wind that I could have sprinted on that road, but it was impossible to bike very fast without shaking up my bowels and wiping out and wrecking my bike. Because I was trying to dodge all the potholes, I missed the turn on Glory Rd, which really was glorious after biking on Packerland. But after I realized I was off course, I tried to get back on course, but ended up gettting more off course. Did you ever bike on roads not having a clue where you are? lol Well that was me today and that's what happens when you don't have any GPS. The more I tried to get on course, the more I got off course. And don't ask anybody in Ashwaubenon for directions because they don't have a clue where anything is in their town or how to get there. What was suppose to be a 15 mile bike course, suddenly turned into a 21.5 mile bike tour of Ashwaubenon. I found an off road bike trail through woods that I decided to take and figured it might be a short cut to the park where my van was parked, but it came out to Glory Rd.. lol So then I knew where I was and found my way back to the park.
Vicki Gonzales Sat May 19 17:52:00 2012
Was an awesome morning for a bike ride. Went 14.9 miles today and every other day I climb a little bit more.
Phil Wandrey Sat May 19 17:49:00 2012
@ Tami - I first rode in a Bike MS event in 1989. I now captain a local Bike MS team (Team HP Omaha) to support those living with MS. Several people close to me have been greatly affected by MS. To ride with MS is indeed inspirational!
I encourage everyone to consider riding their local Bike MS event, among the many organized rides out there.
John Jay Mcnall Sat May 19 17:39:00 2012
your welcome keep up the good work.
Nita Bynum Sat May 19 17:38:00 2012
@Tami - you are a great inspiration! Just keep up the fantastic work you are doing :-)
Alan D. Earhart Sat May 19 17:35:00 2012
@Tami- there are no little miles! Good for you and John!
Tami McNall Sat May 19 17:04:00 2012
You know I am proud of my little miles... I was diagnosed with MS about 6 years ago and I rode then very leisurely. I try to ride now to continue to remind my legs of the movements they are supposed to make as I had many leasions in my brain. My husband is absolutely wonderful and enable me to take longer rides as the heat really limits me he will let me ride to what I can do and pick me up when the wind is too tough coupled with the heat. Then the other day I got a flat and he arrived with all to change my tire or take me home cause both of my wrists are mildly sprained. I may only do a four measly miles on most days that I am lucky but they feel like a century and I have an amazing husband backing me. Thank You JOHN!!!
Heather April Sat May 19 17:02:00 2012
@liz the app already has that capability. I've been having my Facebook and twitter auto update all along.
Stephanina Michaelis Sat May 19 17:00:01 2012
Do I get bonus points if I bike all my miles while hauling two kids in a trailer and go uphill most of the time? ;-)
Charlie L Sat May 19 16:47:00 2012
@Gregg, I'm sure you can figure out a way to fix or replace the zipper. Give it a try. It is a challenge.
Harry cota Prentice Sat May 19 16:02:00 2012
i ride to school a lot of week days on my shwinn pixie and i ride my bike to friends.
Wally Olson Sat May 19 15:58:00 2012
What an awesome day. Maybe Wisconsin is finally done with winter. Only bad part is that I have to be at work. I did manage to get a few miles in by doing laps around the fire station. Very boring!!! But I'm still trying to make Platinum by the end of the month.
Wally Olson Sat May 19 15:50:00 2012
What an awesome day. Maybe Wisconsin is finally done with winter. Only bad part is that I have to be at work. I did manage to get a few miles in by doing laps around the fire station. Very boring!!! but I'm still trying to make Platinum by the end of the month.
Harry cota Prentice Sat May 19 15:45:00 2012
iowa has great weather today
Leonard Wright Sat May 19 14:57:00 2012
@ Phillip, I know that feeling of flustration - I've had 4 flats during one ride (I now use much better tires and tubes). You will have a great day tomorrow, enjoy your ride.
Liz Pomper Sat May 19 13:45:00 2012
Hey Endomondo -- Any chance you can update app so that we can comment when we share a workout on Facebook? Also, allow the app to share to Twitter? Would help us to spread the word (see: NBC wants you!!)
Phillip Weesner Sat May 19 13:28:00 2012
Today just wasn't my day. I went to go for a group ride, and before I even left the parking lot, something happened and I got a flat in my rear tire. I went into the bike store so that they could fix it up really quick, but it ended up taking about 20 minutes. I headed out anyway to try to catch up with the group, but to no avail (very windy here today). So I turned around and started to head back. About a mile from where I started, I hit a pot hole and blew out my front tire. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better experience. Ever have one of those days?
Richard C. Gardner Sat May 19 12:41:00 2012
Rode my bike to work on Wednesday. It was 14+ miles. Took me 70 minutes. On the way home discovered the joy of very sore muscles and very agressive drivers passing on the left and one very big dog. Luckily, no other problems. It felt good to park the car for the day, but I am still recovering. I hope to get a bike ride to work once a week while the weather isn't too bad and ride the bus on other days.
Kevin L Mackey Sat May 19 12:06:00 2012
35 mile ride on the Green Bay area bike trails. Gotta get the old road bike ride able again. Darn head winds. Trick will be replacing the deraillier with a modern one. Or to I bite the bullet and buy a bee bike.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Sat May 19 10:33:00 2012
Jenny - I just made gold as well. Congrats!
Gregg Warning Sat May 19 09:47:00 2012
I did not have a good day yesterday. I took my aluminum pontoon boat over to Camp Phillip in Wautoma, WI yesterday where we are camping next weekend for Memorial Day weekend because next weekend I have to tow my pop up camper and I can't tow both. It's about an hour's drive away and I stopped at the quarry in Redgranite on the way to do some swim training for my first ever triathlon in Green Bay in 2 weeks. I am a pro in duathlons now and can bike and run great, but this tri has me getting nervous. I've been swimming in a warm indoor pool, but this is not the same as open water swimming in cold water where you have no black line on the bottom to site. It's been kind of hard lately to find days to swim in a lake around here because although our air temps have been pretty warm during the day, the night temps have been dropping into the low 40's and needless to say the water is VERY COLD. When I went swimming at the beach in Winneconne during our heat wave in March, the lake water was warmer then it is now. We had 2 weeks of really hot weather in March that broke temp records every day that caused our walleyes to spawn in March rather than in April this year. This has never occured ever in the history of Wisconsin and apparently also caused even a mild earth quake in Clintonville, WI, which has never experienced an earthquake before and was really freaking out the residents there when they didn't know what what was the loud banging noises that woke the whole town up every night from the aftershocks..
I'm getting nervous now because I've been doing all my swim training with a sleeveless Xterra wet suit that I bought last October and was getting use to the feel of swimming in a wet suit and really love it and yesterday when I came to use it, I found out the zipper is broke on it. I wanted to be able to train with it Memorial Day weekend at Camp Phillip in Wautoma, where we are camping. They have a beach there on White River Mill Pond. But that water is always cold because it is a deep spring fed lake, but I thought I would be able to swim Memorial Day weekend there in my sleeveless wet suit that protects most of my body from the cold water. But now I might end up having to swim in just tri shorts unless I can get it fixed before the triathlon in 2 weeks. But I'm afraid the water at Camp Phillip is going to be cold next weekend yet to be able to swim in it without my wet suit and the cold water in just my tri shorts will make me struggle too much. I know the man made lake at Ashwaubomay Park in Green Bay is shallow and is suppose to be warm, but all the lakes I have been trying to swim in around here have really ice cold water and has been quite uncomfortable even with my sleeveless wet suit and I figure that the water may be quite cold in Green Bay for the triathlon. I maybe made a big mistake to choose an early triathlon for my first triathlon when I can't swim very good in cold water. However, today is going to be really warm in the upper 80's and if this warm weather today continues, the water in all the wisconsin lakes should warm up considerably in 2 weeks. But last weekend in Lake Winnebago in Neenah here, the water was even too cold in my sleeveless wet suit to be abe to swim train. When I was at the quarry in Redgranite yesterday and was going to do some training with my wet suit there, that's when I found out the zipper was broke. :( It must have broke this last week when I took it off at Lake Winneconne Park when I was swimming there. I was getting confident and comfortable swimming in my new wet suit and now I am freaking out without it because the water is still so cold to swim without it and I don't know how I am going to train or swim the race without it and in just my tri shorts. I had a river tube at the quarry and just had my feet in the ice cold water and was going to put my wet suit on when a gust of wind came and blew my tube in the quarry and I was forced to jump in the quarry with JUST MY TRI SHORTS on to retrieve my tube from blowing all the way across the quarry. I think I need wind blowing my tube across the lake to force me to swim after it in cold water at the triathlon. lol But I almost went into cardiac arrest from the cold water on my privates swimming after my tube. It was really cold and my privates and toes were going numb. But I managed to catch up to the tube about 200 yards from shore, but it was still really cold on my whole body. But at least I found out that if I have to I can swim at least 400 yards in just tri shorts in really cold water, even though it is torture to my privates. lol When I got back to shore I didn't have the guts to put my body through any more torture like that. The warm sun on the quarry rocks on shore felt so good on my body that I layed down on the rocks and fell alseep for over an hour and woke up with a sunburned body, so now the cold water REALLY feels cold on my sunburn. It was not a good day! :( So now I have to bike and run today with a sunburn. The sunburn is not too bad because I have naturally dark skin and tan very well, but my body hasn't had much sun on it yet and the UV rays are starting to get more intense as we get closer to June 21 when the sun is highest in the sky and has the most UV rays here in Wisconsin..
Jenny Stelzner Sat May 19 08:27:00 2012
Woo hoo gold!
Richard C. Moeur Sat May 19 02:37:00 2012
Usually doesn't take me close to 3 hours to get home from work on the bike - especially on Bike to Work Day. Here's what happened: went to get my commuter bike - flat tire (hole in valve stem). Grabbed the "beater" bike instead. Not much of a problem heading to work - even stopped at a couple yard sales. Later: Left the office late - about 8:00 PM (combination of lots of extra work & wanting to miss the 100+ heat). Stopped at a park, and saw a girl & her brothers trying to put the chain back on her cruiser. Helped them out by putting the chain back on, and went back to my bike - which now had a flat rear tire. Pulled apart the tire & tube, & found out a disintegrating plastic tire liner had sliced the tube. Swapped tubes & found out the backup toolkit I had grabbed that morning had a pump only capable of low pressure. Put all I could in the tire & headed toward the wind (slowly) trying not to bottom out the new tube. When I was almost home, was persuaded to divert an extra mile or so to grab a late dinner for the family. But it sure tasted good.
Martin Malin Fri May 18 23:52:00 2012
@Joses - I'll second Charlie's comments, and add that you should keep your wrists straight (In the neutral position). Having them cocked back will definitely lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. That is also why anyone who works on a keyboard a lot should have a padded wrist rest. On my road bike, I use a gel wrap below the regular handlebar wrap, and also change positions frequently. For a mountain bike, you can attach MTB bar ends on the end of your handlebars. This will give you another position or two.
Joses Waller Fri May 18 23:51:00 2012
Thanks Charlie L, I think I will eventually get a road bike so I can change hand positions. For now, I will try your advice and see if it helps.
Michael Lemuel Fri May 18 23:39:00 2012
I was told today's daily ride points would be double for "Bike to Work Day". Oh, well but it would have been nice for those of us who are either riding more consistantly, or who recognized the event.
Charlie L Fri May 18 23:27:00 2012
@Joses, I am sure others will have better comments. I also like long rides. Several years ago I had what felt like I guess carpal tunnel might feel like. I got scared and started talking to others and reading. Maybe the most important suggestion was riding relaxed. No straight arms. Have to bend the elbows. Loosen the grips on the bars. I have a road bike. I added padding and double wrap on the handle bars. I always wear gel padded gloves. Finally, I move my hands a lot, at least every 15 minutes. Problem went away after time and hasn't returned. Keep riding!!
Joses Waller Fri May 18 23:06:00 2012
Exactly! I think staying positive and being professional while more of the public are exposed to bicycles is important. There are so many people I see riding the wrong way down sidewalks, darting out in traffic, etc. We need to keep a high profile and make sure people see that some bicyclists obey the rules of the road and are predictable. Also, I'm kind of new to long distance biking and think I have carpal tunnel in my hands! Anyone else ever had this, and if so, is there any way to prevent it? I have a Scott Sportster 10 with mountain bike-style handlebars (beating myself up because I really want a road bike now, but I can still cruise pretty fast and love riding it!). Could this be the reason?
Ben A Fri May 18 22:46:00 2012
Exactly Greg. When you"re stopped at a light or a stop sign and your going to go straight be in the lane. Also use left turn lanes when you become more comfortable riding in traffic and ride in the middle of the lane. If you ride off to the left or just to the right of a lane you're giving drivers the opportunity to try to squeeze by you and that creates a dangerous situation. Once you've made the turn or have gone straight through the intersection then move to the right so traffic can pass and you can continue in the bike lane or as far to the right that is safe.
Charlie L Fri May 18 22:46:00 2012
Helped work an information table at a local bike to work event party tonight. I really enjoyed the times I got to explain this Challenge. Gave out a bunch of Challenge information cards. Should be a few more Wisconsin riders soon.
Martin Malin Fri May 18 22:43:00 2012
EVERYONE - We are now on pace to collectively break 11,000,000 miles by the end of August. You may recall that it was only four days ago that we passed the pace needed to log 10 million miles. Monday so far tends to be our best day of the week, and the weekends are our worst. Let's change that trend this weekend!
Martin Malin Fri May 18 22:26:00 2012
@Travis - They fixed the mountain bike issue they had the first week. Sometimes, it may take a few hours to update as the number of participants is slowing things down. Report it if it still hasn't updated in another hour or so.
Gregg Warning Fri May 18 21:39:00 2012
@ Joses. I take up the whole lane, too, when going through a roundabout. Motorists don't need to be upset because I can bike faster through a roundabout then motor vehicles can. I have to do this, otherwise they may try to pass me in a roundabout and hook me going out of it. I do the same thing in a right or left turning lane and take up the whole lane, so no one tries to pull up side of me. They give me the evil eye, too, like I have no buisness there, but it's much more safer that way.
Gregg Warning Fri May 18 21:35:00 2012
Who here is riding in the Backdraft Bike Tour?. I'm looking forward to this and will be my first century.
Gregg Warning Fri May 18 21:27:00 2012
@ Stephen Are you going to ride in the Backdraft Bike Tour and are you doing the century?
Kevin L Mackey Fri May 18 21:11:00 2012
Doing some bike maintainence tonight and discovered a broken spoke. Hopefully this not a sign of 2 yrs ago where I ended up buying a new rear wheel. A trip to the Bike Hub is in store for me tomorrow. There goes my morning ride unless I "borrow" my wife's wheel ( she has an identical bike)
Timothy M Walsh Fri May 18 21:08:00 2012
Stopped by the local bike shop to have my Body bracket replaced. While waiting I noticed a guy picking up his new bike. I saw a smart phone on his belt so I asked if he had heard of Endomondo. After showing him the app on my phone he seemed pretty excited, so hopefully we have a new rider soon.
Dan Christy Fri May 18 21:08:00 2012
Crazy, suicidal bunnies are taking over the bike path here! I guess it does make the ride a little more exciting.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Fri May 18 21:03:00 2012
Cheryl - glad to here your husband is more or less OK. I live in Appleton also and have biked around the mall and know the area. Please send him my best. I have been biking to work the past 4 years from Appleton to Neenah. I have learned its best to wear my safety vest and use my front headlight and rear Planet Bike Superflash all the time, even during the day. Good luck to you with the Challenge and if you are interested in helping make the Fox Cities a better place for cyclists, I invite you to join us at FCCA.
travis montross Fri May 18 20:59:00 2012
its not counting my mtn bike miles today.
John Jay Mcnall Fri May 18 20:38:00 2012
yeah that is what i thought just surprised at new faces and points. Noticed three and four rides a day thought maybe that explained it. All good thank you i will do a 24 endurance ride to get some good points before month is over.
Michael on Bicycle Fri May 18 20:31:00 2012
Nice job @Joses, riding like you belong punctuated with a wave... Bet that guy was thinking about you all the way home!
Wally Olson Fri May 18 20:22:00 2012
Check out the rules under the toolkit tab at the top of the web page.
Wally Olson Fri May 18 20:17:00 2012
The way I understand it is 20 points per day, not per ride. Example: 5 rides of 5 miles each in one day equals the same points as one ride of 25 miles in a day, (45 points). Hope this helps.
Joses Waller Fri May 18 20:02:00 2012
I was riding with the flow of traffic today in a bike lane. The lane was interrupted by a right turn lane so after signaling left, I safely merged into the center lane with traffic. I took the entire lane so as not to be run over and a young guy in a pickup came behind me blasting his horn and yelling. I kept my lane and politely moved back to the bike lane once I cleared the intersection. Also, gave the driver a smile and a wave as he drove past yelling. At least he saw me and I wasn't hit! hahaha
John Jay Mcnall Fri May 18 19:51:00 2012
not 60 if you ride three times
David Hilton Fri May 18 19:49:00 2012
Yes, 20 points every day you ride + 1 point a mile.
John Jay Mcnall Fri May 18 19:43:00 2012
I am confused with some of the totals here. Do you get twenty points everytime you get on your bike? If so that takes away all confusion.
cheryl zadrazil Fri May 18 19:38:00 2012
Be careful out there. My husband was struck by a car while bike riding along the Paper Trail out by the Fox River Mall in Appleton WI. The car was leaving a place of business and merging into traffic. The driver did not see him, although there was adequate daylight and he was wearing a bright yellow biking jacket. Luckily the car was moving slow enough he sustained facial laceration. The Emergency Room doctor who sewed him up, stated the research demonstrates cars are looking for other vehicals, not bikers or people. So bike defensively....
cheryl zadrazil Fri May 18 18:48:00 2012
Be careful out there! My husband was struck by a car last evening while biking along the Paper Trail at the Fox River Mall. A car exited a business and did not see him on the trail. There was plenty of daylight and he was wearing a bright yellow jacket. Luckily, the car was merging onto the road slow enough that he sustained only facial lacerations. The Emergency Room doctor who put in six sutures, indicated the research demonstrates drivers are looking for other cars, not bikes or people. So, bike defensively.
Steve Brengosz Fri May 18 18:38:00 2012
As long as we're plugging rides. My daughter and i like this one for the Riveredge Nature center. Great routes and super rest stops(what she likes), ice cream at the end. http://www.riveredge.us/default.aspx
Chris Schalow Fri May 18 16:25:00 2012
Got attacked by a goose on a loose gravel road. then a flat exiting the gravel section. Epic.
Stephen Powers Fri May 18 15:35:00 2012
Thanks Robert. Yes, the Backdraft Bike Tour has routes for all abilities and starts in Jefferson Park in Menasha on June 10.
Proceeds for this ride will go to Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety, whose mission is to "promote, encourage and foster fire safety, burn prevention and public fire safety education". They support burn survivors of all ages in addition to sponsorship of the Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth.
Heather April Fri May 18 15:00:00 2012
@ travis :( that sucks.
Michael on Bicycle Fri May 18 14:47:00 2012
Difficult question @Troy, a situation that many victims no doubt wrestle with. How will you feel if you don't report it and later find out that he did it again and hit someone? Just thinking...
Burklee Green Fri May 18 14:43:00 2012
@Troy - You're a good sport, fella.
travis montross Fri May 18 14:34:00 2012
Well my mtn bike ride was great but i had to cut it short after my chain broke. I had less than 500 miles on it too.
Fri May 18 13:38:00 2012
Troy Stentz Fri May 18 13:29:00 2012
@Burklee and Martin - I'll get my payback by eating TWO GALLONS of UNL Dairy Store ice cream at the Bike to Work event this afternoon! Seriously, though, I was a bit peeved this morning and had to vent, but I also have a hard time passing judgement. My wife hit a cyclist a few years ago (no serious injuries) while pulling out of the driveway at the medical practice she works at here in Lincoln. Needless to say, being a nurse and wife of a dedicated cyclocommuter, she felt absolutely awful and it made her a lot more watchful after that. I try not to be an a** when this happens 'cause I don't want to give our lot a bad reputation. There's already plenty of bad cyclists out there without me adding to the group by flipping somebody the bird or making a scene.
Robert Paulick Fri May 18 13:26:00 2012
If anyone is looking a ride, on June 10th the Neenah Menasha Fire and Rescue is sponsering a tour to support burn victims. There will be a 16 mile family rounte or 30, 50, 75, and 100 mile routes.
Cora Pynenberg Fri May 18 12:16:00 2012
@Nyla - Road construction is no fun! I almost wiped out last evening because of a patch of VERY loose gravel on the paved CE bike trail. Very unsafe - hope they fix it, or at least pack it down and fill it in soon!
Michael on Bicycle Fri May 18 12:14:00 2012
As part of the Florida Bike Summit, we tried to gain support for a cell phone ban while driving. I was plainly told by a Legislative aide that our representatives would never vote to ban cell phones because they (the representatives) get too much work done on cell phones while driving. Apparently it's not even common procedure to check cell phone records as part of accident investigations (in Florida). A friend was hit by a car, another vehicle turned around and reported to the police that the person was on the cell phone. They then investigated and the motorist got a ticket for distracted driving...

After hitting a dog and breaking my back last year, the dog owner said I didn't hit his dog. I now record and save all my rides on 1080p HD, otherwise it's just your word against theirs.

Nyla Greenberg Fri May 18 12:13:00 2012
Encountered one of my least favorite cycling surprises on this beautiful breezy May morning: Bright orange “road Construction” sign preceding miles of soft sand and gravel where a familiar paved road existed yesterday along regularly traveled route )-: Low flying hawk joining me against headwinds on detour home offset fleeting frustration. (-; Fine day for pedaling North…enjoy the ride!
Burklee Green Fri May 18 11:58:00 2012
@Troy - I live in Lincoln - I'm tempted to call it in myself. We don't need that stuff. Actually, nobody does, bikers or other drivers. How hard is it to just drive? Aren't you SUPPOSED to pay attention while you're driving? The guy who almost hit me yesterday was driving an SUV and talking on his cell phone. Glad you're alright.
Michael on Bicycle Fri May 18 11:54:00 2012
@Tony... I second the motion to report the incident!
Mike Heyl Fri May 18 11:35:00 2012
We are giving away free University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dairy Store ice cream sundaes to all bike riders today at the Jayne Snyder Trails Center in Lincoln, NE (while supply lasts)...ride on by and join us!
Gregg Warning Fri May 18 11:29:00 2012
More lake flys are hatching with the warm weather. Lovely! :(
Martin Malin Fri May 18 11:28:00 2012
@Troy - Glad you're OK! If you haven't done it already, I would suggest reporting him to UNL. Too many drivers think that they can remain totally aware of their surroundings while being distracted by cell phones, texing, shaving, etc... And, little incidents (to him) like this may cause a driver to be more cautious for a few days, or even a week or two, but they tend to revert back to their old habits quickly. But if their employer tells them to not use a cell phone while driving, that will help reinforce the lesson, and make it last longer. We don't need to have you or anyone else on a bike become another statistic (or part of a movie with a much worse ending).
Brian Savoie Fri May 18 11:27:00 2012
Yes, loved the coffee and snacks the last two days. I even went the long way to work to get my fill! Nice friendly people, except for the ranting mechanic that is - but maybe he did not have coffee yet.
Stephen Starling Fri May 18 11:20:00 2012
Made Golden on Bike to Work day! Woohoo! Love this challenge!
Heather April Fri May 18 10:43:00 2012
@Michael, I saw one bike on the way to work but they weren't going to work. I never see any other "real" commuters. I live in a small area though. Our bike movement is really new. I rode to work twice today because I left something home. A true blonde moment. Happy Bike to work Day!
Jason Yach Fri May 18 10:15:00 2012
Travis, that's the joy from Mt. Biking though- caked in mud. :) I prefer it to road biking.
Chamayne Ortegon Fri May 18 10:06:00 2012
Finally, shoulder is getting back to normal and I am back on my bike! Just in time for Bike to Work Day!
Virginia Lingham Fri May 18 09:48:00 2012
Thanks to all the folks at the Urban Ecology Center for the coffee and bagels this week!
Michael on Bicycle Fri May 18 09:45:00 2012
Happy National Bike to Work Day!

Unfortunately I only saw one other rider on my 23 mile commute. :-( It's a bit depressing in a large community like Tampa Bay. I'm being harsh however in an area where there have been around 10 cyclist deaths this year in the tri-county area. Apparently law enforcement and local government doesn't care... the signals are still stacked against cyclists and pedestrians and there's been no public outcry for change. I feel like Rambo... expendable!

Please be safe and ride like you belong!
travis montross Fri May 18 09:37:00 2012
It looks like a great day for mtn biking! I have about a 4 mile ride on the road to get to highland forest where i bike then its all uphill to the trails haha. Hopefully the trails dried out some i dont like biking home caked in mud.
Troy Stentz Fri May 18 09:29:00 2012
My cyclocommute this morning was momentarily interrupted by a film I was forced to watch by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln employee (who will remain anonymous - license plate #12913). This feature was produced and directed by the same driver as he simulataneously attempted to direct his taxpayer provided utility van through a stop sign at an intersection while talking on his cell phone in an effort to start my weekend off with a bang and an ambulance ride. The movie was an autobiography about me, starring me, and ended with a poignant "sorry" mouthed by the producer and director through the passenger window of his van as he rolled to a stop. As in "sorry, please don't call my employer and tell them I was driving the company van while distracted by my cell phone." Luckily, I escaped with only a slightly more elevated heart rate. Grrrr!
Sigmund Bergmann Fri May 18 09:25:00 2012
"It doesn't get easier, you just go faster". - Greg Lemond
Cora Pynenberg Fri May 18 09:20:00 2012
@Mike - Thanks. I actually went in to The Recyclist bike shop last night, and they were very friendly. They did not have the correct size tube for my trailer, so they are keeping ithe trailer and will try to get the tube today or Monday. They felt so bad about not having the tube in stock, that they checked over my bike and adjusted the derailer and brakes as a courtesy. I would for sure go back in the future, and since it's only a 4 mile ride and they are right off the CE trail it is very convenient.
Joe Murphy Fri May 18 09:13:00 2012
brisk blue sky morning a great start to a Friday
Charles d. Morrison Fri May 18 09:07:00 2012
60 degrees for my 18 mile trip to work 19.2 mph avg was nice but going home has more uphill so I will slow down on My Bacchetta Corsa recumbent. Hope you enjoy your ride to work!
Todd Spargo Fri May 18 08:55:00 2012
Happy Bike to Work Day everyone! Enjoy the ride!
Charlie L Fri May 18 08:31:00 2012
Relative to rides, several Wisconsin communities help kick off the Special Olympics with a ride. Many ride to Stevens Point as a destination. Help support the Special Olympics if your community is riding and meet you in Stevens Point, June 7.
Savanni D'Gerinel Fri May 18 07:17:00 2012
Happy Bike to Work morning, everyone! In about fifteen minutes I'm going to go out and hit a couple of the meeting locations we have scattered around Austin.
Timothy M Walsh Fri May 18 06:42:00 2012
Not out to win, just out to ride. Enjoy it while I can.
Mike Wymelenberg Fri May 18 03:00:00 2012
@ Cora, The Recyclist has been a good bike shop for me. Although I haven't stopped in this year (I like to patronize various LBS), in the past they've been helpful.
Leonard Wright Fri May 18 02:47:00 2012
Thanks Jeff, I'm not out to kick anyone's butt, I just enjoy riding. At 66 I figure I'm not doing too bad. If I can ride like this at my age, so can anyone else - IF they truly have the desire to do so. Locally I'm known as the first one to be dropped from group rides (usually within the first 1/2 mile). I may be old and slow but I just keep plodding along and enjoying the ride.
Jeff Ahern Thu May 17 23:31:00 2012
Leonard Wright is kicking some butt on the Endomondo National Bike Challenge he is doing (at least)80 miles a day, everyday, since it started. Way to go!!!!
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 23:12:00 2012
Sunny warm air in the 80's is pushing into Wisconsin for the weekend, but with the heat will come also strong winds from the south at nearly 20 mph and on Sunday it may become a very stormy day.
John Jay Mcnall Thu May 17 22:25:00 2012
wish i was back in wisconsin Gregg. The ticket you get her is a whopping 78 dollar failure to yield. No manslaughter charges either. I remember growing up there and we were taught it was a priviledege to get a drivers license. Down here in florida they take the test in a parking lot and it is considedered a right to have a drivers license. How said it is sometimes. And with to kids and a wife i have learned to zip it, occasionally i still catch one at a red light and take a pic of their plate and let them know how stupid they are. Sad part is a lot have a teenager or younger in car they are teaching we have no rights as a cyclist. Istill get out ever day and so does my wife just to let them know they will not win. Just got our younger son at 2 his first bike and helmet.
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 17 22:20:00 2012
Also coming up is "Gear Up Green Lake" on June 30, a variety of routes to choose from. I rode this one last year, and looks like they have expanded some of the routes, although I don't see a map yet. http://www.greenlakegreenways.org/
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 22:07:00 2012
I doubt whether UPS would provide any funding for bike commuting to work, even though the government has this program. We even got our turkey taken away at Christmas when the recession hit, so I'm sure they are going to say they have no money for this, even though everyone knows they are still making lots of money yet. I've never had a payroll check bounce yet. lol
Danny Staten Thu May 17 22:06:00 2012
Good idea to sneak in a mile or so to get the 20 points. Alas, my commute day is good for 64 points, so bad weather tomorrow will still drop me probably 100 or more spots on the rankings. Oh well.
John Wilson Thu May 17 21:46:00 2012
Danny, ride around the block a few times when there is a break in the rain. It's worth 20 points + a mile or two if you can get it in :) Then do your hard miles on the trainer.
Kevin Teichman Thu May 17 21:45:00 2012
Hello all i live in Pa, its great to meet all the participants in this exciting contest. I'm wondering if any in this challenge knows about this new goverment perk for cyclists, and if anyone has been able to get their company to offer it? Thanks for any or all feed back.
Good news for bicycle commuters. As of January 1st, 2009, you can collect a twenty dollar per month tax credit if you bike to work at least three days a week. This was all part of the stimulus bill that passed last Fall.

The credit is available through your employer. (That is if your employer contracts a commuter benefit provider.) If you employer does not have or offer a commuter credit program, talk to you employer about initiating a commuter benefits program. Get your fellow bicycle commuters to back you up on this. Your employer can benefit through tax breaks.

Many complain that $20 dollars a month isn't enough money to interest them in the program. And others state that the paperwork is more time consuming than it's worth.

Steve Brengosz Thu May 17 21:41:00 2012
Last year the leader board let you jump between different units like miles and trips. Looks like this year points is the only option.
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 21:15:00 2012
@ Danny This challenge is only outdoor cycling.
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 21:14:00 2012
Ride of Silence was a 12 mph ride where no one talks, but remembers all the cyclist deaths on the roadways last year. At our ride in Appleton, WI I believe they said that there were 68 cyclist deaths on Wisconsin roadways last year.. Any cyclist death is too many but 68 is way too many for any state. So just like our drunk driving laws where you can have your license revoked and if you kill someone, you can even be charged with manslaughter, they are going to do the same thing with drivers who hit pedestrians or cyclists due to inattentive driving or breaking the rules of the road. There will be severe penalties, including losing your license and in the case of a cyclist death even charges of manslaugher may be filed against a motorist.
Jenny Stelzner Thu May 17 21:07:00 2012
Another opportunity coming up is the "Ride for Nature" which is on June 16 starting from Bailey's Harbor in Door County. There is a century ride, a "metric" century ride, 50 mile, 25 mile, and a 15 mile family ride. http://www.ridefornature.com/about/
Danny Staten Thu May 17 20:53:00 2012
Friday is normally a bike commute day for me, but the weather says we are going to have lots of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. I usually do a trainer ride at home to still get some time on the bike during days like that. I imagine however that we aren't supposed to count trainer ride miles for this challenge. Anybody know for sure?
Burklee Green Thu May 17 18:38:00 2012
Go, Heather!!
Heather April Thu May 17 18:02:00 2012
12.73 today! Woo. Having issues though-rear brake pads rubbing the wheel.
Burklee Green Thu May 17 16:54:00 2012
I had to go to Monkey Wrench Bike Shop at lunch, and almost got hit by - wait for it - a guy driving an SUV talking on his cell phone. You're shocked and probably skeptical I know, but it's true. I'm in my lane, his lane is ending due to construction, so he cuts into my lane. I braked pretty hard and he continued merrily along. Glad I didn't impede his very important progess or anything. Sheesh. (Insert eye roll here.) But I have spokes for my future bike. Yea!
Ken Helderman Thu May 17 16:46:00 2012
Today, i rode 29.31 miles doing arrands. In boise,idaho i use the green belt and side streets through neighborhoods to avoid high traffic streets. :)
Dallas Britt Thu May 17 16:00:00 2012
If anyone else is looking to register for race the lake let me know befor you do we are looking for 3 more people to register as a team so we can save alot of money.
Michael on Bicycle Thu May 17 15:42:00 2012
@Carrie - http://RideOfSilence.org
Michael J. Doyle Thu May 17 15:41:00 2012
The ride of silence was organised by a great group of people in Singapore who promote bicycles and a non automitive transportation approach. We in otherwords they cycle. Which makes sense on a relatively small island with electronic road pricing that is very high.
Dylan Coates Thu May 17 14:32:00 2012
Carrie E Hughes Thu May 17 14:07:00 2012
Jenn, what is the Ride of Silence?
Jenn Miller Thu May 17 14:04:00 2012
I did the Ride of Silence last night. Great ride for a sobering cause....
Susan Gray Thu May 17 13:50:00 2012
All registered for Race the Lake! This will be my 4th year doing it and yes it is a super fun, extremely well organized event! Can't wait!
Jennifer Morris Thu May 17 13:09:00 2012
Training for my fourth RAGBRAI this summer!
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 12:42:00 2012
Points in the challenge keep accumuating throughout the challenge and once you achieve a certain level, you won't lose that level at the end of the month, but you have the opportunity the next month to go up another level. The drawing for gold at the end of the month will be first and all those riders who have reached the gold level will be in that drawing. If you do not win a prize in gold, then you will have a chance to win in the silver level, and if you don't win in the silver level, you will also be in the bronze level drawing. So, if you reach gold level, you will have a chance to win in each level each month. It is possible for a rider to win a prize every month, but only 1 prize per month. If you win a prize in the gold level that month, you will not be elgible for any other prize in the lower levels. However, even though points keep accumulating throughout the challenge for prizes, there is a link to see what points you have by month. Even, if you did not do so well on the leaderboard this month, next month in June you have an opportunity to see if you can get higher up on the board for June. You will be able to see your total points for the challenge as well as for each month. In the Wisconsin Challenge last year, I tried to get more points in the next month compared to the previous and this way you are challenging yourself to do more each month. It's really a great motivater for me because honestly, I don't think I would be biking as many miles as I do, if it wasn't for this challenge. That's why I love this challenge and would love to see it continue year around. Arizona has a disadvantage with the challenge in the summer and if there was one in the winter,, the disadvanatage would swtich to Wisconsin, unless we have a spring winter like we did this last winter. I was biking even in January because it was so unseasonably warm for us. It was so warm that the ice was not even safe to walk on in many places and one day 150 cars took a bath on the lake. lol
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu May 17 12:40:00 2012
Thanks Gregg for the helpful information, I check in with them.
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 12:04:00 2012
@ Rob, Midwest Sports would have email addresses of everyone who has ever registered for any of their events and they send out mass emails periodically to all these people, letting them know about their upcoming events. They would probably be willing to add publicity of the National Bike Challenge in their emails, if the National Bike Challenge would be willing to promote their events in their publicty. That way both are benefiting from networking with each other. Perhaps, maybe you should email Gloria West and let her know what publicity the National Bike Challenge could give Midwest Sports and their events in exchange for their publicy of the National Bike Challenge through their contacts. You can email her at gloria@midwestsportsevents.com
Thu May 17 11:52:00 2012
The National Bike Challenge is asking your help to share the word about this free and fun event with friends, family and co-workers. We are approaching 23,000 riders, but the daily registrations rate has slowed from a peak of 1500 per day to yesterday's 250 per day. We could easily DOUBLE the number of riders if everyone just recruited one more person to register. At the end of the Challenge, it would be great if we could make a powerful statement by demonstrating we achieved not only our mileage goal but also our participation goal. Thanks for your help in making the National Bike Challenge a success and gaining more support to improve cycling conditons for everyone!!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Thu May 17 11:37:00 2012
Gregg - do you have any ideas on how Midwest Sports could help get the word out at their Wisconsin events about the National Bike Challenge ?
Gregg Warning Thu May 17 11:03:00 2012
Midwest Sports said they are expecting a record participation this year around 2,000 riders for Race the Lake. I helped Midwest Sports for 5 hours by tearing down swim course and transition at the Oshkosh Triathlon last summer and earned a free event, so I didn't have to pay for the Neenah Duathlon this year. They have a great bunch of paid staff that does a great job or organizing all their events. So, if you want to earn a free event, just volunteer 5 hours of your help.. Maybe I can get them to promote the National Bike Challenge because they have email addresses of everyone who has ever registered for one of their events. If they have 2,000 riders this year, that is 220,000 points just for Race the Lake, if they all register. My wife opened up the garage sale again today and will also be open tomorrow and lots of people are stopping by on bikes, but they didn't know about the challenge. A guy came today with a recummba bike and he's going to join. So our garage sale is becoming a great tool to recruit more riders for the challenge.
Michael T Staten Thu May 17 10:31:00 2012
Scott Williams, thanks for answering my question - knowing that I don't lose my gold status at the end of the month makes me happy - and I guess I'm well on my way to platinum since points don't reset at the end of the month. Good thing - I was doing the math - I'd have to be seriuosly cool in order to go platinum in one month - 50 points a day is a lot of riding. Ahh, dreaming - how would it be to ride that much! I'll have to ask Leonard Wright ;)
Christine Salvatore Thu May 17 10:26:00 2012
Congrats, Emily! Way to go!
Lauren Poppen Thu May 17 10:11:00 2012
Glad to be back to my 5 mile commute after 2 days of 15 miles each way!
Lance Schroth Thu May 17 10:08:00 2012
@Gregg - I just wanted to second your Race The Lake post. I did it last year for the first time and it was awesome! One of the most fun things I’ve ever done on a bike, or off a bike for that matter. If anyone is thinking about doing it I would highly recommend it. My profile pic was taken right after we finished.

3 of us were wearing our “Team X” bike jerseys that our work gave us for participating in Get Up and Ride. One of the coolest things happened the next when I walked into Cranked Bike Shop in Neenah the next day. One of bike mechanics there saw me wearing my Team X jersey. He said “Team X, you guys were in Race The Lake. You guys pull really hard”. Than we had about a half hour conversation about how much fun we had.

So yeah, it’s a fun time, great event, well run, and well supported.

Cora Pynenberg Thu May 17 09:50:00 2012
Anyone have any experience with "The Recyclist" bike shop in Kaukauna? My trailer has a flat, and seems to need the whole wheel replaced, and I need to get a mounting bracket that fits my frame better, and they are the only shop I am aware of that is close enough to me to tow my trailer in, with the flat. We don't have a large enough vehicle to drive both the bike and trailer anywhere to get it checked out, so I need to be able to drag the trailer with the flat tire...
Emily Joy Sielen Thu May 17 09:42:00 2012
I hit the gold today! Feels so good!
Daniel Parisi Thu May 17 09:28:00 2012
Is there anyone else riding from Oshkosh or JLG in Australia????
Scott Williams Thu May 17 09:19:00 2012
That's awesome, Lauren. Points are 20 points for each day that you ride, +1 point for each mile that you ride.
Lauren Powell Thu May 17 09:06:00 2012
Hello everyone! I wouldn't have ridden today except for this :) I have a doctor's appointment mid-day around 6 miles from work (a hilly 6 miles!) and I almost decided to drive.
One question- how are points deterined?
Mike Heyl Thu May 17 09:02:00 2012
@Timothy...actually we have hit 1M miles on less than the listed 22K registered riders...only a little more than half of all of the registered riders have recorded mileage, an impressive feat, but i agree with you, lets get more riders and lets get more riders recording mileage (something I am guilty of)
Michael on Bicycle Thu May 17 08:27:00 2012
Still raining so bailed out of cyclommute this morning, will try for a ride on the beach after work.
Heather April Thu May 17 08:09:00 2012
@James, glad you are here. This challenge is motivating many of us! Keep checking in and let us know how you are doing as you move along. Have a great day!
Charlie L Thu May 17 08:03:00 2012
@James, Welcome to the challenge. It is motivating to read posts like yours. I often mention posts like this as I am explaining the challenge to prospective riders. Enjoy the fun and share your thoughts with everyone you know so we can hit that 50,000 number of riders.
Timothy M Walsh Thu May 17 05:00:00 2012
Wow, just realized the goal is 50,000 riders, and we're only at 22,000+. Need to talk it up with our friends and get them riding too. 10 Million miles, we're already over 1 million, is very doable.
James Hill Thu May 17 04:41:00 2012
I have not ridden in 15 years and this is a new meaning to working hard. I used to race and would get in about 35 miles a day for training, now that I took 30 years off and went into the military and all I did was run, this seems like torture. I am glad that I can still do it even with all of my physical issues. Thanks for doing this it gets me motivated!
dameon plagens Thu May 17 00:22:00 2012
spent morning 2day & yesterday riding with middle school riders giving tips on safety.
same road same rules ! also vol for the loca kawanis bike prog. here in reno nv . bent
on miles of smiles d
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 23:39:00 2012
Cleaning my bike after the rainy ROS... Just wanted to relay that the "Danger Zone" taillight is totally dry inside! All my Superflashes would show water intrusion with the type of rain we rode through. (read yesterday's thread on safe bicycle lighting)

I'd better hurry, I'm exhusted but want to cyclommute tomorrow. one last thing...

Thanks to all that participated in the Ride of Silence!
E M Matteson Wed May 16 23:17:00 2012
Hi all, just an itsy bitsy short ride today. Work intervenes with fun. Temp around 80 again but humidity is starting to attack.
Nice to hear the safety discussion. Getting hit is no fun. I taught my kids to drive defensively: that is just assume that everyone else on the road is an idiot! That goes double for cyclists (not that we are idiots, but that we have to assume all the drivers on the road are). Drivers just don't seem to see cyclists. No surprise when you consider that they don't see motorcycles or even construction workers. Missouri has had a real problem with construction workers getting killed on the job.

So yeah, be careful everyone.

A lot going on here with graduation and all so have a great weekend everyone!

Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Wed May 16 22:55:00 2012
@Gregg - Waukesha ROS looked like about 50 riders. Some kids too. Speed varied 5-15mph, depending on the police escort. I rode home-to-work, work-to-Waukesha, ROS, Waukesha-to-home, so the 5 mile ride itself was only a fraction of the event for me.
@Phillip - I pedaled like a madman with the storm on my back, and pulled into my garage about 2 minutes before it hit here in Pewaukee Tuesday.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 22:43:00 2012
Ganther Race the Lake, which is the 90 mile bike race around Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac on August 19 is quickly filling up. There is a maximum of 150 per wave and wave 7 (20 mph), which is the wave I am registered for, is 90% full with 135 athletes as of May 16 and is expected to sell out before the end of May. Waves 2 (25 mph) and wave 10 (17 mph) are 75% full and all the othe waves are over 50% full. So if you would like to participate, register soon. You can register online at this link:
Or you can download and print a registration brochure at this link:

You must arrive at High Cliff State Park by 10:00 a.m. to continue the second half. You must complete the entire event within 7 hours 40 minutes, a pace of approximately 12.7 mph.

Gregg Warning Wed May 16 21:51:01 2012
Ganther Race the Lake, which is the 90 mile bike race around Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac on August 19 is quickly filling up. There is a maximum of 150 per wave and wave 7 (20 mph), which is the wave I am registered for, is 90% full with 135 athletes as of May 16 and is expected to sell out before the end of May. Waves 2 (25 mph) and wave 10 (17 mph) are 75% full and all the othe waves are over 50% full. So if you would like to participate, register soon. You can register online at this link:
Or you can download and print a registration brochure at this link:
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 21:33:00 2012
Jerry, I'm in good shape for a flat-lander but I'm pretty sure my legs would have been cramping like crazy in last few miles of those rolling hills!
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 21:33:00 2012
We rode 7.65 miles tonight at a pace of 12 mph at Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton, Wisconsin for the "Ride of Silence", remembering those who died or were injured on bikes. There was a group of about 15 riders. The weather was perfect for this.
Jerry Bengtson Wed May 16 21:28:00 2012
Michael, it was a fun ride. Except for the headwinds on the way home. It is rolling hills with 8% grades. Add the headwinds to that, and plus it is at the end of the ride makes it tough.
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 21:28:00 2012
We had about 10 riders in the rain for Palm Harbor's @RideOfSilence. Add to that, the police escort canceled. Several cars honked (in support) as they went by and almost all vehicles were well behaved.
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 21:26:00 2012
@Jerry - Sounds awful, I wish I was with you!
Jason Alter Wed May 16 21:15:00 2012
Lisa, we are having the same problem. Our workplace has 13 but our team only has 8. Our 9th member cannot join as well.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 21:10:00 2012
Cross roads are also bad on off road road trails because motorists never look to see if anyone is coming and they have a habit of stopping right in front of the trail and I end up having to stop more often as cars block your way.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 21:02:00 2012
Just got back from the "Ride of Silence" in Appleton and had a nice group of 15. We rode in silence for 7.5 miles and we were suppose to keep a pace of no more than 12 mph, but with a tail wind and drafting that was hard to do, so the ride was only a half hour, which is more than 12 mph. I didn't have to pedal a lot to maintain 12 mph.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 20:57:00 2012
I don't always like off road trails that are shared by pedestrians because some wander on both sides of the trail or they walk double leaving no room for a bike to pass.
Lisa Fredette Wed May 16 20:06:00 2012
My team only has 8 people but it's not letting my new 9th member join, it's saying the team is full. I thought teams were 10 people. Anybody know what's going on?
Christine Salvatore Wed May 16 18:09:00 2012
Nyla, Steven and James, thank you all! If I encounter the runner again, I plan to ask her (very nicely, of course) why she did what she did and hopefully explain what she should do. Again, thank you!
Jerry Bengtson Wed May 16 17:49:00 2012
Agony in the Switchbacks - My first century.

Ride up to Estes Park, CO. High winds as I left Glen Haven. Bummer to have headwinds while climbing to and in the switchbacks. High winds in Estes Park and the canyon during the descent. And than headwinds all the way home.

The climb out of Glen Haven to the switchbacks is 10-13%. Than 15% in the switchbacks. Tough climb for me.

James Scoptur Wed May 16 17:27:00 2012
my blog has all the Wisconsin Statute info of cyclists. You may have to scroll to some older posts, but it is all on there.
Joe Petrowicz Wed May 16 17:23:00 2012
I was going for a short ride today but it was so nice and cool I ended up riding 30 miles instead. I had to work off the fish and chips I had at lunch at Applebee's anyway.
David Mathias Wed May 16 17:18:00 2012
Does anyone know of a good Tri shop in the Twin Cities area?
Phillip Fischer Wed May 16 17:14:00 2012
Who here in the Milwaukee-ish part of the state got caught in the thunderstorm yesterday (Tuesday) evening? I did, that's for sure. Eventually I took a breather under a pedestrian overpass on the Hank Aaron state trail by Miller Park, just to catch my breath. An exhilarating ride, that's for sure!
Steven Lindemann Wed May 16 16:48:00 2012
Christine, Wisconsin State Statutes address the issue of walking and biking on both roads and trails. On roads, pedestrians are to walk against traffic, which would be to the left, with the exception of oneway streets :) Bicyclists flow with traffic. On trails everyone is to stay to the right. I'm getting ready to head out for a ride. When I get back I'll add the statutory references. :)
Scott Williams Wed May 16 16:36:00 2012
Points don't reset each month - you don't need to get to Platinum each month. After each month, we'll hold prize drawings for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level prizes. If you're a Gold by the end of May, you'll be part of all three drawings, and you'll continue to be so for the following three months. Platinum prizes are drawn for once, at the end.
Tomislav "Tom" Hlaban Wed May 16 16:13:00 2012
The Ride of Silence has many locations, but all events are at 7pm. I'll be riding in Waukesha. See rideofsilence.org if you are interested in joining one near you.
Michael T Staten Wed May 16 15:51:00 2012
So our points - do they reset to zero at the end of the month, ie, do we have till the end of the month to get to platinum or till the end of the challenge? 'Cause call me crazy, but I don' t think I'll be getting 30 miles in each day all month...day jobs, you know...
Heather April Wed May 16 15:38:00 2012
@michael Good Luck. I feel for you. Your commute in rain is much longer than mine. Everyone, have fun on the ROS tonight. There isn't one within hours of here but I'll be thinking of you!
Wed May 16 15:20:00 2012
Every Bike to Work Day I talk to lots of new riders who have come out because of the support and the hype. The Challenge is a great opportunity to keep these riders on their bikes, and change their commuting habits for good! Use the opportunity to recruit your friends and co-workers for the challenge. There are graphics and ready-to-print flyers here: http://nationalbikechallenge.org/ao/graphics.html

The League is running a Bike to Work Day membership special -- join and get some Sock Guy League of American Bicyclists socks! Use this link: http://www.bikeleague.org/join/bike_to_work_day_special.php

Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 15:18:00 2012
Weather's turning bad fast... I'm going to leave early and bring bike to Ride of Silence by car so I don't get caught riding home in rain after ROS...
Scott Eley Wed May 16 14:59:00 2012
Anybody got any experiences riding a Stratus XP?
Troy Wanker Wed May 16 14:47:00 2012
whats up with Team Hungary? what company/team are they part of thats u.s. based??
Nyla Greenberg Wed May 16 14:46:00 2012
Christine, I don’t know the legalities, but suspect rules vary between roads and trails. I mostly ride on splendid smoothly paved, sparsely traveled secondary roads around home, but when I visit Illinois or Minnesota, and travel the beautiful, busy trails along the Fox or Mississippi rivers, pedestrians and pedalers travel in either direction, while seeming to stay to the right as on roads. I sometimes encounter signs indicating that walkers should stay to the far right…and standard etiquette involves letting people ahead know that you will be passing ..via bell or warning of “on your left”. As Jason noted, the choices your runner made were simply odd..also careless and treacherously inconsiderate. The overwhelming majority of people I’ve encountered are quite conscientious…..sadly we have little control over those who are clearly irresponsible, other than remaining alert, defensive, visible and vocal. I’m sure there are Challenge participants with more specific information regarding trail usage rules. I’m glad both you and your bike avoided serious harm and that the disruptive incident apparently hasn’t deterred your pedaling pleasure or intentions…It is FINE day for a ride (- :
Wed May 16 14:29:00 2012
A new daily mileage record of 121,643 miles was set for the past 24 hours. Keep up the good work!
Christine Salvatore Wed May 16 14:18:00 2012
I knew some Guskys in Mass when I was a kid. I grew up in North Jersey, about 30 minutes from NYC! (Small world; I'd hate to have to paint it.)
Jason Yach Wed May 16 14:09:00 2012
That's an interesting question Christine. Walkers should walk on the left but when it comes to trails I have wondered that too. More often than not I find walkers on the wrong side of the road more often than on the correct side. That is strange as to why she moved to the left side when she saw you and then moved back.
travis montross Wed May 16 14:04:00 2012
The roads are pretty safe where i am because i live out in the country in the middle of nowhere haha. Though the mtn biking is dangerous the other day i was coming around a corner doing 15-20mph and hit a big hole and bottomed out and just went right over the handle bars and the bike came with me(gotta love clip ins) Amazingly i was alright except for being sore.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Wed May 16 14:02:00 2012
Hi Christine, earlier you asked if I was from Mass. I grew up in NJ.
Christine Salvatore Wed May 16 13:54:00 2012
A runner was coming toward me on my left as I rode on the right side of the bike trail. About 20 feet in front of me, she suddenly crossed the trail and started running on the same side I'm biking on. In order to avoid hitting her, I had to swerve hard to the left and ended up dumping my bike and cartwheeling off the trail. (Luckily, I wasn't hurt, nor was my bike.) Nary a word, she just kept going. I turned to see her again cross the trail to run on (her) right on the trail. My question: should she not have stayed where she was? I know they tell walkers/runners to walk/run *against* traffic, but does that count on trails/paths? What does one do in a situation such as that? To say that my heart rate was elevated is putting it mildly.
Christine Salvatore Wed May 16 13:52:00 2012
Gregg, I can't make it to Appleton, but I will do my ride(s) today in silence in solidarity.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 13:41:00 2012
Hope to see some of you Fox Valley riders at the "Ride of Silence" tonight at 7 pm at Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 13:31:00 2012
From Wautoma, a ride to Redgranite is always fun, too, with cooling off in the famous free quarry that brings hundreds of visitors every day in the summer, who jump and dive off high cliifs and rocks.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 12:52:00 2012
I am going to be camping Memorial Day weekend at Camp Phillip about 4 miles from Wautoma off of County C and Buttercup Ave. The campground with 45 campsites on a little no wake lake called White River Mill Pond with excellent bluegill and bass fishing and also northerns and crappies and there is a nice beach there with free use of canoes, kayak, paddle boats, and row boats with oars and life jackets for anyone camping there.. I will also have my pontoon boat on the lake front there and can give pontoon rides on Sunday and Monday to any bikers who might be in the area. Saturday we are spending the day at Mt Olympus in the Dells. You will be able to board the pontoon with your bikes at the public boat launch on Lake St. and I can give you a ride around the lake and ferry you and your bikes across the lake to the beach and camp and and show you what the campground is like in case you would like to camp there sometime. Just let me know a time you would like to come. Ice and camp fire wood is always readily available for a small charge on the honor system. And there is 2 very nice flush toillet buildings with hot showers in each. It's my little heaven on earth and the camp and campground is affiliated with our church body and provides a camp setting for any youth in cabins and campground sitesfor families. There are pull through sites with water and electric and also more remote tent sites in the woods with no hook ups. Every Sunday morning at 9:30 am there is a Christian contemporary camp style worship service with come as you are attire (shorts, t-shirt, flips) conducted by the camp director and pastor of the camp who plays all music on his accordian. I would be interested in going on some rides with other bikers on Sunday and Monday, if there will be any bikers in the area. There are some nice road routes in the area, including a hilly ride to Mt. Morris and also flat roads around Silver Lake.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 12:43:00 2012
My headlight handband with 3 AAA batteries has a low, medium, and high beam and I can not use it on the high beam when a oncoming car approaches because it will blind them. So I use it on the medium setting and is bright enough and the batteries last over a month at this setting, using the light about a half hour every trip to work.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 12:36:00 2012
I had a headlight once that was mounted on the handle bars, but I hated that thing. It was bright when it was working, but over a bump, it would go dim. Then I'd have to give it a wack and it would go bright again, until the next bump. lol And this went on during my whole commute trip. I was about ready to smash the sucker. What's funny is that the tail light I use, is the one that came as a packgae with the headlight. And all the reviews of this light say the same thing that the tail light is great, but they all said the headlight goes dim over bumps and you have to give a wack to get it to go bright again.
Gregg Warning Wed May 16 12:24:00 2012
My headlight is so bright that oncoming cars flash their lights at me wanting me to dim my light because I am blinding them. lol I try to remember this and tilt my head down more when there is an oncoming car so they aren't blinded. But another one of my pet peeves are motorists who don't think they need to dim their lights for a biker. But, bikers are also blinded by oncoming motorists who do not dim their lights. I can flash my light at them , too. lol I just noticed this morning that it is already starting to get light out before I get to work. There is at least 1 week in the summer when I don't even need to use any lights on my commute work because it is light out the whole commute to work. I love that week, but it unfortunately lasts only 1 week.
Nyla Greenberg Wed May 16 12:15:00 2012
Christine, this is a great place to ask questions, share experiences, and find folks who can direct you to additional resources- either local, in print or online. For me, one of the biggest pleasures of the challenge has been the sense of community and the chance to connect with and learn from other cyclists. For broader feedback possibilities, you might also consider posting comments on the National Challenge page instead of or in addition to the Local Challenge page (-:
Karen Loewen Wed May 16 12:00:00 2012
@Michael...i agree except I ride even further out sometimes depending on the width of the lane...I prefer measuring from the center line... making sure that there's not enough room for the motorist to THINK they can squeeze in between me and the center line. I rarely get honked at and I don't seem to impede traffic. Of course, there is always the fine person who would wait til the last minute to change lanes for a slower moving vehicle that gets upset. I always say ' failure to plan on your part doesn't make it my problem, etc. etc.

Cycle Saavy teaches this method. I like it....I like it a lot!

Gregg Warning Wed May 16 11:48:00 2012
I also commute to work at about 4:10 am. I hate too much stuff mounted on my bike like tire pumps, lights, etc. that rattle and make noise and that people love to steal when you have your bike parked somewhere. Unless you are going to take all this stuff off every time you park your bike, you are inviting thieves to steal this stuff. For a headlight I use a really bright headlight headband and have a spare with good batteries with me in my road repair kit. I use these headband type lights for everything from camping, fishing, and biking. You are able to direct the light anywhere you want or need it to shine by tilting your head, leaving both hands free. If you hear an animal on the side of the road, by just tilting your head. you can direct the light at the noise to see what it is. For a tailight I have a red flashing light that is mounted to the seat post (and doesn't rattle lol) and people at work have told me it is very visible from at least a mile away. In fact they still can't get over how fast I must be going because they said it takes them so long to catch up to me, lol, but I told them it's only 18-20 mph. The traffic is so light at this time of the morning that I feel more safe in the dark, than I do during broad daylight when the traffic is so heavy. There is usually less than 5 cars that pass me the whole 9 miles to work and a couple of them are people from Neenah who work at UPS, too. . Also, it seems that drivers are much more alert at this time of the morning, watching out for deer and bike commuters lol and they are not as distracted by such things as cell phones, eating, and all the hustle and bustle that is going on around them during the day. In fact it is much more safer for me to be out biking at this time of the morning on County A where the speed limit is 45, than on the highway 41 and 441 race track with my car with people speeding at 75+ mph and fixing their hair, putting on makeup, shaving, eating, texting and talking on the phone etc.. I am much safer on county A any day with my bike than any day on the hwy. 41 and 441 race tracks. Those highways have become nothing but a death highway and now the speed across the polish connection will even increase some more because they are going to expand the lanes on the bridge from 4 to 6 lanes. Then they can fly across the lake in record time. lol
Jeff Wendt Wed May 16 11:34:00 2012
With the hotshot in the back, I can see it reflect off signs at least 4 blocks away, and I bet it could go farther if I could find a better spot to test it. :)
Matt Gissibl Wed May 16 11:15:01 2012
Christine, Not sure where you live, but a bicycle shop might be a good start?
Karen Loewen Wed May 16 11:10:00 2012
I ride with a Magic Shine headlight....believe me....nobody misses it! Check it out!
Christine Salvatore Wed May 16 11:10:00 2012
I'm new to bike riding as an adult. I had a strange situation yesterday and can't figure out where to go to get feedback on it. Plus I have a question about gears and riding in wind. May I post these here? Or can you direct me to somewhere a novice rider can get some help? Thanks!!
Leonard Wright Wed May 16 10:50:00 2012
@ Michael, I agree totally with your lighting set-up. I also use dual headlights and dual tail-lights. Again, rechargeable batteries are wonderful but having the ability to switch to "standard" AA (or AAA) can be a real advantage on longer rides or if the rechargeable didn't get a full charge for some reason (I carry spare AA and AAA batteries with me, can't always find a C-store open at 5am).

The reflector strips are also a must, anything you can do to make yourself more visible will help.

I think your most important comment is keeping the lights properly adjusted. I've seen way to many cyclists with lights pointing in every direction but where they need to be. Your idea of using a post-it note is excellent - if the lights are not properly aimed they are WORSE than useless (you think you have lights that can be seen but they are totally useless from more than 20 feet away).

Ernest Gonzalez Wed May 16 10:47:00 2012
@timothy Dude, my biggest fear is another driver's poor decision making. Im happy you were able to continue on. Take care and safe cycling everyone!
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 10:45:00 2012
The safest riding position on busy roads can be attained by mentally dividing the road in half and then dividing the right section in half and riding that position (about 2 feet away from the right median). Some motorists may not like that position and will honk, but most cars will change lanes far behind you allowing vehicles behind them to see you!
Jimmy Clark Wed May 16 10:43:00 2012
I have been starting my commute at 4am so I
figure everyone is half asleep like me. I use 2
tail lights with different flash patterns, 2 lights
on the handlebars, a red/white flashing helmet
light, 1 red 1 blue valve stem lights, and day
glow vest with reflective stripes. A mirror also
helps see what's coming.
Leonard Wright Wed May 16 10:38:00 2012
Timothy, Glad to hear you are alright (bruised is much better than broken). I've had similar occurrences over the years - drivers just don't see cyclists or, if they do, they expect us to stop so they can make their turn. Drivers have no concept of just how fast the average cyclist rides these days, if they think at all, they remember riding as a kid at 8 or 10 mph, NOT the 15 to 20 mph many riders are doing today.

ALWAYS wear a helmet (I've shattered two of them) and ALWAYS expect a car to do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time. You've all heard of defensive driving, riding a bicycle means defensive cycling 10 times over!!!

Everyone needs to be extra careful out there, we are the ones that will suffer in an incident with a car - the last thing anyone wants is to be dead right!!

Virginia Lingham Wed May 16 10:31:00 2012
Stopped by Stone Creek at the Grand Ave Mall and got a free coffee today on my way in - yay!
Joses Waller Wed May 16 10:28:00 2012
Thanks everyone for the advice. I definitely use lights when riding at night, and the reflective vest is a really good idea for daytime riding. I was wearing dull colors yesterday, because I just hopped onto my bike to run an errand really quick. I have a bright yellow cycling jersey and a bright orange road vest. I will always wear one of the two from now on! Also @Jeff, taking the entire lane is a good idea...hopefully the oncoming vehicles will slow down and pass appropriately.
Jeff Wendt Wed May 16 09:26:00 2012
@Timothy LaBauve (& most anyone) - if there is more than one lane and the road does not have a dedicated bike lane , you should be able to take the entire lane, if the law allows. Whole lot less people will try to buzz you or turn in front of you when you ride like a motorcycle would.

Read your cities bicycle laws. If you can, print them out and stash them somewhere. Even the cops don’t always know the laws.

I do wear the dayglow yellow jerseys, but you can’t have too many lights. I use a MiNewt up front, a Bicycle Spoke LED Light, a Hotshot in the back, plus a pair of Reelights that never need batteries. A great taillight review. http://bicycles.blogoverflow.com/2012/03/tail-light-review/

Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 09:05:00 2012
Danielle, thanks for asking... here is the link for the Palm Harbor Ride Of Silence (http://suncoastcycling.com/rideofsilence.html). http://RideOfSilence.org will direct you to your local ride!

I don't know @Charlie, the new hi-vis Orange Jerseys are pretty bright! ;-)

I work in a courthouse and have been approached by several Bailiffs about my lights. One said when he saw me come around a bend behind him, he thought it was a motorcycle cop at first. Co-workers have told me that when i was behind them (within a couple of blocks) my lights were very "annoying"... (music to my ears, it's hard to ignore something that annoys you!)

Ride like you belong!
Charlie L Wed May 16 08:44:00 2012
Adding to Michael on Bicycle great comments about lights and reflective items. I am a firm believer in "Screaming Yellow" type of colors when riding roads. I have had truck drivers with dirty windshields on sunny days stop and say they never would have seen me if it hadn't been for the bright colored shirt/jacket. This past winter I also added a "Bike Glow" safety light to the frame. It is pretty if nothing else. Not real bright but good in the really dark nights for side visibility. It is a 10 foot long tiny rope light that you can wrap around the frame, as if you were in a night parade.
Randy Ivey Wed May 16 08:26:00 2012
Good advice on the lights Michael. The more the better.
My rule of thumb is, as a cyclist, I'm invisible! And need to be aware the entire time I'm out there. I even wear a safety vest I picked up for $10. Can't go out without my mirror, drives me crazy not knowing what is behind me.
Danielle Sullivan Wed May 16 08:19:00 2012
Michael, try to stay dry on your way to work the rain is definitely coming. Where is the local event for the RIDE of Silence taking place. I live here in Pinellas County. Be safe!
Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 05:33:00 2012
Boy, I hope those storms (showing on radar) stay off the coast until I get to work! ;-)

Don't forget to join your local RIDE OF SILENCE ( http://RideOfSilence.org ) at 7pm tonight. This is a global event to remember those killled on bicycles and bring awareness about cyclists

Michael on Bicycle Wed May 16 05:10:00 2012
Wow @Joses, 2 near misses in one day that must have shaken you! If you stick to your route at the same time you will find that vehicles get better as they get used to you. All available routes take me on major 6 lane roads, but I find them safer than alternative routes that I use infrequently where because thely pass much closer.

You didn't mention headlights, my experience is that my headlights have eliminated the creeping car at intersections and driveways (see earlier post). If anything they stop too soon and inch up but still don't enter the right-of-way.

Unfortunately you'll always have jerks who don't want bikes on the road and have no understanding of how scary it is when they act carelessly (or purposely pass close to teach cyclists a lesson).

Please be safe everyone! Glad you're ok Jones!!

Daniel Parisi Wed May 16 03:24:00 2012
Hey guys - can we change our community if we are riding solo - I'm under the Oshkosh corporation banner but in the JLG Industries side of the division..........Its definetely not under settings.
Joses Waller Tue May 15 22:24:00 2012
Wow Timothy, glad you're not seriously hurt! I also had two near misses today! I was turning left, signaling and everything, when a truck that was originally about 500m behind me, came within INCHES of hitting me! He had two other lanes to choose from, but instead decided to try and run me off the road! I yelled, threw my hands up, and he pulled into the street where I was turning. He said, "What did you want me to do, slam on my brakes?" Of course I replied, "Yes, or changing lanes ahead of time would have been more efficient for you." Mind you, this was 5 p.m. traffic on a pretty busy road, the guy was probably in a hurry and not paying attention. The other near miss was a driver that thought he was gonna inch out for a "right on red" when he saw me coming down the bike lane with the flow of traffic at the last minute. He screeched to a stop, and luckily I had already premeditated just that. Pretty much, people don't look for bikes and have no idea that we have rights to the road...what hand signals are...or know what common courtesy is. I will try and not ride at that time of the day on THAT road again. I'm a firefighter, a veteran of Iraq/Afghanistan, and a new dad. I see far too often bicyclists and pedestrians hit by dumb drivers. I don't want to die now while just trying to exercise! I really wish bike paths could be safer...
Michael on Bicycle Tue May 15 22:20:00 2012
For those commuting at a more reasonable "commuting" pace (12-15mph) , dual Fenix may be overkill. Check out something like a pair of Planet Bike's LED headlights. I like dual lights since one can be flashing while the other lights your way! I personally would suggest staying away from lights with a built-in rechargeable battery. Using your own AA rechargeables will save you down time when the batteries die.

At slower speeds the rear lights are even more important since vehicle closing rates are faster.
Jason Yach Tue May 15 21:47:00 2012
That should read "problems" after 'had'
Jason Yach Tue May 15 21:44:00 2012
Janis, I know others have had logging Mt. Bike miles so when I went Mt. Biking Monday, I just entered mine as Sport and didn't even bother trying to log MB.
Michael on Bicycle Tue May 15 21:41:00 2012
Glad you're OK Timothy, that's very scary!!!

If like me you're cyclommuting in the dark, please have lots of lighting! Yes, emergency vehicles with lights have been hit so nothing is perfect but I go out of my way to stand out like a Christmas tree. These are just friendly suggestions based on my cyclommuting experience over many years in different locations.

Here are my current lights:
Front - a pair of Fenix LD22 ( https://www.fenix-store.com/product_info.php;products_id=2883 ) In the dark, 1 is on steady mode and the other "Strobe" mode (150-200 flashes/min). During the day, both are on strobe mode.
Motorists do not perform "left crosses" when these lights are on! (Left Cross = On-coming vehicle turning left in front of you.)
Something else I love, they take standard AA batteries. The best batteries I've found are the PowerEx NiMH 2700 mAh rechargeables ( http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/viewitem.asp )
I charge them before each commute, but if I ever run out of power I can stop at any convenience store for some Alkalines! I use PowerEx's charger and each set of batteries last around 8 months before needed replacement (under $20 for 4).

1) "DangerZone" LED Flasher - before this I swore for Planet Bike's "SuperFlash". DangerZone by Portland Design Works is brighter and has a more distinctive flash pattern. (uses 2 AAA NiMH rechargeables)
2) "Beacon" by Trek - on my handlebar ends. They make a pair for road bikes and a set for mountain bikes. I use the left (closest to traffic) in blink mode and the right side steady. (uses 1 AAA each)
3) Blackburn "Flea" on my helmet. During Night steady mode and flashing during the day. (built-in rechargeable uses USB and optional solar panel to recharge)

In addition to the lights, I've also applied the "brightest" reflectors I could find. You know the alternating white/red reflectors around trailers "18 wheelers", and how far they're visible... You can get them at truck stops (in 8-10' strips). I cut them up and place them strategically (and stylishly) on the bike.

Does all this mean I will never get hit? Of couse not but they do make me more visible and usually the first vehicle in an approaching group will react from further away and 'telegraph' my existence to the vehicles behind them.

With each step I've taken I've watched the vehicles behind me for results and I'm confident I've make BIG improvements. How do I watch? With a rear view mirror, of course! :-) I've been told by other roadies that my DangerZone is visible from about 1/2 mile duing at 12pm in the Florida Sun!

BTW - lights must be adjusted level or they're not visible from far. I adjust by getting close to wall marking light with post-it note and moving away from wall... center of light should hit the post-it note from any distance!

Everyone please have fun but be careful and take all the steps possible to be visible. I haven't even mentioned cummuting jerseys or backpack with extra reflective beading that I always wear when cyclommuting. -michael

Janis Heifner Tue May 15 21:33:00 2012
A question for mountain bikers- has anyone had any difficulties with mountain bike miles being accredited to their account after logging in under the Mountain Bike category? This past Sunday I had logged in 16 miles and Monday 10 miles under the Mountain Bike category but it is not accounted for in my weekly total on my home page nor in my total for the challenge. My weekly total is short 26 miles. This weeks total should read 63.94 and not the 37.94 that is listed. Sent a message into the Endomondo support this morning. I am wondering if it is better just to log Mountain Biking miles under the Sport category? Thoughts?
Mike Bonham Tue May 15 20:40:00 2012
Great Job Timothy for finishing your commute! I recommend you for" tough guy of the week award." We all have to be brave to do what we are doing! We must take a stand! Don't stop! Riding into work this morning at 4:30am I'm seeing more and more riders out there.
Heather April Tue May 15 20:38:00 2012
@Timothy. :( What a terrible story. I am glad your okay and I hope you can still move around okay tomorrow. I would have been terrified!
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue May 15 20:35:00 2012
Timothy - thanks for sharing and glad you are OK after today's incident. I hope everything heals up quickly. And you are right, this challenge about getting better bike accomodations to make it safer for all cyclists. I would like to remind everyone to be safe out there. Here is one of the better articles I have read about car interactions and some things to be thinking about. http://bicyclesafe.com/
Timothy LaBauve Tue May 15 20:11:00 2012
Got hit by a car on my morning commute today. I was on the shoulder of a divided roadway, three lanes on each side. The car came along side me and attempted to turn into a gas station and turned into me instead! Took the mirror clean off, and I got away with a badly bruised left arm and and a sore bottom. Thanks to the EMT who happened to be nearby for checking me out. The driver was cited (I didn't ask what for) and I was able to finish my commute just fine. If feel pretty lucky. I'm currently looking for a better route, but Baton Rouge is not the most bike friendly city, and every route from my house to work includes some kind of construction. I suppose the best way to convince the city we need better infrastructure is by getting out there and riding - showing that there is a need. That's part of what this challenge is about, right!
Be safe out there - always wear a helmet!
Randy Ivey Tue May 15 18:31:00 2012
This challenge is going to kill me...hahaha... Trying SO hard to stay in the top 500... but it's proving to be very hard.
Randy Ivey Tue May 15 18:29:00 2012
@Daniel 5°C is 41°F... a bit chilly!! Skipped an AM ride due to those temps and no cold weather gear, just last week
Daniel Parisi Tue May 15 18:24:00 2012
Rode in this morning and just a chilly 5 degrees Celcius not sure what that is in F - but absolute freezing wind chill factor!!!!!!!!!
Gregg Warning Tue May 15 18:20:00 2012
Tough ride to Winneconne Lake Park to do some open water training for a triathlon I am doing in Green Bay June 3. Not only did I fight the wind amd ascending in elevation on the ride there, but then I fought white caps on the lake--not the best day for training on the bike or swimming in the lake. But the water was refreshing and not too cold. I enjoyed the ride home downhill and tailwind. If there was any more tail wind, I think I would have lifted off the ground in flight--fun!
Martin Malin Tue May 15 18:20:00 2012
@Cora - Don't forget to pick your son up. He's probably getting worried by now. ;)
Randy Ivey Tue May 15 18:19:00 2012
@John, I love racing the rain!!! ... What a motivation for doing sprints! haha. I've managed to out ride a few of them... but have also got caught in many.
John Jay Mcnall Tue May 15 18:12:00 2012
Rode into the storm until I felt rain. Weather man said it was moving about 17 to 21 miles an hour. Felt the first drop and turned around. Felt like a kid again trying to beat the rain. The rain was faster then weather man said it caught me. I was soaked. It was fun trying though.
Christine Salvatore Tue May 15 18:10:00 2012
Rob, you aren't originally from Massachusetts, are you?
Gregg Warning Tue May 15 17:54:00 2012
@ Rob and Paul--nice links . UPS did rent my cargo carrier for Air Venture last year, but then it was dry enough for them to drive in the campground and they never used it. It's unbelievabe how many packages arrive for delivery for Camp Scholler.. That week they have a route just for the campground. The campground becomes a city of itself with over 40,000 people, twice the size of the city of Neenah.
Rob "el embajador" Gusky Tue May 15 15:32:00 2012
Gregg - some more links for you. Expect to see you on one of these soon!


Heather April Tue May 15 14:56:00 2012
@gregg thanks for the core exercises.
Heather April Tue May 15 14:55:00 2012
I am totally envious of those of you that have fully supportive bike communities in place!
E M Matteson Tue May 15 14:33:00 2012
Early afternoon ride. For once I shared a turning lane with another rider! It was gre